My persepctive


One of the most sensual, exciting moments in any relationship is discovering the oral talents of your partner. Just thinking about someone between my legs, exploring every inch of me from my sensitive clit all the way back is enough to make me squirm. I know guys love getting it, but let me tell you how it feels to give a man a great blowjob.

First, understand the absolute trust involved. I As I kneel down (about as submissive a pose as I’ll ever take) I’m trusting you – I can’t see your face, can’t move away from you, and am blind to everything but what is right in front of me. You trust me as my hands slide up and unzip your jeans, unbuckle your belt and slide them down, helping you step out of them. (As much as I enjoy a sixty-nine position, there’s something about kneeling down in front of a man who is either sitting or standing that makes the experience that much more erotic to me) You trust me as my hands explore you, allow me to put my face close, my mouth on you. That trust, that element of complete exposure is one of the things that makes giving head so sensual, so erotic for me.

I love the scent of a man. The musky, unmistakably male smell of sexual arousal that emanates from your crotch. I love to bury my face against you as I stroke your shaft, licking your balls and inhaling you. I love the way your skin jumps under my fingertips as I tickle just behind the escort sac, love the way your balls roll when my lips and tongue connect. I could stay there for a long time, just playing with you, exploring and testing your reactions, listening to your pulse quicken and feeling your erection pulse and jump under my soft caress. the thing is, I know you want me to take you in my mouth… I know you want to feel me make love to your hard cock with my tongue, my lips, the warm, wet interior of my mouth, and I can’t spend too much time exploring, or I won’t get as much time pleasing you. So I kiss my way up your shaft, tongue tasting you with each kiss. My hand is holding you gently to keep my lips in contact with that pulsing pole. I smile and inhale the warmth of you as I kiss to the head. Nothing will thrill me more than finding you leaking a little precum as my tongue delicately swirls over the tip, all sticky, warm and tasting so uniquely of you.

My first move is a kiss that opens and slides slowly over the head of your cock, allowing me to swirl my tongue slowly over your head, wetting my lips and you at the same time. I lightly suck, pulling gently at your glans, happy as I hear a sigh or moan. My one hand is still controlling your shaft, holding it in front of me, allowing me to pull off and look up.. I melt when I see you look down.. I want you to watch me put you back in my mouth, see my pleasure izmit escort bayan in having your cock on my tongue. My other hand is gently massaging the inside of your leg, slowly rubbing up toward thats sensitive area behind your balls. As I break our eye contact, I take you deeper in my mouth, contracting my cheek and jaw muscles, pulsing my tongue along your length… holding you there as my fingertips brush your sac and trail back to your ass… hoping you’ll let me play there too. I use my other hand to hold onto your hips and begin to draw you slowly in and out of my mouth. Feeling your muscles tense and release as I apply pressure along the shaft, feeling you squirm as I slowly twirl my tongue across the head each time I let you get nearly out.

If you want to, I’ll let you take control here. If you feel the need to set the pace and pump your hips, go ahead. Again, it’s about trust… and the ability to give you pleasure. I trust you not to play too rough, I trust you to remember its me down here, not a toy or your hand. In these stories, it’s been called mouth-fucking… I call it an experience that holds so much more for me. The feeling of your cock slipping between my lips, the ability to feel you in this way – amazing. If you’d rather let me keep control, I’ll take you in as far as I can and keep building you toward orgasm. A cock in my mouth is alive, I can izmit sınırsız escort feel the pulse against my tongue. I taste you, feel the varied textures and shape of you as you slide in and out. It’s unlike anything else, and so freaking HOT. The soft, silken feel of your shaft against my inner cheeks, the warm cushion of the head as I tease it with the tip of my tongue, the pulsing of the veins as you get closer and closer to cumming – trust, me, I feel it all. II know I’m pleasing you, I’m getting wetter by the second, and it’s sending us both places we love to go. Explain to me why some feel it’s debasing, because its nothing but empowering and pleasurable to me.

Regarding cumming. Given the choice, I love to swallow your load. I want to complete our lovemaking and take it inside me, no matter where you enter. The taste is not of any consequence (warm, sticky, a little briny..but it doesn’t matter) what matters is acceptance. I want all of you in that moment, I want you to finish what we started. If you stay in my mouth, I can use my cheeks and tongue to milk the most amazing ejaculation out of you, leave you breathless. If you want to watch yourself cum and would rather cum on me, its much more sensual if I can use it to caress my breasts with, so aim low, unless you want my sticky hair on your shoulder later…

I’ll stay down there, licking, cleaning and cuddling your cock as long as you let me. Listening to your heart rate reset, feeling your body relax, and helping you recover, because, as nice as it may have been, it is only the beginning, right?

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