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I have always had a desire for older women with fuller figures and big tits. Having just gone through a divorce and working away from my home I decided to go to an dating website, but wasn’t interested in dinner and drinks, I wanted to get laid, so I tried adult friend finder. After a while of looking at profiles and pictures I came across a picture of a woman, grey haired late fifties early 60’s. She was sat naked in a chair the wrong way round with her huge full tits hanging over the back. I got hard just looking at her pose, she was so sexual, grey hair pulled back well made up and these huge tits.
I sent her a message commenting on her stunning tits and looks, asking her to look at my profile and let me know if she was interested. I have an oral fetish and love to lick and suck clits, I love to make a woman cum on my face while my tongue flicks her clit, it sets me up for a long hard fuck. She messages me back and after an exchange of pictures and her telling me she was Bi but loved to suck on hard cock as long as she got to swallow.

We agreed to meet at a hotel mid way between us both. We told each other what we wanted each to wear and agreed a time.
I arrived at the hotel early, went to the room and set up the lighting; she didn’t want it too bright. My mobile rang and she said she was in the car park, I went down with my cock starting to swell in anticipation. When I walked into the car park there she was same hair style, sunglasses and long coat, with black heels on.
I walked up and said Hi you look great she said mmmm I was thinking the same of you and we walked to the hotel lifts.

Once the lift doors closed we wrapped ourselves around each other and had a long deep kiss, with tongues intertwining and my hands all over her plump arse, and her reaching for my cock rubbing it through my jeans, I find kissing one of the most erotic things you can do and I could feel my cock seeming pre-cum as we tonged each other’s mouths., the lift pinged our floor and we separated, I guided her to the room and we entered.
She made a quick call to her husband to say she was OK (SAFTEY FIRST, JUST IN CASE I WAS A NUTTER) and dropped her bag to the floor and sat on a chair. She beckoned me over and with my crotch in front of her face she started to slowly undo my belt. I had put on the skin tight white boxers that she had requested, and as my jeans fell to the floor my cock was fully erect and pushing hard against the material with a damp straining at the head where my pre-cum had leaked in the lift.
I am not huge but big enough, 8” with a 5.5 inch round the shaft, she seemed pleased with it and put her face near to my cock and inhaled saying she loved the smell of sex. She started planting kisses along the material covering my cock with her red lipstick (my request) leaving little marks along as she moved up and down my cock. I could see her stunning cleavage as I looked down and as I went to put my hand onto her tits she knocked it away saying not yet…
By now I was bursting at the seams of my boxers with the damp patch at the tip getting slowly larger. She told me to step out of my jeans and take off my socks leaving me in shirt and boxers. She then asked me to pass her bag over, she reached in and took out a camera, stepping back towards her, now almost crying to get my cock out and get it sucked, she took a picture of my swollen cock and several more of my balls and cock head, she then passed me the camera and said, take pictures of me as I strip you and suck your cock and balls. What followed was and amazing experience.
My cock was lying to the left pushing against the cotton, she slowly manipulated it upwards and its head slipped out above the waist band with its foreskin just slipping back a little to expose the purple head now very moist with my slime, I was clicking away with the camera, it was like watching a porno but feeling what was happening, I expected her and wanted her to at least lick my cock, but instead she dropped her head lower and started kissing my balls through kocaeli escort bayan my boxers, my cock began to twitch and she raised a hand and gripped the shaft with her long nails just enough to let me feel there points, again all the time then camera was going off I was zooming in and out, of her tongue action as it licked my cover ball sack, onto her nails as she caressed my shaft and one perfect shot as with her tongue extended and nails on my cock she looked up at me straight at the camera, I was ready to burst.

She said step back, I could hardly move, she stood up and undid her coat to reveal a black bra less Basque, stockings and no panties. Her tits were even bigger in the flesh, with large fully erect nipples, both pierced. I reached forward for them and she said ”not yet I haven’t finished what I want, Keep taking pictures” She reached forward and started to unbutton my shirt, I slipped it off and she tugged at both my nipples then planted her mouth on each one sucking licking and nipping with her teeth on each one. I could feel her nipples and tits touching my body as she worked her way around my chest. I asked her to stop stroking my shaft as I was ready to cum, she sat back down and said come here. I stepped forward and she pulled down my boxers allowing my swollen cock to fall forward bouncing obscenely in the air in front of her face, by now my head was fully exposed the foreskin having been pushed back as my cock had grown and swelled, my boxers falling to the floor I stepped out of them and was totally naked.
She reached into her bag and reapplied her red lipstick and told me to get ready with the camera, as she wanted to “suck me dry”.
I watched her mouth open and totally envelope my cock head, in one fluid movement she took as much as she could and swirled her head around and around, watching her red lips make a circle around my shaft and then she looked up at me and lifted her head off my cock, she said “can you last as I want to take my time on your cock” I had taken a Viagra and said” take all the time you want, but I need to lay down”, my legs were buckling. I said “can I taste you” we moved to the bad and she said “ok” she slipped a couple of fingers into her shaven cunt withdrew them and offered them to me, I sucked licked and swallowed all of the cunt juice I could, she was soaking wet and tasted sweet and a little musty, perfect.

I laid back on the bed and she pulled my cock upright from its base and began to slap her tits onto it I was mesmerised with her swinging big heavy tits, she than took each nipple in turn and rubbed it into the piss slit of my cock head, the cool metal of the piercings a contrasting with the warm nipples, she reminded me to keep taking pictures, so I lay back onto to pillow opened my thighs and let her get to work on my cock and balls. One moment she was licking my shaft the next it was full suction on the head, she would use her teeth along the shaft and then take each of my balls in turn and make her mouth move like a washing machine massaging by cum fill nuts.

I felt a finger slip around to my ass and put gentle pressure on my hole, I raise up a little and she said “higher” As I did she let go of my cock and pushed me up exposing my ass and spread my cheeks with her hands placing her tongue onto my bum hole she gentling started rimming me, Oh my fucking god I cried, as her tongue probed deeper I was in heaven, in out, up down, onto my balls and back down again, it was fantastic, she let my arse drop down again and went back to my cock. She sat up and said “ I want you to fuck my mouth and talk filth to me, use my mouth and come when you are ready”. She rolled over and reached down to her cunt, putting fingers inside her with one hand and working her clit with the other she lay there huge tits hanging either side, pussy full of fingers and her mouth open.

I straddled her body and slapped her tits with my cock as I moved towards her mouth.
With her head on the pillows, and me squatting in front of her I had to bend my cock down kocaeli sınırsız escort to get the glistening head level with those red lips and open mouth, I realised this wasn’t going to work so I stood up and got her of the bed and back to the chair, this time I took her head in my hands guided it to my cock head and started fucking her face, she moaned and looked up at me, “come on bitch, suck, work my cock” mmmmmm she groaned and nodded slightly, “fucking suck it harder, pull that hot spunk out of me, I want to fill your mouth with my cum, come on, take all my cock while I fuck your face” Her fingers of one hand and disappeared up her cunt and the other was pulling on her pierced nipples, she actually had a cum while sucking me off, I started telling her how I was going to fuck her, and slap her arse, I was going to rim her hole and finger it while I fucked her doggy, she was going crazy I could hear her soaking cunt as her fingers went wild. I said “ ready bitch you cock slut cause I am gonna cum, she pulled her hand out of the cunt and placed her soppy fingers around my ball sack and with the other started pumping my shaft, she raised her head off my cock and started licking the underside of my cock head while pulling down on my balls. As my first spurt shot out it hit her on the side of the face, she caught all the rest in her mouth and her red lips formed a seal around my cock as she sucked all of the hot cum out of me, she stopped sucking and allowed her tongue to draw last circles around the head of my cock gently titillating the now ultra-sensitive underside of the head and probing the piss slit. I dropped down resting my wet still hard cock on her tits and licked my own cum of her face she opened her mouth and I let it drizzle between her open lips and onto her tongue which she then swallowed.
I said I have to have you now, she smiled and said “come on then, how hard can you fuck?” I stood up and got her to bend over on the bed and spread her legs, I let her stay like that waiting for me to mount her, I walked around the bed just looking at her, black Basque, huge heavy tits hanging and swinging low, her meaty cunt bright pink and wet, her lipstick all smudged dry cum on her face, I got the camera and took some more pics, she leaned forward and spread her cunt and ass hole, I probed her cunt with 1 finger, it was red hot and soaking, I pulled it out and touched her ass with it putting her slime in her hole before gently pushing it into her, she said “mmm nice, when do I get rimmed?” I finger fucked her ass a little, taking a couple more pics and then moved around to her front just to see those huge tits again, the pierced nipple silver bars glinting. I lay on my back and slid under her face, she bent forward and we kissed long and deep tongues thrashing each other’s mouths I reached up and took her tits in my hands and felt the weight of them, we stopped kissing and I slid further down her body, getting her tits level with my face and lick sucked and kissed them, pulling on her piercing with my teeth, sucking on her fleshy globes with my mouth, it was her cunt I wanted. I slid back towards her head and got of the bed moving around to her exposed cunt and ass. I knelt down and feather tongued her ass, blowing gently and flicking my stiffened tongue everywhere around her hole. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart to give me better access, I then started to tongue fuck her arse, gently at first little by little, until I was burying my tongue and she kept saying deeper, deeper, I knew I was going to have fuck her in the arse but not yet, it was so tight, I just wanted to see my cock buried in it.
Now it was time to taste he clit, I wanted her to control where she got licked and sucked, I told he I wanted her to cum on may face I wanted her cunt juice all over me. We positioned ourselves so that she could mount my face and she lowered her cunt down. I started on her fat cunt lips sucking each side in turn, nibbling with my teeth and lips, taking both lips into izmit anal yapan escort my mouth and sucking long and deep, probing her cunt with my tongue and nose, she moved her pussy up and down my face, manipulating her body and saying higher or left a bit suck more, just lick, I was in absolute heaven, her first cum was a surprise I had finally reached her clit and she used her hand to expose it more, I had licked it gently a couple of times and just took it between my lips when she pushed down, gave a loud moan and started to shake a little, I was smothered in cunt lips and juice, she rode my face for a few seconds and then lifted of me.

“I need to be fucked, please fuck me” she said, as I slid from under her she dropped her face and licked her cum from mine. I stood up went round behind her and got onto the bed. I knelt behind her and felt for her cunt, she raised arse up again to allow me easier access, I could see her pink tight arse beckoning my cock but knew that would wait and so I myself around to a ‘reverse cowboy’ so she could ride me, once she realised what I was up to she reached underneath herself and guided the head of my cock to her cunt pushing past her fat cunt lips and into her sopping hole. Her cunt was big, like most women her age, but it was so fucking hot, she sat down on me taking my length with ease and started to grind onto me. I reached up and cupped her tits again pulling on her nipple bars and groping her big fat tits, she was loving it and so was I. she kept grinding backwards and forwards with her hand on her clit, she had another little cum and said she wanted to turn around, she slowly swivelled on my cock making her way around until I was faced with her huge tits perfect for sucking. This time she began to go up and down on my shaft I reached for the camera and started taking picks of my cock going in and out of her cunt and her tits flopping and bouncing as she rode me, I could feel myself getting ready for another cum, and asked her to mount my face once more, she slid off my cock and I moved down as she moved up. A trickle of cunt juice dripped on my body as her cunt came to my face, she held her pussy over my face looking under herself as it dripped into my mouth.
I drank it down and she lowered herself onto my lips and I began to eat her, her knees were weak and so we turned over so I could be onto and concentrate on her clit, I wanted another cum out of her before I shot my load. With her on her back legs spread and cunt wide open it was a stunning sight, I started to wank my cock just looking at her laid before me. I had to stop before I shot my cum over her. I lay down and ate her cunt. I had fingers in her, I tongued her ass, I fingered her ass while I sucked her clit she lay back and loved it, again directing my tongue and fingers as necessary.

I was ready to burst by now, asked her where she want my next load, she said in her face, she wanted to see my cum spurting out, I moved forward to get a close shot at her and told her to lick my balls while I wanked myself off, she got at them straight away and I stroked my shaft , I Felt her tongue dip to my ass again and moved up so she could rim me again. With her tongue up my arse and my had stroking my shaft I was soon on the edge of shooting, I moved away and with my cock about a foot away from her face I pulled hard and was soon shooting hot cum onto her lustful face, there wasn’t as much as the first load but she loved it none the less.

I collapsed beside her and lay for a second, she said she needed cleaned up again, I moved my face over hers and licked the cum of her, dropping each tongue full between those red lips and into her open mouth.

We showered together, soaping each other down and I wanted to fuck her arse, as I was getting hard again, but time was short for her she had to get back but she promised her ass was mine next time we met.

The pictures were for her husband who couldn’t get it up anymore but loved to see pictures of her being fucked, she asked if he could watch next time, I said I was cool with that, I suggested that she bring a video camera.

She was my first mature hook up and is still my favourite, we have had some amazing sex since then and she even brought a girl friend with her!

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