Alpha Son

Subject: Pounding the Prof, Part 5 Pounding the Prof, Part 5 If you are financially able to do so, please consider donating to Nifty to keep this amazing resource going! fty/donate.html ************************************* I was slightly disoriented when I woke in the morning. Feeling a warm body pressing up against me, it took a moment to remember what had happened the night before. Slowly it came back to me, as I felt the bare flesh pressed up against mine. I lay there for a moment, basking in the memories of the night before and all of the amazing sex I’d had. I’d taken four loads from two hot guys. After going for months with no action other than my hand, suddenly in the past few days, I’d been overwhelmed with sex. All at once, it struck me that I was lying naked in bed with one of my students. I was immediately wide awake. I slipped out of bed and stood there for a moment, feeling a wave of panic wash over me. “Shit!” I said aloud. I walked out to the living room and put on the sweats that I had worn the night before. “Shit, shit, shit,” I thought. I’d gotten myself into a real predicament now, and I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. While it percolated, I opened my computer and pulled up the class management software from the university. I looked through the student list and found the two guys — Nathan first, and then I figured out that the other guy, the one lying in my bed right now, must be Damion. The coffee was done, so I poured myself a cup, closed up my laptop, and went to sit in the living room to think about what to do. I picked up his clothes off the floor where they’d been tossed the night before, folded them, and set them on the couch. So I’d managed to fuck around with two students now, I thought, both of them twice. One of them, who was probably just a freshman, had spent the night with me. I was in this deep, and I couldn’t think of any way out. I decided that I should start by getting this guy out of my apartment. I set my coffee on the table and went back into my room. “Hey, buddy,” I said quietly, and he didn’t stir. I sat down on the side of the bed and shook him gently. “Damion.” He opened his eyes just a slit and smiled at me. “Hey prof,” he said. “Buddy, you should get going,” I said. He yawned deeply, reached his arms around me, and tried to pull me down. “Get back in bed,” he said quietly. “Damion,” I said and tried to pull away, but he grabbed me — gently but firmly — and pulled me into the bed against him. He rolled me so that my back was to him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight, closing his eyes as though he were asleep. “Mmmm,” he let out a guttural moan from deep inside and spooned me. “You feel mezitli escort good,” he sighed. I could feel his cock hard against my back. He started to slowly rub it against my sweats. He used one of his hands to slide my sweats down so that his cock was against my bare ass. “I got some morning wood you gotta take care of,” he said, and he rubbed his cock along my ass crack. He rubbed himself up and down my crack a few times, then he used his hand to tuck his cock under, so that the tip of his cock was touching my hole. “I think Imma hafta fuck this again,” he said. He pushed, but his cock head didn’t slip in. I’d been fucked so much the night before that my hole was shut tight now. I realized that I still had the four loads in my ass from the night before. I grabbed the lube off the table and squeezed some on my hand, then reached down behind and rubbed it on his cock. He pushed again, and I forced myself to relax, and his head popped inside. It burned a little; my ass was worn out and sore. But I forced myself to relax, and he slowly slid inside. He wrapped his arms around me again, and his body felt so nice pressed against mine. His chest was smooth, and his arms around me felt strong. He slowly, gently pushed himself into me, out a little, then slowly back in. “I love being inside you, prof,” he whispered. “I’m gonna make love to you, baby.” He started kissing the back of my neck, nibbling on my ears, all the while slowly and gently going in and out. He smooth legs pressed against mine, and I could feel the thick hair of his bush press against my ass. “You still wet inside, prof. You still got my load in you.” He started to speed up a bit, tightening his grip around my chest. “Imma give you another load. You want my load, prof?” “Yes,” I whispered, beginning to push my ass back against his thrusts. “Tell me you want my load,” he said forcefully. “I want your load,” I said a little louder. “I wanna hear it!,” he said. “Tell me you want it.” “I want your load!” I said in a loud voice. He thrust hard and squeezed my body so tight that it almost hurt. He grunted, an animal-like sound, as he shot another load deep inside me. Once, twice, three times, a pause, then once more. Then he relaxed and loosened his grip around me. “Fuck that felt good!” He sighed and relaxed, and I knew that he would fall back to sleep if he could. “Bud, don’t go to sleep. I gotta get to work,” I said. I slid out of his arms and stood up. He stretched, reaching his arms way over his head against the wall. He was really gorgeous, I thought. His skin was so smooth, and he had just the right amount of muscle on his body. He stepped out of the bed, his long dick, still half-hard, pozcu escort hanging out from his body. “You’re Damion?” I asked. “How you know my name?” he asked with a big smile. “You’re in my class,” I said. “You want some coffee?” “Nah,” he said as we walked into the living area, to the kitchen. “You got breakfast?” The way he walked naked through the apartment without any self-consciousness, like he owned the place, was really sexy. He sat on a stool at the kitchen counter, his naked ass on the cushion, his cock dangling in front of him. “What do you want? Scrambled eggs? Toast? Cereal?” “Cereal is good,” he said. I poured him a bowl of cornflakes, poured in some milk, and handed the bowl and a spoon to him. He dove into it as only a teenager could. “Um, Damion,” I started. “We really shouldn’t have hooked up. You’re in my class. It’s wrong.” “Why?” he asked, and I think he was sincerely puzzled. “Well, because I’m your professor. I have authority over you. It could be abusive.” He laughed so hard some cornflakes shot out of his mouth onto the counter. “Abusive? That’s good! I’m the one that fucked YOUR ass, prof, not the other way around.” “It’s not about who fucks who. It’s about the power relations. I could get in trouble. Sex between students and professors is against university policy. If you complained, I could get fired.” He looked a little sad. “I wouldn’t do that,” he said. “Seriously, prof, you don’t have to worry.” He handed me his empty cereal bowl. “Could I get some more?” I refilled his bowl and added more milk and passed it back to him. “It’s not like that, really,” he said, his mouth full. “We didn’t even know you were our prof. We just saw you on Grindr and thought your body looked hot. And it does,” he added, with a wicked smile. He reached over ran his hand across my bare chest. “So, um, how did you and that other guy…” “Nathan? Oh, he was the one that hit you up on Grindr. He lives in my dorm. As was hanging in his room, and we were online…” “Oh,” I said. “We’re on the soccer team together. The team has a lot of fun,” he said with his wicked smile again. “The soccer team?” “Not everybody, but a few of us play around. Nathan’s a senior, so he’s kind of started things, got together the guys he thought were into it. He’s had a few parties in his room. You know, drinks, smokes, and then we have a little fun…” “Damn, that’s hot,” I said, and dick started to tent in my sweats. He reached over and grabbed my cock through the fabric. His cock started to swell again as he held mine. “So you like soccer boys, huh?” I laughed. “Maybe,” I said. “But I don’t think we can do this again. It’s not right.” I took his hand off my cock, and he escort bayan looked hurt. “Who says?” he asked. “Didn’t I fuck you good enough?” “Oh man,” I said, “Your fucking is amazing!” Then I asked, “How old are you, Damion?” “19,” he said proudly. “Well, 19 next month.” “Damn,” I said. I’m robbing the cradle, I thought. “Aren’t I kind of old for you?” “Hell no,” he said. “You’re hot! The first day of class when I saw you, I said, like, damn! I got a hot professor!” “So, or you gay or what?” I asked. “I dunno,” he said. “Yes. Probably. I like guys. Have been hooking up with guys since my sophomore year in high school.” “So… Have you been with an older guy before?” “Oh yeah,” he said. “In high school, the first guy I fucked was this guy that lived by me. He was like 40. we did it on and off for a couple of year..” He smiled really slyly and grabbed my cock again. “I got a thing for daddies!” “Daddy? I’m not old enough to be a daddy!” “Okay, Then I got a thing for teachers now.” The whole time we’d been talking, he’d had his hand on my cock, rubbing it gently through the fabric, getting my fully hard again. I took his hand off my cock again and stepped back. “Damion, we shouldn’t do this.” “So you don’t want me?” He had that hurt puppy dog look again. “It’s not that…” “Look,” he said. “I promise I won’t tell. You don’t gotta freak out about it. I promise.” I smiled, remembering that Nathan had said he promised too. “Um, you know it was Nathan who was here before you last night.” “Yeah, I thought so.” He said. “My boy’s a player. He love to get him some tight ass. And you got a tight ass.” He smiled broadly at me. Damion stepped up to me and kissed me, hard on the lips. “Can I take a shower?” he asked. I led him to the bathroom and turned on the water. I went to grab a towel out of a drawer. By the time I’d gotten back, he’d already climbed in the shower and was soaping up. I set the towel on the sink and went to the kitchen to get more coffee and clean up a bit. I could hear him singing in the shower, then the water turned off. A few minutes later, he padded out of the bathroom with the towel tied low around his waist, just showing the top of his bush. It accentuated his muscular abs, surrounding a prominent belly button. Damn, was he hot! He found his shorts and shirt on the couch and pulled them on, put on his white bootie socks, then stepped into his big red shoes. “If you don’t want me to come back, I won’t. But I hope we can have some fun again sometime, prof. You’re fun!” His sincerity was really cute. “We’ll see,” I said. “So … do I gotta just look for you no Grindr, or can I have your digits?” I looked at him. What the fuck, I thought. “You can have my number.” I told him my phone number, and he entered it into his phone. “You can trust me. I won’t tell nobody.” He stepped up to me and kissed me — a long, meaningful kiss. “Thanks, prof,” he said. I opened the front door and he stepped out. I stood there for a moment then headed to the shower.

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