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Karl came and put his arms around me at that point. “Damn I’m sorry lover.” “Dean Evans said he was going to talk to all of the governing bodies and try and keep us alive, but I’m doubting like hell it will happen.” “You can always hope love. If things like this are going on all over the country that should make some kind of accomodation.” “Maybe, but I’m not betting on it.” “Stupid thought. Think Cam and Paul are going to be able to get off campus for supper tonight?” “Something else I wouldn’t count on.” “Think we need to get something out just in case?” “Either that or make plans to head out somewhere.” Karl went to the window and looked out. “Not unless you want to run the gauntlet lover.” “Maybe they’ll get fed up and leave by then.” “Always a possibility Den, but there’ll be that one still hanging around in hopes of an exclusive.” “And it’s pretty likely we’ll have to run it to get to classes tomorrow anyway, even if we don’t go jogging.” “Most likely. I need to try and find a gym to workout in case the Dean is successful.” I went to the computer and started searching. I found a place on the other side of town. They were closed today so I copied down their information to see to tomorrow. The day wore on with more phone calls and emails for comment, all of which were refused. When supper time started to get near Mr Castanza was at our door, “We expect to see you boys downstairs regardless of if Paul and Cameron are here tonight.” “Well be down shortly sir.” Needless to say it was a pretty quiet dinner without Paul and Cameron there. The Castanzas didn’t seem to want to delve into the situation, and that was fine by me. We did help clear the table and Karl and I erdemli escort were back upstairs fairly early. It was a little school work and a bit of tv before we crashed out. Monday morning and a new set of challenges. Karl and I suited up for our run and headed out. Question were tossed at us as we started out and we ignored them. First lap around the block and they were still waiting on us and more questions were tossed at us. Second lap and the crowd had thinned, but there were still questions. Third lap around the block and we were down to two persistent people. By the fouth time we went past the house even they were gone. The final lap around the block was completed in relative silence. “Well so much for getting the running done. Now it’s just a day of classes. You up for this Den?” “Yeah and I’m betting once we get on campus the only one we’ll have to deal with will be Bob Watson.” “You think the board of governors called a press blackout again?” “Oh hell yes. The campus lockdown, I’m betting, included the press not getting in. I’m going to try and grab my gymnastics stuff between classes, and head over to the place I found online last night just in case Dean Evans is successful in keeping us in play.” “So a late supper then?” “More than likely if the place will have me.” “You thinking you might be to high profile for them?” “Always a possibility Karl. I can see where they might want to avoid the controversy.” We got ourselves inside showered and breakfast taken care of. We both waited a bit before heading into class with the 30 minute restriction still in place. Turned out we needed every bit of that 30 minutes as the press was crowding the gates trying to get whatever comments they could. When Karl and I were recognized we were converged upon and traffic damn near came to a stop. I kept my windows rolled up and the doors locked and ignored everything except trying not to run anybody over. When I finally got through the gates I just headed for the parking lot. Karl pulled in beside me. “We’ll have to remember that for tomorrow and likely the rest of the week at least.” “Coming and going I’m thinking. I’ll catch you at home Karl.” When I got into the first class there was a bit of grumbling about having to be restricted and I tried to ignore it. “This bullshit is your fault Sawyer!” “I beg to differ. I’ve been physically attacked several times and beyond self defense I haven’t taken any kind of revenge. As far as I know, there hasn’t been any kind of retaliation from the gay community. Most tarsus escort actions have been started by those few in the straight community who simply can’t live and let live, which personally is all I want.” I saw more than one cell phone held up at that point and knew I’d be getting a call from Dean Evans before the day was over. There wasn’t anymore said as the professor walked in and started class. When class was over I heard a few comments on my way to the tax class with Mr McEmbers. This morning he was there and waiting on us so there wasn’t anything said that I heard. We got through class relatively painlessly today and then I was off to the student union for my lunch, which was thankfully uninterupted and then quickly over to the rec center to grab my equipment. I got it back to my car and then hauled it over to my last class for the day. The class went well and then I was headed for my car. “Hope you’re happy Sawyer!” It wasn’t anyone that I recognized. “In fact, I’m not. I didn’t want this to happen but here it is and I may not be as inconvienenced as you folks on campus, but this is a pain in the ass for me too.” “You don’t have to be in the dorms all frigging day when you’re not in class.” “No I don’t but neither do I get to practice with the team and likely because of this whole thing the team won’t be able to compete in the all state this year. Something I was quite looking forward to. I said it earlier today. The gay community hasn’t done anything to escalate this whole situation, that I know of. We’re the ones that are being attacked and only responed in self defense. That I know of the gay community hasn’t lashed out at anybody, even in the media. So please if you know who is behind any of this, place the blame where it belongs.” I gave the car a good checking over and then headed out. It was a bit of a drive across town to the place I had found to workout. I pulled into the lot and grabbed my bag and headed inside. There was a young lady at the counter and when she saw me she went right to her phone. “Good afternoon, I’d like to see about arrangening for training time.” Before the girl could answer me a rather imposing man came through a door behind the counter. “Mr Sawyer, as much as I would enjoy the prestige of having someone of your caliber and noteriety training at our gym, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave the premises.” “On what grounds sir?” “On the grounds that this was somewhat anticipated when word came down of the lockdown at the college, and strictly for economic akdeniz escort reason. A large number of our clients have said they will find another place to workout if any from the colleges team, and you specifically,decided to work out here.” “In other words you would looses a good portion of your business.” “Quite correct. Please believe me when I tell you that there is no personal bias involved here Mr Sawyer. It is strictly a matter of business.” “Is it likely that I’ll get this same attitude wherever I go?” “I would have to say so Mr Sawyer.” “I see. Sorry to have taken up your time.” I went back to the car and checked it over just to be safe and headed back to the apartment. When Karl got there and found me home ahead of him he was a bit surprised. “What happened lover?” “The place shut me down and he advised that it was likely to happen anyplace I tried to workout. He told me his clients said they’d go someplace else if I was allowed to workout there. I can’t blame the guy for trying to keep his business alive.” “You think it is strictly business and not more?” “That’s what he claimed, and yeah I do believe him.” “So what are you going to do lover?” “Unless I want to rent a building and all of the equipment, there isn’t a hell of a lot to do. I’ll keep jogging and maybe do tumbling runs out in the yard and just do as much as I can and hope to hell this all gets resolved PDQ.” “How late can they go before they have to cancel the meet?” “I think the guideline says 48 hours prior notice, so I’m thinking Thursday afternoon maybe Friday morning.” “Think it will be resolved before then?” “I’m doubting it like hell Karl. Unless the Dean can do some fancy talking, and this isn’t resolved, my gymnastics career just came to a screeching halt.” At witch point Karl just came and wrapped his arms around me. “Damn I’m sorry Den I know what the gymnastics means to you.” “I can’t say it doesn’t hurt lover, but we know it was going to be my last year anyway. I just retired a little earlier than planned.” “You’re not dead yet lover. The Dean coould still pull a rabbit out of his hat.” “Always possible I suppose, but I’m not counting on it.” I got some supper going and our meal was uneventful. I went to check out my portfolio as tomorrow would be my review. One of the stocks had taken a hit and was down a bit. I went to check into it deeper and found that this was another seasonal dip type of thing. The bottom line of the company always took a hit this time of year as they had to make a large annual payout due to a lawsuit from years before. I decided to stay with the stock anyway as the dividend payout looked to be quite favorable and was due near the end of the college year. I jumped to my email and there was the usual spam and one from the Deans office. Please report to my office at the conclusion of classes tomorrow. Evans

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