An Attitude Adjustment


The voice that caught my attention…

It was a voice that belonged to a young girl. “Mom…please. Please mom, can we get this! Everyone says that this is the greatest cereal.” As for the young girl, she was craddling a box of cereal in her arms. In my opinion, as well as the other’s that were in the aisle…we knew that the young girl was in her pleading stage.

The other voice that caught my attention…

“Honey, you know that cereal is loaded with sugar. It’s not good for you. I think it would be best, if we stayed with our normal brands.”

This little episode could happen at any given time, in any given store…but today, it was happening in a grocery store. Right smack in the middle of the cereal aisle. Mother and daughter were standing no more than 10 feet from where I was standing. The young girl was facing me…but her attention was focused soley, on her mother.

The mother had already chose the cereal that she wanted her daughter to eat; she had tossed it into her carriage. It was a brand of cereal that spoke of a healthy start, to anyone’s morning. The conversation between the mother and her daughter, had captured my attention. Everyone who was in the aisle was waiting for the daughter’s response; the outburst. We knew from experience…that the outburst was fast approaching.

As for the mother…you could see it in her eyes, in her body language; she was expecting the outburst too. Any child, regardless of their age, who doesn’t get what they want…all you have to do is watch their body language. This young girl wasn’t going to succumb to her mother’s wishes…at least, not without a fight. As of yet, the whinning stages hadn’t even begun. The young girl’s voice…hadn’t reached that high pitch tone yet. But, it was fast approaching.

For one brief second, I caught a glimpse of the mother’s reddened face; she became aware of the other shoppers in the aisle. She was aware that the people in the aisle, were now looking in her direction. Perhaps, this is what the daughter had hoped for.

“Mom, all my friends are saying that this is the greatest cereal. Why can’t you be cool like my friend’s parents! Why do you always have to be so mean!” Ahhh, the high pitched tone…the stomping of the feet. The young girl appeared to be on the verge of tears.

It’s easy to sterotype people. I placed the young girl at…14 or 15 years of age. She was dressed in nice, preppy clothing…pretty hair style; manicured nails. More than likely, mother and father had nice jobs/careers. It appeared as if this young girl was spoiled. At the on-set of the discussion, when the outburst first appeared it’s ugly self…the mother should have said, “When we get home, you’re going straight over my knee.”

Today’s kids are pretty smart…they know that society frowns on spanking children. Standing where I was…I could tell from both mother and daughter…this young girl had never been spanked before. I remained where I was. I wanted to stay around and see who was going to win this duel. If there had been any odds on the outcome…my money would have been placed on the young girl.

“Sandy, I’m not being mean. And I don’t appreciate your tone of voice.” The mother was taking a stand. “I want you to have a well balanced breakfast. You’re not going to start your day off with a bowl of sugar! Now, put the cereal back and let’s finish our shopping.”

The mother appeared to be a strong-minded woman. Her voice was filled with determination. As soon as she had stated her words, she abruptly moved her carriage and proceeded down the aisle and away from her daughter.

But alas, the daughter won.

“I’ll just ask daddy! He’ll buy the cereal for me! He loves me!” The pitch of the young girls voice…her statement, this caused the mother to stop dead in her tracks.

That statement, by anyone’s standards…would be considered a low blow. But not from a young girls perspective. Especially a young girl that wanted a particular brand of cereal. The mother nervously looked around the aisle; she was embarrassed; she was pissed off. To avoid any further embarrassment, the mother grabbed the cereal box from her daughter’s arms. One second later, the cereal box was in the carriage. Mother and daughter, then walked down the aisle…a moment later, they were gone from sight.

Just another typical day in the grocery store…

I continued on with my shopping. I couldn’t shake away the comment that the young girl had said to her mother. Clearly, the mother didn’t appreciate hearing her daughter say the word, “daddy.” In the short exchange of words between mother and daughter…an impression was left behind. I became intrigued.

Saturday morning…the grocery store was busy. I eventually finished my shopping…the parking lot was crowded. I sat in my car and waited. I kept a watchful eye on the exits. There was no point in questioning my thoughts…the mother of this young girl, had captured my attention.

If I had to guess, the lady was in her mid 30’s. She was dressed in casual jeans and a white Ralph Lauren blouse. I couldn’t help but notice what appeared to be, an expensive tennis bracelet on her wrist. Without question, they were real diamonds. The earings that she was wore, they also were real diamonds. She was a brunette, shoulder length hair; styled. I also noticed that her fngernails were manicured; her toes and nails were painted red. A color that I found alluring. Again, if I had to guess…she weighed no more than 120lbs. Somewhat petite…I guessed that she stood no more than 5 feet, give an inch or two. Her breasts didn’t appear large…at best; a “B” cup. Two other note worthy things, that I had discovered in that short exchange: the woman wasn’t wearing a wedding band. The other thing that I had noticed; her ass was perfectly shaped; small and round.

As I waited in my car, I began to think of the many possibilities. As my mind was traveling in thought, so too, did my second head; my cock became hard. After a short amount of time, I finally saw the mother and daughter. They had exited the grocery store…a moment later, the mother began to fill her car with the groceries. As they left the parking lot and headed into traffic…I was close behind. The woman made a quick stop at the cleaner’s. Another pit stop…she and daughter walked into a pet store. Finally, we seemed to be on our way…she was heading to the outskirts of the city. Driving approximately 7 miles away from the city limits, she drove into a very respectable neighborhood; I slowed down.

When I passed her driveway, the garage door was already closing. She was driving a beautiful BMW…I had jotted down her license plate number. When we left the city limits; I noticed the time. I wanted to know how long it would take to drive from the city to her address, and thankfully; she drove within the speed limit. The time factor, I felt…would be important. When and if the police were called…I wanted an approximate time of their arrival. I also wanted to know how often the neighborhood was patroled by the local police department. All my questions, in due time…would be answered.
I had just turned 35…having been divorced for nearly 7 years, I chose to remain single. I knew there was a chance that I would be the lead investigator for the case. If ever, there was a case. I was entering my 15th year, working in the police department as an investigator. My case loads involved a vast array of crimes…one being rape. So yes, I was very much aware of my concerns, the questions that my mind had entertained…in due time, I would be able to provide myself with the correct answers. I was well aware of the reasons, as to why I had followed this woman…call it a hobby of mine; I enjoyed raping un-expectant women.

The street that the woman lived on, ended in a cul-de-sac. The homes were quite large…from my vantage point, I could see that many of the homes had pools. It became apparently clear to me, that the neighborhood was kid oriented. In other words, most homes showed signs of kids…swing sets, monkey bars, bikes in the driveways or on the front lawn; basket ball hoops. There were “spaces” between each home; tree lines separated one property from the next. In other words, there was some privacy between the homes. Leaving the neighborhood, I came to the conclusion that I needed to investigate further. Too, when I caressed my crotch; my cock was still hard.

Within a few days, I learned of the ladies name. JoLyn Webster…37 years of age. Her driving record was clean. As for her weight and height? I was so close with my guess. Her license indicated that she stood 5″2″ and weighed 120lbs. She had no criminal record. Having checked all court records, I came to the conclusion that she was legally separated; divorce papers had been filed. For the time being, she was using her husband’s last name. Her daughter’s name was Sandy Webster; age 16. She was a junior in high school.

I also took great efforts to learn about JoLyn’s husband. He was a defense attorney; a partner at a very pretigious law firm. His reputation as a lawyer was well known and too, he was known to be a “player.” Perhaps, a reason for their separation and empending divorce? One never knew, if one day…I would be needing his services. Looking into his profile, I didn’t feel as if he posed a threat to me.
The first time I had ever raped a woman…a few days later; I had read about her ordeal in the local newspaper. The newspaper had mentioned her name and age…the article had spoken of the ordeal that she had suffered. Suffered? Not hardly! In my opinion, it was great sex! Probably the best sex, she ever had in her life.

Still, from that point forward, I felt it was necessary to know the woman’s name, her age and any other pleasantries that might be helpful. And so, I had gained some personal information about JoLyn Webster. I also came to the conclusion that it was in my best interest, to delve further into JoLyn Webster’s personal life.

In the following weeks, when time permitted; I visited the neighborhood. Most times when I did visited the neighborhood, I was in a police cruiser. From time to time, I drew the attention of those that lived on the street…a few would wave in my direction; they felt safe with my presence. They had no idea that I was sizing up the neighborhood; a particular home in their neighborhood, for an impending rape.
In the early morning hours, the darkened homes would come to life. I wondered how many of the families had set their alarm clocks to the same precise hour. Everyone who lived in the neighborhood, was seemingly punctual in the daily activities. On many mornings, I witnessed the parents, as they ushered their children, out through their front doors. The school busses were even punctual. Within this neighborhood, there was a system of sorts…even the parents participated; soon after the busses left the neighborhood; they left for their jobs.

JoLyn’s household, wasn’t any different than any other household in the neighborhood. On many occasions, she stood by the front door as her daughter Sandy, would run off to the bus stop. JoLyn would be seen standing there, waving and wishing her daughter, “to have a good day”. There were mornings when she would be seen wearing a robe…other mornings, she was perhaps, more prepared; she was dressed for work. As was her normal routine, within 20 minutes after her daughter’s departure; she left for work.

I visited the neighborhood during the late morning and early afternoon hours. Overall, the neighborhood was quiet. Still, there was some activity. Most everyone in the nieghborhood had a manicured lawn. The contractors were hard at work during this time of the day. Those who had their pools cleaned by professionals, they too were seen during this time of the day. As for JoLyn’s lawn…her contractor showed up each and every Friday.

Late afternoons, were much like the morning hours. The children were home from school. Most of the children who lived in the nieghborhood, returned to an empty home. Such was the case with JoLyn’s daughter, Sandy. On more than one occasion, I had watched Sandy walk home from the bus stop. She was never alone…two other kids were always in her company. She never entered her home from the front entrance. Instead…she walked around to the back. Within a reasonable amount of time, she and the two kids, that were in her company…they walked across the street and into another home. Alas, Sandy watched the kids across the street…until their parents returned home.

The evening hours…the neighborhood became quiet. JoLyn’s arrival time…always very close to the 6 o’clock hour. I had viewed JoLyn’s tax card. Her home was over 2200 sq. feet of occupied space. Her property was situated on 2 acres. Most of the acreage consisted of woods…and those woods, much to my delight, were located in the back yard. The last light that was turned off faced the street. Something told me that this light was JoLyn’s bedroom light.

JoLyn Webster, was a woman of habit. She followed a routine of sorts. When she left her home for work, she always stopped at the same cafe. She always left the cafe with a cup of coffee, and perhaps a bagel or muffin. She was always punctual when it came to her job, she always parked her BMW in the same parking spot. Was she the bank’s manager? Or was she a teller, a loan officer? I never found out. I was always very impressed with her selection of clothes, the styles and colors; she was indeed, a very attractive woman.

Monday through Friday, JoLyn would leave the bank at the 4o’clock hour. Instead of racing home, she went to a health club. I never watched her work out, but she spent approximately 45 minutes in the gym. When she stepped outside, she wasn’t wearing her business attire, instead she was wearing leotards or shorts. No matter what she would wear when she left the gym, I was transfixed by her figure. I knew that I wanted to fuck her.

I had formulated a plan. I wanted my time with JoLynn to be remembered. I wanted the rape to be a slow process, whereas, I would discover her sexuality; I wanted to be the reason for her orgasm’. Days that lead into weeks, I came to the realization that I didn’t need to follow her. Glancing at my watch, I knew what she was doing…I knew what she would be doing; she was an easy target. I was infatuated with her bottom. Often, I masturbated…I knew the day would come, when I would place the head of my cock against the entrance to her darkened hole.

JoLyn’s soon to be ex-husband…every other weekend, the couple exchanged custody of their daughter. When Sandy’s father arrived to pick her up…the greeting he received was simply beautiful. From my vantage point, it became perfectly clear to me; father and daughter loved each other; she always ran to his open arms. Seeing the every-other-weekend reunion…well, I became intrigued. It was then, that I began to consider the daughter, as a possible victim.

I wanted JoLyn to remember the moment. By including her daughter into my plan, the rememberance factor, would prove to be priceless. The father would be devasted to learn that his precious daughter had been fucked. Another thought entered my mind. The daughter could be used as a tool. A mother would do anything to protect her daughter? What would JoLyn be willing to do…to protect her daughter from getting raped?

Every Sunday, JoLyn went to church. Every other Sunday; she and her daughter attended the church service. After church, always at the same restaurant; they would settle down and enjoy a brunch together. The weekends when JoLyn was alone, she maintained a busy lifestyle. She always went to the mall…walking in and out of the clothing stores; always having multiple bags in hand. She spent time in her flower gardens…she soaked up the sun on her deck, she swam in her pool. Having spent alot of time in the woods…with binoculers in hand; she sipped wine in her jacuzzi. I never saw her enter the jacuzzi…naked. Aside from a female friend or two…I never saw a man visit her home. She kept a pretty low-key, quiet lifestyle.

I was an easy take…the first time I had walked into JoLyn’s home. From the wooded area in the back yard, using binoculers…I would watch Sandy’s arrival from school. There was a reason why…she walked to the back yard. There under a flower pot…was the key to the house. I wanted to know the layout of JoLyn’s home…I knew it would prove to be valuable information.

JoLyn and her daughter Sandy, had left for church…the house would be mine for a few hours. The neighborhood was quiet. From the wooded area, I approached the home from the tree line. I was aware that the neighborhood had a “Watch Program” in effect. Knowing that there were risks involved…I proceeded at a slow and careful pace. By the time I was standing at the back entrance to her home; I hadn’t even attracted a dog’s bark. As expected, the key to her home was under the flower pot.

The back door led me into an area that is commonly known, as being a “mud room.” From there, I entered the kitchen. The kitchen was quite beautiful…elegant in fact; very clean. Every appliance was top-of-the line…marble countertops; the fridge was full of food, as were the cabinets. On the island, there was a basket of sorts. I rummaged through JoLyn’s mail. I came across a check for $1200.00 and it became clear to me that this was a payment for the daughter, from her father.

JoLyn kept a modest balance on her credit cards. The stores where she had made the puchases…I was well aware of the names; I had followed her. I saw a cookie jar on a shelf and thought of my stomach. I reached inside for a cookie. The only problem was…there were no cookies in the jar. Instead, I found 3 crisp one hundred dollar bills. I was hopeful that the money would be there…when I made my visit truly memorable.

From the kitchen, I walked into every room on the first floor. Her dining room was elegant. Every little thing that she owned…was in it’s place; she was indeed, a very neat and organized lady. When I looked in the closets by her front door, I saw no clutter; I was impressed. JoLyn’s living room spoke of luxury. The leather sofa and love seats, the recliners…the large screen television; a quick thought came to mind. The living room would be a perfect place to relax, to rest…to izmit rus escort have a sandwich while I watched tv. I’ve always been the typ of man that exerts alot of energy when I fuck. A little rest in-between orgasm’…well, it was something to consider.

I proceeded upstairs. JoLyn’s bedroom was simply beautiful. I stood by the window and peeked outside, her bedroom did in fact, face the street. I stood before her queen size bed and I felt that familiar twitch in my pants. Thinking on it’s own…my cock had begun to imagine, what she looked like, in her bed. I couldn’t help but wonder…if she slept in the nude. The colors and print of her comforter spoke of her feminity. I carefully sat on the side of her bed; her mattress was hard. I opened the drawers to her bureau. I began to examine her lingerie drawer. Holding a pair of her panties in my hand, as my heart skipped many beats; I brought them to my face. The softness of the material was intoxicating.

My next move may not have been the brightest. But, my cock was straining to be released from the confines of my pants. I quickly unsnapped my jeans…lowering my zipper, I took my cock out from my pants. I was rock hard. I wrapped JoLyn’s panties around my cock…singing a happy tune, I began to masturbate. I was slowly stroking my cock…within a few minutes, I could feel my orgasm mounting. A very powerful orgasm…my sperm erupted from my pee slit and soiled the sheerness of the fabric. With great care, I stuffed the panties back into her drawer. I couldn’t help but wonder, if one day, she would be wearing the soiled panties.

JoLyn had her own bathroom. Just a hop, skip and a long jump away from her bed. I looked in her medicine cabinet…and then, out of the corner of my eye; I saw her clothes hamper. I couldn’t help myself…taking a deep breath, reaching in…I pulled out a pair of her panties. Inhaling deeply, I was able to savor the scent of her body. The crotch area was slightly stained; my cock once again, grew hard. I smiled to myself. Yes, in between orgasm’; I would need to rest.

I was looking for something. What I was looking for…well, it wasn’t in JoLyn’s bedroom. It wasn’t located in the hallway. There were three other rooms off from the hallway. The first door I opened, I came to the realization, that it was a spare bedroom. The other room, was a full size bathroom. What I was looking for…it hadn’t been in either of those rooms. When I stepped into Sandy’s bedroom…I quickly went to her closet. It was filled with clutter and clothes…but, I found what I was looking for. The entrance to the attic.

JoLyn’s daughters bedroom spoke of her age…it was portrayed as being a typical teenager’s room. She had a computer, stereo system and her own television. Why would anyone want to leave their bedroom? She had a full size bed. Even though the bed was considered small…I knew that I could still position myself on the bed; in between her legs. I sat on the side of her bed…it squeaked. That sound intrigued me. If I left Sandy’s bedroom open…also leaving JoLyn’s bedroom door open, then perhaps, that sound would carry down the hallway. I couldn’t help myself…I smiled at the idea.
A tool. It could become as simple as a squeaky bed. Would JoLyn do anything and everything that was necessary…to protect her daughter?

I saw a picture of Sandy and her father. Another thought came to mind. When the time came, I thought it would be a perfect move on my behalf. I would turn the photo towards the bed. I wanted the father to have his chance, of seeing his daughter…in her moment of duress.

I truly felt as if I had gained some valuable information. When I returned to the kitchen, I stepped into the mud room; I simply left in the same manner as I had arrived. Once I got back into my car and drove away, I began to contemplate my next move. I knew that I had to wait a few weeks. The weekend that was approaching…Sandy would be with her father. The weekend after…well, I circled that date on my calendar.

Another risk. The day in question had arrived. Well before JoLyn’s daughter was scheduled to arrive home from school…I reached under the flower pot. Opening the door to the mud room, I then placed the key back under the flower pot; I breathed a sigh of relief. My plan was now in full swing. I didn’t mess around; I was focused on what had to be accomplished. I went upstairs and entered JoLyn’s bedroom. I placed a small gym bag underneath her bed. I had to hope that the bag, would go un-noticed. I quickly left the bedroom and entered Sandy’s bedroom. The first thing I did? I turned the photo towards her bed. I then placed another gym bag under her bed. I then slipped into Sandy’s closet and raised myself into the opening to the attic.

It was rather warm. Actually, it was downright hot! I knew that I was going to be in the attic for quite a few hours…suffering a few hardships, was part of my overall plan. Once I was situated in the attic, from the backpack I was wearing; I removed the many bottles of water. Aside from needing water…I knew that I was going to have to pee. The water bottles had multiple uses. The food that I had packed was all soft…there was no need to make any noises, while I ate. I brought a small flashlight. I brought some reading material, a few crossword books. The waiting game…had begun.

I kept track of the time. At the time when I was expecting Sandy to come home from school…she didn’t disappoint me. The attic entrance was barely left open. I had left her closet door ajar. In the distance…from within the house; I heard voices. All at once, I felt someone’s presence…Sandy had entered her bedroom. She called out to someone. As quickly as she had entered her bedroom…she quickly had left. I knew when the front door had slammed shut…she was on her way to the house, across the street. I was pleased.

The waiting game…continued.

I was reading my book, when I heard some familiar voices. I had been expecting JoLyn to arrive home from work. Like any other night, she was punctual; I was pleased. I was well aware that they could have some plans for the evening. I was risking alot…and I was hoping that this night, was going to play out like any other night; they would remain at home. I knew when JoLyn and her daughter were upstairs…their voices became much more clearer.

I heard JoLyn’s voice. “Sandy, put your PJ’s on and I’ll meet you downstairs. I already order the pizza. I’m a bit tired. I thought we could watch a few movies together.”

A moment later, I knew that Sandy was inside her bedroom. She turned her television on. She was moving about. I had to believe that she was taking her clothes off and putting her pajama’s on. She never opened her closet door. She yelled out, “Mom, did you order a pizza with everything on it?” I heard a muffled reply.

Maybe, I would be able to eat the leftover’s? Once again, I was thinking of the squeaky bed. Hoping that the sound would carry down the hallway. Sandy didn’t stay in her bedroom long…without having seen her, I sensed that she had left for the downstairs. Thankfully, she had turned her television off. I was also pleased that she hadn’t closed her bedroom door.

From outside Sandy’s bedroom…from the hallway; I heard movement. Another round of muffled conversation. I heard a toilet flush. It’s as if I could picture where they were. And then, I heard footsteps leading away…down the stairs. I noticed the time. Without question, I knew that I had to endure a few more hours. But, the light at the end of the tunnel…the prize that was awaiting me; I knew it was well worth it.

It was getting late…the house had been quiet. It was nearing 10 o’clock when I heard voices coming from the hallway. I heard JoLyn say, “Good night honey. Don’t stay up late. I love you.”
“Good night mom. I love you too.” Sandy answered. I felt her presence in her bedroom. She turned the television on, the volume was low. She moved about in her room. My heart stopped beating when she opened her bedroom closet. Of course, my flashlight was off. I was breathing ever so gently. I didn’t move a muscle.

A few moments later, I heard the squeak. She was in her bed. Aside from the voices from the television; she was talking to someone. I quickly realized that she was talking to someone on the phone. The person she was talking to? Well, his photo was looking right at her. I heard about her day at school. She mentioned the pizza and movies that she had watched with her mother. Ho Hum! Go to bed already…is all that my mind could think of!

When Sandy had said good night to her father. When she had said the words, “I love you too.” When the television had been turned off…I knew that the golden hour was fast approaching. The sweat continued to pour down my face…yet, I knew that my hardship would soon be over. More than an hour had passed…when I slid back the opening to the attic. I was able to hear the soft sounds that Sandy made; I sensed that she was sound asleep.

Having packed my backpack; I carefully slid down through the opening. Before making my grand entrance; I had put on a black ski mask. I was dressed in black. I placed a pen light in my mouth. I was listening for any movements…I was listening for any sounds of any kind. Sandy slept on her side; her back was facing me when I approached her. She hadn’t moved the photo. I carefully retrieved my small gym bag, from beneath her bed. I then invaded her slumber. I reached and clamped my hand over her mouth. She woke up in an instant. She immediately showed me a terrified expression; her eyes grew very wide. Seeing her immediate expression, showing the signs of immediate fear; I was pleased.

Even in the sound of sleep…when fear is felt, the process of waking up, is rather quick. Sandy didn’t yawn. She didn’t have the time to stretch her arms out. Instead, her body became rigid. I leaned in and whispered, “You make a sound…just one small sound and your mother is going to pay dearly. Do you understand me?”

She was nodding. She understood my every word.

I then reached into my bag of tricks and presented Sandy with a device, known as a ball gag. She had no idea what it was. I wanted to assist her in a helpful way…and so, I grabbed her by the hair and whispered, “Open up.”

Her eyes registered such fear…a quick moment later, the ball gag was in place. I pulled the comforter and sheets away from her body…with such precision; I placed wrist and ankle restraints on her tiny and fragile body. A few moments later, the young girl was secured to the frame of her bed. Once she became aware of her bonds, she began to struggle.

The bed! it began to squeak! I had to move fast…

Before I left her bedroom, I took a moment to admire her beautiful young body. She was attempting to make all kinds of verbal sounds and yet, the ball gag kept her from being heard. She was wearing simplistic pajama’s…and I’m quite sure, prior to my arrival, she had been enjoying a beautiful dream. A nightmare though, was fast approaching.

Sandy trembled in fear…that same emotion, is what I wanted, what I was expecting from JoLyn. Not wishing to make any noise…with the squeaking in the background, I quickly gained momentum; I stood outside of JoLyn’s bedroom. I placed my ear against the bedroom door. The bedroom appeared to be silent. With my hand on the door knob, I turned it ever so gently. I crept inside and eventually, I found myself standing to the right side of JoLyn’s bed. She was sound asleep. I then reached under her bed for my little bag of tricks.

I approached JoLyn in a different way. I was dealing with an older person. Perhaps a woman, who was able to fight back? I had no idea if she had the will to fight me. In my left hand, I held a rather large knife. In a quick moment, JoLyn was awake…I had grabbed her by the hair. Her eyes immediately grew wide…she was looking at my dark face, covered by the ski mask. She may have wanted to scream…but she remained ever so quiet; she had felt the blade of my knife against her throat. The immediate reaction that I was hoping for…was present; she was terrified.

I whispered in her ear, “Say a word…just one word…scream out just once, and your precious daughter will feel my wrath.” Ahhh, that precious sound was heard in the background. It was like music in my ears. Sandy was struggling, testing her bonds; her bed squeaked in the distance.

The blade of my knife never left her throat…JoLyn remained rigid. I wanted to enjoy the moment, and so; I reached my hand under the comforter. JoLyn was wearing pajama’s…the fabric was very soft. I cupped her right breast in my hand. She wasn’t wearing a bra. It wasn’t anything more than a handful. The size of her breast was the size that I had been expecting. I reached further and with ease, I brought my hand under her pajama top. I was now holding her right breast in my hand…it flt wonderful in my grasp; soft and smooth. I took a moment and began to tease her nipple and then, I began to pinch it, ever so slightly.

My eyes never left her eyes…her breathing was heavy; seemingly gasping for breath. JoLyn’s eyes were blinking and then, she found the courage…she whispered. “Please…please don’t hurt me. I beg you…please don’t hurt my daughter.”

The last part of her plea…was music to my ears. JoLyn’s bedroom was dark. Yet, when your eyes become acclimated to your surroundings, you can notice certain things; certain objects. Though JoLyn was looking into my eyes, I knew she could only see a ski mask. JoLyn’s heart continued to beat a miile a minute. Yet, so was my heart. Her plea was very meaningful to me…I knew that my time with her was going to be very special.

I spoke in a whisper. “Your daughter is safe. If you want her to remain safe…then you’re going to be a very good girl. JoLyn, if you do anything foolish, then yes…both you and Sandy are going to experience some pain.” My knife remained close to her throat.

When I said her name…when I had mentioned her daughter’s name; her eyes grew very wide. I smiled. I wondered, if JoLyn was able to see my smile. Surely, she had noticed the whiteness of my teeth. I had to wonder, what thoughts were traveling through her mind. A man had awakened her…the sharp edge of a knife was touching her throat. She had mentioned her daughter, therefore, I knew she had feared for her daughter. In the distance, we both were able to hear that deliteful sound, that was coming from her daughters bedroom. The look of bewilderment; she was puzzled; I had mentioned her name and that of her daughter’s name.

When I reached for the ball gag, when I presented it to JoLyn, just as I had done with Sandy, I had to say, “Open your mouth.”

What a priceless moment. I could see in her eyes, her confusion; she had no clue what I was holding in my hand. But when it was applied; she looked beautiful. Just as I had done with Sandy, I pulled back the comforter and sheet. The moonlight drifted into the bedroom through the windows. My eyes had become adjusted to the darkness. JoLyn looked beautiful. I was somewhat surprised…not once, did she resist; she never put up a fight. I removed the knife from her throat and with precise movements, I applied both the wrist and ankle restraints. JoLyn was secured to the frame of her bed.

I stood at the foot of JoLyn’s bed. A tear rolled down the side of her face. She wasn’t comfortable. She was vulnerable. Her eyes were looking upwards, towards her wrists. As was the norm…an expectation of sorts; JoLyn began to struggle. She began to turn her body, twisting her body in a violent way. She breathed heavily. When her body came to rest, she was panting. I’m sure she wanted to breath through her mouth…but, all that was available, was her nose.

I didn’t say another word. I walked away from JoLyn’s bed and walked into the bathroom. I took a long hot shower. I had brought my own towel…I wasn’t going to take too many risks. Using her towels…well, I didn’t want to leave any evidence behind. After my shower, using a disinfectant; I cleaned the entire shower. I wasn’t worried about leaving any pubic hair behind. I was clean shaven. When I walked out of the bathroom…I left the light on, the door open…I was wearing only the ski mask.

When I returned to JoLyn…standing by the side of her bed…she wasn’t looking at my face. Her eyes grew very wide. She was staring at my cock…all 9 inches. At that particular moment, my cock was standing straight; rock hard.

Once again, I was standing at the foot of her bed. She was a smart woman. I could see it in her eyes…she knew what was going to happen. She softly began to sob. She began to shake her head, as if in a silent gesture…she began to plead. She wasn’t able to say, to utter a single word; I only heard gurgles. Emotionally, JoLyn was a wreck. Her body was straining against the bonds; she was in pain. She was aware of what I was going to do to her.

Using my knife…I slowly began to cut away her pajama’s. It wasn’t necessary…but the effect of doing this, caused her to settle down. A quick cut here, a quick cut there…and finally, the only thing that was separating me from seeing her naked body…were her panties. The blade was placed against her hips…in a quick motion of my hand, the thin material was cut. I reached out and took them in my hand. Her eyes were glued to my eyes. She watched in horror, as I began to inhale the fragrance of her body; her scents. The crotch of her panties were soaked. She had been so terrified, she had peed in her panties. When I had enjoyed her scent…I simply tossed her panties aside.

I then sat on the side of her bed. Her eyes had followed me. Looking straight into Jolyn’s eyes…my hand reached out; I began to caress her belly. My finger toyed with her button; she squirmed. In a slow and casual way, my hand, my fingers moved downward. My caresses were soft. JoLyn’s patch of pubic hair was neatly trimmed. I was pleased to learn, that she took great care of her cunt’s appearance. In fact, I told her so. I then began to tease her opening…caressing her pubic hair with my fingers.

I wasn’t in a hurry…time was on my side. I had many hours before I was expected to be at the police station. I stood up and izmit escort once again, I noticed that JoLyn was looking directly at my cock. In a quiet voice, I said. “I’m going to check on your daughter. I don’t want you to think that I’ve forgotten about her.” JoLyn looked up into my eyes. That pleading look returned. She was nodding and gurgling. Once again, she was testing her bonds.

Before I left JoLyn’s bedroom. I asked her a very simple question. “Has your daughter ever seen a naked man before?”

I stood with my profile on display…with the bathroom light behind me. I knew from JoLyn’s facial expressions; my cock stood out. When I walked out from JoLyn’s bedroom, she truly was suffering. She began to twist her body in a violent way. In time, she would eventually reach the same conclusion as my own; she wasn’t going anywhere.

When I walked into Sandy’s bedroom…she turned her head to face me. I turned on the small lamp by her bedside; I wanted her father to have a good view. Like mother, like daughter; Sandy’s eyes were glued to my crotch. I didn’t want to harm Sandy. In my bag of tricks, I removed a pair of scissors. Sandy didn’t put up a fight…she barely squirmed; she was terrified. With her pajamas cut and tossed to the side, I carefully placed the blades between the fabric of her panties and the skin of her hip. Tossing her panties aside, I admired her young body. She had more pubic hair than her mother…her small breasts were in the stages of growing.

I never said a word. I immediately placed the tip of my middle finger against the opening to her youong cunt. The began to sob against her ball gag. In no time at all, I came to the realization that Sandy was a virgin. Her parents would be proud. I pushed my finger deep into her cunt; her body became rigid. When I began to stretch my finger in various degrees, I heard her muffled sobs and grunts.
I took great care in parting her cunt’s outer lips. In no time at all, I was able to locate Sandy’s little clitoris. No matter the situation or the set of circumstances…when you touch a female’s clit; they respond. Such was the case with Sandy. Slowly circling my finger around and against the small bulb; Sandy became aroused. Every so often, I brought my fingers to my mouth and covered them with my saliva. I was enjoying the moment. Her young body began to squirm, the squeaks were becoming more prevalent. I was sure that JoLyn was able to hear that precious sound.

Against the ball gag, Sandy’s grunts became more defined. Sandy was no longer sobbing. Her eyes had closed. Sandy’s body had become relaxed. I knew that her orgasm was slowly building. Would this be her first orgasm? Perhaps, she had already learned about the pleasures of masturbation. Her hips began to buck in an upward gesture; it felt as if she was pushing herself, her hips against my finger. I thought of stopping. Was it too young of an age, to have her learn the meaning of “teasing.” Sandy reached her orgasm…the sound of extreme plesasure was heard against the ball gag. Her hips raised from her bed…when her orgasm began to subside, Sandy’s hips returned to her bed. The squeaks were then silenced.

When I returned to JoLyn’s bedside, I said. “If your daughter wasn’t aware…she is now. She knows what a naked man looks like.” Again, JoLyn was able to see my pearly whites. Under my ski mask; I was smiling.

JoLyn was sobbing. She remained passive. Perhaps, she had come to the realization that she wasn’t able to free herself against the bonds that held her body to the framework of her bed. I didn’t tell JoLyn that I had removed her daughter’s pajama’s, to include, her panties. I didn’t tell her that Sandy’s pubic patch was more prominent that her own.

Sitting on the side of JoLyn’s bed, looking directly into her eyes, I said. “You can be proud of the fact; your daughter is still a virgin.” I didn’t explain how I had reached that conclusion. Watching JoLyn’s eyes…seeing the tears that were traveling down the side of her face; she knew that I had touched her daughter. She was nodding…once again, she was in the pleading stage. I wanted to assist JoLyn with her understanding…that this moment was very important. I wanted JoLyn to be a good girl; I expected obedience. I brought my finger to her nostrils. Her daughter’s juices were inhaled.

I stood up. I then said. “You’re aware that I’m going to rape you?”

JoLyn never provided me with an answer to my question. And yet, she had. She tightly closed her eyes. “If you put up a fight, I’m going to visit your daughter.” I allowed my words to sink into her brain. I then said. “Those squeaks. Do you want to hear them again?”

I had JoLyn’s attention. Her eyes remained closed…tears were streaming down from her eyes; she nodded “no. I removed the ankle restraints. When I encouraged JoLyn to spread her legs; she offered no resistance. A velcro strap was attached to each of her ankles. The straps were then attached to her bed frame.

JoLyn’s began to tremble when she felt the weight of my body on her bed. I had placed myself between her opened legs. The light from the bathroom was enough for me to notice the beauty of her cunt. I lightly began to caress her pubic hair. I took great strides and gently stroked the outer folds of her cunt. Once again, I heard myself praising JoLyn’s cunt. “JoLyn, your cunt is amazingly beautiful.”
When I parted JoLyn’s cunt lips; her clitoris became visible. Such beautiful colors of red…pinkish red; the aroma of her cunt was exquisite. I slowly began to stimulate her clit…just like her daughter, while under duress; JoLyn began to respond. JoLyn’s slippery fluid began to show itself. Against her ball gag…when I slowly forced my finger deep within her cunt; JoLyn moaned. It becomes an instinctive moment. A woman’s cunt…the muscles within her cunt; will grab and take hold of whatever enters that wet canal. Such was the case with JoLyn’s cunt.

One finger was then replaced with two of my fingers. Using one hand, my fingers; I continued to caress JoLyn’s clit. My other hand, using two of my fingers…in a slow rhythmic motion; I was forcing my fingers deep into her cunt. Over time, JoLyn’s body began to relax. She was no longer crying. Her hips had raised themselves off from her bed. Just like Sandy had done, perhaps in an involuntary way; her body was meeting my thrusts. I knew that I had found JoLyn’s “G” spot. I moved my fingers in a circular motion…slowly, in and out; JoLyn was incredibly wet.

In no time at all…I had witnessed JoLyn’s orgasm. Withdrawing my fingers from her cunt…I first inhaled, allowing myself the opportunity to inhale her juuices. I then brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked them clean. JoLyn’s hips had returned to her bed; her body relaxed. From afar, I had spent countless number of hours…I was more than curious; I wanted to feel JoLyn’s orgasm. I wanted to explore the depths of her sexuality. I wanted to be the reason…the sole reason for her orgasm’.

I didn’t allow her a moment to relax. My mouth, my tongue came into contact with her inner thighs. Gently, I began to kiss my way up to her glorious cunt. I started to lick the outer edges, of the outer lips of her labia. Spreading the outer folds of her cunts lips…I gently teased her sensitive flesh with my tongue. I wasn’t in a hurry…I wanted to savor this moment.

Against her bonds, when JoLyn felt my mouth, my tongue; she moaned deeply. She squirmed and yet, her movements weren’t seen as being aggressive. Her body was responding in it’s natural way. My tongue continued to travel over the outer lips of her cunt. I came to the sinple conclusion; I wasn’t going to use my hands or fingers. I couldn’t hold back…with my face between her opened legs; I heard my moans. The flavor of her moist cunt was incredible; she tasted so sweet.

My tongue traveled in its leisure way…every pinkish part of her cunt was tasted, every sensitive area of her cunt was enjoyed. In no time at all, JoLyn’s clitoris became visible. With such care and precision, I placed my mouth over her clit and gently began to suck on it. JoLyn reacted to my mouth; she raised her hips, her body continued to squirm; my hands grasped each of her ass cheeks.
With my mouth covering her clit, my tongue remained very active. It traveled in a particular pattern. I circled her clit…my tongue moved up and down, sideways. At one point, I felt as if she was pushing her cunt towards me, against my mouth. I knew that I was providing her clit with a vibrating sensation that would eventually, bring her orgasm to life.

I so badly wanted to know what her natural moans, sounded like. But, I wasn’t about to remove my mouth from the opening to her cunt. The sounds that came from her throat were intoxicating. My cock was throbbing. I so badly wanted to taste her orgasm. I was straining to look into her eyes. All at once, her eyes grew very wide…she was looking down at me. Her body became very rigid. Her muffled cries of pleasure were earth shattering. She reached her orgasm…her body reacted in spasms; my mouth remained glued to her cunt. When her body relaxed, when her orgasm subsided; she was breathing heavy. I licked her cunt clean, savoring the juices that flowed from her beautiful cunt.

When I removed my face from her cunt…I got up from the bed. I walked to the side of her bed; I noticed that JoLyn’s eyes were focused on my erect cock. I whispered, “Have you ever sucked a cock before?”

She nodded her head, “yes.”

There wasn’t any fear in her eyes. I then said. “I’m going to remove the ball gag. If you make a sound, then I’m going to have to hurt you…and too, I’ll hurt Sandy.” When I mentioned her daughter’s name; she began to sob. “You’re going to suck my cock. If you bite down…if I feel your teeth, then you know what I’m going to do.”

Before removing the ball gag from JoLyn’s mouth, I told her that I didn’t want her to talk. Not a single word. She nodded her understanding. With the gag out from her mouth, she took in a deep breath. Her body was glistening in sweat. I moved my body closer to the side of her bed. The head of my cock was no more than a few inches away from her mouth…in a natural way, in an expected way; JoLyn opened her mouth. She not only accepted my cock into her mouth, she seemingly inhaled it into her throat.

She wrapped her lips around the base of my cock and I heard my groans. The warmth of her mouth, her throat…it was so intoxicating! She moved her head back and my cock sprung free; she caught her breath. She was bobbing her head, aligning her head to my cock and a second later, she inhaled; my cock once again, slid back into the far reaches of her throat. I stood mesmerized…it became apparently clear to me that JoLyn was vrey proficient, when it came to sucking cock.

I wanted to tease her a bit and so, I withdrew my cock from her mouth. I held my cock in my hand…the head of my cock touched her cheek, her chin…if there had been any pre-cum; it had been swallowed. JoLyn’s mouth remained semi-open…she was straining her neck; she wanted more of my cock. I held it in front of her mouth…our eyes locked onto each other; her tongue began to massage my pee slit.

I got up on the bed, to give her better access. She seemed delighted. I knelt close to her head…her mouth began to suck the head of my cock. Joyln’s tongue remained active; she licked my shaft; the underside of my head. Her saliva was glistening on the head of my cock…in a gentle way, I held her head in my grasp. My orgasm was building…when our eyes locked onto each other, I sensed that she was aware of this. She allowed me to fuck her head; her mouth.

Was it my hips that were moving…was it her head that was bobbing. At some point, I wasn’t able to tell. The shaft of my cock, was moving in and out from her mouth; her tongue never stopped caressing my shaft. My body tensed, my orgasm was building…my grip on her head tightened; she held her head steady. She was expecting my spurt, my eruption…she knew what was coming. My cock slid into her throat and I held her head in place; I filled her mouth with my sperm. I could feel her throat muscles working…every precious drop of my sperm, had been swallowed.
I was breathing hard when I withdrew my cock from JoLyn’s mouth. Her head melted into her pillow; she too was breathing hard. Her eyes were closed. It had been an incredible moment, a special moment. I looked down at my cock…it was returning to it’s normal size; my cock was very pleased. I didn’t know what to say…there were no words to express how I was feeling, at that particular moment. I turned away from the bed and walked out into the hallway.

I quickly placed the ball gag, back into JoLyn’s mouth. The expression on her face? She appeared sad, that I had placed the gag into her mouth. I then turned and walked ouot of her bedroom. I have no idea if she watched me leave; I didn’t look back. I stumbled downstairs. I needed nourishment…I had to clear my mind. I walked into the kitchen. I was pleased to see a few pieces of pizza. It’s as if she had set them aside for me. Everything I touched, I cleaned…though I was in a state of bliss; I wasn’t going to leave any fingerprints. I drank a few glasses of milk…the slices were just what I needed. I sat comfortably in the living room and watched television.

I carefully returned to the stairs…it was very silent. I walked into JoLyn’s bedroom. She felt my presence; she turned her head towards my direction. I wanted to remove the ball gag. I wanted to taste her lips…I wanted to feel her tongue in my throat. I wanted our tongues to dance together. Her body was still glistening in sweat. I sat on the side of her bed and said. “I’ve got to have you. You know that…don’t you?”

She nodded her understanding.

I positioned myself between her legs. My cock…well, my cock was well aware of it’s surroundings. I held my cock in my hand, slowly guiding it towards JoLyn’s cunt. Her eyes were closed. Her body was rigid. I watched myself, as I teased the outer folds of her cunt with the head of my cock. Her cunt was glistening; she was wet! A moment later, the weight of my body guided my cock into the depths of her cunt. It was a beautiful moment, feeling my body against hers…my hips were in full swing; my cock was one happy fellow.

I wasn’t thinking of JoLyn’s state of mind, her pleasure…I was so focused on my state of mind; my pleasure. JoLyn’s cunt grabbed my cock, the friction was incredible…even though she was very wet. There’s nothing like sinking your cock into a tight cunt. In time, she raised her hips up to greet my thrusts. I looked down between our legs and it was just a beautiful sight. The head of my cock would dis-appear and then, re-appear. I controled the speed and tempo…and as I did, I saw the change in JoLyn’s body.

Her moans were intense…she was breathing hard through her nose. Her head was tossing against her pillow. She was enjoying the moment! And so, with such precision…I was making love…no, I was fucking her! Which was it?? When I felt the pressure mounting, I started to fuck JoLyn with such intensity; my balls began to slap her body. That sound alone was simply music to my ears! When I was close to reaching my orgasm…I pulled out. I quickly held my cock in my hand…her eyes opened wide; she was trying to look down the length of her body. I began to stroke myself…her cunts juices were seen on the shaft of my cock. I shot a huge load of sperm on her stomach…some of the spurts landed on her tits. If I had been able to cum inside her…I knew that I would have filled her to the brink with my sperm.

Without thinking twice…knowing that I had to remove the evidence; my DNA. I lowered my head…my tongue began to savor the taste of her body, inter-mixed with the flavor of my sperm. JoLyn trembled…and she watched me, I could feel her eyes; she moaned deeply. I licked her entire stomach…my tongue trailed upwards to her tits. Every drop of my cum had been taken into my mouth. When I took JoLyn’s nipples into my mouth, I sucked each one in such a gentle and loving way. She continued to moan…her hips were slightly moving against my body.
When I got up…I just walked out of the bedroom. I decided to check on Sandy. It had been quite sometime since my last visit. I stood at th entrance to her bedroom. She glanced in my direction; she had felt my presence. When she saw me, my naked form; her eyes grew wide. The look of fear was still present. I walked away from her room and proceeded downstairs. Using the same glass…I poured myself a glass of milk. I then sat in a recliner and watched television.

In that hour of rest…when I got up, as I made my way back upstairs; my cock came alive. I was ready…my cock was ready. There was one last hole to inspect, to enjoy…and a little voice in my head was telling me, that JoLyn had never had anal sex before. Well, she was in for a treat. I stood at the entrance to JoLyn’s door. She had felt my presence, she turned to face me.
JoLyn was looking directly into my eyes. With a clear voice, I said. “You have one more hole JoLyn. If you haven’t guessed by now…I want the total experience. I want everything that you have to give.” I then abruptly turned away and walked down the hallway to her daughter’s bedroom.

Once I was in Sandy’s bedroom, her body stiffened; her eyes were grew very wide. I stood by the side of her bed. A slight squeak was heard as she was trying to avoid my touch. I was in the process of removing her ankle restraints, when I said. “Your mother has been a very good girl. She cares a great deal about you. She loves you.”
Having released her legs from the restraints; I noticed that Sandy was looking directly at my cock. Her hands and arms were still secured to the frame of her bed. She could have tried to kick me. She could have put up a fuss of sorts. Instead, with a terrified expression on her face; she stared at my cock. Sandy was 16, and yet, she was aware of what was going on. Perhaps, she knew what had already taken place.

I looked into her eyes and said. “I’m not going to fuck you.”

I reached into my bag and pulled out a jar of KY Jelly. I then applied the latex glaves to my hands. The snap was electrifying and I wondered if the sound had traveled down the hallway. kocaeli escort In a soft voice, I asked Sandy if she had enjoyed her orgasm.

I wasn’t expecting an answer; her head to nod. Her body was rigid; her eyes remained fearful. With relative ease, I was able to manipulate Sandy to her side; her little bottom was facing me. Two small globes of flesh…against the dimly lit room; I found myself admiring her delightful young body. There was no point in denying my affection for a female’s ass. I applied alot of jelly to my hand, to my fingers…in one swift motion, my hand was in-between her thighs.

She grunted loudly against her gag. In the next few moments, I was taking great strides in lubricating her your pussy. I didn’t need to see her pussy up-close. My hand, my fingers knew exactly what to touch, where to touch. In a small amoount of time, her little bulb appeared; I had felt it. Sandy’s clitoris came out from it’s little hiding place. As I began to coat her little bulb with the jelly; her body relaxed.
I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I want you to remember this night. No matter how long it takes, I’m going to make your body shiver in pleasure…you’re going to cum on my finger again.”
Slowly and with such accuracy, I began to caress and stimulate Sandy’s clit. Her legs were drawn up to her chest…my access point became clearer; I could look in-between her ass cheeks; I saw my destination. Sandy wasn’t aware of my view…she had no idea of my ultimate goal. She was squirming on her side…her moans became more defined. I had to believe that JoLyn was alert, that she was looking towards her doorway…wishing that she could save her daughter.

Sandy’s bed was squeaking. She began to thrust her hips to my fingers. Leaving her clit alone, I snaked my middle finger into the depths of her young cunt. The muffled sound of pleasure, inter-mixed with pain…Sandy was being educated on the fine art of masturbation. From sliding my finger into her young cunt, I would then manipulate and pleasure her little bulb…within minutes; her body contracted. A high pitched moan was heard against her gag; her body stiffened and then relaxed. Her chest was heaving; she had reached her orgasm.

Sandy remained on her side. I removed my hand from between her legs. I quickly applied more of the jelly to my fingers. I then delved my hand, my fingers in-between her young ass cheeks. My middle finger traced the length of her ass crack. I was at the point of no return. When Sandy had felt my finger at her darkened hole; her body immediately tensed up. I had to apply pressure. Sandy screamed against her gag; my middle finger was deep inside her rectum.

Sandy began to squirm and I had to use my free hand to keep her in place; on her side. I began to pump my finger in and out, the lubrication was working its magic. Her anus was very small. I was moaning, my cock was hard…the thought of mounting this young girl, was entertained. However, I stuck to my plan. My intent was to finger fuck her small anus…and now, my second knuckle was now deep within her rectum.

Sandy cried in earnest…when she no longer began to resist; I allowed my finger to rest itself, deep within her butt hole. When I wiggled my finger, regardless of her cries; her body responded. She was trying to avoid my finger, but the wall to her bedroom kept her in check. When I withdrew my finger, I was satisfied with the results. I had fingered her tight asshole long and hard; her anal opening had stretched. I simply removed my gloves and tossed them aside. I patted her ass cheeks. Taking my bag, I left Sandy’s bedroom.

When I walked into JoLyn’s bedroom, the expression I saw in her eyes; she was terrified. It was also very clear to me, that she had attempted to free herself. Her body lay in sweat; her chest was pounding. I was sure that the noises had traveled down the hallway. I sat on the side of her bed and said. “Your daughter is fine.”

When I looked into JoLyn’s eyes, I noticed a change. Her facial expressions…her body language as a whole; her eyes. In her eyes, I saw a the hatred that she felt towards me. Though I noticed this new “look”, I wasn’t overly concerned. I looked into her eyes and said. “You have one more hole that I want to explore. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. The easy way, you ask. You will obey my every wish. The hard way? I’ll walk back into your daughter’s bedroom…every inch of my cock will be forced into her young rectum.”

JoLyn had been warned not to scream. I had removed the ball gag from her mouth. She was adjusting her mouth to her newly found freedom. “What’s your decision?” I asked.

“You fucking pig!” She said. “If you’ve hurt my little girl…I’ll kill you.”


My hand had connected to the side of JoLyn’s face. In fact, my handprint was clearly seen on her face. The sting would have made her want to grab her face, but she wasn’t able to, under the circumstances. She yelped, but she didn’t scream out. Down the hallway, I heard some commotion. I was sure that Sandy was trying to free herself; she had heard the commotion in her mother’s bedroom.

In a clear tone of voice, I said. “What’s your decision?”

JoLyn was again, crying. Amidst her tears, she said. “Please…please don’t hurt my little girl. Do whatever you have to do to me…but please, leave her be.”

I never wanted to fuck Sandy. I only wanted JoLyn. I was pleased with her decision. “I’m going to remove the restraints. If you put up a fight…ultimately, you’re going to lose the fight. And then, your daughter will have to pay the price.” With those words being said, I began to free JoLyn from her bonds.

I turned JoLyn over on her stomach. Her hands were once again, restrained to the frame of her bed. I spread her legs apart, using the velcro, each leg was secured to the frame of her bed. I never re-applied the ball gag to her mouth. I wanted to hear her moans, her groans. I reminded her of the penalty…if she was to scream out.

I was standing at the foot of JoLyn’s bed, satisfied with my handiwork. She looked beautiful. Her back was soft…her skin was smooth. Her ass cheeks were in plain view and I couldn’t help but notice, how perfectly shaped her ass cheeks were. I then asked her a simple question. “JoLyn, have you ever been fucked in the ass before?”

A moment or two had passed. She didn’t provide me with an answer. She was crying in her pillow. Standing to her side, I brought the palm of my hand down on her right ass cheek.

Her yelp, her initial scream was muffled against her pillow. Her head bucked up; the sting was alarming. Just like the slap to her face, I felt that she wanted to reach behind with her hand…to comfort, to soothe the pain that my hand had caused. I heard her daughter crying in the distance. My voice was steady. “Would you like to answer my question now?”

She remained silent. I was aware that she was in pain. She was an emotional wreck. In a soft voice she said. “No.”

“No…meaning what.” I said. Without question, I was enjoying the moment.

“I’ve…I’ve never done that. It’s…it’s disgusting.” Her voice was soft. She was exposed, vulnerable and most likely, very embarrassed.

I was taking a stand. My voice was determined. “JoLyn, listen to me very carefully. You’ve never done what before?”

I was going to force her to say it. Within a moment, she whispered. “I’ve never had been fucked in my ass.” I won the battle. I knew that my moment with her was going to be special.

A few moments had passed, I was walking around her bed, admiring her body from every angle. She was moving her neck, trying to keep me in her sights. “Do whatever you have to do. But, please…please don’t hurt Sandy.”

I went into JoLyn’s bathroom. I returned with a warm washcloth. I positioned myself between her opened legs. I caressed her ass cheeks…both of my hands were able to cover her exposed flesh. I heard myself say, “You have a beautiful body JoLyn…a beautiful ass.”

JoLyn squirmed, but she didn’t put up a fight; she was anxiously awaiting my next move. I washed her ass cheeks with the washcloth. I then kissed each of her ass cheeks. I traced the length of her ass crack with my fingers. Her body tensed up. I allowed my fingers to delve inside the crack of her ass. She wasn’t clean. Her ass was slippery from the sweat that her body had created. I took great strides in cleaning her ass; her anus with the washcloth.

When I parted JoLyn’s ass cheeks wide, very wide apart; she sobbed into her pillow. Though the light was dim, I was able to see her darkened hole; her anus. I lightly began to blow air towards it. The Ky Jelly was close by. Before I applied the jelly to my fingers, I touched the entrance to her asshole. JoLyn responded by tensing her body; she was afraid; she was terrified.
I wasn’t in a hurry. The time on the clock was approaching the 4 o’clock hour. In one swift move, my tongue came into contact with JoLyn’s anus. Her ass cheeks were spread wide apart…in a deliberate fashion, I began to coat the opening to her asshole with my saliva. I wasn’t surprised when JoLyn began to gasp…when her body relaxed; she was moaning. I began to tickle her small opening with the tip of my tongue.

My fingers reached further into her ass…trying to part her anus, I stuck my tongue inside. I wanted to taste the inner walls to her asshole. I began to motion my head in a bobbing fashion…trying to force my tongue inside. I was amazed when JoLyn had arched her back…seemingly pushing her ass into my face.
Satisfied with the frangrance, with the flavor that I had been rewarded with…I then applied the KY Jelly to my exposed finger. When my finger touched her darkened hole, JoLyn said. “I…I don’ know if I’m clean…back there.”

Taking her words for value…the next sound that was heard, were the snap of my gloves. I re-applied the lubrication to my fingers. I immediately began to coat the outer edge of her asshole. With great care, I then pushed a finger inside. Not far inside. I wanted to coat her entire anal wall. In due time, when JoLyn’s body tensed up…she was well aware, that my middle finger had entered her rectum. I was mesmerized…my finger was deep within her rectum. She groaned, her body squirmed…but she didn’t resist me.

I removed my finger. Seemingly, my finger had a mind of it’s own. I pushed my finger forward until my fingernail wasn’t seen…followed by my knuckle. I pushed against JoLyn’s ass, my middle finger was deep within her rectum. I quickly surmised that JoLyn had been telling me the truth; she wasn’t clean. If I had the time, and the proper equipment, I would have given her an enema.
In a rhythm that was pleasing to me, I began to finger fuck JoLyn’s asshole. With my free hand, having coated it with jelly…I reached between her thighs; I began to stimulate her cunt. I drove my finger deep within her cunt; I began to twist my hand in circular motions. One finger was replaced with two fingers. I pumped my fingers in and out of her cunt, while my other hand, my middle finger, continued to probe the dark recesses of her rectum. In record time, my fingers came into contact with her clitoris. Her hips had slightly raised; she was greeting my fingers. Her moans were a true indication of her state of mind; she was enjoying the moment.

I asked JoLyn a simple question. “Would you like to feel your orgasm, come to life.”

JoLyn’s moans were deep, sensual and so very erotic. She answered quickly. “Yes!”

I removed my finger from her asshole. Putting more jelly on my fingers, I then quickly placed two of my fingers into the crack of her ass. I wanted to say, “Get ready, here they come.” But, I remained silent. Her moan, her grunts were deep…both of my fingers were pushing against the opening to her ass. Little by little, her anus began to stretch…and finally; my fingers began to slide their way, deeply into her rectum.

I was assaulting JoLyn’s asshole…the rhythm of my hand, my fingers had increased. My other hand, my fingers were glued to her clit. It was a beautiful sight. JoLyn…seen in the public eye; she was quiet and reserved. I was seeing a part of her, that many had not seen before. Her sexuality was on display and I was very pleased.

JoLyn erupted…the flood gates were released. Her body twisted itself…she pushed her face into her pillows in order to muffle her state of pleasure. When I removed my finger from her cunt…her cunts juices had inter-mixed with the KY Jelly. My other fingers, when I removed then from her asshole; I discarded the glove to the side.

I never said a word, and yet, when I positioned myself over JoLyn’s body, her ass; she became very concerned. I used one of my hands to spread her ass cheeks apart. My cock was more than ready…pointing straight ahead, the head of my cock came into contact with her darkened hole. JoLyn immediately strained her body for the assault.
I pushed myself against her body. The head of my cock was against her small opening. I wanted to cum. That was my goal. JoLyn raised her head from the pillow…she was frantically trying to see over her shoulders. Her eyes were filled with concern; with an unknown fear. I wanted to fuck JoLyn’s ass, in the doggie position. But that wasn’t going to happen. She remained secured to the frame of her bed.

My cock began it’s journey…the head of my cock had slipped past her small opening. She was pushing her head into her pillow…her screams of discomfort were muffled. The assault had begun. There was enough lubrication left over from my fingers…my shaft began to sink into the depths of her rectum. When all 9 inches were inside JoLyn’s ass; I pulled out. The re-entry, the exit…in no time at all, my balls were slapping her body. Every sound that I heard from JoLyn’s muffled screams added to my enjoyment. I was hoping that Sandy was able to hear her mother’s moans; her grunts.

I then began to thrust my cock in and out of JoLyn’s ass. My approach was slow and yet, deliberate. In a careful and loving manner, aside from the fact that I was raping her anus…in my heart and mind; I didn’t want to harm her. My head was spinning in pleasure. I was able to watch my cock, as it left and then returned to it’s journey to her rectum. It was a beautiful sight.

I so badly wanted to cum inside her asshole. But, I didn’t. When my orgasm was mounting, I pulled out. I held my cock in my hand and pointed my pee slit towards JoLyn’s ass. My eruption was so intense! I shot my load of sperm and most of it landed between her ass cheeks…covering her anus. My cry of pleasure…there was no doubt in my mind, her daughter must have heard my triumph.
All at once, JoLyn’s body relaxed. Her anus was pulsating…her breathing was heavy. My journey was complete. I was able to get back to my feet…though I did, feel slightly unstable. Everything that had occured, had taken my strength; I was exhausted.

I stepped into JoLyn’s bathroom. Closing the door behind me, when I removed my ski mask…I couldn’t believe the amount of sweat that had collected. Using the towels that I had brought with me; I cleaned myself up. When I returned to JoLyn’s bedroom, I felt much better. Looking down at JoLyn, I knew she was in need of a long, hot shower.

In a soft voice, she asked, “Did you hurt my daughter?”

In truth, I hadn’t harmed her daughter. I replied by saying, “No, your daughter is fine…she’s safe.

In a soft voice, she then said, “Why…why did you rape me?”

I had never been asked that question before. “A few weeks age, I saw you and your daughter in the grocery store. By the way, your daughter…more often than naught; she’s a brat.”

JoLyn was quick to say, “She’s my only child. I’m going through a divorce and it’s been hard on her. And so yes, I do spoil her. Her father spoils her.”

The amount of truth that was leaking from her lips…part of me wanted to run away, another part of me, wanted to share this moment with her; to listen to her.

I reached into my bag and removed a wooden paddle. JoLyn’s eyes grew very wide when she saw it. “You should consider using this when Sandy’s attitude, when her behavior goes sour.” I then tossed the paddle on her bed.

JoLyn then said. “That’s why you raped me?” Her voice grew loud. I’m quite sure that her daughter had heard her voice. “You raped me…you gave me this…this paddle…so that I can spank my daughter?”

I stepped closer. In a soft voice I said. “No, thats not the reason. But, you do need the paddle. You’re a beautiful woman…gorgeous in fact. It was your daughter though, her actions on that day…
I was getting ready to leave. It was strange getting dressed while JoLyn remained in her bed; still in her restraints. Before I could leave her bedroom, she said. “You could have asked me out on a date! Instead, you raped me! And now, you’re going to leave me tied up to my bed?”

I looked behind my shoulder and said. “You’re a snotty bitch. You and your daughter…your both spoiled. I would never be able to tolerate your ill-mannered attitude. That paddle…if we were dating…there’s no doubt in my mind, you would be spending alot of time over my lap. So would your daughter.”

Before I left into the darkness of the hallway, I said. “There was a time when you were sweet…your personality, your character; everyone wanted to be in your company. To answer your question. A long time ago, I did ask you out. You turned me down. I wasn’t in the “in-group” and so, you turned me down. My family wasn’t rich like your family was. You made some poor decisions in your life.”
Walking down the hallway towards the stairs, I heard JoLyn crying. Further down the hallway…Sandy too, was crying aainst her gag. Before leaving her home, I reached into the cookie jar. The money was still there. A small price to pay for multiple orgasm…

After leaving JoLyn’s home…I wasn’t sure of her state of mind. Sure, she was a wreck. Someone would eventually find her…she would be very concerned with her daughter’s state of mind. I didn’t give her any true clue, as to who I was. We had met at a social gathering..,many, many years ago. She was breathtakingly beautiful then, as she remains to be today. I’m sure her mind was traveling in circles, trying to find a name…of the man who had asked her out on a date.

I was never called to investigate a rape. In fact, no one in our department had been called.

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