Subject: A Brother Used – Part 3 DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction, meant for the enjoyment of readers who have searched for this particular literature. It does not represent real life events, and is not meant for redistribution. The sole purpose of this story is for the enjoyment of readers interested in this particular field of erotica. This piece of fiction may involve males not of legal age, but is meant to be read only by those who are of legal age in their given country of residence. This story may bear resemblance to past stories from years gone by, and if it does then credit is given to those original authors. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the author. He turned and grinned at me, the guys cum clearly visible on his tongue `Fucking lovely’ Mike positioned himself on all fours, his big hard cock held in one hand while he began to work Martin’s hole and balls. I was as hard as rock, I sat watching my best friend rimming out my brother. Mike was right, did everyone suspect I was a fag? I pulled my pants under my balls and began to stroke my cock; wishing it was me at that arse. ******************* A Brother Used � part 3 I moved closer, Mike turned and grinned at me, he pushed a finger deep into Martin’s hole and withdrew it, he held it under my nose. The unmistakable smell of cum, ignited my senses, his finger touched my lips `Go on taste it’ I hesitated. `I said taste it’ He hissed at me, my lips parted and my tongue engulfed his finger, hungrily I licked the digit clean, as he worked the finger in my mouth, my tongue made love to it, a second finger joined the first, I heard him chuckling; he knew, he was right about me. Mike shuffled over and indicated for me to take over. My brother’s hole glistened, I ran my tongue in circles round his rosette, dipping into the small gape, my taste buds screaming at me as they activated. I felt a hand on my back I looked round at Mike, his face was inches from mine, his mouth opened, I was inexorably draw towards it, I opened my own mouth, our lips met, he put a hand behind my head and pulled me hard against his face, he moaned in to my mouth, gasping as his other hand found my hard cock and squeezed it tightly. Letting go he gripped one of my hands and dragged it to his cock; Fuck, I was wanking my best friend, while he resumed rimming my brother. My Fingers squeezed the thick fleshy tube, I slid them up to his cockhead. I knew his cock was fucking big from when he shoved it in my mouth, but it was fucking huge, at least two inches bigger than mine and so much thicker. It’s snakes head bellend the perfect addition to his thick veiny shaft, I slid a finger over his cock lips, did he moan from that, or from rimming Martin, I didn’t know, he was dribbling loads of precum, it hung in strands from his cock lips. I smeared it all over his cock head, then slipped the fingers back to my mouth and licked them clean. Mike sat back and looked at me `I am going to fuck him and then you’ He shuffled up between Martin’s legs his thick eight inches pushed between Martin’s buttocks. `Here help me, pull his arse cheeks apart again’ I was there immediately exposing my brother’s hole; offering it to Mike. Gripping the base of his shaft, he slapped his cock head against that wet glistening rosette, he smiled round at me. `Here goes’ He winked and pushed forward, Martin’s hole began to accept that cock head, the skin initially resisting the pressure before opening like a rose bud and giving access to within, the head vanished `Oh fuck, this is so hot, fuck’ He pushed some more, the sphincter, stretched to let his head in and then snapped tight, gripping his shaft, slowly expanding as the thick tube forced it way in, the tight straining white muscle, looked like it would snap, its colour changing as his hole swallowed more and more inches, when Mikes balls finally slapped home, the muscle gripping his cock was deep purple. I couldn’t help myself I gripped Mikes balls, he looked back at me over his shoulder, nodding. He began to ease his buttocks back and then plunged forward, slowly and steadily he began to fuck Martin’s şişli travesti arse, his thrusts getting longer, I watched his muscled buttocks tilting on his hips, hammering home his cock. He looked round again. `Rim me, lick my hole’ I knelt behind him and pulled apart Mike’s butt cheeks, his hole immediately visible, it was twitching intime with his thrusts into Martin. I pushed my face forward, immediately smelling his sweaty musky arse. `Fucking lick it I said’ A hand slapped the back of my head, I immediately stuck my tongue on to his pucker, a slightly bitter taste, assaulted my tongue. I licked it again, gradually getting his hole nice and wet with my tongue, I pushed into the centre, feeling his hole give slightly, I carried on jabbing at it feeling it open more and more. `Now use a fucking finger’ Mike barked at me, I eased a finger in alongside my tongue, his hole opened easier than I thought it would, accepting my finger. I added a second and began to work them in and out of his hole as he continued to fuck Martin. `Now kiss and lick my balls, see my cock fucking him’ I was straight there directly under the action, Mikes big balls squishing against Martin’s taint as he buried his cock. I kissed each bollock in turn and licked the juice’s gathering on them, my tongue found the hollow just below his taint between his swinging eggs, here the concentrated man smell gathered, my tongue set about cleaning this musky tasty deep trench; only when it was totally clean did, I try to take each of his balls unto my mouth in turn, I couldn’t tell if Mike was moaning from this or from the pounding his cock was giving Martin’s hole. Mike’s hand reached back and lifted his balls, now I could see the base of his shaft and Martin’s stretched hole. My tongue licked at the join, soon it was coated in the froth, the first guys cum had become, I carried on licking; not believing what was happening. I heard Mikes breathing change and then his thrusts became more determined `I’m gonna cum’ His balls slapped against Martin and then his legs tensed as he began to cum, I flattened my tongue against his shaft, feeling each pulse of cum as it fired up his cock; fuck I wanted it to be me. A few minutes passed, as Mike’s spasms died away, his hand gripped his cock once more, he began to pull out of Martin. `Open your mouth and take it’ He gasped, his still hard cock, coated in cum and arse juice pulled out of Martins hole with an audible plop, he glanced down and shoved it straight into my mouth, instantly I was over whelmed with the taste of yet more cum and the slightly bitter taste of arse juice. I hungrily licked his cock clean. Mike got up pulling his cock from my mouth and stood back on the floor, his now deflating cock, still looking huge in the light. `Fuck me’ He groaned grinning at me `Fucking amazing’ `Right, fucking lick up my cum from his arse? Without a word I turned myself round, Martin’s hole gaped open the size of a twenty pence piece, his rosette coated in thick white froth, it seemed to bubble out a steady stream of thick fresh cum, trickling out and down his taint to his balls. I started at the bottom, cleaning Martin’s ball sac and working up his taint, my tongue gathering all the cum, which I hungrily swallowed down, I pushed my tongue into his hole. I lay enjoying each offering his arse gave up. I felt Mike get back onto the bed, his breath hot on the side of my face, a hand gripped the back of my head and forced my face into my brothers arse deeper, Mike’s tongue licked into my ear as he whispered `Lick me all up, you know you want too’ He was right I did. After a few more minutes, he stood up again, `Right, I am going to fuck you now’ I pulled back `But I haven’t fucked him yet’ `From now on I decide who gets to fuck him in addition to me, I have a few guys I know who will be interested in Martin here’ Mike sneered, `Let’s get him covered up and get back to your room’ I watched as Mike pulled the covers back over Martin and gathered up his pants, mine were still round my ankles. `Take them off and get back down to your room’ I stood in my room, I was frightened, what had come over Mike, he came back into my room and closed the door, I stood shyly my hands over my cock and balls. `That was fucking amazing. Absolutely amazing, now it’s your turn, get on the bed’ I clambered on to the bed `Mike please I have never done beylikdüzü travesti this before’ `Fucking ace, I get myself a cherry too’ Mike picked up his discarded jeans and pulled a small brown bottle from the pocket. He threw it at me, I caught it, it was a similar bottle to the one I had seen those guys with the night before. `I fucking forgot I had these with me, you hold them your gonna need them’ `What are they? `Something to help you take my cock’ I opened the bottle and held it to my nose, the chemical smell hit me immediately, followed seconds later by a feeling of euphoria. `Wait, I have to make a call, I know a few guys who would love to have a go at you both and I owe them one’ Mike picked up his phone `Mike please no, don’t no one else’ He carried on punching the keys on his phone, he turned his back on me. `Delroy, it’s me Mike, what you up to? Want some fag ass? Ha haha, no not mine, two brothers, cool, yeah no bring him too’ Mike gave the guy the house address and hung up; shit I knew I was screwed. `Right, that gives me a few minutes to fuck you a new one, here suck me hard’ Mike approached the bed and as I crawled to the edge and opened my mouth, he shoved his cock in, he was soon swelling and lengthening again, he pulled it from my mouth it bounced upwards, hitting his stomach. `Right on your back’ He barked at me Mike clambered on to the bed and pushed between my legs, separating them. `Pull your legs back, let me see this hole’ `Mike please no’ His face frightened me, he looked like he would hit me, I did as he said, he spat on his hand and wiped it over my hole and then roughly forced in a finger, I cried out, he slapped me hard across the head. `Sniff some of them poppers, it will make it easier’ I scrambled for the bottle and took several sniffs up each nostril as he instructed, I felt the rush, my head was floating, then I was screaming as his cock forced itself inside me, with the head and half the shaft in me, another hard fucking slap, he knelt back. `Sniff more poppers, till the guys get here with something better’ I hurried to comply; hang on, what something better? As the poppers hit me, I found myself suddenly relaxing accepting the intruder in my arse, in fact enjoying it as it pushed into me balls deep. He leant forward and began snogging me, his fingers gripped my nipples and twisted them hard as he continued to assault my hole. He bit my ear lobe `You don’t know how long I have wanted to do this’ He carried on hammering his cock home the slapping of his balls and my groans on each thrust, the only sound in the room. The beep of a car horn and the blaring thumping music, brought his thrusts to a halt, he grinned at me pulling his cock from my arse, leaving me feeling strangely empty. `The guys are here’ He jumped off the bed and pulled on his jeans and shirt, he opened the bedroom door, and waited at the top of the stairs as the front door opened. `Come on up’ He called down. I lay apprehensively on the bed, my hands in front of my cock and balls, to a lot of fist bumping and hey Bro’s three guys came into the room, two black West Indians and one Asian guy. `Is this the guy you said about? `Yeah, he is one of them his older brother is next door, he is pissed, so we will have to make sure he doesn’t come round to soon’ One of the black guys, opened his jacket and took out a bottle of dark rum, `Oh, what’s in here will keep him flying high’ He laughed revealing a gold front tooth `And to keep him keen we have this; he took out a small metal box and a syringe’ Mike glanced at me, `You’re not going to inject them, are you? The black guy laughed `No, its to obvious, what you do is dissolve one of these rocks in the rum in the syringe and then you squirt it up his arse’ He stood back and throwing his hands in the air went `Bomb, up for anything, as long as it’s fucking him’ The two other guys laughed now too; Mike nodded; I wondered how well he knew these guys. `And I am not forgetting us’ The black guy spoke again, once more going into his pocket, he pulled out a bag stuffed with blue tablets. Mike looked at him questioningly `It’s Viagra man’ Mike nodded and joined the other two guys laughing. The black guy with the gold tooth walked over towards the bed I was laying on, he held out his hand, I tentatively put my hand out `I am Delroy, my Bro is Marvin and he is Ashad’ istanbul travesti Before I could move my hand back Delroy gripped me by the wrist and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. `And what’s your name? I was about to answer when he looked back at the other three, `Not that I imagine anyone will care, but what is it sweetie? `Philip, …what do you mean? `Hasn’t Mikey told you? Well, you will find out soon enough. He turned to Marvin `Come over here and rim him, check out the merchandise? I pulled my legs close to myself, but was easily over powered by him. Had I been paying more attention, I would have seen Delroy dissolving one of those rocks in some rum which he drew up into the syringe, as Marvin’s tongue worked my hole, I felt the cold plastic, it was quickly pushed inside me and the plunger depressed. The warm liquid flowed deep inside me, over my arse lining, which greedily absorbed it. Delroy turned back to Mike `You give him one of these’ He handed him a bluey, Mike crossed to me, my stomach was already beginning to feel numb, Mike looked at me `Open your mouth’ `Please Mike’ I opened my mouth and swallowed the tablet he placed inside. Within a few minutes, I felt pissed, but more, out of my fucking tree and as horny as hell. I fell back on the bed, my fingers feeling my arse, the four of them were laughing, by the door, Ashad looked at me and then at the others `Well, I am going to use him if you’re not’ He shook off is jacket and pulled his rugby top over his head, his body was lean and muscled, he toed off his shoes and undid his belt, slowly while I watched through glassy eyes, he pushed down his jeans, he was wearing white boxers, the fly gaped open his cock head sticking through, dark and thick, the end glistening wet, he smirked at me and pushed off his boxers, pulling off his socks as he stepped out of them. He turned back to his friends as he stroked his big thick nine inch cut cock. `Fuck off then, give a man his privacy’ They laughed, closing the door as he crawled towards me, I lay back, and spread my legs. ** In the corridor, Delroy turned to Mike, `Where’s the other one? `Through here’ Mike led them down to Martin’s bedroom. Martin was still on the bed covered with the white sheet, Marvin pulled it off, `Nice’ He kissed his teeth and grabbed Martin’s leg and turned him on to his back; Martin gave a groan, the three guys looked at each other. Delroy mixed up another “Booty Bump” this time dissolving a bluey as well as the small rock into the rum. He handed it to Mike `Give him this quick, before he comes round’ Mike carefully rolled Martin back on to his front and spread his legs, Martin’s head lifted off the pillow, he looked back at Mike, his eyes not registering who this was, he tried to get him. `Fucking hurry up’ Delroy hissed Mike, pushed the syringe into Martin’s arse, his puffy sphincter offering no resistance and depressed the plunger, Martin again tried to get up, groaning, Mike held him to the bed till he became quiet again. Delroy nodded at Mike and began to undo his trousers, `I am having him first’ He began to take off his clothes, Delroy’s cock was an obscene ten inches long, thick and gnarled, a large vein the size of your middle finger ran up the thick black shaft from his two huge black eggs, nestling in their hairless sac, up to the, lighter, cut head, he slowly wanked his cock, precum dribbled from the head. `You got the lube too’ Marvin nodded and handed him the clear plastic bottle; he gave it a shake mixing up the white powder; till it looked like snow flakes in a snow globe. He squeezed some along the length of his hard cock and smeared it on. `Turn him over and pull his legs back’ **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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