Subject: The Deputy’s Boys Chapter 3 The Deputy’s Boys Chapter 3: Brotherly Love Jimmy blushed as he realized he was hard and went to cover himself with his hands, but Ryan stopped him. Ryan then gave his brother a big grin and spoke softly, “It is ok bubba. I get this way all the time. I am going to help you out, but I need two things for you do to for me first.” “What would that be Ry Ry?” Jimmy looked up at his brother nervously asking. “Well first off and foremost, anytime you start to feel uncomfortable or do not want to do something you tell me and we will stop it. Second, you cannot tell anyone ever… Especially dad.” Ryan informed his brother who just smiled and guided Ryan’s hand to his nice hardon. Ryan then started massaging his brother while cooing at him and supporting his head with the other. Jimmy then leans forward to kiss his brother, to which Ryan happily goes in for the kiss and this time slips the tongue first. Jimmy and Ryan stayed there for several minutes kissing passionately and Ryan rubbing Jimmy’s now fully erect penis. Jimmy tried to break the kiss right as he climaxed but was unable to do so and bit down hard on his brother’s tongue. “Oww!! Son of a bitch that hurt JJ.” Ryan said laughing while doing so. Jimmy looked at him and laughed, “Well maybe if horndog you would of let me break off the kiss it wouldn’t of happened!” sticking out his tongue to taunt his brother. Ryan smiled again and gave his brother a nuggy before placing the diaper under him and taping it up. “Now these are pretty big so we are needing to go to the store and get proper ones. Would you like to go with me or would you rather stay here? I also need to get some pull-ups for me for the day if we go out anywhere.” Ryan asked his brother. Jimmy simply replied, “I honestly do not care if anyone sees me buying them if you don’t mind people seeing you. I do want to look and see if any of the baby diapers will fit me though. Or at least some training pull-ups for the day.” “Well I believe Wise Way has size 7 Pampers Cruisers and I am sure they will fit you. I used them as stuffers before for more absorbency and to be honest they used to almost fit me up until a few months ago. I can easily fit into Goodnites so I bet you could manager the biggest size potty training pull-up at least.” Ryan replied to his brother who came back with, “Maybe if you would lay off the potato chips and ice cream you would not of gotten so fat not to wear cool diapers.” Ryan laughed at this and told his brother to get some basketball shorts on and a t-shirt that was slightly too big cause they hide the diapers best. Jimmy shot up and went to get on what his brother told him and they headed out the door. On the car ride to the local grocery store, Wise Way, they talked about what movies to watch, Lion King and Lady and the Tramp at the top of the list, but then Jimmy asked something big. “Can we get some baby things why at the store? I really want a paci and a bottle.” “Well dad is giving us a $200 budget a week to spend how we see fit. istanbul travesti Since we already are stock with food I think we can manage that. Also, I am thinking of getting a prepaid credit card. I looked online why you were getting changed and I can order some cool things that would fit me and you like onesies and other various stuff that can be shipped and arrived within 2 days for free.” Ryan told his brother who looked at him and stated, “I bet if they had footed jammies at the store I could find some that fit me.” “I bet you we could too.” Ryan replied as they were pulling in the store. Ryan grabbed a cart and his brother walked beside him as they headed for the baby isle. Ryan looked at the sizing on training pull-ups for Jimmy as he looked at the bottles and pacifiers. As Ryan was looking a familiar voice spoke up, “Hi Ryan how are you doing?” Mrs. Jennings, the mother of Caleb who was a friend of Jimmy’s whose dad also worked with their dad. “Hello, Mrs. Jennings I am well and how about yourself?” Ryan said with a smile as he saw Jimmy turn white as he saw who he was talking to and that Caleb was with her. “I am doing okay. With Greg going off with your dad to work with the FBI it is a little tolling but I will manage. Caleb why don’t you go talk to Jimmy? I want to ask Ryan something privately.” Mrs. Jennings informed her son as she picked up a pack of Small Goodnites and placed them in the cart. Caleb blushed and went to go talk to his friend. “I hate to intrude, but are you buying pull-ups for Jimmy?” Ryan hesitated but then stated, “Yes but please do not tell anyone, even Caleb. Jimmy has been having some night issues and my dad wanted me to get him some protection.” Mrs. Jennings smiled and told her that he had nothing to worry about because Caleb not only wets the bed, but has no bladder control during the day what so ever. She then recommended a store to go shop in the next town over. It is where she normally buys Caleb’s supplies but they are closed for the week due to a renovation and he was out. Ryan thanked her and said that if Caleb wanted to come for a sleepover that he would be ok with it and he knows his dad would be. Mrs. Jennings said she would be in touch and told Caleb to stay here as she went to the deli counter and talk to Jimmy about his problem. Caleb got beat red and turned to Jimmy; “Well I guess since were both in this isle and you saw what my mom got you should know, I wet the bed and cannot go pee knowingly…” Caleb whispered to his friend. Jimmy then informed him, “It is ok I know how you feel. I recently started wetting the bed and having occasional day accidents. That is why my brother is looking at pull-ups for me.” Jimmy said somewhat confidently which surprised Ryan along with himself. “Maybe sometime this week we can have a sleepover.” Caleb said he would like that and then saw his mom waving him to come on and left. “I am proud of ya bro. Now I got some kiddie pull-ups and baby diapers that will fit you. You decide on a baby bottle and paci?” Ryan stated kadıköy travesti looking to his brother on a decision. Jimmy then handed him a Paw Patrol Baby bottle and paci 3 pack that was police. Ryan smiled and then grabbed some formula and winked at his brother and placed some Goodnites for himself in the cart. They then went by the kids clothing which was limited since it was a grocery store. However, Jimmy almost immediately found a green dinosaur printed footed onesie and placed it in the cart. The boys then headed to the self-checkout, got the prepaid credit card and left. On the way home Jimmy got bugged eyed and when Ryan asked what was wrong he simply stated “I think I just sprung a leak.” To which Ryan laughed and slightly swerved off the road, but corrected himself too far and then got into the lane just in time for a cop to turn his lights on and pull them over. Jimmy got scared that the deputy would arrest them, but Ryan told them to relax and pray it was a county and not state. The cop walked up and immediately gave a dirty look to Ryan before stating “Excuse me sir, but… Ryan?? What the hell are you doing swerving?” Sgt King, a good friend and their dad’s asked. “Sorry Sarge, Jimmy made me laugh so hard that I went out of the lane then I over corrected myself. I will not let it happen again, Jimmy text dad tell him of my fuck up and that I might be getting a ticket.” Ryan told his brother as Sgt. King was laughing, “Jimmy tell your dad I said hi and that he needs to have someone besides him teach you how to drive when your old enough. As for the ticket part, tell him I gave your brother a ticket and see what he says.” Not long after Sgt. King received a call and he put it on speaker so the boys could hear and immediately their dad started cussing and asking why he gave them a ticket and even pulled them over. After stating he was on speaker he told him to put it off speaker, which he did as he was walking back to his squad car and waving the boys on. Ryan and Jimmy made it home and unloaded the groceries. Ryan left the pampers in the living room and went to grab lotion, wipes, and powder from his room along with a fresh diaper for himself. Ryan did notice that Jimmy was really wet and instructed him to come lay down for a change. Jimmy complied, but as he started to lay down he grabbed his brother and started kissing him again. This made both boys very hard and Jimmy noticed his brother shifting his own diaper, so he grabbed the front of his brother’s diaper and started rubbing it which made Ryan very anxious. It was then and there Jimmy made a bold move of putting his brother on his back and untapped his diaper, all while not breaking the kiss they were sharing so passionately. After the diaper was open Jimmy broke off the kiss and started moving down Ryan’s body making his way towards his nice fully erect dick. Jimmy then licked the head tasting the piss and sweat. He looked up and smiled wanting Ryan’s approval to go further. Ryan then granted it by taking his right hand through bakırköy travesti Jimmy’s curly hair and slightly pushing it towards his cock why he ran his fingers through it. As Jimmy was going up and down on his brother, Ryan was moaning passionately and kept moving his hand through his brother’s curly hair. Soon Ryan felt that he was about to explode and grabbed his brother’s hair tight around his fingers on his right hand and smacking his shoulder with his left trying to pull his brother off of him, all while gasping out “JJ I… I’m… gonna… cummm!!” Ryan stated as he exploded into his brother’s mouth. Jimmy then looked up at his brother with a big old grin and cum running down his mouth like drool. Ryan then went to his brother and scooped up the cum with his lip as he went to play tonsil hockey yet again with his brother, only this time there was a nice glob of cum as a puck and Jimmy exploded as Ryan was caressing the front of his wet diaper. The boys kept the kiss going for quite some time till Ryan took the remainder of his own cum and swallowed it. He then placed his brother down for a diaper change. He padded him up in a Pampers and made sure it was nice and tight. He then padded himself and the boys turned on The Lion King and snuggled on the couch while sitting in only their diapers and a t-shirt. Half way through the movie Mrs. Jennings called Ryan asking if it was okay if Caleb could come spend the night and possibly stay the day. Her mother was sick and she needed to go two towns over and care for her. Only she promised Caleb to take him into the city for a day at the water park. She then offered to give him money for a day at the water park, food, and gas. Ryan told her that it sounds great and would not be a problem. Mrs. Jennings the said she would drop off Caleb in one hour. Ryan then went back to the living room and told Jimmy about what was going on and expected him to be ecstatic, but he just frowned and asked Ryan, “Does that mean we can’t cuddle and lounge around in just diapers?” Ryan chuckled to himself and then told his brother yes but it will be ok. He did tell Jimmy that he would still need too be diapered since he has been having accidents. Ryan also informed him that if he wanted to be changed that could be done, but only in the bedroom. Jimmy then smiled and informed his brother, “Only if the door can be closed and I can be changed just like I did you.” Ryan laughed hard and said that it could be arranged. They resumed the movie and as Ryan went to shut off the movie Jimmy said he needed to be changed again. Ryan smiled and grabbed the supplies before picking him up off the couch and laying him down. Ryan started to untape the diaper as Jimmy leaned up and kissed him. Ryan took the hint and leaned down to give his brother a kiss on the lips and started his way down towards the prize. Ryan was going full heartedly giving the best blow job he had ever given and just as Jimmy is about to climax, the doorbell rings… —————— If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to email me hoo Also please be kind enough to support this great site by donating to Nifty for allowing such great stories like mine and several others to be viewed and enjoyed by all. Please donate fty/donate.html Hugs to all, BoBo Bear

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