A concert fling


The crowd was still to filling in. Me and Jeff got right up front against the stage even though we were at the bar until 15 minutes before the openers came on. There were a shit ton of hot girls walking around. Tall Short Blonde Brunette Reds. They were all fuckin hot. We enjoyed the display of fine scenery around us while we waited a few minutes for the band to come on. The opers were pretty fuckin sweet, and the crowd got pumped up quick. Everyone was dancing and moving. I started to talk to a few of the girls around me. There were 3 chicks who must have came together standing to my right. I offered the one beside me and her freind a cig and light it for her, to which her light blue eyes twinkeled a bit and she smiled at me. She was only about 18 and a very slim cute lil brunette. She had a babydoll face and perky B cup titties. I flirted with her for a bit, and we danced. Her name was Brandi. She started rubbing her ass into my grion as we danced, and worked up a hard on from me. The first band ended, and there was an intermission. Her freinds left and Brandi took off with them. Jeff said he had to see a man about a horse, and was goin on a beer run. When he left I started checkin looking around the crowd. I noticed a cute lil blode girl standing behind where Brandi and her freinds were. She was about 5’4” with straight blonde hair to her shoulders. A set of baby blue eyes and the cutest fuckin dimples. She was pretty hot, and from the looks, a nice tight body. She had a lil more of an hour glass shap to her, but not a lot. about 95lbs, prolly a soccer player. There was a brunette about a year younger than her and a woman about 45-50 yrs old. Her mom and Sister I assumed. Jeff showed up with the beer and we go to smokin a joint. I chekced the girl out again and she was staring at me bitin her lip. I checked what her mom was doing, then gave the girl a wink. She gave me a blushed smile and turned away, so Jeff and I finished off the joint. The next band came on, and the crowd was closing in. the girls mom was standing right escort kocaeli behind my right shoulder, with her daughters to her right, stayin between me and her adorable lil girl. Smart mom. She was dancing around to the music, trying to get me to dance with her. I wasn’t really all about that, but I did notice her daughter checkin out my package. I had a bit of a chub still, and there she was, staring at it, biting her lip. I winked and motioned twoard the back of the lawn, and her eyes got big and she smilied again. The music was blaring, and Jeff pulled out another doobie. I told jeff to keep the Mom occupied with the joint, and I slipped backwards. I moved over behind the girl. She didn’t notice me get right behind her. I put my arm around her waist and she jumped. She quickly realized it was me and smiled. I pulled her back into the crowd, disappearing from our former companions. As we walked thru the crowd she told me her name was Erin, and she was 15. That was her mom, Kim, who she rarley saw. Kim wouldn’t let Erin come to the concert alone, so she came too. Erin thanked me for getting her away from Kim. We found a corner in the side of the arena that hada small cubby hole. We ducked into it and sat on the floor. She pulled out a joint a fired it up. I accused her of checking me out up front, and she blushed. “I can;;t help it. You were checkin me out too” “yeah, well you were lookin pretty hard Erin.” I said. Erin just blushed. “Its ok babe. If you wanna see it just ask” Erin looked up at me in disbelief. “Are you serious? your gonna pull your fuckin cock out?? right here???!!” I was already unzipping my fly and soon worked my half hard cock out of my jeans. Erin’s eyes remaind glued to it “I know it will get harder. Let’s get it harder” she said. She leaned over and began sucking the full lenght of the semi soft shaft, working up the thickness growing between her lips. I reashed down and massaged her perky lil tits through the thin shirt, feeling her already hard nipples. I knew kocaeli anal yapan escort I was going to be deep inside this lil girl in no more than two minutes. My cock suddenly grew massive and she contunied to try and suck it. I pulled her head off my throbbing member, but she hung on stroking it with her hand. “Lets have some fun Erin” She looked a lil shocked as I unbottoned her jeans and pulled her pretty lil panties down in one swift moved. But when my finger crossed her swollen labia, she moaned, falling into me. She still kept tight hold on my 8in cock. I turned her around and she let go of my cock. She bent over and i slid my dickhead up and down her young slit. She rocked her hip up and back into me, on her 4th rock into me, I pushed my cock into her tiny lil pussy, and she gasp. Her twat was so tight I only got half way in. She stood up almost straight. I reached around grabbing her chest and picked her up with my dick, forcing it deep into her womb. She let out a scream, but the music drowned it out. I started fucking her like an animal. She bent over and I grabbed her hips, drive my cock all theway up inside this little girls body. I could hear her moan and screams. she screamed she was cumming and I felt her pussy clamp my cock down. I drove deep, pushing as hard as I could. Her pussy pulsed and spasmed around my cock. It was hard to hold my load, but I keep squirming my cock in her pussy till she subsided from her extascy. I had this girls cum all over my cock and balls. Her pussy had loosened from the incredibly deep fuckin I had just gave the little girl. but it was so velvety smooth and slick with her wet cum all over us. She turned and looked at me, panting, and asked. “Did you cum?” “no” I said. I started to fuck her again, deep and hard, but in dlower thrusts, making sure she felt every inch ram into her womb deeper and deeper. Her pussy kept twitching, and I knew a nother orgasm was on the edge. I kept a steady pace, pounding at her tight wet pussy izmit yabancı escort in deep long strokes. she stifled a scream and her body tesnsed, locking my cock almost fully inside her. Erin curled and moaned as her orgasm started deep in her cunt, spasming her every muscle.I rammmed my cock the rest of the was in, down to the hilt. I started trying to push deeper and deeper, jabing at her sweet pussy. My full erect cock streched her gripping pussy and filled her tiny body. Her body released and her pussy started contracting around my cock. I started fucking her fast and deep. The orgasm ripped through erin like a hurricane. She lost her muscle control and I had to hold her up, pulling myself deeper into her body and I fucked her.Suddenly, My balls began to burn and I knew I was about to blow the roof, I slammed my cock deep into her, and her orgasm re-intesified. My cock shot off, pour load after hot load of thick cum into the eager lil girls womb. She was in pure exatacy as my cock filled her spasming lil pussy with my babyjuices. I kept pumping, emptying my formerly swolen nuts deep inside lil Erin. I pulled back and my cock slipped from her pussy. She moaned and my cock slid out. HEr pussy was still contracting from her orgasm, and had closed up tight again. I tried to finger her, prolonging her orgasm, but I could hardly fit a finger into her pussy. It had tightened up like a vice. Erin pulled her panties up and and got dressed, trying to make it look like she hadn’t just had the shit fucked out of her and her pussy filled with hot cream. I put my weapon away and we worked our way back to the group watching the concert. When we got back the final band was on. I dont know if Kim noticed we were gone. I started smoking a joint with Jeff and me and erin danced together. When her mom was preoccupied, I would slip a hand down Erins pants and start rubbing her pretty lil pussy. She was still wet, but had only gotten tighter. She said she thought she was still coming even 15 minutes after we got back. I couldn’t even feel any of my cum had leaked out. Her lil pussy held my big hot load of cum deep inside her belly. I grew hard again think I may have just knocked this lil girl up. And my cock wants another chance to fill that pussy again.

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