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They took Mercer to the office and were in there for what seemed forever but was in reality only a few minutes. The head official moved to the table and took up his microphone. “Ladies and gentlemen. I have to inform you that at his time the Prescott coaching staff has forfieted this meet. Thank you for your attendance.” For all intents and purposes the meet was over and we were free to move about. For the most part those gathered just sat there as if to ask’what the hell?’ I didn’t wait but headed right for the locker room and a quick shower and changed into street clothes. I didn’t wait for Karl or anybody else when I exited the Rec Center and I made a beeline for Cochran hall. I parked myself right at the Prescott bus. Karl soon enough caught up with me and simply put his arm around my shoulder. “What the hell Dennis?” “I don’t know …..yet. Something was being held over Mercer to throw the meet, or at least that’s what I think.” Gary and Dwayne were there by this time and they could well tell I was upset, but didn’t question me. Something was up but they had no idea what. They still had to check the Prescott team out and collect keys and whatever. It was about 45 minutes later when the guys started coming out of the dorm and quietly boarded the bus. Nothing was said to me by any of them. Finally Mercer came out of the building with his coach. He took one look at me and turned away. “Mercer Campbell! I’ll have none of that. Talk to me.” “I’m sorry Den. It’s not that I don’t want to, I’m not allowed to. I just… I just had to do what I had to do.” “Fair enough. Whatever took place, erdemli escort I want you to know that I’m still your friend Merce. Maybe we can talk over the summer.” “Yeah maybe. I’ve got to go now.” Mercer boarded the bus. “Keep an eye on him coach. No matter what has happened I know he is good people.” “I’ll do what I can young man.” The coach boarded the bus as they pulled out I saw that the coach had made it a point to have Mercer sit with him. I just hoped to hell there weren’t going to be any reprisals on Mercer for what happened. “What the hell Dennis?” “Like I told Karl a few minutes ago I don’t know.” “Den, what does this do to your season?” “Technically nothing it counts as a win as far as going to the all state. Prescott sure as shooting won’t be there this year though. Their season came to an end about an hour ago.” “I’m sure you don’t feel like celebrating.” “You got that right Karl. I think I just want to be alone for a while.” “You sure Den?” “No not really. Let’s head back to the room.” We entered from the opposite end of the dorm that we usually did and we were walking past the day room and the tv was on. “Yesterdays bank robbery has been solved thanks mainly to the efforts of a concerned citizen who wishes to remain anonymous.” Karl took my by the shoulder and turned me to face him. “Well?” “Hey I kept my eyes open and reported what I saw. Nothing more nothing less.” “Think you might be called as a witness?” “Always possible I suppose.” “I can just see us having to come back here in the middle of spring break or over the summer.” “If that’s what it takes then so be it.” I moved into my room and sat down. Soon enough Pete and Susan showed up as well. “Nice move Susan thanks.” “I could see what was coming Dennis. Glad I could help. Now what the hell?” “That guy you clocked was involved in betting on the meets. I don’t know much more than that, but he or one of his associates must have had something on Mercer. The guy I was paired up with. I just knew that Mercer wasn’t working up to his usual level so I mentioned it to the coach and then I saw that guy with his phone. Coach knew the guy was involved with betting on the meets. More than that I don’t know and I’m not likely to at least until summer break.” There was a knock on my door. Pete was right there and he opened it and Coach Warren was standing there. “You took off awfully fast Dennis. Are you ok?” “No but I will be coach. Can you tell me tarsus escort anything?” “Only that your friend got into debt with the wrong people. It happened when he was working over the summer. The guy we got from the stands was telling him what to do for his bosses. Hopefully the guy caves and gives his bosses up.” “Thanks for that coach. Mercer will never compete again will he?” “Likely not Dennis.” “Will they toss him off campus?” “Always a possibility but I can’t say for sure. Next practice is a week from Tuesday, but I’m sure I’ll see you before then.” “Yes sir you will. Thank you for coming by. How is the rest of the squad doing?” “They have questions and I’m sure they’ll bring them to you next time you’re to the center.” “Wonderful.” “Just remember none of this is your fault Dennis. You did the right thing.” “So why do I feel so lousy coach?” “Because sometimes doing the right thing sucks. Take it easy Dennis.” With that the coach left. “Well we have a couple of extra hours to kill today. What do you want to do Den?” “What I wanted to do was win fair and square. Now, I think I just want to be alone for a while.” “Oh hell no. I know you better than that Den. I leave you alone and you’re going to let this eat at you all frigging weekend. We are going to go and do something even if it’s only walking the mall.” “Karl….” “Dennis….” “Fine, we’ll do something. I’m open to suggestions.” “You guys ever go bowling before?” “Never Aiden. Is there a place nearby?” “Just so happens there is and I can give you a few pointers once we get there if that sounds like something you’d like to try.” “Why not Den? At least it’s something different.” “Yeah I’m game. Your car or mine Aiden?” “Let’s take mine as I know where we’re going.” We headed out to Aidens car and were soon off campus and to the bowling alley. Soon enough we had our shoes rented and had chosen bowling balls. Aiden proceeded to show us how to use the markings on the floor to help line up our shots and then showed us just how the ball should be slid onto the alley, as opposed to “lofting” the ball. “The most important part of the release though is to try and keep your wrist straight. Otherwise it will send your ball of in the wrong direction.” We soon found that this was easier said then done. There were more than a few “gutterballs” thrown and the first string none of us except Aiden broke 80. The second string was only marginally better. By the akdeniz escort third string we were getting the hang of it and we all broke 100,while Aiden went on to break 200. Needless to say by this time we were all getting a bit sore and decided to end it at the third string. “I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t have any lunch and I’m starving. Where shall we go?” “We’re pretty close to Rons.” “Works for me.” We all piled back into Aidens car and headed for Rons. When we got there the lot was pretty well full up. It was Saturday night so we should have expected it. We got inside and finally got ourselves a booth. Gladys got over to us when she could. “Evening guys. Regular menu tonight.” “I’ll have the usual bacon cheeseburger, fries and a coke” “Make it two.” “Three.” “Four.” “You guys are so easy to please. Food will be out shortly.” While we waited Paul and a few of his friends came in. I was about to say hello when a look came over Pauls face. It was a hardness I had never seen before. I followed his gaze to a bunch of guys at the far end of the diner. The looks on his friends faces weren’t much better. “This doesn’t look good guys.” I was on the outside of the booth and I stood up to get between Paul and the other group of guys. “I don’t know and I don’t need to Paul, but not in here. Ron doesn’t deserve that.” It looked for a second that Paul might well just push his way past me, but then he looked at me. “You’re right he doesn’t. They’re the ones who got Jess to steal your car. The law can’t touch them, but I sure as hell can.” “I can sympathise with the sentiment Paul, but that’ll only get you busted, and could jeapordize next year. Do they usually hang out here?” “Now that you mention it no they don’t.” “Then this might damn well be some kind of setup. Give it time Paul. They’ll screw up aomewhere down the line.” “Hope I’m there to see it. Comeon you guys, let’s find someplace else to hang tonight.” Paul and his friends did an about face and marched on out of the place. I sat down and a few minutes later Gladys brought our food out to us. “Just wanted you guys to know that little scene didn’t go unnoticed. Ron said suppers on him tonight.” “Tell him we appreciate it but there’s no need. That was as much for Paul as it was for Ron. Besides we don’t get a check how do we know how much to leave you?” “You guys are too much. Eat while it’s hot.” It didn’t take us long to polish off our food and we were soon on our way back to campus. Karl and I had our walk and had our good night kiss. “You going to be alright lover?” “Probably. I’ll know better in the morning.” “The usual 6am roust for jogging?” “Of course.” I headed for my room. When I approached my room there was a guy standing there and I recognized him.

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