Subject: Jaiden – Chapter 64 Gregory A. Patrick 09/26/2020 Jaiden � Chapter 64 Disclaimer: The story Jaiden is the writer/owner’s intellectual property protected by US and international copyright laws. No portion of this story may be copied, disseminated, or used in any manner without the express written permission of the author/owner. This story is wholly a work of fiction, and any resemblance to persons living or dead, to events that may have occurred, or to places that exist or may have existed, is purely coincidental. NOTE: This story contains descriptions of direct male to male sexual behavior or male-to-male contact. Any person under the age of 18, or anyone whose access to this story is a violation of community laws of the city, state, or nation where one lives, or if this type or style of writing offends one, leave Nifty immediately. Neither the writer nor Nifty assumes any liability concerning an individual’s access to or an individual’s reading of stories published on the Nifty website. If one wishes to comment on any part of this story, one should address one’s comments to ail. One’s comments must be non-argumentative and respectful. Otherwise, one’s words will get discarded, and further contact will be barred. Nifty runs off financial donations made to their site. Please remember to donate fty/donate.html Greg Patrick The babies had been fed, burped, and had their diapers changed. Their Dads bathed them, played with them, sang to them, held them, and put them to bed. Afterward, Jaiden had gotten a cup of decaf coffee and was standing at the railing of the deck, seemingly miles from anything. Peyton walked to where Jaiden was standing and put his hand around his husband’s waist and asked, “Jaid, what are you thinking?” “Peyton, I have been standing here thinking about how happy I have finally become, how fortunate I am to have someone who truly loves me for me and not just because I am their son. I never dreamed that I would be so blessed to have what I have, heading toward where I want to be in life, and have someone behind me giving me critical support. “I have five sons who are my and your bloodline, all of whom are your parents’ biological grandchildren. Three of those children have my Mom’s and Dad’s bloodline. That wasn’t supposed to happen to two gay guys who fell in love and married. Do you realize how surreal that is to me; how blessed I am, and you are? “Yes, Jaiden, I do. I watch you all the time, and I can see the gears of your mind as they turn inside your head. I see your eyes when they are red and moist with tears. That is when I feel most loved. When I see you holding and playing with the boys, there is a glow on your face that I had never seen until we brought them home.” “When you get up at six every morning, whether the boys wake up first or not, I see a gentleness in you that surprises me and everyone who knows you. Your Mom and my parents talk about it as they watch you. My heart swells with pride when I see you and know I am a part of your life and everything that makes you so happy.” “Then you understand how I am feeling right now, Peyton. The life we have is so peaceful, so enjoyable. I don’t think the people who say we are blessed adequately describe our relationship, or how our family defines us.” “It isn’t just our sons, it is Dale and Charley and their sons and daughter as well. They are just as much family as they would be if they had been our genetic brothers. Everything is just so peaceful for me here with our family. “I look at the mountains and think of how comforting they are to me. There is nothing like a slow drive through the mountains on a misty, rainy day, taking our time and seeing the beauty of where we are. When our sons are grown, I hope they will realize why we stayed here and decided to raise them here. I hope they develop the same love for Erie and her mountains that we have.” “Sometimes, I worry they won’t always mezitli escort have me around, that they somehow will miss out on knowing me. I know that feeling comes from my Dad’s death so early in my life. It won’t go away for me. It’s always there in the back of my mind. I don’t want you to feel the way my Mom has felt and kept quiet about over the years.” “Jaiden, things have changed over the years. They have become safer in so many ways we don’t realize, or understand, or know about, for that matter. Don’t stress over what you can’t control. Live in the moment and look to the future. Hashem will take care of us all.” “You’re right, Peyton, you are so right!” “Because of your sister, we have so much we weren’t supposed to have. You and I fathered children because of Jenny. She is such an unbelievably awesome person that it is hard to describe her. She has a love in her that most people only dream about. When I found you and stayed in that dorm room for the first night, I knew you were the one for me. That is why I set a trap for you to step in, and thank God you did, because you have made my life so rich, so perfect.” “And then there is your family. I never imagined having a man step into my life and be so determined to love me and be a Dad to me. I have so much to be thankful for, and it is all because Hashem brought you into my life.” Jaiden turned toward Peyton, put his arms around him, and held him for the longest. He rested his chin on top of Peyton’s head, leaning down and kissing him on the cheek. Everything that made him was wrapped up in one young man, Peyton. Jaiden took Peyton’s hand and led him to two chairs where they sat beside each other, holding hands while not saying much of anything. They were enjoying each other’s love and the peace they found there. Jaiden looked at Peyton and said, “I want to go look at a van Saturday morning so that we don’t have to take two vehicles every time we want to go somewhere as a family. I want us together.” “Jaiden, I have thought the same thing but was waiting to see what you might want to do about that. Have you thought about what brand of van interests you the most? “I have enjoyed the Navigator, and since Ford was so generous in awarding one to you, Dale, and Carolyn, I thought it would be nice to look at the Ford Transit 15-passenger van. It is big enough to travel with Charley and Dale and their children, or we would have enough room to pack for five boys and two adults and go wherever we want in comfort. The gas mileage isn’t great, but getting anything big enough to haul our crew isn’t going to get good gas mileage per se, but it sure would make our move to Tennessee easier. “You are right, Jaiden. Let’s go look Saturday morning. Do we have the money in the bank to pay cash without dipping into the investments?” “We do, Peyton, and then some.” “Mom, Peyton and I are going to the Ford dealer today to look at a van that is large enough to haul our boys and Dale, Charley, and their children when we want to go somewhere together and not take four vehicles. I was thinking we could trade my car or sell it and get a van. I wasn’t sure if my car was in my name or in your name, so I wanted to check with you and get your opinion on getting the van and see what I needed to do.” “Jaiden, the car is in my name for insurance reasons, but there isn’t a problem with me signing for you to trade it in on the van. And, by the way, I think that is an excellent idea. What kind of van are you going to look at?” “Mom, we thought that since Ford Corp was so generous in awarding Peyton, Dale, and Carolyn the Lincoln Navigators that we would look at the Ford Transit Passenger vans. They have a 15-passenger van that gets decent gas mileage and comes in a myriad of colors. To me, the prettiest color is the dark red.” “Son, get a price on the van and let me know what it is. I’ll run it by Jerry here pozcu escort in town and see what his dealership can offer. He has been a good friend of mine for many years and was a friend of your Dad’s when they were growing up. Be sure to get the electric seats and mirrors and get the vinyl seats since they will be easier to take care of and will be waterproof, among other things. When you were a toddler, you got your hand in a dirty diaper and wiped it all over the seat and door. I promise you that vinyl is a lot easier to clean than cloth or leather from my and your Dad’s experience.” “Mom, was it that funny?” “Not then, Jaiden, but the thought of five little boys doing that is hilarious!” “I guess it is Mom, but I think knowing what you just told me, I think I’ll ask Dad Riley if Peyton or any of his grandsons did that to him. It would be funny to me if it happened, but it wouldn’t be fun to have to clean up unless we were watching Dale doing the cleaning. You’ve seen his gag reflex when he changes a dirty diaper, so imagine Dale having to clean a car seat, a door, and the window. That would be so freaking funny to watch.” “Jaiden, you are making me laugh too hard. But I agree; it would be funny to watch Dale cleaning that mess from a car. Check the van deals this weekend and give me a call, and I’ll run it by Jerry.” Saturday morning, Peyton and I walked into the Erie Ford dealership. Mr. Pope, the owner, saw us, walked over, and said, “Jaiden, Peyton, it’s good to see you. What can I do to help you guys today?” “Mr. Pope, we are enjoying the Navigator immensely; but, as you know, we have five sons now, and Dale and Charley have four sons and a daughter.” “Yes, sir, I saw the news reports and read about your children in the newspapers.” “We would like to see about trading in my car and purchasing a Transit Passenger van that we could travel in and use when we want to go somewhere with Charley, Dale, and their children. We need a 15-passenger van, and since you and the Ford Corporation were so generous to us, we wanted to get a Ford.” “Well, let me see what I have in stock. What options would you like on the van?” “Automatic Transmission foremost, electric front seats, windows and rearview mirrors if they are available, and vinyl seats. Mom told me a story about me and something I did, and vinyl will be easier to clean if our boys do the same thing.” “Mr. Pope started laughing and then said, “Ah, the poop stories. I went through the same thing with my boys. I fully understand.” Peyton and I were laughing with Mr. Pope. It was funny that I did it to Mom and Dad, but I don’t know how funny it will be to me if my and Peyton’s boys do it to us. Mr. Pope returned to his office and said he had a red Transit passenger van with the options we wanted. I asked if it was the dark red, and he said it was. The cost was $52,000 for what we needed, and Mr. Pope said we could get it for his cost if we would keep the sale price between us. I assured him we would, and he said the cost to us would be $41,000. Mr. Pope told us to let him call some friends at Ford and see if they could get us some coupons Ford gives to employees. If he could, the cost of the van would drop exponentially. He called his friend in Detroit and was told they could send him enough coupons that could be combined to get the van’s price down to $29,000. Jaiden called his Mom, and she said the price was unbelievable and to go ahead and sign whatever he needed to sign to get the van. She asked to speak to Mr. Pope, so Jaiden handed him the phone. When Mom and Mr. Pope ended their call, he went and had some paperwork prepared, which he had Peyton and me sign. When we had done so, he handed Jaiden the keys to the van and said, “gentlemen, enjoy your new van. All I need, Jaiden, are the keys to your Lexus. While we were looking at the van, I had your car appraised, and the price I can escort bayan give you for it and make a little profit on my end got the van’s cost down to a price your mother immediately covered. So, enjoy your new van!” Jaiden looked at Peyton and said, “Mom has done too much, but I can’t argue with her, or she will take my head off. Let’s go home, put the car seats in the van, get all ten children inside and take a picture of them with me, you, Dale, and Charley and send the photo to Mom. When we drove onto Landings Way, Dale and Charley had all the children in their prams and were walking around the neighborhood to get some fresh air. When they saw the van, their chins hit the road. Jaiden stopped the van and asked them to go back to the house for him to show them the van, and so all of us could take a ride in one vehicle for a change. When we got home and took the children inside to change their diapers, the telephone rang. It was Mr. Pope asking if we would be willing to make a commercial for him with the children inside the van and Jaiden, and I said, “sure.” Saturday week, we made the commercial, and it started airing on Monday. By Saturday, the results of the commercial were astounding. Mr. Pope had called Mom and worked out an arrangement where he would give us the van as pay for the commercial, and all we would have to pay was income tax on the `income.’ That lowered the cost of the vehicle to $11,500. When Jaiden called and asked Mr. Pope why he did that, he said they sold more vans in one week than they had in the past year because of the commercial we made for his dealership. Jaiden turned white as a sheet as he sat down. When he gathered his wits back, he told the three of us what had happened. We, too, turned white as a sheet and had to sit down. A week later, we received ten little jumpsuits that matched those worn by Ford racecar drivers. We dressed the children in the suits and took them by for Mr. Pope to see them. While we were at the dealership, we wound up making another commercial that became as successful as the first one. Now our children are famous actors. Who would have thought it possible? We have the most fun ever being able to go places as one big family, and everywhere we go, we have an audience. If this fame translates into the reality of a children’s specialty hospital in Erie when we open our practices, it will be worth it all! Mom called and said Ray Pope had called her and told her about the success of the commercials we made with the boys. She was thrilled, to say the least. Since summer break starts in two weeks, she asked if the twelve of us could come for a visit. We told her we would be there the day after med school let out for the summer. We finished our final exams, and as usual, the four of us made the Dean’s list with 4.0 GPAs. When Charley and Dale found out what their grades were, we celebrated. We are so proud of them and how far they have come personally and academically. The night before we went to Mom’s, we took the babies out to dinner with us. When we got home, bathed them, and put new diapers on them, they went to sleep. Since they were sleeping all night, we could have some intimate time before we went to bed. The ladies would be flying home before we left for Abingdon, and that was a little depressing for us, but it was time. They needed to get back to their families. Peyton’s, Dale’s, and Charley’s moms would follow us to Abingdon in one of the Lincoln’s and then return to Erie with us before they flew home. Them leaving for home wouldn’t be too hard for us since they had been making us do everything for the babies so we would be used to the processes when they went home. Like the ladies going home, it would be a bit depressing for us, but it was time. That night, we were able to get ourselves prepared for a deserved night of intimacy. We made mad love for at least three hours before we took a long, warm soak in the Jacuzzis. We slept so well that we were all smiles when we got up at six for our baby routines. Today was different, though; we were on cloud nine and in the best moods we had experienced in a while. The trip to Mom’s was going to be so awesome. We needed to get away for a while.

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