My name is Jack and I am forty seven years old, my wife Emma is forty and we have been married for fifteen years, and we have no children she is a very attractive five foot seven with a superb figure and shoulder length brown hair and turns heads when we are out. I am an electrical engineer and my wife works as a machine operator at a local clothes manufacturer. Our sex life has always been good and we recently started talking about. making it more exciting and started looking at porn and acting out the scenes we fancied. We did consider swingers but decided it was not our scene and we did not want to get involved with other couples.

I asked Emma how she felt about sex with other men and she said she often fantasized about it and would like to give it a try provided it did not interfere with our relationship and everything would be above board and open. I asked if she was ever chatted up and she said the lads at work are for ever passing remarks about her tits and bum and rubbing up against her at every chance they get, and her boss puts his arms around her shoulders and touches her tit when she has problems on her machine Most of the lads are in their thirties or forties and her boss is late fifties.

One night we were watching some sex slave videos on the computer and she got really turned on and said I have had dreams of been used like that but no pain or ill treatment. I said we could start her on a new lifestyle if that’s what she fancied and in the mean time she would flirt with the men at work. The next week she came home and said her boss Adam asked her to go to his office where he asked her if she would like to go for a drink with him sometime. He said he did not want to offend her he knew she was in a happy marriage and did not want to do anything to harm it, but he really fancied her. He told her his wife died three years ago and he shared a house with his daughter who was a nurse. She told him she would ask her husband who was openminded about such things and she would let him know on Monday. I told her now was her chance and if that is what she wanted we would start her new lifestyle this weekend.

On Saturday I told her as of now she would remain naked in the house at all times no matter who was at the house and offer herself to anyone who wanted her and from now on and no underwear ever other than a bra at work and her pubes would be shaved from now on. I told her to undress and took her to the bathroom where I shaved her. It turned me on and we went to the bedroom and had great sex. I told her she could call a halt anytime she wished, it was strange in the house all weekend watching her doing her chores in the nude, I asked her if she was alright and she said she could get used to it. On Monday she went to work with just a bra blouse and skirt. At lunchtime Adam called her to his office and asked if she had asked her husband and did it cause any bother. She told him I said she could go ahead and do as she wished. He told her she had made his day because he had his eye on for a long time and asked if she would go out with him on Wednesday night she said yes. He said he would pick her up at eight and take it from there. She went back to her machine and carried on working.

On Wednesday she came home and got undressed and we had our tea, after she went for a shower and asked what will she wear, I told her a skirt and blouse but no underwear. When she came downstairs she looked a picture. At eight he came and phoned her to say he was outside so she put her coat on kissed me and left. He took her to a country pub where they had snacks and drinks and he asked her how old she was she told him forty and he said he was fifty nine and his daughter was thirty three, did that bother her, she told him no everything was fine. They left the pub and he took her to a park car park and they got in the back, she took her coat off and he put his arms around her and started caressing and kissing her, he was gentle with her and she felt at ease and kissed him passionately, soon he was feeling her tits and working his way down to her thighs.

He started rubbing her thighs as they carried on kissing and worked his hand up to her crotch, then he stopped kissing and asked are you wearing no pants just for me, she said not especially my husband will not allow underwear at any time only a bra to work and will not allow any clothes in the house. He asked dose he force you or illtreat you, she said no we love each other and I enjoy how he treats me, He said I would love to see you around the house naked and will dream about it. They started again and she put her hand on his crotch and could feel how hard he was, then he asked her to take off her skirt then he started pushing his fingers into her pussy and kissing her tits, then he took her blouse off, so she was completely naked, he asked her was she on the pill and she told him she was sterilised for medical reasons in her twenties. He undid his belt and dropped his pants and boxers and she started rubbing his hardon, he said I never expected this tonight. Then he spread her legs and put one over his shoulder and put his dick into her pussy and started shagging her until he soon shot his load into her then pulled out, he said sorry it was so quick but I have not had a woman for four years, she got back beside him and said it will be better next time and started kissing and playing with his dick and talking, after about an hour she could feel him getting hard, then she wanted a pee so he told to get beside the car and watched as she relieved herself then he got some tissues from the glove compartment to wipe her dry. When she got back in the car he was ready so he had her lie on her side and took her from behind and this time he lasted and she had two orgasms. He thanked her for a great night and gave her more tissues to wipe herself, then she got dressed and he drove he home he kissed her and said I hope we can do this again see you tomorrow..

When she got in it was one am and Jack was waiting for her, she took her skirt and blouse off and sat beside him and cuddled up, he asked did she enjoy herself and she told him she wished they had started it long before now. He asked would she do it with Adam again she said if he wanted because he was a very nice bloke. They then went to bed and had sex before falling asleep. The next morning she told him where they got to last night and that she had sex twice but it was not very comfortable in the car. Joe said if you really fancy him and he is ok with it you could invite him here. She said I think he will want me again and I will suggest it. She went to work and carried on as normal and at lunch break Adam came and asked her back to his office. He asked her was ever thing ok when she got home and she told him of course her lifestyle was Jack’s idea so he is agreeable with everything. He sat down at his desk and told her to sit beside him so she got chair but before she sat he told her to lift her skirt and put her bare arse on the seat then he told her to open her legs so he could finger her pussy. She ate her sandwiches and drank her coffee while he played with her, afterwards she went to the ladies to wipe between her legs and then went back to her machine and got some weird looks from the other workers.

Adam came to her before finishing time and told her his daughter would be away this weekend so she could come to his place, he said if it was ok with Jack he would pick her up on Friday night and escort izmit return her on Sunday evening. She said she would ask Jack but did not think there would be a problem. When she got home she told Jack, Adam wanted her for the weekend was he ok with that and he said he was not expecting things to happen so quick but ok he can have you, tell him to come in and meet me when he calls so we can ge acquainted. On Friday Adam called her to his office at lunchtime to ask her if she was ok for the weekend she said yes but Jack wanted to meet him, he said he would look forward to it. Before she sat down he had lift her skirt up and bend over the desk so he could push his fingers into her cunt and her arse, when he had her dripping wet he had her sit on the chair and eat her lunch then he gave her some paper towels to wipe herself before going back to her machine.

On Friday night Adam and rang the bell, Jack called Emma to answer the door and Adam was gobsmacked when he saw she was naked, he said I forgot you are not allowed clothes in the house she smiled and took him into Jack who told her to get them some drinks, Adam could not take his eyes off her as she walked about. When she fetched the drinks, they were sat together on the couch, so she sat on a chair opposite them and crossed her legs so Jack told her to uncross them and spread her knees. They talked for a couple of hours about sharing her for as long as she wished and that she would not be abused in anyway, they both agreed and Jack told him he was welcome to visit her anytime he wished. Adam asked if she was ready and to fetch a change of clothing if she wished because they would be going out for drinks and meals, she said she had a dress and the skirt and blouse she would go in. When she went to put her skirt and blouse on Alan stopped her and told her to put them in her bag because she only needed a coat this evening. When they were ready to go she put her coat on and hugged and kissed Jack, she was a bit overcome because they were never apart for any length of time.

Adam picked her he bag and led her out to the car and on the way they stopped at bar and as they walked in she felt people looking at her and wondered if they could tell she only had a coat on because it only buttoned down to her crotch, she could see it excited Adam. They were only in a short time when two co- workers walked in and came and sat at their table. She was able to keep her legs under the table as they asked how long has this been going on, Adam this is our first date and one of them said I presume your husband is not aware of it. We noticed you were spending a great amount of time in his office Adam just brushed the remark off and carried on chatting , when they were ready to go as they got up from the table her co opened showing the tops of her thighs, the lads nudged each other and said wow, so they sussed she was naked under the coat and wondered what would be said on Monday. She told Adam they may have seen her crotch a she got up and he said so what don’t worry about it I like the idea.

The arrived at Adams and when they got inside, he took her bag and coat and put them in a closet then went in the kitchen and made coffee. It felt strange being naked in another house, so she sat down on the couch, he fetched the coffee and they chatted. He told her he can’t belief his luck and regrets not asking her out sooner and she told him it was new to her and Jack and he was the first in fifteen years and she wished they had started sooner because she was enjoying it. After the coffee she lay down and put her head in his lap and he started rubbing her tits and told her what a lovely body she had.

They chatted and kissed and hugged and watched TV until midnight then went to bed where he shagged her twice before they went to sleep. In the morning he woke up with a hard on and shagged her before getting up. He got up first and went to the toilet and have a shower and when he was finished he called her and watched her having a piss then he put her in the shower and washed her, then they had breakfast and watched TV. He told her how much he enjoyed last night and hoped it would continue for a long time. Early afternoon he told her to put her coat on and they went to a park for a walk and when they sat on a bench he had her pull her coat up at the back, so he was able to rub her arse as they sat. He told her they would go for a meal later and she could wear her blouse and skirt, he also told her his two mates Brian and Bill usually called on Saturday night when they have some drinks and watch football. He said I should have told before you before but I was worried you might not spend the weekend with me, she asked him what age are they and he told her Brian is fifty eight and Bill is sixty two. She asked him do they know about me and he said they know about me dating but they won’t expect a beauty like you. She said will I be dresse’d and he said no we will keep to Jacks rules but you don’t have to have sex with them if you don’t want to.

They went back to the house and he took her coat and she said I need to pee so he took her to the bathroom and put her in the shower and told her to go ahead and piss, it really turned him on watching her then he wiped her and took back to the lounge and they sat on the couch and he opened his pants and she could see he was hard, so she took It in her hand and started wanking him, he said do you do blowjobs and she said I did a few when I was younger but Jack never bothers with it. He said I like it but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, she looked at him and could see he would be disappointed if she refused so she started licking the precum before taking it in her mouth she sucked him and rubbed his balls until he shot his load and she had no choice but to swallow it. He said it’s such a long time that I had that I can’t belief I found you, she got up and got a tissue to wipe her face. Alan got up and went to the kitchen and made some coffee, then they cuddled up until it was time to go for a shower so he took her upstairs and they showered together, then she put some makeup on and got dressed and they went for their meal.

She put a skirt and blouse on and her coat and they went to a pup diner, where he had her sit with her bare arse on the chair. She could see how the waiter looked at her because her skirt was halfway up her thighs and she could see him pointing at her and talking to other waiters. They finished their meal and went back to the house where he took her clothes and put them in the closet. She phoned Jack to see if he was ok and he asked her if she was enjoying herself, she told him Adam was treating her well. She told him two friends visit him every Saturday night and would be there shortly, he asked are you ok with that and she said yes, he told her remember the rules naked in the house at all times and available at all times, she said yes Alan has taken my clothes he asked will you have sex with them she said if they want. They are both around Adams age so I will see, it will be strange being naked in front of men I have never met, and they will be taken aback when they see me. She told him about calling to the pub on Friday night and meeting two of the lads who work with her, so she was wondering what will be said on Monday, he told her not to worry they can’t do any harm because everyone who needs to know, knows so don’t let them harass you, tell Adam if they come on to you. He told her to have a good night and she could tell him all about it tomorrow.

Brian and Bill arrived at eight and Alan showed them in saying I have a nice surprise for izmit escort you both, she was sitting on the couch when they walked into the lounge and saw her they were speechless and after a while Adam said let me introduce you to my girlfriend Emma,, she stood up and shook hands with them while giving them a peck on the cheek each. Brian was first to speak and asked what was going on, Adam told him she worked at his place and he asked her for a date not realising her and her husband had a different life style where she was free to date, not allowed under wear and must remain naked in the house. They said you are one lucky bloke because she is such a beauty and asked what age she was and she told them forty, Bill said I have a daughter older than you. Adam told her to get some drinks and they could not take their eyes off her as she moved about and bending down with the drinks. They sat on the couch and Adam sat on a chair and she sat on a chair opposite them and Adam told her to keep her knees apart. They chatted and they asked her if she was forced into a sharing lifestyle and she said no its something my husband suggested and I agreed.

After about an hour drinking Adam said why don’t you sit between the boys Emma so she said I will but I need a pee first so Alan stood up and took her to the shower and waited while she pissed then he wiped her dry. He asked was she ok with everything because he thought they would shagg her before they went home, and she said it would be fine. When they came back down, she sat between them and Bill put his arm around her and rubbed her tits as Brian started feeling between her legs and she could feel herself getting wet, Then Bill started kissing her with his tongue down her throat which really turned her on, he undid his pants and took his hard cock and put her hand on it then Brian did the same and she started rubbing them after while They stood her up and had her lean over the end of the couch and Brian put his cock into her and started shagging her hard, while Bill sat on the couch with her rubbing his cock, Brian soon shot his load into her and pulled out and Alan went to the kitchen for some wipes then Bill stood up and when he saw Brian’s cum seeping out of her he said to Adam he would love to fuck her arse and he told him just ask her. He said have you had in the arse before and she said no her husband just liked straight sex, he asked her could he have and she said will it hurt, he said I never had a virgin arse before but I will lube you up and if it and if hurts too much I will stop. He asked Adam if he had thing to use to lube her like Vaseline or something, Adam said no what else and Bill said have you any vegitible oil in the kitchen and he said I will have a look he came back and said no would margarine do, Bill said ok Adam fetched the margarine tub and a spoon and gave it to him as Emma was still over the arm of the couch and rubbing Brian, he took a spoon full and put it in her arse and worked his fingers and worked into her, he put two more spoon full into her und kept pushing his finger into her until he had three in her then he took his cock and put the head to her and slowly pushed it in, she gasped as he got fully in and started to shag her, you could see she was uncomfortable but she let him carry on until he shot his load and she could feel in her rectum, then he pulled out and said that was the best ever, he lifted her up and kissed her and Adam wiped her clean before she sat down, they carried on drinking and they both shagged her again before going home. Asked her if she was ok and she said yes so he coffee for them before taking her to the shower to piss and he pushed tissues into her to get rid of some of Brian’s cum then washed her down before taking her to bed and shagging her. On Sunday morning they had breakfast and he asked her was she ok, she said her bum was a bit sore, but she was glad she agreed to it because she would like to meet them again. He said I don’t know when we will have the opportunity because my daughter will be here most of the time.

At five he got her coat and bag and took her out to the car, they called for a drink on the way and arrived home at seven, where Jack was waiting she took her coat off and he hugged and kissed her and asked Adam did he have a good weekend. He said it did not last long enough, Jack said its early days, you must have holidays you could take her on. Adam asked would you agree to that and Jack said she is as much yours now as mine. I was think of tagging her with discs with our names, I don’t want tattoos that would spoil her body, Adam asked Emma what she thought about the idea and she asked where would you put the discs, Jack said one on each pussy lip she said how would they be fixed to me, Jack said we could pierce your lips and put a couple of rings on each side and get two discs engraved with our names. She said I’m not sure because it would hurt, Jack said you had your ears pierced it would not be much different, she said where would you get it done. Jack who had obviously given it a lot of thought said we will do it ourselve’s, we will order a body piercing kit from Amazon and get two dog tags from the pet shop. Adam said no he would go to jewellers and get two plated disks thirty mm diameter, said yes one with your name and date 2019 and mine with date 2004 and I will order the kit tomorrow. Jack asked how it went on the weekend an did she have sex with his mates she said yes twice with each of them and one only used her arse, Jack said that’s a first did it hurt, she said first time a bit but after it was ok, will you do it again and she said if we get the opportunity when Adams daughter is away. They are welcome here at any time and Adam said that would be great it’s usually Saturdays, Jack said they can use the spare bedroom if they want, I will go out and leave it to you. Emma then stood up and took Adam upstairs where he shagged her before going home, when they came back down he told her he would not see her until Wednesday he would be away on business. She walked with him to the door where he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her goodnight. After a coffee Jack took her to bed and had sloppy seconds in Adams cum before going to sleep.

On Monday at work Emma went to the canteen at lunch time and the two lads who saw them on Friday came and sat at her table. Their names were Tom and Liam both in their early thirties they asked not in the office with the boss today and she told them he is away until Thursday. They asked did you enjoy yourself on Friday night she said yes, they asked did you go anywhere special, she said no we went home. Tom asked do you like older men, and she said I like Adam, he asked do you always meet him half dressed, we could see you did not have panties on, she said my husband won’t let me wear underwear, Liam said can I check and before she could answer he pushed his hand between her legs and said she is hairless as well, Tom said we will definitely have to have some of that. They asked what would, he say if we told him you were shagging your boss, she said he knows and has met Adam. Liam said so we are in with chance then, she said you will have to ask Adam.

She told Jack what the lads had done and he said have a word with Adam but we don’t want them here I don’ mind Adams mates. Adam called on Wednesday night and told her to put her coat on and took her for a drink. She told him what happened on Monday and he said I will have words with them, would you let them have you and she said if you wanted me to. They went home and chatted with Jack, who told them the piercing kit would be here on Monday izmit kendi evi olan escort and told them he had also ordered a numbing spray so she should not feel much. She then took Adam upstairs where they spent two hours and he shagged her twice. Then he said see you tomorrow and went home. Jack took her to bed where they cuddle up but he did not want sex. She went to work the next day and had her lunch in Adams office so she did not see Tom or Liam that day.

Adam called on Wednesday as usual and on Friday the three of them went out to the pub, they let her put a skirt and top on but she had sit as usual bare arsed. They went home and had some more drinks and Jack said to Adam would you like to stay the night, he said I would love to, I will phone my daughter and let her know. They watched TV until midnight then Jack got up and kissed her and said I’m off to bed see you two in the morning, Emma took Adam to the spare room where they shagged and spent the night. The next morning at breakfast Jack said I have had an e mail from amazon the order will be here on Tuesday we will be able to do the piercings on Saturday morning so you will be more comfortable at work on Monday, Adam said I have ordered the tags and will pick them up on Friday. Adam stayed on Saturday and she asked Jack if he wanted her to sleep with him tonight and he said no carry on with him I will have you on Sunday.

During the week the piercing was on her mind and Adam kept reassuring her everything will be fine. On Friday Adam came and he had the silver plated tags with him and Jack showed them the kit and told them we will do it after breakfast. Adam stayed the night but she slept with Jack, she got up at six to go for a pee then went into Adam and got in beside him he shagged her before they got up. After breakfast Jack felt her crotch and said I think you need a shave before we start, Adam said I will do it and took her up to the bathroom and stood her in the shower and shaved her, when they came down Jack was ready and had the surgical; gloves from the kit on. They put her on her back on the kitchen table with her legs over the end and her head on a pillow, Jack got the numbing spray and sprayed her lips and left it for a bit then did it again. Adam got a chair and sat at her head and held her hand while Jack worked on her, each time as he pierced her she flinched and grabbed Adams hand soon it was done, they both kissed her and Jack got a mirror and let her see the two rings on each lip with the tags on the front two. She put her hand down to feel them and asked which is which Jack said mine is on the left, they helped her off the table and let her sit on the couch and gave her a cup of coffee, they asked if they hurt and she said I can feel them but not really hurting. Jack said any sex will have to be doggy style for a couple of weeks to let them heal and they need to be rotated as often as possible. In the afternoon they asked her if she felt like going for a drink and she said yes. She put her skirt and top and coat on and they went to their usual pub where they let her sit on her skirt because of the rings. They were sat chatting when Tom and Liam walked in, they got their drinks and asked if they could share their table, and Adam said yes, Tom asked is this your husband and she said his name is Jack, Tom said Jack you have a lovely wife, the Boss is lucky to be allowed to share her and Adam said yes I never expected it. Liam said I wish we could share her, and Jack that maybe one day if Adam agrees.

The following Saturday Adam told them Brian and Bill would be coming tonight and Jack said I will make myself scarce and go out to the club. They arrived at eight and she got them drinks and before she sat down Adam said lets show them your tags Emma so she stood in front of them and he told her spread her legs and he held the tags up to show them and said I’m on the right, they asked her did it hurt and she said a little they said they look good, then she sat between them on the couch where they started to feel her all over and Brian was sucking her tits, after a few drinks they put her over the arm of the couch and Brian shagged her until he shot his load into her, then sat down, Bill asked Adam if he had anything to lube her arse and she told Adam there was Vaseline in the bathroom cabinet, so he got it and gave it to him, so he put some on her hole and pushed his finger in before he shagging her, the both shagged her twice until it was time for them to go so she kissed them good night.

When they had gone Adam took her upstairs and cleaned her up and let her have a piss then they had some coffee, Jack had not come home when they finished so they went to bed and he did not shag her, because he thought she had enough. On Sunday morning he woke up with a hard on so he shagged her before getting up. Adam started staying Friday to Sunday so Brian and Bill were regular weekend visitors. At work Liam or Tom would chat to her when they got the opportunity and asking when she would go out with them, and she kept telling them ask Adam. A couple of weeks later Tom asked Adam if they could take her out for the night, they said they would pick her up on Friday and fetch her back on Saturday Adam said if Emma agreed it would be ok but they would have to treat her proper or their jobs could be on the line. That night Adam and Jack asked her if she wanted to go out with them, she said they seem ok. On Friday Adam told Tom it was ok to take her out and Tom said we will pick her up at seven Adam asked how do you want her dressed and Tom said as little as possible and Adam said just her coat then.

They called for her as arranged and she kissed Jack and Adam and left with them, they took her to the pub where they sat in a corner with her between them with her coat pulled up at the back so they could finger her, they were surprised when they felt her tags and asked what they were for she told them one had her husband’s name and the other had Adams, before they left to go to Toms, Liam phoned two of his mates and asked them to meet him at Toms, when they got there they took her coat and soon after Liam’s mates arrived and were gobsmacked when they saw her, they lost no time before they had their cocks out and had her on her knees sucking them, they shagged her a couple of times each in every hole until two am, when Liam who was married and his mates went home. Tom told her to shower and clean her holes and took her to bed. In the morning he shagged her before getting up and making breakfast, he thanked her for a good time and said we will have to do it again then he got her coat and took her home.

Back at home they asked her how she got on and she told them about the other two lads and how she was used and they asked did they stay all night and she told them the three of them went home and she slept with Tom. Adam asked would you go with them again and she said yes. Two weeks later Adam told them that his daughter was moving her fellow in so he might move out, Jack said no might why don’t you move in here you own Emma now as much as I do and I’m sure she won’t mind, Emma said I would love it. The next week Adam moved in and they decided that they would share everything like household bill’s and she would spend alternate weeks in their beds at other times they could use her as they wished as they wished and anyone else they that wanted her.

Life carried on as they wished she went to work every day with Adam and spent at least one weekend a month with Tom, Liam and their mates. Jack and Adam became the best of mates and really looked after her. Brian and bill call most Saturdays to use her and she looks forward to her weekends. She has been away on separate holiday’s with each of them twice and both her and Jack are glad they decided on this lifestyle long may it last.

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