Subject: Cousin Johns bitch. Instalment: 1 (Gay, incest) This is a true story but the names have been changed but the rest is a true depiction. My cousin (John) and myself (Dylan) have been close our whole lives, having been born two days apart in the same hospital. He is what I’d call an army brat so never stayed in one place long enough to settle. It was for this reason that he used to live with us for the six or so weeks of summer vacation each year. He used to bunk in my room with me on a temporary bed (this soon changed) next to mine. My parents both worked long hours and so most days we were trusted to take care of ourselves. My older brother was away doing his gap year, myself and John would have been 13 at that time. It occurred to us one day that my brother might have a few pounds hidden in his room so we ventured in to search. Within a couple of minutes John called me over to my brothers chest of drawers, I could see as I turned that the bottom draw had been removed. I went over and John was sat cross legged with a magazine in his hand. He pointed to the space under the draw he removed and there lay several dirty mags. I picked up one and randomly opened it, I’d seen English porn mags which are rather tame. This one though had men and women in it, the men had rock hard cocks and where fucking. I’d never seen a hard cock that wasn’t mine at that point and I was transfixed. I was brought back to reality when John asked if I’d ever seen porn like these before. I openly admitted I hadn’t and that it was the first time I’d seen a guy with a hard on. He looked surprised, “but u attend a boarding school, surely you’ve seen stuff”. I wished that I had and wanted so desperately it ached to see one in the flesh so to speak. I was quite naive and very shy so I was blushing so much I could feel my cheeks warming as I went scarlet and avoided eye contact all together. John gave a little chuckle at my uncomfortableness and asked if I’d ever wanted to see one for real. I knew even through şişli travesti the haze of my embarrassment that anything said would always be between us and felt safe. So I slowly nodded my head and said yeah, I’ve thought about it a few times. He leant back ever so slightly so he was resting against the bedroom wall, still cross legged in front of me and placed his hands on his upper thighs with his thumbs stuck into the waistband of his jeans. He smiled at me, it was one of those knowing smiles but with a sense of naughtiness twinkling around his bright blue eyes. He matter of factly offered to let me see his dick as he was almost rock hard. He didn’t even wait for me to answer when he straightened his legs out in front of him slightly open and started to unbutton his jeans. He seemed to be taking his time or maybe it just felt like that to me. He lowered his jeans and asked me to pull them off for him, save him getting up. I already knew he wore quiet short tight fitting boxers, I’d often worn some of them if I couldn’t find a clean pair of mine. This time the view of him sat there in them, a clear outline and bulge visible had me captivated. He rubbed his hand up the length of his shaft through the material and asked what I was waiting for. Whilst I looked non-plus he beckoned me closer with a finger and told me if I wanted to see it I had to make a little effort and remove his boxers for him. I slid over to him till I was kneeling between his legs and reached out and peeled his boxers down, he obligingly lifted his bottom of the floor and they were soon laying on the floor between us. His cock was right there standing to attention, it looked enormous to me in reality it was about eight and a half inches. I felt his hand take mine and steer it towards him and with his hand round mine he placed my hand so I was holding his Dick in my hand. I don’t honestly remember when he took his hand away cause I was gently squeezing and releasing pressure. He moaned ever so gently beylikdüzü travesti and told me how nice it felt having me play with his dick. I was emboldened by this and with my other hand I cupped his balls in my hand, they where big heavy balls and his sack was already covered in loads of soft blonde hair. He asked me what I thought of the first hard cock I’d seen apart from mine, I was totally honest and told him it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever touched. He then asked wat I thought was an odd question, what did I think of the porn mag. I said it was pretty hot, yeah but did I like the fact the sex it showed was clearly rough. I liked it, I didn’t know sex could be rough till now I added. He slowly raised a hand and caressed the back of my neck for a minute, I then found my head being forced downwards. He told me to lay down with my head on his stomach, I complied not that he was giving me much choice. He held my head on him by having his hand in my neck. I asked him wat he was doing, I felt a bitter sting as he slapped me and told me to shut the f**k up. In shock I tried to pull away from him, he slapped me harder and told me to keep my slutty mouth shut and not move. I was stunned but I was trembling with how turned on he had suddenly made me feel. I very quickly knew that I liked it rough, and god did John know how do be just the right amount of rough. He used the hand not on my neck to force my mouth open, he stuck a few fingers in my mouth till I gagged on them. He held me down and let me gag, telling me to relax and take wat I was given. He then took them out for a second and shoved his cock into my open mouth. He pushed my head down till he was balls deep, I was gagging and had spit dribbling down my chin. He looked down at me and said breathe round it, I know u can do it there’s a good little slut. He pulled bck slightly and I could breathe round his beautiful rock hard cock. He shifted his hips back so my head was on the floor nearly and tilted istanbul travesti my head backwards slightly. Then suddenly he shoved his cock back in and I felt it go down my throat. He told me that’s a gd lad Dyl, he then really gently and slowly at first started fucking my throat. It was making me gag with each thrust, but he started getting faster and harder. He was using both hands to pin my head where it was, I had no choice but to lay there and get throat fucked. He kept telling me to take it bitch and to open my throat like a good boy. Then his breathing got faster and harsher and I felt it first as his cock pulsated and then I felt his hot wet load squirt down my throat. His cock was balls deep and he held it there whilst wave after wave filled my throat. He then told me to swallow down everything he’d given me. That it was my reward for being such a good little throat whore. I tried not to swallow it. He pulled his cock back slightly then slammed it back down as hard as he cud, I swallowed every drop, to be fair he had the nicest tasting cum. I felt him pulling out, he told me to lick his cock clean for him. I licked it slowly and gently, trying to show him how much I loved every inch of it. He laughed and asked was I enjoying his dick, I moaned and told him I loved it more than anything. He told me to sit up and turn round. He pulled me into him so I was lay between his legs with my head on his chest. He put his arms round me and told me I’d been so good he was gonna let me cum. He told me to wank myself of like a dirty little slut, talking dirty to me the whole time. Telling me that I was now his personal cock slave and that my throat would be his to use as he pleased. He said I’d swallow every drop of cum he gave me and if told I’d open my throat for anyone he wanted me too. That his mates where gonna be allowed to use my throat as and wen they pleased. I felt myself starting to cum as he said I was never to refuse to suck any cock no matter who it was. I felt to the cum shoot out and hit my lips then my chin got the the last few squirts. John hugged me tightly to him and kissed my neck, he said he really loved me and I replied the same. I then asked whose cocks he was gonna make me suck. Read instalment 2 to find out.

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