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So my wife told me about another adventure last night. She approached me and said “OK, here’s one I think that will get your cock hard”.

When she was living in the dorm her freshman year, she joined a study group with some of her classmates. She said that the first time she went to the study group, a guy pulled out some coke and they all did some lines before they began. They always had a couple of beers at the same time. They always rotated the location of the study group. Either a dorm or an apartment or the guys house who had the coke. One time, the guy with the coke suggested that she arrive to his house early. He said that he just could not get that many people high every week but he did not mind getting her high. So she agreed.

She arrived that evening and they each took a bong hit, did a line and cracked open some beers. The guy then started asking her if she had ever had coke sprinkled on her pussy. She said that “No, she had never tried that”. He said that he had read in Playboy that putting coke on a guys cock before fucking was supposed to be awesome. So after some nervous giggling they decided to go ahead and give it a try. She said “So here I go from never even having kissed this guy to agreeing to letting him sprinkle some coke on my twat”.

She stripped down pretty quickly and laid down kocaeli escort on his bed. He stripped down just as quickly and his cock was already diamond cutter hard. She said that he did not seem like the kind of guy that got lots of pussy. She said “I figured that offering girls free lines was his way of getting laid. He was real skinny and had acne. He had a big bend in his cock too”. So he took some coke and put it on a piece of paper and got down between her legs. My wife said “I had a pretty major bush back then so he was having to separate the hair so he could get to my lips. I went ahead and helped him and we finally had it so my lips were 100% exposed. I was already really fucking wet. My lips were glistening. So he decided that the best way to do it was to put little pinches on another piece of paper and blow them on to my twat. So that was what he did. And it worked too! I had a very nice even coating of blow all over my vagina”. She said, “all of a sudden, my pussy started tingling. I actually started raising and lowering my hips like I was already getting laid”.

The guy then said that he needed to put some coke on the head of his cock. He asked my wife to “get the head of his dick wet” so she got some saliva and licked all over the head of his cock. My wife said “I would have sucked his cock longer but I was darıca escort fucking aching to get laid”. So the guy suggested that she do the same to him and take a pinch and blow it onto his dick head to get an even coating. So my wife said “I nervously had a little pinch on a piece of paper and he held his cock straight forward and I blew the little bit of coke and, presto, a perfect coating!”.

My wife then laid back down on his bed, spread her legs and she said that she said to him “Just really go at it as hard as you can”. She said that he stuck his cock in her and fucking went to town! She said “I pretty much started coming immediately. We were fucking so hard that our bodies were practically flying up in the air off the mattress. He was like a jack hammer! All I said was………’fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me harder fuck me fuck me oh god fuck me oh fuck me oh fuck me fuck me hard fuck me hard fuck me hard oh fuck me goddam fuuuuuuuuuuck me fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me fuck my pussy hard fuck my pussy hard fuck my pussy hard FUCK IT FUCCK IT FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK IT!!!” She said that it was crazy the intensity of her orgasms. She could feel a huge puddle forming under her. When she felt him starting to come, she normally backed her hips back so the guy could come on her stomach but this time, she wrapped her gölcük escort legs around him as tight as she could and buried her fingernails into his back and he came HARD inside of her. Afterwards she was just shaking. He asked her “you are on the pill right?” and she said “Yes”. He said “That was fucking awesome!!!”. She said, “so here I am laying on this guys bed, his load now dripping out of my pussy and I am thinking, geez, I have not even kissed this guy yet. And his cock which had not really gone down at all was twitching back to life. And then, the doorbell freaking rings!!! The study group!!! He jumps up, puts on his pants and shirt and rushes downstairs. I grab my clothes and start getting dressed and I can’t find my freaking bra!”

“It only took me a few minutes but I go downstairs with no bra on (obvious) and am like ‘hi everybody’. They all look at me and it was so obvious that I had just gotten laid. My face was flush, no bra. They were like ‘hi, have you been here this entire time?’” My wife said “yeah, I got here a little early”. And then it occurred to her “oh no, we study in the guys room!”. So the 6 of them walk back up the stairs and into his room. She said, “the coke is sitting out, the 4 beers are out. My bra is on the floor. The room reeks of pussy”. So my wife said that she just walked over, calmly picked up her bra and said “OK, there is no mystery here. We just fucked” and went into the bathroom and put her bra on, came out and that was that. Nobody said a word.

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