Working With Walker Pt. 5


A few months had past since that first night with Walker and Tyler. Walker and I fucked many times since then. We told Grant about us. Since he already had a gay brother, he was obviously cool with it. He said he sort of suspected there was something going on between us anyway. So now that we were out in the open, we didn’t have to hide it around their house.

Tyler joined Walker and I several more times since that first night. He was still trying to seduce Mike, so that’s where most of his focus was. He had been hanging out with him almost every night. Mike was still being bashful, but had loosened up lately. Tyler said he’d cuddled with him on Mike’s couch and they made out once, but Mike broke it off after only a few minutes. Since that night though, Mike went back to the cycle of flirting and rejecting Tyler’s advances.

Walker and I were fooling around in his room. I was laying on the bed while he was on all fours sucking my cock. It’s crazy how much better he had gotten since our drunken encounter. Practice makes perfect, I suppose. And he got plenty of practice. He loved sucking my cock. He sucked me off every chance he got.

“I hope things with Tyler and Mike work out.” I said. “I think they’d be good together.”

Walker took his mouth off my cock and said, “I think it will. If Mike wasn’t interested, he’d turn down Tyler outright.”

“I agree.” I reply. “I think he just needs to wrap his head around being gay. Or at least being bi.”

Walker then said, “That’s what happened with me. I was confused until that night with us. Now I do this.” He then went back to my hard cock and deepthroated me in one move. He caught me off guard and that made me jump and moan loud. He kept me in his throat and moaned himself. The vibration from his vocal chords felt so fucking good on my cock. Yeah, he had definitely gotten better at this.

As much as I’m enjoying this phenomenal blowjob, I grab Walker’s head and pull him off my cock and up to me as I shove my tongue in his mouth as we kiss hard.

After a minute, I break the kiss and ask, “What if we all go out together? All 4 of us can hang out sometime. Maybe we can help Mike loosen up some more?”

“What, do you mean like we all have sex together”? Walker asked.

“I didn’t mean like THAT.” I reply with a short chuckle. Although I’ll admit the idea did intrigue me.

“I meant maybe Mike will be a little more comfortable with the idea of dating Tyler after seeing me and you together. He’ll see how happy we are and that could open him up. Just a thought.”

Walker smiles and replies, “That’s a good idea! I really want Tyler and Mike to be as happy as we are right now. Let’s escort bayan see if we can make that happen.”

And with that, Walker resumes kissing me as he lines my cock up with his nice ass and lowers himself onto it. Once I’m all the way inside, he sits up and starts bouncing on my hard cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I grab his hips and give it my all. I glide my pelvis up as I thrust, making him moan louder. After a few minutes of this, I unload my cum deep into his ass. This sent Walker over the edge as he cums hands-free all over my stomach. Once we calm down and finish, Walker collapses on me and gives me soft, gentle kisses, rubbing his cum between both our stomachs.

We ran the idea by Tyler the next day and he was all for it. Anything to move forward with Mike. So a week later, all but Walker was off work for the day. Luckily, he was opening, so we could all still get together. After Walker was off work, we all met up at their house so he can grab a shower before we head out. I was tempted to jump in with him, but I figured we’d save our energy and focus for Mike tonight.

Once Walker was dressed and ready, we head out to meet Mike. We started out date night by seeing a movie. We all saw all the movies our theater was playing, so we headed to the other theater in town to watch something else. We decided on some drama movie. It didn’t really matter to me what we picked. I wasn’t going to be watching. My focus was going to be on Walker, and Tyler’s reaction. All part of the plan.

Once we got drinks and snacks, we walked into our screen. We sat toward the back of the theater. There were only 2 other guys in the theater with us. That was no surprise, since this was more of an indie film and it had been out for nearly a month. Luckily for us they were towards the front away from us. Things were working out in our favor.

Walker and I wolf down our snacks before the previews are finished. Tyler and Mike savor their snacks and make them last. Normally, I’d be a little annoyed I don’t have anything for the rest of the movie, but tonight was different. We were on a mission.

Once the movie starts, Walker lifts up the arm rest and snuggles up to me. I put my arm over him and bring him close to me. I noticed in the corner of my eye Mike looking over at us. I turn to him and he seemed a bit confused. I look back at Walker and plant a kiss on his head. Walker looked back up at me and we kiss softly. Walker and I never showed PDA outside of his house before now. Granted, we were trying to seduce Mike and get him more comfortable with the idea of being gay, but I gotta say, being with Walker like this was nice.

Mike’s face went from confused to kocaeli escort bayan surprised and shocked. He clearly didn’t know about me and Walker. Once the shock wore off, he seemed okay with it. I could’ve sworn I actually saw a smile before he turned his attention back to the movie. Walker and I were getting more comfortable as he placed his hand on my leg and started rubbing it gently. I’m pretty sure Mike saw this and started feeling more comfortable. Because shortly after that, Mike actually lifted his arm rest up and snuggled up next to Tyler. And Tyler was all too willing to put his arm over Mike and bring him close. The plan was working!

Walker and I test the waters some more. I kiss Walker’s head again. He looks back up at me and we kiss again. This time a little longer and with a little more passion than before. I gently slide my tongue into his awaiting mouth and he accepts. Our tongues wrestle together. His hand was still rubbing my leg, inching closer to my clothed cock.

I break the kiss. Walker whimpers a little, but he turns to see what I see and gets it. Tyler and Mike are kissing! And lustfully, I might add. It seemed like Mike wasn’t trying to hold anything back now. He was kissing and rubbing his hands all over Tyler now. He wanted him bad. And Tyler was feeling just as frisky and horny. He had been wanting this for a while now, and it looked like it might finally be happening.

Walker decided he didn’t want to hold anything back now either. He lunged at me with his kisses and starting rubbing my hardening cock through my jeans, causing me to moan. He wasted no more time by unzipping my jeans, pulling out my cock, and sucking it into his warm mouth. I tried to be quiet in case the guys up front could hear, but Walker was making it difficult. His mouth always felt good around my cock.

I looked over and saw Mike and Tyler with their hands down each other’s pants, kissing and moaning. When they stopped kissing, Tyer took his cock out of his jeans so Mike could have better access. Mike wrapped his hand around Tyler’s cock again and just stared at it. I already knew what he was thinking, and he proved me right by lowering his head and giving the tip a lick, which caused Tyler to throw his head back. Mike got more daring and placed the head into his mouth and sucked gently. I’m guessing he was liking it. He didn’t back off. Instead, he took more into his mouth slowly, inch by inch. He got a little less than halfway before he started to gag and stopped. He went back up and took the cock out of his mouth. When he calmed down, he went back in and took more of Tyler’s cock into his mouth. He repeated the process until he kocaeli escort got a nice rhythm going, and he was definitely enjoying it. He was moaning along with Tyler, albeit muffled by the hard cock in his mouth.

Walker was still going to town on my cock. I don’t know if it was being out in public, or the fact that Tyler and Mike were fooling around right next to us, or both, but Walker wasn’t messing around. He was filled with lust and passion tonight. He seemed way more energetic than he usually does when he’s going down on me, but I’m certainly not complaining. I wasn’t going to last much longer. I guess Walker picked up on that, because he then lowered his mouth all the way to the base of my cock, and the tip hit the back of his throat and that sent me over the edge. I moaned loudly (probably too loudly) as I shot ropes of cum down Walker’s throat. He kept my cock in his mouth and hungrily took it all. Once my orgasm subsided, Walker slowly took my cock out of his throat and mouth, licking it clean along the way.

Mike was still sucking Tyler’s cock. He didn’t have as much experience as Walker, but he seemed to be doing pretty good. Tyler was definitely enjoying it. He had his hands on Mike’s head, guiding him up and down.

“I’m gonna cum.” Tyler whispered to Mike. I figured Mike would finish up with his hand at that point, but to my surprise, he kept sucking. He wanted Tyler’s cum in his mouth. He needed it.

After another 30 seconds, Tyler moaned, bucked his hips, and started cumming in Mike’s mouth. He tried to swallow as much as he could, but it was too much for him. Cum was leaking out of his mouth and running down Tyler’s cock. When Tyler finished, Mike took his cock out of his mouth. He licked up all the remaining cum from Tyler’s cock and swallowed it all. Mike was showing no signs of shame or regret. In fact, he was smiling. Tyler smiled back, grabbed Mike’s face, and kissed him hard. I think it’s safe to say our plan worked.

By the time we all cleaned up and got situated, the movie was ending. The 2 guys up front got up and started walking toward the back for the exit. When they passed us, they didn’t say anything. No sly glances. No remarks. Nothing. I guess they were actually watching the movie, unlike us.

We walked out to the lobby. Walker and I were holding hands, we didn’t care. Mike got courageous and grabbed Tyler’s hand as we headed toward the car. No words had been spoken yet about the whole thing. When we all got in the car, it was still silent.

Then Tyler spoke up. “So, back to the house?”

Walker and I nodded. He knew we were already game. Then we all looked at Mike, waiting for his response.

He said nothing and just smiled.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I have 2 more parts for you guys and that will be the end of the Walker series. I’ll have them posted shortly. Hope you enjoy!

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