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Jason and Shaun

Chapter 24 � Trent and Alex Visit

Shaun is at home playing with the cats, while Jason is studying at the library at school, when his phone rings. Looking at his phone”s display, he sees that it”s his brother, Trent. It has been a while since the brothers have talked, so he answers it immediately.

“Trent, what”s up?”

“Well, I am in Chicago along with Alex. We”re at the airport waiting for you to pick us up.”

Shaun can”t believe this; he is actually going to see the guy that is making his brother happy, again.

“Why didn”t you call us with your arrival time?”

“We wanted to surprise you guys. If you want us to, we can take a taxi.”

Shaun knows that Trent cannot afford a trip to their home by taxi.

“No, I will come to pick you up.”

“Any idea how long it will take you to get to Midway?”

“I”ll be there in about an hour.”

The guys are excited to see Shaun. Shaun can”t wait to see his brother and Alex. He feels the same about the chance of seeing them.


Before Shaun leaves the house, he pulls out his phone. He scrolls through until he comes to Jason”s name on his contact list. He touches the icon next to Jason”s number and touches the phone icon. In a flash, the call starts as Shaun walks out of the house and heads towards the car.

“Hey Shaun, what”s up?”

“I”m headed out to pick up Trent and Alex from the airport.”

Shaun is glowing and Jason is excited.

“No joke Shaun, he”s actually flown out from Utah with his boyfriend?”

“It”s no joke , Babe. I”m going to let you go Jason, so I can take off. I love you.”

When Jason hears him say, “I love you.” it makes his heart melt just a little.

“See you when you get back with the guys. Bye Shaun, I love you.”


They ended the call and Shaun got behind the wheel and headed for the airport. Shaun is watching the road ahead of him and driving fast enough that he won”t be pulled over but still stay on schedule. The drive goes well and he does the trip in about 54 minutes, but it”s finding a parking place that is killing him. Getting lucky, he finds a spot, parks the car, and gets out of the car. He runs for the entrance, only slowing down to enter the building. He chooses to text them instead of calling, so he pauses long enough to type up what he wants to send out.

`Trent, where are you? I”m standing just inside the main doors.”

He gets a response from his brother in just a few seconds.

`We are headed that way, see you in a few.”

It”s amazing to think that, in just a few minutes, he”ll see his brother and Alex. For Alex and Trent, this trip gives them a vacation and a chance to show Alex what Indiana is like or at least Shaun and Jason”s corner of Indiana. Alex and Trent are lucky to live in households that accept them, but Alex has only had a glimpse of what Shaun and Jason”s relationship is like. Shaun just wants them to enjoy the time that he gets to spend with Jason and Shaun. Four minutes later, everyone reunites in separate hugs.

“Should we head out to the car?”

Shaun asks as Trent and Alex stand there with their luggage and smiling.

“Yeah let”s go, I”m ready to go.”

They head out to the car. Shaun opens the trunk so they can put their luggage inside of it. Without even asking, Shaun unlocks the car and opens the passenger side doors. He watches as his brother and Alex get into the backseat and then click their seat belts. Once they are inside, he gets into the car and heads for home. It doesn”t take long and soon both Trent and Alex are sound asleep. Shaun keeps the volume on the radio turned down as they drive. He just wants to get them home safely so, they can nap if need be.


As the car pulls into the driveway, he turns his head looking directly at this brother.

“We”re home guys. Time to wake up.”

Shaun smiles as they stir in the backseat. Trent is the first to leave the car and soon he is followed by Alex. The first order of business is being shown where the bathroom is located. After Trent and Alex have used the restroom, they are shown to the bedroom. Shaun walks into the living room and leaves the guys alone.

“Doesn”t he know that, we don”t sleep together?”

Alex asks Trent as he looks at the bed.

“Don”t worry about it Alex. We can figure it out. How about I ask them for a sleeping bag and you can get the bed?”

Trent moves over to his boyfriend and embraces him; he places a small peck on his cheek, and then breaks the embrace.

“I love you, Alex.”

Alex smiles at his boyfriend”s cuteness. As they”re relaxing in the bedroom, Trent grabs his cell phone so he can call home to let Dad know that they arrived safely. No one picks up the phone at his home, so he leaves a message.

“Dad, we are Shaun”s house, just wanted to let you know. You don”t need to call me back.”

Trent ends the phone call and puts his phone away.


After the guys have relaxed a bit, Eric and Steve find their way over to the house. They knock on the door and wait for someone to answer the door. Shaun answers the door and welcomes them into the house.

“Hey Shaun, what”s going on?”

Eric asks the guys enter the house.

“My brother and his boyfriend are here to visit.”

“Oh cool, I didn”t know they were coming.”

Eric is excited to spend time with the guys.

“Do you think, they might want to hang out while they”re here?”

He figured that Shaun would have a better idea of what their plans are while they”re in town.

“You can ask them. They are in the guest bedroom.”

It has been a while since Trent visited with Eric. They first met when Trent came out to Shaun and Jason. They”ve stayed in contact ever since and have enjoyed their friendship. With Shaun”s permission, Trent has started to move through the house to the bedroom.

“Hey guys, what”s going on?”

Trent is surprised to see Eric at the bedroom door.

“Eric, how are you man?”

Trent and Alex stand up to greet their visitors.

“I”m good man. How are you Alex?”

“I”m doing okay.”

“Cool, cool.”

Alex has a million questions to ask Steve and Eric. Trent has made it clear that he wants to wait for the right time to go all the way with Alex. He”s willing to march forward with Trent, but he”s worried too. Hearing how it works in someone else”s relationship might make him feel better about it. There will be some sacrifices until the big day, and that is what scares him.

“How are you guys doing?”

Trent asks the other couple as they get sit down again.

“We”re doing okay. We”ve got a lot on our minds at the moment with graduation coming up but other than that, there isn”t much going on with us.”

Steve nudges Eric to remind him that there is something going on currently.

“Actually since you asked, there is something pretty huge going on right now, my mom is making peace with me. She has been really amazing as of late.”

Trent and Alex both give Eric and Steve high fives. The guys have really bonded over their Skype calls, so today”s visit is more about hanging out and developing their friendships.

“What brought you to Indiana?”

Steve knows that Jason and Shaun have already met Alex, so it”s not for that reason.

“We wanted to talk to Shaun and Jason about some relationship goals and to enjoy our visit.”

They have been planning this trip for a while and now, with a break from school, the time seemed right to make the trip. They could talk to their parents about relationship stuff, but they feel more comfortable doing it with Jason and Shaun. The guys might understand where Trent and Alex are coming from in respect of their goals. Jason wasn”t raised in the church and has had other boyfriends before Shaun came along. Shaun was raised in the church as Trent was, and he will understand the feelings that Trent is having as well, as their approach the cementing of their relationship. It”s not something that the guys are taking lightly. Can they make it until their wedding night to share something together that actually means something? They decided to wait for anal until their wedding night or until they are fully ready to commit. Trent is a bit unsure of sex outside of marriage, and Alex isn”t worried about it at all. All you have to do is see the guys together to understand why, Alex isn”t worried about it.

“What plans are you making for after graduation?”

“Well, I plan on going to school to work on a degree in creativity writing.”

Eric is all too happy to discuss his plans for the future. Steve thought about what he wanted after graduation.

“I plan on going for psychology and then use it to give back to the community.”

He then smiles at Eric as he takes his hand.

“We plan on being strong and moving forward together facing whatever life gives us.”

What Steve said brought smiles to everyone”s faces but especially to Eric”. It also gives Trent and Alex hope, just like when they see Jason and Shaun together. They love seeing the happiness in their friend”s faces and in Jason and Shaun”s faces. Eric turns to Trent and Alex and asks the same question to them. He wants to know what the guys are thinking about as far as their futures go.

“So what do you guys have planned for your futures?”

“I haven”t totally picked my mezitli escort major yet, but I am thinking about something in the medical field.”

Trent is happy to share their excitement for the future. It”s now Alex”s turn to respond to the question.

“I plan on going for some kind of art degree but not sure which one, maybe drawing, or some kind of design.”

Trent picks up where his boyfriend leaves off.

“We plan on sticking together for some time to come so there are lots of plans going on in our heads right now.”

Their minds have been moving a mile a minute. A text from Sarah forces the guys to separate.

“Sorry guys, my sister needs me home. We”ll hang out more a little later.”

“Bye guys see you later.”


Alex wants to have a word with Shaun about the sleeping arrangements. Jason is with Trent who is visiting with Lucy and the other animals for a bit, so Alex tracks down Shaun who”s sitting in the living room reading. He”s a bit nervous as he sits next to Shaun.

“Shaun, do you have a second or two?”

“Sure man, what is on your mind?”

He isn”t sure that he wants to ask Shaun the question.

“I know this might sound strange but I don”t want to sleep in the room with Trent.”

Shaun is quiet as he stares at Alex.

“Should I be worried about the two of you?”

“No, there is nothing wrong with us. Your brother wants to hold off on a certain act until we”re sure that, we want to be committed to each other for the rest of our lives. I just don”t want to be tempted or tempt him into carrying out those acts.”

Shaun understands where his brother and Alex are coming from and if this is really what they want, then he”ll accommodate Alex”s wishes.

“If you don”t want to sleep in the same bed, then where do you want to sleep?”

Alex thinks things over and then comes to a decision.

“I could sleep out here on the couch.”

He would sleep in the room but he”s afraid of the temptation to climb into the bed with Trent.

“Before I get the sheets and the blankets out for you, I think you should talk to my brother.”

“Thanks Shaun, I will.”

“Once, you”re done talking to Trent, come back and we”ll talk again.”


Alex gets up from the couch and walks to the pet room. He”s hoping that Trent will understand his reasoning.

“Trent, can we talk?”

Trent can see his boyfriend really needs a moment of his time, so he excuses himself. They walk into the guest bedroom and shut the door.

“What is going on Babe?”

Alex gently kisses Trent on the lips. Trent”s stomach drops fearing what might be coming.

“Relax, I”m not breaking up with you. Do you want me in the room tonight or should I sleep in the living room?”

Trent smiles at his boyfriend”s question.

“How long have we been dating? Don”t answer that, okay. Course, I want you in the room with me.”

“What about waiting?”

Trent takes Alex”s hands and looks into his eyes.

“We can sleep together without having sex, right?”

A gentle head nod is all it takes for the question to be answered.

“I love you, Trent.”

“Love you more!”

Trent gives him a kiss and then hugs him.

Alex leaves the room and returns to the living room.

“Shaun, I won”t need the bedding.”

“Good, I am really glad to hear that.”

Shaun is happy to hear that things are still okay between his brother and Alex.

“Thanks for listening.”

Shaun pats him on the back and smiles.

“You”re welcome.”

The guys go their separate ways leaving Shaun to help Jason with the animals.


Around five o”clock, Jason feels hungry and asks Shaun what to do for dinner. They decide to take Alex and Shaun out for pizza. There is a place a few towns over that has one of the best pizzas in the area. This restaurant serves their favorite pizza, a large supreme that is loaded with cheese, sausage, pepperoni, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and black olives. Thinking about the pizza has Jason salivating, and he can”t wait to share this local pizza with the guys. The guys arrive and are quickly seated. There are a few things that the guys want to share with Shaun and Jason before they leave this establishment.


Jason and Shaun are about to hear a lot from the teens.

“Jason, Shaun, we”d like to tell you a little bit about our relationship. Jason and Shaun smile and wait for Trent or Alex to start talking.

“Do you want to hear about how we met?”

“You know, we do.”

Jason says smiling as he looks at the teens.

“Well it started a few weeks after I came home to Indiana from visiting you guys the first time. I had moved in with Dad after coming out to the two of you and then I came out to Dad. He was supportive of me as he had been with you, Shaun. Our high school started a GSA club and I knew that I wanted to be a part of it, so I got permission from Dad. In that first meeting, I saw this cute guy sitting by himself off to the side. I was drawn in by his dark brown eyes. I sat on the opposite side of the room just so I could look up and see him. It took me a couple more meetings to get the nerve to approach him, but eventually we started talking. I found out that Alex lived just a block away from us, and soon he was over at the house and I was over at his. We started talking every night, every lunch period, and after school. Eventually, we started talking about becoming boyfriends, and were wanting to make it official and then your wedding came up and Alex decided to write the letter to Shaun and ask if it was okay to date me. When I came home from Indiana with your blessing, we made it official. I have not totally made peace with being gay, but I have a very patient boyfriend, who I love very much.”

Jason and Shaun exchange hugs with the guys and congratulated them for being brave and for being strong. Trent and Alex will have to stand firm against the world, so it”s a good thing that they have each other.

“Trent, Alex, I think that I speak for the two of us when I say that you guys are headed for something wonderful.”

Jason says as he looks at both the teens. The truth is that they have good examples to follow in Jason”s and Shaun”s relationship.

“Trent, Mom may not understand us, she may not accept us, but she is still our mom. I don”t know why I felt like that was important, but I did. When I gave you guys my blessings, I meant it. I love you Trent.”

Shaun stands up, walks up to his brother, and gives him a hug. As they are hugging, Alex comes over and gives Shaun and Trent a hug.

“Are we ready to head out?”

Jason asks, as he pulls out his credit card so he can pay.

“Yeah, I think, we can head out. Oh, can you ask for a box?”

Shaun heads out the car while Jason is paying. The teens get up and head over to the bubble gum dispenser to get their gum. As the couples are getting ready to walk out the door, a little kid around seven years old walks up to Jason and Shaun, and you can see he”s excited.

“Excuse me, are you guys married?”

All four guys are a little surprised by the kid”s forwardness.

“Yes, we are.”

Shaun says as he looks down at the kid with a smile.

“My mom thinks that you guys are cool.”

He points to his mom and the guys wave to her as smiles break out on their faces.

“Tell your mom, that we said she is awesome. By the way, you are pretty awesome too.”


“You”re welcome.”

With Shaun”s last comment, the boy heads back to his mom who is smiling as her son walks back to her.

“That was so cool; I wish everyone felt that way about seeing us out and about.”

Jason is right; it would be nice if everyone out there gave up their bad feelings towards anyone who fits under the rainbow. The encounter leaves smiles on everyone”s faces as they leave the pizzeria.


Jason and Shaun have turned in for the night and are cuddling and talking about the day. The talk wouldn”t be complete without some time spent talking about Alex and Trent.

“Your brother and Alex remind me of us in a way.”

Shaun kisses Jason. Jason is the one guy in the world who would die for if it came to it.

“Yeah, I see it too. I just don”t know if they”ll last but they”re on the right track.”

Shaun can”t see the future, but he might just be predicting it. There could still be issues in the wings.

“What”s wrong Babe?”

Jason can tell that Shaun has more on his mind than simply knowing that is brother and Alex are on the road to greatness.

“Just thinking about all the mean things that Mom said to me when I came out and how Dad stepped up and took me into his home full time, and I hope Trent will learn from what I”ve already been through, and then apply it to his path. I see his experiences sort of following my path as well. I just don”t want him to have any of the pain that I”ve been through.”

Jason”s turns to kiss Shaun. He leans over and kisses his angel.

“He”s going to have to face whatever the future holds, and that might include the hurt and the pain, who knows he might have a few Payton”s in his life, but if he is lucky, really lucky, they”ll hold onto each other and grow old together.”

Shaun remembers the fight between Payton and him, and he remembers the happiness that he felt when Jason and him became boyfriends and eventually got married. He smiles and sits up in bed and Jason looks up at him. The guys embrace and fall to the mattress in each other”s arms. There is a warmth being created that travels straight to their crotches.

Leaving the bedroom, we skip to a conversation being held the next day.


Trent and Eric have found a way to get together without pozcu escort Steve and Alex being around them. Their little escape gives them a chance to discuss boyfriends and life. First, Trent retells how Alex and him met for the second time on this trip. Eric”s reaction is one of joy.

“Eric, how do I do this?”

Trent”s question puzzles Eric, who needs clarification on what it is that Trent is asking exactly.

“How do you do what?”

“I”ve asked Alex to wait for me, and sometimes I don”t feel like waiting for sex. I just don”t know if I can hold him to it. Should I let him go?”

The question stuns Eric for a second and then he focuses on the question and the reasons behind it.

“Wait, you”re willing to let him go just so he can have butt sex? Did he ask you to break up? If he did, he isn”t worth your time dude. On the other hand, you need to trust him. I learned the hard way that Jason loves me. Trust me; you do not want to have to learn the hard way. It”s incredibly painful.”

Hearing Eric”s questions brings a stop to the doubt in his heart. Trent”s head drops down so that he”s looking at the floor.

“You okay Trent?”

A nod “yes” is all it takes for Eric to know that it is. Trent and Eric relax a little after focusing on Trent”s question for a few minutes.

“You”re lucky to have a great brother.”

Eric is right. Trent does have a great brother. Not even Steve or Alex will deny the fact that Shaun makes a fantastic big brother.

“Yeah, he is a pretty cool big brother. He certainly made things easier for me when I came out. I already knew that our mom would not accept me, and would never accept Alex. Shaun has provided me with an example to follow but he”s also provided comfort and advice. Yeah, Shaun is pretty awesome.”

The guys agree that Trent has it made, as far as support goes. They both know the strength that Shaun has inside of him, and it”s enough to support them and their boyfriends.

“Experience has taught me that Shaun has a good heart. Jason is one hell of a lucky guy.”

When it really comes down to it, the husbands would consider each other to be lucky. If you ask Alex and Steve, they would say the same thing about their boyfriends.

“I want to have the same kind of relationship that my brother has with Jason. It would be amazing in all the right ways.”

Trent is already on the path in order to achieve that goal.

“Same here bro, I can”t wait to grow old with my husband and get lost in that love.”

Trent pats Eric on the back. Eric just smiles and then stands up and grabs his laptop.


Placing the laptop between the two of them, he starts the computer. Once the laptop is up, he starts Skype.

“What are you doing on Skype?”

“Want to meet a friend of mine? This is a fellow Mormon kid whose the same age as us. The only difference between us is that his family supports him, and I mean both his dad and mom support him. He”s become a really good friend of mine.”

Even though Eric had asked Trent about meeting his friend, Eric isn”t giving Trent the choice.

“I hope you don”t mind. It never hurts to have an extra friend or two.”

Trent just smiles and waits for the call to go through.

“Nah, I don”t mind Eric. I just hope your friend doesn”t mind me intruding on your Skype call.”

“I really don”t think Seth will mind at all.”

Seth won”t mind having a new friend. Eric takes out his phone and texts Seth to see if he is free.

“I”m free for either a phone call or Skype.”

He immediately responds to Seth”s texts. It takes a quick minute for Seth to get up on Skype.

“Hey Seth, this is Shaun”s brother, Trent.”

Seth smiles and waves to Trent.

“Hi Seth, Eric told me that you are LDS too.”

“I don”t attend anymore.”

Eric and Trent both understand why Seth chooses not to attend. They don”t seem to fit in at church. After their coming out, people started looking at them differently. Of course, they haven”t changed but everyone around them seems to think that they”ve changed. After a while, it just gets old and it begins to hurt.

“Are you moving in with Jason and Shaun?”

“That would be awesome Seth, but no, I live with our dad”s family.”

Even though, Trent has explained this to others about his family”s division, he might as well tell Seth.

“Things got really ugly at home, and our Mom and Dad divorced. Mom and Dad were single for a few years and then they each met someone new and remarried. When Shaun came out, it caused some arguments between our Mom and Dad and of course with the stepparents. In the end, Mom kicked Shaun out and sent him to live with Dad. Luckily, our step-mom has a gay cousin and she understands some of the pain that gay teens go through, and she talked to Dad and got him to understand that Shaun wasn”t changing, that he was still the same guy, that he has always been. When I came out, Dad immediately opened up his house and gave me a place would I would be safe and secure.”

Now it”s Seth”s turn to talk a bit about himself.

“I was scared when I came out to my parents because I had heard of many kids that have been kicked out after they told them that they were gay. My parents accepted me right away. One of the things that helped me was my mom”s gay brother and his husband. They helped my mom through my coming out process.”

It”s amazing to think of how all three teens have someone in their families who helped make their lives better. For Seth, it was his uncles, for Eric, its Sarah and Mark, and for Trent, it his Jason and Shaun. They are blessed because of the people in their lives.

“How is the visit going?”

Seth asks just out of curiosity.

“It”s going good. Just sad because we leave tomorrow.”

Seth and Eric stare at each other in disbelief. Trent is unsure why the guys look so confused.

“What”s wrong guys?”

“I don”t know about Seth, but I don”t understand why you aren”t spending more time with Jason and Shaun?”

Trent explains to them that Alex and him planned for time with their brother and with Jason, but they also planned for diversions so that Alex would have a chance to talk with Shaun about something. They understand what Trent said and then they move on from that subject. The conversation continues from that question with some laughs and smiles. After the Skype call, Trent returns to his brother”s house to spend time with his boyfriend.


After Jason and Shaun are done with breakfast, Shaun gets a call on his cell phone.

“Hi Dad, what”s going on this morning. Is everyone okay?”

Shaun puts the call on speaker so that Jason can participate in the call if necessary. Jason waits quietly while he waits for Shaun”s dad to respond to Shaun”s questions.

“I am just calling to make sure that Alex and Trent are behaving themselves.”

`I wonder if the guy”s decisions to wait till marriage have something to do with Dad”s question?”

Shaun can”t help but thinking that in the back of his mind.

“They are okay Dad. We just got done with breakfast, and Trent is across the street with a neighbor kid, and Alex is reading a book in the living room.”

Shaun hates their dad feels the need to call to check in on Trent. He wonders if they”re behaving at home.

“Is everything okay with them at home?”

His father is quiet for a second or two. He”s talking to his wife about Shaun”s question.

“Everything is going good here. Mom was just worried so I felt that I had better call.”

Now, he gets why his Dad called. Dad will walk a million miles over red-hot coals for his bride, and for his kids.

“Tell Mom that everyone is good here, and that I”ll call when I send them off on the plane.”

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing that everything is okay.

“Bye Shaun, tell Jason that we love him.”

“I love you too Dad.”

“Oh hey Jason.”

“Love you Dad.”

Shaun”s dad ends the call letting them get to whatever it is that they need to get done. Jason goes into the office to work on homework, while Shaun checks on the animals. Alex leaves the house and sits on the front porch.


Sitting out in the front yard, Alex smiles when he sees Trent walking up to him. There in the front yard, he meets Trent, who quickly gives him a kiss.

“Want to play some ball?”

“Sure, I”ll play some ball with you.”

Trent disappears into the house and back out with a basketball. For fifteen minutes, the guys shot hoops and enjoy being outside. As they”re playing, someone comes up behind them.

“Hey guys, mind if I join you for a game?”

Alex turns around to see Steve standing there ready to join the game.

“Sure come on, we make this 2 on 1 or something.”

In a heartbeat, the guys start playing their game together. Steve plays a little bit harder than the other guys do. Alex and Trent maybe slightly smaller than Steve but nothing is going to stop them from playing their best. Fifteen minutes later, the game is over and the guys are sitting shirtless on the grass. They”re resting quietly before getting up to get drinks.


Jason and Shaun decide to cook lunch instead of going out to eat again. The food is simple, just grilled cheese and ham sandwiches and leftover chicken and noodle soup that Jason made from scratch. The teens want to invite Eric and Steve since Steve is already here, but Shaun wants this meal to be just family. Trent isn”t happy about it but he”ll live with the decision. They gather around the table and start eating.

“Are you guys leaving tomorrow?”

Shaun asks looking at his brother and Alex.


“We want you guys to know that we”re very proud of you. We see a lot of escort bayan ourselves in you and we hope all the best of you. We know you guys are young, so life may throw you some curves so be strong.”

The teens have no idea what the future holds for them but hopefully all is good. Trent smiles as he takes Alex”s hand underneath the table.

“Thanks Jason, Thanks Shaun.”

Alex says as he feels the warmth in his heart for Trent, Shaun, and Jason. Trent pats Jason on the back and then they go back to eating for a while. Things were quiet while they eat but everything is good. Everyone is feeling great and no one is starving.


Alex has been dying to talk with Shaun alone for just a bit. He wants Shaun to know how he feels for Trent. Shaun is in the pet room with Jason, when Alex walks into the room.

“Shaun, can I talk to you for a second or two?”

Shaun turns around and looks at Alex.

“Sure, why don”t we go outside and talk?”

Alex follows Shaun outside to the patio. They sit down around the fire pit. Alex is anxious to get this going. He wants to empty his heart to Shaun.

“Shaun, I haven”t figured out exactly what to say but I wanted to tell you how I feel about your brother, in case I haven”t told you lately. I want so badly to be his everything. I want to be his beginning and his ending. If I have to wait for him for an eternity, before we have sex then I will.”

Shaun has a feeling that everything will be okay.

“You really love him huh?”

Alex”s smile seems to fill his entire face.

“Yeah, I do. I love him more every day. I just wish that things were better between your mom and the two of you. It”s a shame that she won”t accept her sons.”

“It”s her lose to be honest. Can I ask you a question?”


Alex has no problems with being honest with Shaun.

“Are you sure that you can handle being in a relationship with someone whose Mom isn”t supportive and who”s making you wait?”

“I feel like I”ve already answered this question, but I”ll answer it anyway. I can handle it. I feel like I can handle anything as long as he is in my life.”

Shaun reaches out with his hand and shakes Alex”s hand.

`They are going to need our support if they”re going to make it in this relationship.”

Shaun is in total support of his brother”s relationship, and he hopes that Alex can see that and understands it. Trent is growing up and so is Alex, but there is still so much room to grow. All they have to do is stick around with each other to see just how far they can grow together. They”re quiet as Alex gathers his thoughts.

“Thanks Shaun so much for listening to me.”

“You”re welcome. Thanks for asking me to talk. I”ll always be here whenever you need me Alex.”

“You”re welcome.”

Shaun gets up and walks back inside and then heads back to the pet room. Alex heads inside to relax on the couch.


While Alexis talking with Shaun, Trent and Eric have also got together to talk. They are sitting on the porch over at Trent”s brother”s house. During the talk, the subject of Eric”s mom came up; since Shaun”s and Trent”s mom is very much against anyone who is LGBT. She has hatred for people outside her family and even inside. Since Trent and Shaun have come out, they had to adjust to the fact that their mother doesn”t want them around and for that matter she doesn”t want them around their other siblings. Eric”s views on this are changing since his mom is now changing her views on the subject.

“So should I tell my mom that I have a boyfriend?”

Trent wants to share his life with her, but doesn”t want her to drag Alex”s name through the mud.

“I think, you should keep it to yourself. If she eventually comes around then you can do the introductions.”

“Did you tell your mom about Steve?”

“She knew about Steve from the moment that she found out about me.”

Dale”s picture and his email saw to it that Eric”s mother knew about his sexuality and his boyfriend.

“It wasn”t planned that way, it just sort of happened.”

“So is there any hope for us?”

Suddenly, Eric”s face became much lighter.

“Trent, this may sound cheesy or maybe a bit clich�, but there is always hope. In the last month, my mom has gone through a complete change. She is accepting of me and Steve. My dad hasn”t changed any but it”s all good because I never thought that my mom would come around I”ll give him time and we”ll see what happens.”

Hearing Eric”s words causes Trent to smile, because it means that there is hope for Shaun”s and Eric”s relationship with their mother. Trent has high hopes for his mom.

“I hope she comes around Trent, I truly do.”

Eric says as he smiles at Trent.

“I hope she does too, because life is too short.”

Trent”s outlook on life would so much different if his mother changed her mind on it what it means to have a gay son. Love is important to Trent; having it and keeping it. There is nothing he wants more than to keep Alex in his life and to someday be a part of his mom”s life again.


Trent has a gift for Alex and he was thinking of giving it to him when they get home, but he”s not waiting anymore. While sitting in the living room together, Trent removes a box from under one of the cushions of the couch.

“Babe, I want to give you something. It”s just a little present.”

Trent pulls out a heart on a chain and gives it to Alex.

“Trent, you didn”t have to get me anything.”

Trent carefully puts the chain around Alex”s neck. Alex is proud to call this guy his boyfriend. Now, he just wants to kiss him. He reaches across and places a kiss on Trent”s perfectly formed lips.

“Um, thanks Alex.”

“You”re welcome.”

Alex adjusts the heart and the chain just a little bit. Alex reaches out with his arms and gives Trent a hug, and then kisses him again. They”re kiss is interrupted by the entrance of Jason and Shaun.

“Are you ready for dinner?”

Shaun asks the guys as they sit there with a surprised look on their faces,.

“What are we having?”

“Jason and I prepared some foil dinners.”

“Yes, I love when Dad makes them for dinner.”

Trent says as stands up heads for the dining room with Alex right behind him. After eating, the guys go to bed because they know that they have to be up early to head out to the airport.

“Tomorrow starts at 7:00 am.”

Shaun says looking at Jason who”s already laying down in bed. Jason”s eyes are looking a tad bit south of Shaun”s belly button, but knowing that they have to be up early tomorrow, they are avoiding any sexual games tonight. Tomorrow is also going to be a little sad.


Everyone is up early, and Jason has pulled breakfast out of the refrigerator. Jason decided last night that breakfast would be toast, jam, and various flavors of yogurt. He wants breakfast simple so that they can eat and then head out towards the airport. Without too much difficulty everyone is up, Trent and Alex are packed, and everyone at this point is eating. Jason and Shaun both want to be on the road as quickly as possible. They know how important it is to be on the road early because of Chicago”s nightmarish traffic. When the last spoonful of yogurt is gone, it”s time to leave. As fast as they can, everyone plus the luggage are out the door and headed for the car.


The guys arrive at Midway airport and then it”s time to say goodbye. Jason and Shaun get out of the car so they can say goodbye properly.

“You guys be safe okay?”

Jason says as he reaches out and hugs the guys. He”s going to miss them when they leave for Utah. Shaun tears up just a bit as he looks at this brother and Alex.

“You guys be good. I expect a phone call when you arrive home and are all rested up.”

Shaun gives each of the teens a hug. Trent and Alex pick up their bags and head inside the airport for their flights. Shaun and Jason get back into the car and head for home. It”s weird saying goodbye to visitors, because there is a mix of sadness and excitement for the next visit.


After arriving home, Shaun is resting in the bedroom when Sasha and Nyx come into the room wanting to play. He”s quietly playing with the cats, when Jason enters the bedroom.

“Playing with the babies huh?”

“Yeah, they decided to keep me company. Are you going to take a nap?”

Shaun says watching his husband moves closer to the bed. Jason stops and removes his shoes and socks and then lays down next to Shaun.

“I thought I might, why don”t you put the cats into the hallway, and then we can have our nap together.”

After having company for the past couple days, it will be nice to have some time just for them. Jason intends to make full use of that time alone with Shaun before either of them of gets busy again. Cell phones are off and sitting on the table beside the bed.

“I hope the guys stick to their goals. I think they make a great couple, and I want to see them make it.”

Jason kisses Shaun and then wraps his arms around him.

“Same here Shaun.”

The guys start the day with some cuddling and then fall asleep only to wake up and then get sexy in the shower.


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