How I became his perverted bitch…


Before I tell any more of my story, I want to reach out beyond the time and space which separates us and let you now that I’m feeling horny and naked in the privacy of my bedroom, typing this naked and with my right hand, my left pointer finger and middle finger are slowly rubbing my growing clit, making me more hornier and moist. I hope you’re getting horny as you start jerking your swelling and stiffening cock as you read my words. Imagine what I’m writing as I share my tale with you. If you want to check me out, look up my site. Anyway, start picking up the pace , rub your precum over your swollen crimson cock head…

My name is Maria, I’m nearly 60 years old, divorced for many years, and I live alone in outer suburban Melbourne. I’m 5’6″ tall, full figured (chubby), greying brunette who has put on a bit of weight over the years. I’ve large pendulous breasts (38 DD) with large dark areolae and protuberant nipples, wide curvy hips and thick thighs and shapely calves. Nowadays, I don’t consider myself anything special but in my younger days, I was pretty with a voluptuous figure which not infrequently attracted wolf whistles from guys. I was married for over 30 years, divorced 10 years ago and have not been with a man since before my divorce.

Unfortunately, despite my age and appearance, my libido remains high. I’ve always put this down to my large clit which measures about 2.5 inches fully engorged. So in my predicament I resort to my fingers, trusty dildos and vibrators for my daily masturbation sessions. However, if I’m honest with myself, sex toys don’t satisfy like a man. Oftentimes, I’d go online to (I’m Maria1) as a safe substitute and chat with various guys, tease them and masturbate.

Last year, during the long shutdowns we had in Victoria, I was lonely.

I decided to adopt a large young adult male German Shepherd named Wolf as a pet for companionship and protection. There was nothing sexual in our relationship. However, when washing him, I couldn’t help but notice his male parts, his furry penis sheath and his heavy balls. I would often catch him licking his hairy balls. I had briefly wondered how big would Wolf be out of curiosity, but never went beyond that thought. I had been advised to neuter him but thought that would be cruel to deprive him of his ability to sire children and make some bitch happy 🙂 I also wanted him to be the ‘man of the house’ and that would have been difficult I reasoned if he didn’t retain his balls. I also discovered that he liked to sniff my panties and even my crotch. I later learned that male dogs are naturally attracted to the scent of a woman’s vagina. Apparently, the female odour from a woman’s vagina reminds the male dog very much of a bitches’ scent.

I grew fond of Wolf in my loneliness.

A few months after I adopted him, I had just finished a long shift at work and when I arrived home and chose to treat myself to a long hot relaxing bath. After the bath, I felt particularly horny which is not unusual for me and decided that I would pleasure myself.

There I was lying on a towel in my living room, completely naked, eyes closed, sturdy thick legs akimbo, lost in pleasure, alternating between rubbing my engorged turgid clit and fingering my increasingly moist cunt when I suddenly felt something warm and moist against my wet pussy. I opened my eyes and immediately realized that it was Wolf. I froze for what seemed like an eternity, then out of nowhere, perverted lustful memories uncontrollably flooded my mind of Goliath.

Many years ago when I was newly married, in my early 20’s, circumstances led me to have the most sexually gratifying and conflicted experience of my life. A bestial experience with a Great Dane named Goliath. Much more fulfilling and pleasurable than the gang bang I had with my hubby’s mates, more than my night at a sex shop and glory hole ( You can read all about it elsewhere in

Vivid memories of me lying there and letting him have me. I remembered that It was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt in my life. I recalled how It felt so incredibly tight as the Great Dane’s huge crimson knot and dog cock slipped in and out of my wet stretched pussy. I remember how I thrusted down at him, driving his cock and knot deeper up my pussy. How I had LOST ALL REASON as I WANTED to be fucked and FUCKED HARD until I was OVERWHELMED with an EARTH- SHATTERING ORGASM that RIPPED through my SHUDDERING body, wave after wave of animal cum lust tore into me, tears were running from my eyes, my legs RIGID then floppy from exhaustion. I remembered Goliath’s cock and its OBSCENE knot trapped in my HUNGRY CUNT…I also remembered how conflicted I felt after the episode, guilt and shame for my UNCONTROLLED PERVERTED SEX LUST. How I had sworn izmit escort bayan at the time to never ever do it again.

Instinctively, I had started making thrusting motions and my PUSSY involuntarily FLOODED with love juices when I relived my experience with Goliath all those years ago. Wolf had an expression on his face that I had not seen before. He was certainly curious and nuzzled his nose firmly against my DRIPPING CUNT, ENGORGED CLIT, SWOLLEN, PROTUBERANT TURKEY-WATTLE. The pungent musky AROMA of my cunt juice was clearly affecting him.

I became aware that I was breathing heavily from nerves and aroused at the same time. Part of me, the animal part of me wanted to experience again the incredible sensation and pleasure of canine mating. The sensible part of me remembered my remorse and guilt after Goliath. The promise I had made to myself. I lay there, unable to move from indecision, fleshy thick thighs widely apart, engorged clit aching for relief, with a dog sniffing my most private parts.

Then in one swift movement his sloppy wet tongue was slithering right between my turkey wattle that was already puffy and damp, Wolf was tasting my DRIPPING PUSSY, satisfying my fully erect aching OBSCENELY large clit, licking for all it was worth, savouring the taste of my RAW SEX. At that moment, any vestige of resistance I had, melted away…Wave after wave of PURE, LUSTFUL PLEASURE surged through me, my breathing became erratic, my legs went stiff with each passing moment, beads of sweat were oozing from every inch of me…I was locked in that moment of total CUM LUST and I was NOT GOING TO STOP! How deep the need to orgasm was getting, I felt it like it was in the pit of my soul, that overwhelming need to cum so bad that you just have to keep going until you EXPLODE, the familiar feeling of an oncoming ORGASM began to build in my ample loins, I was getting there fast. I was shaking with full on PASSION, MOANING loudly. I was in heaven as the ripples of the fast approaching ORGASM began to build in me. Then the full force of my ORGASM hit me! My body CONVULSED UNCONTROLLABLY! WAVE AFTER WAVE OF SHEER INDESCRIBABLE ECSTASY! As the intensity and duration of pleasure became less, Wolf stopped licking my pussy.

I lay there, momentarily exhausted. My cunt still twitching.

I focused my eyes.

It was then that I noticed Wolf’s cock just hanging there below him.

The semi-turgid deep crimson head protruded from its furry sheath. I hadn’t seen his cock exposed before. It looked about 5-6 inches long and about 4 inches round. It looked smaller than Goliath’s cock from years ago but still a good size. Bigger than my ex-hubby’s 5-inch cock ever was. I could see his heavy balls hanging and swaying in his loose hairy scrotum. I thought to myself that I was glad that I had spared him from castration, little knowing at that time that I would be his first bitch.

Now you have to understand that I would never normally consider doing what I was thinking, I mean I was just an average woman with normal sexual desires…or perhaps more correctly a higher than normal libido. This was gross. I knew that bestiality was a crime in the State of Victoria. The Law stated: “An act of bestiality is any of the following- buggery committed by an animal on a man or woman…penetration of the vagina of a woman by the penis of an animal”. It was as clear as day. If I kept on with what I was contemplating, I would have to cross a line. If anyone caught me they could lock me away for 5 years.

However, I rationalized that during the pandemic, isolated and lonely in the absence of human male companionship, with my high libido and solitary masturbation that it was OK to receive and give pleasure to my best friend and most loyal companion. Anyway, I eventually rationalized that women have been having sex with dogs for centuries.

Wolf was more loyal than any man, and loves me completely, unlike the men I had in my life. He didn’t talk back or argue, and he’s always there for me. Why not take it a step further and let him become my lover? I learned quickly that male dogs are naturally horny practically all the time, so helping him relieve some sexual frustration would just be a demonstration of my love for him! Unlike men, dogs are almost always ready to have sex when you want to, they won’t tell all their friends about your experience together, they can’t expose you to AIDS or other sexual diseases, and, perhaps best of all, they can’t get you pregnant, not that it would be an issue at my age!

While I was lost in thought, Wolf started licking my MOIST still tingling TUMESCENT PUDENDA. Arousal and pleasure immediately took over and my mind was dragged back to the need to cum, with no thought of anything else on my mind but that moment. I let go of all izmit eve gelen escort inhibitions. IF I WAS THINKING AND ACTING LIKE A SLUT THEN HIS SLUTTY BITCH I WOULD BE!

The feeling of getting licked by a dog is indescribable. The roughness of his tongue touching your lips, his tongue massaging your clitoris….well you just have to experience that yourself…. By parting your legs as much as possible, you give your lover maximum access to your femininity. And by parting your legs, your lips will also part, making the clitoris fully exposed to your lover’s tongue. Doing this he will also try to insert his tongue inside you, seeking the source of your secretions and cum. All you have to do is to lean back and to let him do the job and enjoy!

I said to Wolf, “I can’t leave you like that after what you’ve given me. I can see that you’re horny, turned on by me.”

To masturbate a male dog, never touch the bare penis with your hand, a dog’s penis works differently

than a man’s cock, You concentrate on the base behind the knot, not the tip, You simply constrict behind the knot at the base like a cock ring, and jerk, You won’t go more than a couple of inches either way, as you stimulate him you’ll feel his knot swell, maintaining this constricting pressure keeps him hard, he will ejaculate as long as you keep at it.

If it’s not fully erect you can help him get hard by massaging the furry sheath for some time until the crimson tip of his penis appears. Then, by pulling the sheath forwards, and backwards, just like you would do on an uncut man with his foreskin, you try to erect his entire penis. At the beginning it might take you some time to understand what kind of treatment your dog gets aroused from, but the dog’s penis is very sensitive, so you won’t have too much trouble getting your lover hard and ready for the joy. You won’t have to think too much about lubrication. If you let the dog lick you for some time, that often is enough. By letting the dog lick you, he will also get aroused from the act, since he recognizes your vaginal odour. Bottom line, an aroused woman smells like a bitch in heat. The dog starts cumming almost instantly when his penis erects, at the beginning the spurts are very slow and the amount of semen is very small, but the more aroused he gets, the more semen will he produce. It’s important that you don’t arouse your dog more than needed with your hands, because if he is inexperienced or it’s the first time he makes love to you, he might reach his orgasm very early…before his cock is fully inside your body,

I slid my trembling hand up his back leg, my fingers inching closer to his dog cock, I was about an inch from his cock when a drop of fluid fell from the end of his cock onto my finger. I stared at it and finally I held him in my hand. His cock was hot to the touch, I could feel the PULSE of cock as his blood surged through it. Now with my hand wrapped round his dog cock, he took over instinctively and began to thrust it in my hand and as he pulled back his fluid began to soak my fingers.

His fucking motions began to get more and more urgent, my whole hand was awash with his juices. I was going to enjoy each second of this perverted sex session.

My thoughts wandered back to his BIG angry red COCK and I knew I had to try. I needed to know was it possible, would he FUCK me with HIS COCK?

I WANTED to take on the role of the full on COCK SLUT!

I wrapped my hand even tighter around his cock meat and tried to wank him to his full erect size. I had no need to move my hand at all because his rutting instinct made him thrust his hips at my hand and it was only seconds before I had more than a hand full of hard hot cock.

As I was on my back, I fumbled from mounting excitement and placed a hard thick pillow under my bum so that the lower part of my body was in such an angle that his now swollen dripping phallus could be inserted easily into my ACHING HUNGRY HOLE. The same ACHING HUNGRY PUSSY HOLE that had not taken in a real live flesh cock for over a decade! Something deeply primal in me YEARNED to be filled after all these years without satiation.

The time the dog will hump depends very much on the dog and his experience. The first few times for a dog can be very fast, in some cases less than a minute, in more trained dogs over 4-5 minutes. What is interesting and enjoyable is that the rhythm is pretty fast.

During the entire session the dog will cum inside you, lubricating the walls of your vagina. But when a dog approaches his orgasm his penis will start to swell even more, especially the base of his erection, his knot. Now this is the moment to decide whether you should let him cum inside you and to let him get in a tie with you or not. If you don’t izmit otele gelen escort want to, then try to push him away by grabbing gently around the base of his penis, however it’s the tie that makes it extremely pleasurable, and by not coming in a

tie with your lover, you won’t get the ultimate feeling.

ALL I HAD IN MIND WAS GETTING FUCKED, I held in my hand this ENGORGED cock and now I WANTED it in my dripping pussy. As I laid on my back and offered the mouth of my pussy to him. He was as HORNY as I was, as he frantically thrust his cock at me.

There was no way I could hold on to his cock any longer, he was thrusting his hips at me, his cock slipped from my hand. I could feel his spurting hot semen splatter against my swollen cunt. I tried to move my pussy around in the hope we lined up but to no avail he poked at my legs and even dug it hard into my ENGORGED CLIT.

I was getting scratched and cut by his paws, it hurt and even drew blood but the immense excitement and pleasure made me not feel it until after our session. I later learned that it is safer to cover his paws with thick socks to prevent scratches and cuts.

I was getting frustrated about him not hitting the mark when BANG he found it. With no finesse he SLAMMED his HARD COCK right in to my THROBBING CUNT and for a moment it hurt like hell and I pulled back a little, wondering if I had made a mistake doing this but after a few minutes of his frantic fucking, pain turned to EXQUISITE PLEASURE as I was filled to bursting with his magnificent red dog cock.

The familiar feeling of oncoming orgasm began to build deep in my ACHING loins, lifting my bum I began MOANING and GRINDING. I was trying to get him to fuck my pussy harder and with each thrust of his cock I grew nearer and nearer to orgasm.

Then he suddenly stopped thrusting, his entire shaft inside me…I could feel the warmth of his semen spurts DEEP inside me, his dog cock PULSING. I could feel the INTENSE PLEASURE of his SWOLLEN KNOT just inside my STRETCHED PUSSY. I could FEEL his DOG COCK SWELL EVEN MORE, and I momentarily panicked that he might swell to such a size that my pussy would be forever ruined but then the INTENSE PLEASURE overtook me and panic was replaced by PURE LUST.

The FEELING of being FILLED with his warm seed like a BITCH IN HEAT and the INCREDIBLE PRESSURE from his MONSTER KNOT was TOO MUCH for me …I EXPLODED with INTENSE ESCTASY, WAVES of ORGASMIC PLEASURE UNCONTROLLABLY PULSED through my loins and spread throughout my body!


I was brought back to the moment by Wolf licking my face. I think he was showing his appreciation, showing his bitch that he was thankful that he had chosen to make me pregnant.

I could feel his swollen knot pulsing, stretching my pussy so tight that no seed was leaking. My belly felt bloated, full of his warm seed deep inside me. My body flooded by orgasm after orgasm, my POUTING CUNT twitching and squeezing my lover’s cock uncontrollably for several minutes, leaving my body in a STATE OF FRENZY! His swollen knot inside, giving UNMERCIFUL stimulation during the entire time. During the later part of our post-coital time, I could feel my lover’s dog cock start to get smaller, and I could feel that his spurts weren’t as powerful as earlier. We savoured each other and laid there for what must have been at least 30 minutes.

This is the main difference in the sex act between a man and a dog. A dog won’t leave you after he cums, instead he will remain hard inside you, cumming all the time he is in you. When the knot has swollen in such a size it reaches it’s maximum your vagina will probably be full of his seed, and there is more to cum… A dog produces about 2-6 times the amount of sperm a man does!

I enjoyed the new sensation and the knowledge that my womb and pussy was filled with Wolf’s seed. When he finally pulled out his penis, a lot of the sperm he has deposited in my pussy gushed out. He then started licking my cunt. The sensation of his tongue touching my used vagina, cleaning up the sperm coated entrance started to cause pleasurable tingling…

I later learned that when two dogs have had sex together the male will start a licking session of the bitch’s cunt, the reason is that this gives a signal to the bitch that the intercourse is ended. And by doing this the male dog starts the bitch’s after-mating reflex. This makes her vaginal muscle to close even tighter, and to hold as much sperm as possible inside the vagina, but also to create a plug at the vaginal entrance.

Over the past year in isolation, I have enjoyed an exclusive sexual relationship with Wolf and now I don’t feel the need to have sex with men. I have dog sex almost every day, just lying helpless, enjoying orgasm after orgasm. I have learned a lot from these experiences and may share them with you if you’d like.

I’ve posted some pics of me for my readers in the forum pic & movie post ( under maria1.

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