Subject: My Cousin Andrew 4 Sorry for the long hiatus. Encountered two Covid deaths in family in space of 5 weeks. Anyway. Onto Andrew. I was completely lost in the moment but was snapped out of it with Andrew saying “oh fuck man you got me too” and then laughing warning I’ll be next Andrew hopped up onto my bed, his cum coating his abs, mine glistening on the side of his neck. He grabbed his cock and wiped it all along my leg saying “there you go you dirty fucker” before jumping back onto his make shift bed on the floor. TV got turned off and we went to sleep. A very sticky happy sleep. This was certainly something I could get used to. The next morning nothing was said but I could detect a playful cheeky nature to him. We went about our usual Saturday, ice skating, cinema but with a somewhat different atmosphere. He was more playful, almost flirty. Small touches to my arm when he şişli travesti spoke had been sending shivers into my body. I could feel the hairs on my neck stand to attention. But on more than one occasion my dick would stand to attention too. He would sit across from me in McDonald’s and his blue eyes the colour of the sea boring deep into my psyche. My heart would flutter when he spoke, his pearly white teeth glistening in the sun. What the fuck was happening to me? He was related. I had a girlfriend I’d been fucking for a year. But he had me in a trance. I would do anything for him. Every night he stayed over was the same. The porn would be turned on, he’d whip his magnificent cock out and start pleasuring himself. Willing me on to do the same. Then one day I upgraded to a double bed. This reduced the space on the floor so the decision was made for us to top and tail in bed. beylikdüzü travesti Andrew would be lying there in his black calvins, his bulge hanging ever so to the left as we lay and watched a film. We’d be lying in bed in just our underwear, chatting away, having a laugh. But Andrew would move his leg to touch mine. Or he’d put one leg over one of mine and just leave it there. He was a complete and utter tease. During the film we’d share a couple of beers. Neither of us like smoking so we didn’t smoke a joint but we’d certainly sprinkle some weed/grass/dope (whatever you call it) into some noodles or a yoghurt. A few weeks after getting the bigger bed we were eating our yoghurt in bed and Andrew spilled some on his hairless chest. Right between his perk nipples. He laughed at this and scooped some up into his finger, place the tip of his finger just shy of his lips and stuck istanbul travesti his tongue out to lap the yoghurt up. He had my gaze completely fixed on him. The alcohol and drugs lowering my inhibitions. Andrew caught this and chuckled before opening his beautiful lips and inserting his whole finger inside. I swear I could’ve cum just from watching this. He winked at me and withdrew his finger before slipping it back in. In and out whilst tilting his head side to side. He was making love to his own finger and I couldn’t get enough. Then he reeled me in. He used his finger again to scoop up the spilled yoghurt and sat bolt upright and moved his finger to my lips. I mimicked his previous behaviour and pushed my tongue out to lap at his finger tip before opening my mouth fully to allow him to enter me. My cock was straining hard against my boxers when I suddenly felt Andrews other hand rest on my inner thigh. This sent me over the edge and soon I was spunking through my button up fly. I hadn’t even touched myself. Thanks for reading guys. I’ll try to cut down the gap between chapters. Please dig deep and donate to . Till next time.

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