The Neighbour 2


My Neighbour Ben – Next part

So as you know my neighbour Ben had first seen me naked, then dared me to walk to his house naked and then had sex with me and then my husband David.

Obviously he wasn’t going to leave things at that and we all knew that, David had even agreed that I was now Ben’s sex slut. That first session had been on a Friday, that night we couldn’t wait to get the boys off to bed, before we were at each other again. David just couldn’t believe I had walked across the way in just heels and stocking and was as turned on by that as much as me having sex with an old man. Our enthusiasm for each other was a great as it had been after my first extra marital.

He knew that to keep me interested in playing with him, he had to keep things exciting. He’s cottoned onto the fact that exhibitionism was firing me up. On the Monday afternoon he called when he saw I was home, telling me to strip off we had a repeat of me standing at my door in only my heels, Tuesday was almost a repeat of my first with me walking across to him in heels and stockings for rough sex, as was Thursday. Each time he was pushing on from the previous time, to see where I’d say no. In between he was getting me to walk around the house, in front of doors and windows in various state of undress.

On the Friday, David invited Ben over for a proper bisex threesome to the extent that we’d only ever had with Paul at that point. David and Ben not only sucked, but Ben also arse fucked David. I also brought out the strap on dildo I used only with Katie, Paul and David before. Ben also peed down my throat and David’s several times. There was a lot of anal play, and I seemed to always be the one sucking cock after it has been up any of three rectums, something Ben complimented me on, especially as it got messier as the evening progressed. Ben was also between sex; quizzing us on the kinkier things we’d done. At that time we hadn’t done much. David invited him over the next Friday explaining that my sister would be over and she’d play as I’d be out. He liked that idea.

Ben being introduced to Katie; relieved some of the pressure on me. I had already decided to curtail my more volumatic sexual activities with the men I had sex with in 2009. In March my husband had dared me to fuck a different guy every day of the month. I rather shocked myself when I realised I could have easily done 2 a day and still had reserves. So I decided to cut back – a lot. In the previous 18 months David and I had formed good active sexual relationships with 2 of my sister’s friends and by circumstances two couple who David had I had known for years. In addition I had ***********ed about 15 males who’d already had sex with to continue.

I didn’t know it for ages, because I was out playing with others; but during that summer, in addition to my sister David persuaded all 4 of the above wives to meet with him and Ben for an all on threesome; and none refused to go back on further invitations, on their own and sometimes with David or their own husband. Ben of course was over the moon, he now had 6 young willing wives to play games with. As I understood from those wives the action was very much rough sex play.

After my initial visit, the rough sex play had stepped up a bit on each visit, nothing seems that much different from the first, but when viewed over the 14 weeks of that summer, (The same summer I meet John) then I saw a difference. Ben didn’t do much bondage in those early weeks, but there was spanking with hand, then leather slipper, and leather belt, from initially striking my bum, he also moved to my breasts as well. Then he introduced dildoes, butt plus and vibrators of differing sizes. My sister had been the first to ever to fist my pussy, Ben was the first man. Of course John had done more to me, but I knew and was also aroused by the fact that the other wives were getting roughly the same, or more.

I didn’t always know when Ben was having a meeting with one of the others, but I soon found out that they were arriving by car, naked just heels and stockings or boots. They had to get out of the car straight away as instructed, so no time to slip out of a coat. If being driven over they had to be dropped off at the curb, and then stand there as the driver moved away. Only then could she walk izmit rus escort to the door. If they drove themselves; they had to park on his driveway, get out straight away[ walk around the car, back to the pavement and down the footpath. So almost as much as me.

By mid-August I had agreed with Ben and we settled into me going over to him one evening a week and him coming here for a threesome once a month, By the start of 2011 my solo visits were twice a month. Not every time in just my heels and stockings, but quite often. Our house at that time; had our bedroom running from the front of the house to the back and both boys had their own room at the front of the house. The stairwell was in the front, beside the front door and it had a huge long window which showed up anyone on the stairs and upper landing, especially with a light on and I soon knew I ought to have it on.

Ben would like to phone me; tell me to come over, but I had to go undress and ready myself in our bedroom, no closed curtains, usual high heels and stockings, walk down the landing then the stairs slowly. I would then fully open the front door, standing right in it with a light on behind me if it was dusk or dark; then I’d have to wait. He would decide if I could pull on a coat or not, he’d flash his house front light once, if I was to come across like that, twice I could pull on a coat. Of course, as I stepped onto our pathway the security light would come on. David had increased the timer for about 90 seconds. It would take me about 30 seconds to walk across to Ben. He timed me if I was too fast; he’d send me back to do it again. That summer Ben also installed his own security light by his front door, just to add to the situation.

Ben was fascinated and turned on by the idea of my boys catching me in just my heels, in my home or out. I had told him of the incident in April where I walked right into my oldest boy wearing nothing but my heels. Most of his ‘dares’ or ‘instructions’ as above were; I realised designed for me to be caught, by them. I knew I would at some point or he knew that I was reacting just as I had before, moving from ‘no’ to ‘well maybe’. He told me he suspected they both were watching me anyway. Which made my walks across to him that much more interesting. Of course, quiet as our little ‘Close’ was my biggest worry was being seen by a neighbour, rather than my own sons.

He got me a few times to engross this ‘going across to him’ routine, by calling me, around 9:20pm which was about 10 minutes before the usual weekday time the boys would be going up for bed. First thing he had me do was leave my bedroom door open as I stripped off and prepared. Obviously with the chance one or other would look in. Then as I came back out along the landing and down the stairs, I was completely exposed if they came up the stairs or if later if one came out of the bathroom. Sometimes he’d phone me just to do that with no intension of then inviting me over, leaving me quite horny.

In the later months, sometimes I’d go over there and he’d have 1, 2 or 3 friends of his to help with his abuse of me. (In all I met about 6 of his mates). This was not reserved for just me; all the other wives we’d introduced him to, were also doing this in different degrees. Sometime with the hubby just to watch. Sometimes David would be invited over to watch and ‘clean up’. Ben had by October taken to popping over to our house, particularly if we had family guests for Sunday lunch. A quick or not so quick blow job in the kitchen was required. It was exciting and daring.

As time passed in the winter ’10 and spring ’11; I became aware that I had fallen away in Ben’s favour compared to the other wives. Maybe I wasn’t as interesting anymore; maybe they were allowing kinkier things than me. We were all roughly the same age’s mid-30, give or take, my sister the youngest. We all had children of similar ages in the oldest ones. We all had sex with men when we wanted, if we wanted with husband’s knowledge. I didn’t think I was any less attractive than the others, so it had to be things they accepted that I wasn’t.

I gleamed from my mostly my husband and also theirs, the things that were being permitted.; One wife had given up all birth control protection, which I found rather izmit escort exciting and stimulating; but that itself paled when I was told that he had one wife doing k9 action now. I kinda knew it to be true, because Ben had been hinting then asking me if I’d try it. To be fair not just Ben, his friends and a couple of other guys who were lovers had insinuated that I ought to be trying it.

It wasn’t something I was going to agree to try. However knowing one of your closest friends was up for it, did seem to make it less horrific. I really wanted to find out who it was. David knew it was being done, but not whom, he’d asked Ben who said the only guys knowing was him, 2 of his mates the wife and her husband. David was keen to watch the action (as was I frankly); but David also made it plain he’d love to see me in action.

In 2011, after I lost my job when the company went ‘belly up’ and between temping assignments Ben would come over to the house to play with me. He used to like to put me in bondage and have sex with me in different parts of the house or even in the garden. My boys were by this time traveling back from school together on the bus getting home about 3:30, so Ben sometimes left me tied up, fully displayed, basically naked, sometimes with legs apart etc., on the bed in my bedroom, even in the garden or garage. Knowing when they’d be back he’d leave me, in a state of arousal with an electric vibrator on my clit or in me, he’d give me only minutes to spare and get free.

The thoughts that went through my head at that time. Mostly I struggled to get free and would make it. Then one day, maybe the 5th or 6th time, I thought I’d not struggle till I heard the front door open. I was spread-eagled on my bed; the bedroom door was wide open. If they came straight upstairs I was caught, I heard them in the kitchen then they must have gone into the lounge. The excitement was enormous. I actually play that game of waiting till I heard them, by asking Ben to toss a coin and tell me heads or tails before he left. If he called tails, I would wait till I heard the door. I think he sussed out what I was doing, of course, if he really wanted them to catch me, he could have bound me so I couldn’t get free.

Ben Part 3 (Autumn 2011 on)

Last time I talked about Ben he was moving on from his old tricks increasing the pressure on me to expose myself fully to my boys and putting me in bondage in my own house. I also said that things had been developing with the other wives we had introduced him to and none to this point had curtailed the games with him, far from it; if anything I knew there was more activity over there than before. Since the earlier days when David had first introduced him to my sister then quite quickly four other attractive MILF’s followed by the end of 2010 by two more willing wives from our circle of friends.

Because, I was the first to play; lived opposite him, introduced him to these others, I believed I should be the favoured one. As I said by the end of the summer of 2011 that was not the case. Now apart from my sister, those other women were into the swinging and swapping scene and had all done stuff such as cuckolding their hubby, sex with other men whilst hubby watched and so on. But Ben was offering a new line to most of them.

In May that year, after pressure from David I invited Ben along to watch my submission session with my Master John. David had told Ben about my session with John and from then on Ben upped his ‘rough sex’ to some of the things John did to me. I already knew my sister and one of her friends had done exactly the same with Ben and John. So now Ben was playing his rough sex games with us, but harder, having witness what we allowed John to do to us. All of which was fine by me.

I knew that Ben liked to play his games on Weekday evenings if a wife was visiting on her own or Saturday if she and hubby (or friend) were coming. I knew that David, my sister’s husband Paul and Tony one of the other husbands went along with Ben in a bi Submissive role with his wife or even with one of the other wives. The other husbands would just watch (if they went along at all).

When the woman of that night arrived, she would find that either Ben was on his own or he might have one, two or three of his mates there as kocaeli escort well. I believe they were only there when the wife was on her own. The action for all involved rough sex, with some moderate level BDSM thrown in, caning and whipping with bondage, humiliation things including pee drinking; anal sex with cocks vibrators and dildos (sucking and cleaning afterwards); anal rimming – deep and prolonged. I had witnessed (not every time) my friends arriving at his house, (sometimes) getting out of a car naked but for stockings and heels and hurry into his house.

Two sisters at the same time, most men think is only bettered by a mum and her daughter. Initially he didn’t realise that Katie and I were sisters (not till about April 2011). She would often forewarn me if she had been called to visit him as, several times she’d arrive at his place and he’d send her over to collect me or David. She would come across clad in just her heels and stockings and I’d go back with her dressed the same. Similar to myself there was a high probability of her being seen by one or both my boys.

In the Autumn of 2011 arrived and Ben was pushing me to move forward. He was probably do exactly the same to the other wives.

•He would get me really aroused almost to the point of climax and then tell me to phone home on the landline and tell whoever picked up to come over. Only David would answer the landline, the boys never did. This he later changed to the cell phone of each boy. He knew the numbers, he could have called and said your Mum wants you to come over; but he always had me dial the number that he chose with a dice, at first I’d hang up, then I would just ask if everything was okay. All the time Ben had a vibrator on my clit, keeping me high.

•From About October on half my visits, he’d had his friend with the dog (kept in the back room) just waiting for me to say okay. He would get me high again and temp me into agreeing to play.

In early November that year, I had conferred with my sister about what he was pushing her to do. She confirmed he was after exactly what he wanted from me. Her boys are in each case are a few months younger than mine. But to my amazement she admitted she had taken the K9 route and had done so on the last 2 visits. I think I leaked into my panties at that point.

A few days later, I called my best friend Jodie, she is ultra-sexy, (not married but in a relationship) her antics matches or well exceeds anything I’d done at that time. She is also one of the women David introduced to Ben. Jodie only became friends with me in 2009 and we gelled straightaway. I was having an affair with my Boss, her boyfriend was at the same company as my Boss and I and I was soon pulled into their foursome and spent a lot of time with them.

Jodie is very different from the other women David introduced to Ben, she is single, they were all older (31 to 38), married and with children — just like me. Ben enjoyed MILF’s and I know there are many men who say fucking another man’s wife is a real turn on, more so if he approves and/or watches. So I wasn’t sure Jodie would gel with Ben, but she is undoubtedly the most attractive of all of us and as I found out up for everything. So it was no surprise that she was one of the least frequent visitors to Ben, but she did go about once every month.

So in early December we two met up for drinks in a wine bar and catching up on stuff, Jodie had been effectively single because her boyfriend Ken had gone back to Australia and was waiting for her to join him. Now Jodie wasn’t hard up for male company and she and Ken had played around quite a lot. Her usual problem was new men, as they were often intimidated by her striking good looks and style. Jodie knows everything I’ve done, when I started with John, I told her before my sister and/or David (although they knew). In return she had confessed some of her own escapades.

When I told her about Ben’s increased demands, she immediately said ‘go with the k9’ without blinking. I must have looked at her, because she continued to say that yes she had done it with Ben and his mates on each of about 7 visits this year, but she’d done it before with Ken and others. By my calculation she must have been the first to agree to Ben’s wishes. She then sought to reassure me that it was quite good fun, I asked her how many times she’d ever done it, ‘probably at least 50’ she replied.

So that evening I decided that I would agree to Ben’s k9 demand.

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