My first Time_(8)


My name is Tony. I was 16 at the time this happened. This is part one of how I lost my virginity and the girl that helped me explore my bi side.

I knew the first time I had sex with a girl that I was interested in guys. Don’t get me wrong I liked having sex with her but I knew the moment I got between her legs and licked her pussy that I wanted to do the same to a guy.

It all started when I met Katie. She was a very popular girl I went to school with. We weren’t close friends and we barely knew each other so when I first had a conversation with her at a party I really got to like her. It wasn’t a boyfriend/girlfriend type of thing but really close friends. From that party we started hanging out together and talking on the phone on a daily bases.

One day after school we were hanging out at my house alone. I’m an only child and my mom and dad divorced when I was in grade school so I had the house to myself everyday until 6:30. The subject turned to sex and she had asked if I ever did anything with a girl. I told her no and asked the same about her and if she ever did anything with a boy. She had not.

The more we talked about likes dislikes and desires it became clear that we had more in common about sex. Out of the blue she asked if I wanted to try some stuff. I was shocked at first because she never gave me any indication that she even liked me for more than just good friends.

Being a 16-year-old boy that got hard when the wind blew it didn’t take long for me to say yes. At that point she was just matter of fact and said lets go to your room. Once there she started to remove her clothes and I just followed suit. As I peeled of my shirt and shorts I never took my eyes off her as she removed her bra and then her panties.

I was rock hard and looking at my first naked female in the flesh. I watched porn like every guy but this was my first live view. Her boobs were big and perky with very large nipples, which I could see were hard. As my view went lower I saw my first hair-covered pussy. In porn videos most of the women have very little to no hair at all. Hers was a full patch of hair in a upside down triangle. I liked it even more.

At this point my dick was so hard it hurt from just looking at her. This whole time she was checking me out as well and I could tell by the look in her eyes she was a little nervous. I told her we didn’t have to do this if she didn’t want to, but she assured me she was okay. Not knowing how to move forward and get things going I suggested we get on my bed.

We both climbed on my bed facing each other on our knees sitting back on our feet. Again I noticed she looked nervous and I asked her if everything was okay. At that point she said she was a little shocked I was so big. I knew I was big just measuring escort bayan less than 8 inches and I was thick. But I only had porn videos to base my size on and all the guys in porn were big so I thought mine was a normal size. Not wanting to sound stupid or questioning if she ever done this before I asked her where she saw one smaller than mine and she laughed and said she has 4 brothers and had seen them in the mornings with boners as she called it.

At this point she asked me what I wanted to do and I told her that we could start out by touching each other. At this point I wanted to play with her boobs in the worse way. She agreed and she reached out and started to feel my chest and I took that as my cue to do the same thing to her.

I slowly reached out and grab both of her boobs in each hand and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I watched so much porn my mind was racing to remember what I saw on there as I hefted them squeezed them and pushed them together. At one point I started to pinch her nipples and that caused to her to gasp. I instantly let go of her afraid that I hurt her and asked if she was all right. She giggled and said it felt good and not to worry. I then went back to her nipples and pinched and lightly flicked them again causing her to gasp and causing her to pull her knees together.

She slowly worked her hands down my body and grabbed ahold of my throbbing dick. I looked down as her hand gripped me and noticed I had a long stream of pre-cum hanging off the tip of my dick. She then cupped my balls with her other hand. She started to laugh and I asked her what was so funny. Being my first time naked in front of someone of the opposite sex this was killing my manhood. She asked me why they hung so low and was surprised at how big each one was. I told her I didn’t know and they have always been that way. She then squeezed them causing me to whence in pain. She let go and I told her she had to be gentle with them unlike her boobs squeezing them hurts like hell. She then cupped them again and started to stroke my cock making the pre-cum leak even more. I started to get that tingling feeling that started in my balls and knew if I let her keep doing that I was going to cum.

I reached down and grabbed her wrist and told her if she kept doing that I wouldn’t last long. Just having someone else grab it other than myself had me close to squirting. I then turned around and propped my pillows on the headboard and told her to sit back.

Once she was in place I spread her legs and sat back on my knees. I then leaned in and started on her nipples with my mouth. I slowly started to suck on one while I pinched the other between my finger and thumb causing her to arch her back and moan. I knew at this point she was enjoying what I was doing. In my mind kocaeli escort bayan I was trying again to remember what I’d seen in all the porn videos and lightly bit her nipple and pulled back with my mouth while I had it between my teeth. She moaned even louder and grabbed my head in both hands and in a very low voice asked me if I had ever done this before. I pulled of her nipple and smiled and said yes, many times in my mind as I jerked off. We both laughed and I went back to what I was doing only this time I worked her other nipple with my mouth while tugging on the one I just sucked on.

After spending about 10 minutes pleasing her boobs I scooted back and lay down on the bed between her legs and became eye level with her pussy. I could smell her and it was very intoxicating and such a turn on. I could tell she was nervous with me being down there and I asked her if I could touch her there. She nodded and at the same time slightly spread her legs even more. The way that she was leaning back against the headboard gave her a clear view of what was going on down there.

As she spread her legs more it kind of scooted her butt up some and gave me a better look at her mound. She has milky white skin with dark hair and the lips of her pussy hung down on either side. I could see her lips were wet and leaked down to her tight little puckered rosebud.
I slowly spread her lips open with my thumbs and really could see just how wet she was. I took a my thumb and rubbed it ever so slowly up and down her gash spreading her juices all over her clit which looked puffy and swollen.

This was getting too much for me as I laid there my erection was trapped between my stomach and the bed and the slight movements of my body had me grinding my dick into the mattress. I didn’t want to cum yet so I reached under me and pushed my dick back towards my feet. It was very uncomfortable and helped ease my pending ejaculation. I then focused back on her pussy and used my fingers to spread her out again and explore her some more. As I was looking at her hole that was like a leaking faucet I could see she was flexing her muscles and with every movement of my fingers her legs would tremble.

It was at this point in the back of my mind I wished there was another guy here with us. Many times while watching porn I would jerk off watching a guys cock inside a woman and wondered what it would be like to suck his dick after he pulled out of her. I didn’t consider myself gay but I would definitely say I was bi-curious. Not only did I want to taste her but also I wanted to taste him. I always envisioned myself in a 69 position with a girl on top of me while a man was behind her sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. I would beat off with that image in my head thinking kocaeli escort about licking her pussy and his cock and balls as he slid in and out of her.

I then looked at her and asked how far she wanted to take this. As I’m asking her this I’m again rubbing my thumb up and down her slit adding a little pressure as I reached her clit causing her to quiver and her thighs to shake. She has now gripped my bed sheets in both her hands and with a glazed look in her eyes she said she didn’t want to stop now. With that I scooted a little more forward and was ready to eat my first female pie (as my dad called it).

Her scent got stronger and I could feel the heat radiating from between her legs. I slowly spread her lips open and ran my tongue from her tight little puckered asshole all the way up to her clit. There was so much juice between her lips I could feel it running down my chin. The smell and the taste were better than what I expected. Remembering what I saw in videos I focused on her clit. I used my thumbs to pull back the hood I guess you could say exposing her very swollen bud more than what it already was. I flicked my tongue back and forth on it causing her to moan and buck her hips forward trying to get herself even more into my mouth.

I pulled back and looked up and asked her with a smile on my face which I’m sure glistened with her juices all over it if she wanted me to stop. She never answered she just grabbed my hair and shoved my face back between her legs. I at this point was a hungry boy and dove in and sucked on her clit before moving my tongue lower and sliding it into her sopping wet hole. She at this point locked her thighs on either side of my head trapping me there as she bounced and bucked her pelvis up and down as she moaned and cursed. I used both hands at this point to push on her thighs and I spread her back open. I went back to her clit as I started to trace the opening of her hole with my index finger.

I then pushed my finger inside her causing her to lift her butt up off the bed. I couldn’t believe how tight it was inside there. It felt very smooth and velvety. As I was licking and sucking on her clit I started to slide my finger in and out of her and she started to mumble that I go faster. I picked up the speed and continued to lick her as she really started to get loud. She then got stiff as a board and started to shake and kept telling my not to stop. I started really fingering her and she said she was going to have an orgasm. All I heard was a loud scream as her thighs tightened around my head again and I could feel her pussy get even more wet as her juices flowed out of her. My finger was making sloshing sounds as I slid it back and forth and I moved my mouth down trying to tongue her as I fingered her licking up as much juice as I could.

She then calmed down pushed my head back and said she couldn’t take it any more.

If you liked this there’s a whole lot more I have to tell. (This is a true story)

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