She liked to call me daddy. I guess it was the 40-year difference in age. We met on an erotic story site and started a correspondence. At first very suggestive, but soon became very erotic. Cybersex quickly followed. A year later she traveled from the mid-west to visit.

I picked her up at the airport. Our first passionate kiss told me she was ready for everything. We went to the hotel across the street from the amusement park. There were plenty of place to eat close by so I knew I didn’t have to worry went I could not be with her.

After a brief return home, we spend 4 hours together mostly naked in bed. After dinner and a lively conversation, we showered together. Washing each other was very sensuous.

“Daddy, I think you are happy to see me”, she said, holding my rock-hard cock. As soon as we were in bed, my mouth was on her pussy. Gently licking her. Long slow licks from her ass hole to her clit. Every time my tongue crossed her clit she jumped a little. She was getting wetter and wetter. My mouth locked on her hard clit and I sucked until her orgasm made her body shake. I backed off for a moment. Then started in again. Her moaning included, “Daddy, you are going to make me cum again!” I continued and her second orgasm was much stronger than the first.

She begged me to stop and escort told me to lie on my back. Soon she was on top lowering herself.

“Daddy, your little girl want to ride you.”

“Yes baby, please do.”

My cock filled her pussy and sunk deep inside her. She was an expert on how to ride cock. Moving her hips. Waving her big tits in my face. The view from under her was wonderful.

I could see and feel her getting close to cumming again. My mouth found one of her nipples and I gently bite down. She moaned very loud, “Daddy”, as she had a gushing orgasm.

After, she slide off me and my cock was in her mouth and she licked and sucked until I came hard.

We held each other for the next hour and talked.

She spent the next two days on her own at the park.

The next day I picked her up and we drove to the ocean. Watching the sun go down over the water was something new for her. We then had a wonderful dinner and she wanted to return to her room.

We got naked and climb into the shower. She started to tell me about an event from the previous day. As I was washing her, she told me she met one of the room servants from the hotel. They talked and found each other interesting. They got together in the room the previous night. My little girl had told me she was bi, but had never acted on those thoughts. izmit escort bayan The two women spent the evening together in the shower and bed fucking and sucking each other, cumming many times. As I was hearing this, my cock was so hard it hurt. My little girl could see my discomfort and spent extra time with her hands on my manhood. Then, as the water continued to fall around us, she turned her ass to me and bent over. I entered her hard and fast. My fucking action had a deliberate end in mind. In just 2 minutes I filled her pussy with my juices and my little girl came with me. After a few minutes of just being still inside her, I pulled out and washed her pussy until she came again.

We jumped into bed and repeated all the things we had done the first night. With one exception. I showed her a different position. Me at a 90 degree to her, and under her near leg. This allowed my cock to be very deep inside her. And allowed my hand to explore her body. First on her nipples, the squeezing got her off quickly. My finger on her clit, while fucking her deeply got her off even faster.

She said I wore her out.

The next day the plan was to pick her up at 11am and take her to the airport. She texted me early, and asked if I could come early. I knew I was going to get to have my baby girl izmit sınırsız escort one more time so I was eager.

I arrived at the room and from outside I could hear voices inside. I knocked. My little girl opened the door. My eyes immediately beheld two naked women. I was introduced to Natalie, the hotel employee. Natalie was about the same as my little girl. 5’3’’, 130 lbs., nice big “D” tits and a shaved pussy.

As soon as I walked in my baby girl said she had planned this surprise. Natalie came up to me and kissed my lips and mouth deeply. Her hands were pulled down my shorts and boxers. Her big tits rubbing into my chest as my little girl pulled my shirt off me. Then Natalie’s ass was bent over the couch and wide open for my cock. I was guided to the hole, and because Nat was very wet (I guess the girls had been playing for a while before I got there) it was easy to slide into her. On my third deep stroke Nat came all over my cock.

My little girl pushed me on the bed and jump to shallow my cock. I watched as she really enjoyed licking and tasting Nat’s juices from my cock. Nat was behind her, with her tongue deep inside my little girl’s pussy. The both had orgasms.

I was flat on my back and both took turns riding my cock and having orgasms, Soon, it was time for us to go to the airport. We said good bye to Nat. She got my number and ask My little girl permission to fuck me on a regular basis. My little girl giggled and said, “you better”, and “you better tell me every detail

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