Subject: “Wrong Side of the Tracks”, Part Thirteen Please support Nifty!! Donate:: http://donate./donate.html I lose interest when you lose interest. Let me know how I’m doing! Love it when you guys tell me your cocks are dripping while you’re reading the stories. Smelling your own funk from your pits or finger banging your holes. Keeps me ail. Thanks for the continued support. All my stories are pure fiction from my twisted mind. I use real places but with made up people. The situations are fantasies. Nothing more. The Palm Springs motel and home are made up. They don’t exist. And yes. I have a thing for Palm Springs. Used to live there. Live life how you wish on your own terms and do not judge others. Life is too short. Where we left them:: Rory went to the motel and went straight for the room and knocked on the door. Shay got up, thinking it was one of the employees, and answered. “Rory! What’s up?” “Philip, Bash and I were wondering if we were on our own for dinner. We were going to order Chinese.” Rory said. “That sounds good to me. Let me see if I can get the men to clean up. We’ll see you soon. You know what we like. Casey will eat anything. Just order a lot.” Shay went to close the door, but then stopped to say, “I love you Rory, all of you.” in a rare moment of affection. Everyone knew Shay loved everyone but he never said it. “You ok Shay?” Rory asked. “I’m just fucking happy. OK?” Shay was a bit agitated. “Fuck! No one thinks I can be affectionate too.” “I know you can, you big lug. We all fucking love you too. Now go get those other fuckers and come home.” Rory laughed. Part Thirteen, “Wrong Side of the Tracks”:: Angela Thomas, Casey’s soon to be ex-wife, had been angry ever since she left their home with her daughter and moved in with her mother in Indio. Well, she’s been angry for a while, since Casey came back into their lives after being overseas for so long. He interrupted her new lifestyle. She loved the spontanious sex and the partying. Random cock was an addiction now. He knew she fucked around but had no idea of the extent of it. It was easy to find men in the mountains. But what angered her the most was that Bash wanted to stay with Casey. Her own son rejected her for him. When she got to her mother’s, her drinking increased. So did her carousing. Her mother tried to turn a blind eye to it. And she tried desperately to shield her granddaughter from it. But the woman was too weak to control her daughter. And the men she brought home were sleazy and dangerous. Her mother knew what Angela had become. Casey being away for so long, it was bound to happen. But all she could do was look after the girl. Her granddaughter. There may be hope there. In recent months, since the break up, Angela has hooked up with a really dangerous guy. Victor Sousa. He’s an ex-con and really rough around the edges. He was in prison for 3 years. Armed robbery and assault. He was sentenced to five years but got out for good behavior. All he did was workout and do his time. He excited Angela more than anyone has in recent years. He was younger than her at 25. She was an old looking 37. She knew Victor was a total perverted pig. Much more than normal women would put up with. His sexuality was perfect for her. The worse he treated her the more she wanted him. He told her she was a better cum dump then any other woman he’s had for a while. He admitted that, since he always had to fuck something, he fucked guys in prison. He wasn’t ashamed of it. He preferred guys. Victor was an exhibitionist as well. He didn’t give a shit about walking around in the buff at her mother’s house. The old lady tried to ignore that too but it was hard to do. The man was something to look at. It gave her pause though when he was so blatant in front of the child. But she feared Victor. She wouldn’t say anything. He was practically living in their house. Acting like the man of the house. He kicked in some money for food though. Trying to keep Angela’s mother happy. But otherwise he knew what he was and didn’t pay much mind to what others thought. One late Saturday morning Angela and Victor were laying in bed naked. He had just fucked her and she had fallen asleep again. Victor laid there with the sheet only covering his left leg. His right hand playing with his half hard cock. He was thinking that if the bitch woke up he would rail her again. But he could wait. Didn’t want her to be bitchy. He was actually getting tired of her. She did bitch a lot. Most women did. But he had a place to stay for now and the women in the house kept in line. He knew, however, eventually he would dump her. Find a young guy to shack up with. Gays were a lot easier. And took his thick cock easier too. Nice tight assholes. He missed that. The door slowly opened. It was the kid. She just had on a long tee shirt and no underpants. Victor looked over lazily at her. No attempt to cover up at all. The kid had seen him before. Every inch of him. Even hard. He didn’t give a shit. He nodded his head at her and then put his finger to his lips. Indicating that her mom was asleep and she should be quiet. She walked up to his side of the bed acting like she didn’t notice his display. But she did. He knew she did. The kid just turned seven last week. She’ll be ripe soon, he thought. Ripe for the picking. He wished she was a boy though. Then he would be more interested. “Grandma went shopping. I’m bored.” the kid told him in a whisper. “What do you want me to do about it?” he asked her in his own whisper, acting annoyed. “Nothing, I guess.” she said. Then she crawled over him to get in the middle of him and her mother. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Can I stay till mamma wakes up?” she asked. She wasn’t scared of him. Everyone else was except her. “We sleep in this bed naked. You want to stay here, you need to be naked too.” Victor told her in a whisper. Hoping she would leave. The girl shrugged her shoulders and lifted off her tee shirt, threw it on the floor. She was used to these requests from her mother’s men. Bash wasn’t the only one that was molested. She’s been touched for a couple of years now. Just never penetrated. Victor was surprised. He expected the request would have gotten her to leave instead of comply. But he wasn’t upset about it. He never had puss this young but close. Never had younger than 13. And that snatch was prime. But she was a pain in the ass. The youngest boy he’s fucked was 12. His neighbor’s kid. He wanted it and took it well. One of the best fucks he ever had. But Victor was only 17 himself. He must be almost 20 now. He’d still fuck him though. Saw a picture of the twink lately. Little muscle twink. Wonder if he missed his cock. “You want to cuddle up to me?” he asked quietly. He wasn’t going to fuck her. His cock would probably kill her. But he wasn’t opposed to feeling her up. She didn’t even answer. She just got between Victor’s chest and his arm. Laying her head on his shoulder and looking at him. “You’re better looking than most of her boyfriends.” the kid said out of the blue. “Well thanks,” he said. Kid was brazen, that’s for sure. She put her arm around his chest and got comfortable. He really wasn’t attracted to anyone this young, especially a girl, but a naked kid crawling on top of you would get anyone hard. And he was getting hard. His hand was cupped around her ass and she was actually pushing back on it. His middle finger found her slit. He rubbed it a bit. She shivered and let out a little moan. She’s done this before. Next thing he knew Angela was waking up. When she looked over she actually said, “Oh fuck, sorry Victor. She does this all the time. Can’t keep clothes on her and I can’t keep her off men when they come around.” Then she got up, naked, and grabbed the girl, “Come on you. Let’s get you dressed and ready to go with us to lunch.” and they left the room. ‘FUCK!’ he thought as he grabbed he cock. He jacked off real quick and then got up to use the restroom. He was going to have to fuck someone soon. He didn’t care who it was. A few weeks later Angela asked Victor to help him with something. It might piss Casey off. But he was down. He was getting an itch to leave the bitch. So he didn’t care if the ex got pissed. He wanted a young guy again. It never goes away. The need for men. So pissing off the ex might also be a way to dump the bitch. And to get what he’s been missing. Shay’s POV:: Casey and Bash had been living with them for several months at this point. Things were going really well. Shay decided that they needed a little party to introduce their man to their friends. He let Casey and Pat know his plans and they were on board. Everyone had been too busy and it was time to get everyone together. Shay didn’t take any reservations for the Sunday before Thanksgiving at the motel. By noon the last of the guests would be gone and after a quick turn around the motel would be ready for their friends. He wanted the rooms to be free’d up so that their friends could be totally comfortable and even crash there if they wanted to. They lucked out. That Sunday it was going to be just over 80 degrees. It was going to be perfect for a pool side buffet and drinks. Knowing everyone in the group there wouldn’t be the need for much clothes. And things were bound to get interesting. When the day arrived Shay was busy running around the motel in his barely there sarong getting everything set up. The guys were supposed to arrive around 2. The last guest checked out at 11 AM giving Shay more time than he thought he would have. His staff helped him clean rooms and then get the buffet ready for the caterers. Then they would leave as well. The caterers were a gay couple that they had used before. There would be no need for modesty when they arrived. At noon Pat and Casey came over to help. Casey was in his well worn jock and Pat, as usual, didn’t bother with anything. They had everything set quickly and the tables for the food ready for the caterers. The three guys headed back to the house to help each other ‘freshen up’. Thankfully the shower was big enough for three large former Marines to be able to maneuver around each other while using the wand. At this point the three of them had no shyness around each other. When they got to the house they heard the three boys in their own bathroom obviously doing the same thing. The men knew that the boys would all have their first orgasm before leaving that bathroom as well. Horndogs. Once the men were all ready Shay headed over to the motel. The other two and the boys would follow soon. It was quarter till two. The caterers had already come and gone and everything was set up. The last of the motel staff was leaving as well. Shay had already posted on the gate that there was a private party today. No guests taken. Shay would be letting in the party guests until they all arrived. And, since he got an affirmative from all of them, except Keon unfortunately, it was going to be a nice gathering. First to arrive was Jason, Patrick, Wes and Josh. Jason and Patrick were given a room key and then Wes and Josh their own. Second was Billy, Pike, and Sean. Keon couldn’t make it. Again Billy and Pike were given a room key and Sean was given his own. Sean wasn’t worried about being the odd man out. Between his new friends, Rory, Philip and Bash, as well as the three hosts, he was sure he would be with one or two before the afternoon was over. Sean also brought his stuff for school tomorrow as he would be going in with the other three. It was a short week and he didn’t have football practice. So just his clothes and books were needed. Once everyone was stripped down they all met by the bar and obtained some liquid courage. Not that they needed it. The only new ones to the group were Casey and Bash. But the anticipation of meeting Casey was buzzing around the patio. From Shay’s description they were all going to want to be intimate with the former Marine. The three boys made their way in first. After their hellos and introduction of Bash they went off to the pool with Sean. Wes and Josh would probably join them soon. They were at that age where they could hang with the younger guys or the adults. Wes would be the oldest but was more of a child than Josh. Even in his late twenties. Pat and Casey entered a few minutes later. Pat, still naked and Casey back in his rank jock. Shay quickly made the introductions. “Casey, this is Jason and Patrick. Jason is a fellow jarhead and Patrick is FBI.” Casey started to put his hand out but Jason swatted it away, “In this group we hug, soldier.” Then Jason hugged him tight and said quietly into his ear, “Always loyal…” And Casey whispered back “…Always faithful” Casey almost felt his emotion weld up in his eyes. He heard that Jason was the most adamant about being a friend that was always ready to help and to be there. As Jason pulled away Patrick came in for a hug, “Sorry, not a Marine. Hope I’ll do, anyway.” He said as he was about to hug him. “I think you’ll do just fine. Damn. Hot couple.” Casey smirked and then accepted the hug from Patrick. Casey already knew that he wanted to fuck Patrick. Jason, however, looked like he could own him, like Shay does. He would need some beers to consider that. Next up was Wes and Josh. Wes was introduced as their token Army grunt and Josh was introduced as Jason’s son. Wes was short but they were still a stunning couple. Wes had some visible scars. Casey made note to find out what had happened to the man. But he was a hot little fucker. Then Shay interrupted his thoughts,”Casey, this is Billy and Pike.” Billy was a stud with longer hair parted in the middle. The look of a Marine that fell back into civilian life easier than most. Pike was rougher looking but hot all istanbul travesti the same. “And, of course, you already met Billy’s son, Sean. The boys already dragged him to the pool.” After they all hugged Casey and got him feeling comfortable Shay told them all to eat up or drink up, or not. All up to them. Caseys POV:: As the party had been going on for about an hour or so Casey found himself off to the side with Jason. At one of the two lounges off to the side in one of the private areas. Jason wanted to know how Casey’s rehab for his PTSD was going. If he was getting everything he needed from the VA. He wanted to help anyway he could. He made it clear that if he was important to Pat and Shay then he was important to Jason. Casey couldn’t believe the effect Jason had on him. Besides Pat he had never met anyone that had his level of compassion in his eyes when he talked to you. Something told Casey that Jason was the leader in any group of men that they would be in, including this one. He just couldn’t explain it. Then Jason said, “I’ve been there brother. I fought my own demons. But nothing helped me more than the family I built around me. Of course Patrick, Wes and Josh, but the extended one as well. All of you guys. The VA is only good to get you on track, to get to your destination you need others, us. So if you need something you’re not getting at the VA or home then call me and I’ll help you find it.” “What sort of scenario triggered you, or was it a series of events?” Casey asked, “For me it was a series.” “Well it was a series leading up to a main event overseas,” Jason said, “We all saw stuff we shouldn’t have to see in our lives. Most people over here have no idea what really went on. But at the end I was airlifted out naked and broken.” “Naked? Literally?” Casey’s face showed that he might have misunderstood. Jason chuckled a bit and said, “Yes, literally. I was taken captive for a month. I was in a one room cell with Wes for that month. Naked. We didn’t get to leave until our side attacked the house. They didn’t know we were being held captive in that house. I left with some head wounds from the roof falling in on us. Wes was more beat up. Broken limbs and such. That’s how I hooked up with an Army grunt.” he grinned. Casey’s eyes went wide as Jason finished. It was coming back to him. The news reports. His fellow Marines stayed glued to the reports from back home. Jason, Wes, Josh? Could it be? “What is it?” Jason asked, but he knew. He knew that Casey had figured it out. “Josh is….” Casey started. “Yes”, was all Jason said, then, “That event triggered some issues as well.” “I’m so sorry.” Casey said thinking how small his own issues are after knowing what Jason’s family went through. Jason smiled warmly at Casey and said, “We all go through some tough shit. Don’t ever think your stuff is any less damaging than someone else’s. We’re here for you and we expect the same in return. You’re family now.” Casey felt himself tear up. How could this dude be so giving after everything they went through. And just meeting him. Casey wanted to get past his anger to be like that. Jason stood up and pulled Casey up. He embraced Casey in a strong hug and Casey let go. He never let go like this. None of the therapy or VA visits, or even Shay and Pat got him to let go like this. What was it about Jason? He didn’t wail though. He just softly cried in the crook of Jason’s neck. Shay’s POV:: Shay noticed what was happening as he and Patrick were talking by the bar. “No one helps us heal like Jason.” Patrick said beside him. “You got that right brother.” Shay said as he watched Jason and Casey go to Jason and Patrick’s room. He wasn’t sure there would be any sex. Jason wanted to help make Casey whole, not just bang him. Although he was sure that neither man would give up the opportunity to have the other. Casey’s POV:: When they got to the room Jason sat Casey on the bed next to him, “We’re alone brother, let it out if you need to. Otherwise I’ll stay with you until you feel yourself again.” “I feel so stupid. I never fucking cry.” Casey said, reaching for a tissue and wiping his eyes. “Maybe that’s part of the problem. Just because we are big Marines doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to cry.” Then Jason layed on the bed, on his back, and said, “Come here.” Casey looked over at the stud. His skin glistened with a sheen of sweat. He had an all over tan. One of the sexiest men he’s ever seen. He was right up there with Pat and Shay. Billy and Pike as well. All fucking studs. He couldn’t believe a group of gay guys like this existed. All fucking broken at some point and they all found each other. He hesitated. “You don’t take orders very well, soldier.” Jason smiled. “I didn’t know it was an order.” Casey smiled back. “Are you going to take advantage of my weakened state?” “Only if you want me to. But, no, I need to hold you as much as you need someone to hold you. At this moment I want to be that someone.” Jason said. Casey laid down on his side, with his head propped up on his hand, and looked at the man. He still hesitated. “Now, come here.” Jason said again as his right arm went under Casey and then pulled him over almost on top of him. “There is no connection better than flesh on flesh. Especially when we’re emotional. And it doesn’t hurt when one of the men is one of the hottest guys I’ve ever met.” “You must be looking in a mirror.” Casey said as his finger traced the scar on the right side of Jason’s face. “Even this enhances your look.” “Well, thank you. I’m ok. You’re the stud, out of all of us, that should be on the cover of a fucking atheletic magazine.” Jason said, taking Casey in. It was true. Casey was built and maintained it well. His perfect latin skin. No blemishes anywhere. Photographers would kill to take his picture and then to get him into bed. “And the face of an action hero.” Casey blushed. He knew he had what other people wanted but, when actually told it, he became very embarrassed. Shy. The type of shyness that when it showed up on his face made Casey more endearing. Casey’s fingers were not only tracing Jason’s scar but now his jawline and his neck. “You’re not exactly chopped liver, brother.” “Thank you” was all Jason said. Then he pulled Casey closer and said, “This ok?”. “The only way it wouldn’t be is if you stopped.” Casey said before his lips connected with Jason’s. What came next was a raw masculine make out session. Things progressed to the point where Casey knew he was going to be bitch in this scenario. They made out for a good five minutes before Casey attacked Jason’s left pit. The deep scent rivaled his own. He couldn’t get enough. Jason pulled him back up to taste himself on the man. Then Jason pulled out from underneath Casey and swung himself around. He’s been wanting to taste Casey’s hispanic ass since he met him. Casey ended up on his knees with Jason’s mouth on his hole while he looked down on Jason’s body. He started to caress Jason’s torso up and down as he pushed back on his face. Jason ate his ass with a vengeance. Soon, Casey was leaning down and taking Jason’s cock into his mouth. The girth and size of it were close to Shay’s so he knew he could take it. Was he going to take it? What was he thinking? He made the decision right then. He grabbed the lube and doused Jason’s cock in it. Then he swung around and looked down at Jason. Jason had a look of confusion for a moment but then he saw Casey taking control. “You sure brother? Shay said you were mostly a top.” “He said the same about you. But I need you in me. I don’t know why. I want to belong to the group. I’ll let everyone of you have a piece of me.” Casey said as he lubed his own hole. “Whoa brother, not that anyone would turn down a crack at that fine ass, but you don’t have to whore yourself out for us either.” Jason warned. “Have you fucked everyone in the group?” Casey asked, hovering over Jason’s cock on his knees waiting for the answer. Jason thought about it and then said, “I guess I have. And most of them have fucked me I guess. I do prefer to top as well but I want my family to experience what I experience, even if it’s just once or a couple of times.” Then he said, “I held out on Wes the longest but my son reminded me that I should treat him the way I treat everyone in the family. It just wasn’t our relationship but Josh was right.” “That’s what I want. I prefer to top, as Shay said, but, well, but I want to belong.” Casey said as he lined up Jason’s cock. He felt the tip at his hole, “Fuck me good man. Make sure you give me your load.” he said as he grimaced. The tip went in and it stretched him painfully. But thanks to Shay he knew what to expect. He knew he would never be a complete bottom but the act of having another man take him humbles him to a degree. It almost gives him peace. He meant what he said about having the other guys breed him as well. This group of theirs triggered all his twisted thoughts and fantasies. Though those thoughts rarely, if ever, included being bitch. As Jason and Casey were sharing their moment others in the group had already paired off. Shay and Patrick ended up together right out in the open. Next to the bar. Patrick gladly held onto the bar top while Shay took him from behind. Billy and Pike soon joined in. Pike ended up cleaning Shay’s cock while Billy gave Patrick another load. Wes, Josh, Rory, Sean and Bash ended up in Wes and Josh’s room. Wes was in perv heaven with the younger guys all over him. Wes ended up fucking Rory while Rory fucked Sean. Josh ended up fucking Bash. But they were all in a pile. Sean was on his back while Rory fucked him. It gave them the opportunity to make out with each other. Wes kept the momentum going, fucking Rory into Sean. Wes and Josh were able to make out while Josh was balls deep into the young stud. Bash was leaning over the bed standing in front of Josh. Rory was in the same position. The only one unable to kiss anyone was Bash. But after Sean left Rory’s lips he moved over under Bash’s face to make out with him a bit. Once everyone came they piled up into the middle of the bed in a sweaty mass of bodies. Kissing and hugging. Wes had a couple of fingers of each hand up Sean’s and Bash’s cunts. He loved the way holes felt sloppy after they were bred. No one noticed that Pat and Philip had snuck away to suite number 12. They left the door open but they wanted a few moments alone. Ever since Michigan they had these feelings for each other that weren’t going away. As much as they tried to ignore them. “I want to take you to the playroom when I’m done with you. Want all our friends to use you. For them to see my cum dripping out of your cunt while you lay on the fuck bench. I want your son to see what I’ve done to you. I love Rory with all my heart, but…” Philip said while he kissed and licked Pat’s neck. Pat, himself, was caressing the young stud. Feeling his developing muscles. “…but, you do things to me too Philip. More twisted than I could have ever imagined. Like me. We won’t be able to keep this a secret. As much as I want to. Casey and Shay are too smart. Especially Shay. I don’t want Rory to get hurt.” As Philip spit on his fingers and then shoved them into Pat’s hole he said, “Rory is taken with Sean. He told me not to be jealous. I told him I would love him no matter who he wanted to be with. He said the same to me. Then he also said, after Michigan he understands if I ended up in dad’s bed more often. I think he knows.” “Oh fuck. Is he ok?” Pat head was swimming. He felt bad, but at the same time relieved. Philip’s fingers had him hungry again. “Yeah, Like I said, he has Sean.” Philip said as he took his fingers out of Pat. He soon replaced them with his cock. “Time to load you up babe so the rest of the group can see what a whore you are.” “Auggh fuck. Fucking love this cock. Hurts…so…augggh fucking good.” Pat said while he laid on his back taking the young stud up his ass. “You fucking old fag. You love a dude half your age fucking you. Taking you the way your son couldn’t. Willing to whore you out to strange nasty men.” Philip was in the scene now. The one he and Pat loved so much. The seedier the better. “Oh fuck yes!” Pat said as his prostate started to get worked over, “Whore me out!” “You’ll do whomever I say? Whenever I say it? Be a good fucking bitch?” Philip asked. “Fuck yes. Fuck yes sir. I’m yours to do as you please.” Pat said, his breathing ragged at this point. The pleasant pain sent shivers through his body. “Fuck yeah you will, fucking cunt.” Philip’s dom side was coming out. It only came out with Pat. Like this. He was dominant with Rory but not to the extent he was with Pat. “Anything you want.” Pat was almost delirious. But he meant it. He wanted this from the first time Philip fucked him he knew. Shay could throw him a rough fuck but he never tried to own Pat. He was almost too loving. But since Philip was the same as Pat he understood Pat so much better. Philip loved Rory but would never be completely satisfied with him. Not like he would be with Pat. Rory would understand, Pat thought, he had to understand. He needs this. “You my whore?” Philip said, his momentum increasing. He was on the verge. “Yes sir, always.” Pat submitted. Feeling Philip’s cock expanding in his ass. Taking up more room than Pat had to give. “We’re fucking telling everyone. No more bullshit. You’re fucking mine. And this cunt gets used by everyone. You’ll slut for everyone.” Philip’s voice, getting louder. His orgasm building. “We’re coming out baby. My fucking whore. Fag stud daddy.” “Yes sir, yes sir…oh fuck yes, yes…” Pat felt his own orgasm building. Philip’s cock pushing the cum out of his balls. His cock not touched. “Oooh kadıköy travesti fuck!!!!” Philip came hard into Pat. Shoving his cock as far up his cunt as he could. Pat’s ass muscles seemed to automatically start to milk Philip’s cock as Pat came on his own stomach. Philip’s mouth came down hard on Pat’s. They made out hard and sloppy. Saliva dripping from the corners of their mouths. As Philip backed away from Pat he said, “You my bitch?” Pat let out a deep breath and said, “You meant it?” “Every. Fucking. Word.” Philip smiled at Pat. “Thank god.” Pat said as he pulled Philip down for another kiss. They emerged from the suite sometime later. Still wearing each other’s loads. Philip’s in Pat’s ass and Pat’s on both of their stomachs. The rest of the group was around the pool relaxing after all their activities. Rory got up and made his way over to them. Pat and Philip sort of froze. “You guys figure it out?” Rory asked. “Son?” Pat asked, not sure what Rory was thinking. But Philip knew, “Yeah we did. You ok with it?” “Not like I’m losing either one of you, right?” Rory asked. “Fuck no.” Philip answered. “Good, then I’m ok with it. Going to get crowded with Shay and Casey and the two of you in one bed.” Rory smirked. “But son….”, Pat started, embarrassed. “It’s ok dad. Besides, Sean and I have grown a bit closer than I expected. Philip’s my best friend and always will be. It’s all good.” Rory said as he walked away. Pat, stunned, said, “Fuck! What the fuck was that?” “Rory understands us. You got a problem with that?” Philip said, sending another shiver down Pat’s back. Pat bowed his head and said quietly, “No sir.” Submitting to Philip like he always knew he would eventually. “Good, now see Pike and Billy over there?” Philip was pointing. Pike was licking Billy’s left pit out in the sun. Billy was laying on the lounge hard. Obviously not getting enough earlier. “Yes sir.” Pat answered. “Go sit on his fucking cock. Let my cum drip around his cock as you go down on it. Don’t ask him permission. Just do it. I’ll take care of Pike.” Philip said. Pat followed Philip over to the men and Philip grabbed Pike’s ass and pulled him away from Billy. Pat straddled Billy’s lounge chair and started to squat down on Billy. First he let out a bit of cum from his ass right on the tip of Billy’s cock. Just before it entered him. Billy noticed and it turned him on more. He was just as into being a pig as the rest of the group. As Billy’s cock was swallowed by Pat’s hole Billy said, “Some would consider this rape.” with a smile. He was joking. He always loved Pat’s hole. “Sorry, it was a request from Philip.” Pat said matter of factly. “You always follow Philip’s requests?” Billy asked as he placed his hands on Pat’s hips. “I do now.” Pat responded. “Oh? Why now? Has something changed? What about Shay? And Rory? What am I missing?” Billy was confused. “Shay, I still have to talk to. But Rory understands. Says he does anyway. I sort of belong to Philip now. I need to belong to him. But you can use me anytime you want. All of you can.” Pat explained as he guided himself up and down Billy’s cock. “Philip’s going to let you whore for all of us? Fuck yeah!” Billy said getting into it. He fantasized about getting owned sometimes too but Pike was too subservient to do it. If anything he would be owning Pike. “It’s what my cunt is for, brother. It can’t get enough. Especially a Marine cock like yours. Breed me man.” Pat begged. “Fuck yeah brother. You want others to breed you today too? All of us get a ride?” Billy asked as he slammed up into Pat. Sort of getting into the fantasy. “Oh fuck, yeah, fuck! All of…you…fuck!… use me!” Pat said as he was pushing down on Billy’s thrusts. “Please!” Wes and Shay came over to see what was going on. Shay suspected the dynamic that was happening with Philip so he went to Pat. He would answer anything while he was getting fucked. Wes bent down to make out with Billy while he fucked Pat. Billy’s hand went to Wes’ ass and started to finger the wet and sloppy hole. He didn’t know who’s load, or loads, Wes had gotten, but it didn’t matter. Shay grabbed Pat by the back of the neck and raped his mouth with his own then he pulled back, “Anything you want to tell me, brother?” Then he spit in Pat’s mouth. Pat swallowed it instantly. “Philip.” was all Pat said. “Philip what?” Shay asked, knowing the answer already, but he wanted the whore to say it, “What about Philip, Pat?” “He, awe fuck, Shay! Sorry, fuck!” Billy was fucking him harder, the scene with Shay was getting him worked up. He didn’t know how it would go. “Ever since Michigan I knew, fucker! I knew you and him clicked in a way none of us could with you or him. Both of you are twisted fucking whores. Just don’t forget your fucking family. We love you both. We know. It’s ok.” Shay said. Pat had tears running down his cheeks as he was still getting fucked, “You sure?” Shay said, “Come here” and he kissed him hard and raw again and then pulled back, “You’re my best friend and I love you. I don’t understand the dangerous need you have in you but Philip does. He has the same need. Just don’t get yourself killed.” “I. Love. oh fuck, fuck, fuck..you. Too. gawd it hurts so fucking good.” Pat said as Shay had positioned himself behind Pat and started to slide his cock in along Billy’s. Squatting over the lounge, it wasn’t easy, but he did it. “This what you need fucker? Us to all use you? No regard for your cunt. It belongs to everyone?” Shay asked as he started to long dick him. Billy was reacting to the friction as well. “It belongs to Philip. He said you all should use it. Anytime you want. Anywhere.” Pat said out of breath. “Fuck yeah we will. Keep that hole clean at all times. You’ll be whored out like you want. Like Philip wants.” Shay said getting into it more than he thought he would. He loved Pat more than anyone so he would be who Pat wanted him to be. A cock to use his cunt. But still his best friend. The rest of the group started to gather around the threesome. Philip was nearby with his own cock down Pike’s throat. Close enough to listen but far enough to let everyone gather. Casey and Jason came in close. Casey’s ass throbbing from the railing he got from Jason. Wes came up next to Jason, his best friend in the world, to see what was going on. Jason bent down a bit to whisper in Wes’ ear, “Casey has my load in his ass. It was a big one.” Wes’ eyes became wide. Wes looked over at Casey and asked, “May I eat Jason’s load from your ass?” Casey was a bit taken aback for a moment and then just simply nodded, one short nod, in his masculine way. Looking right in Wes’ eyes. Wes wasted no time kneeling behind Casey and spreading his cheeks. Casey accommodated him by spreading his legs a bit and leaning over a table. He was pleased with the gusto of Wes’ exploration of his hole. Feeling his puffy ass lips being soothed by Wes’ tongue and spit. Patrick came over to where Casey was leaning and asked, “Will I be fortunate to be bred by you in the near future?” “Fuck yeah man. With an ass like that, try and keep me away.” Casey responded. “But I expect the same treatment someday.” Patrick then bent down and started to make out with Casey. All while Jason stood by and caressed each of their backs. Later in the evening, after most of the guys had retired to their rooms or had left, as Shay and Casey were putting the food away and cleaning up a bit Casey turned to Shay and said, “So I guess we’re not as much of a trouple as we thought we were going to be.” “Yeah, Pat’s still a part of us but he and Philip click more than anyone. But, I’m not terribly upset about it, as long as I still have you man. I’ve fucking fallen hard for you, brother.” Shay admitted as he started to walk over to Casey, “I’m in love with Pat too but not like this. You fucking rock my world.” Casey, feeling overwhelmed by Shay’s declaration, said, “The feeling is mutual, brother. I let Jason fuck me today.” he said shyly, not knowing the reaction he would get from Shay. Shay just smirked and said, “We’ve all let Jason fuck us. If anyone was the alpha of this fucking group of miss-fits it’s him man. I’m sure he’ll fuck you again. Hell, I’m sure he’ll fuck me again.” Then he reached out for Casey and asked, “You still have his load in your ass?” Casey chuckled and said, “I think Wes ate what he could find.” “That fucking little slut. He does love to eat ass. I love it when he chows down on my shit hole, brother. He’s talented.” Shay said. “Fuck yeah he is. And his short little body can get right up in there man. It was fucking hot.” Casey said. “Wanna wrap this up and go home and get comfortable, babe?” Shay asked. “I’ll go anywhere you want.” Casey smiled at him. Besides getting the guy he definitely wanted, Casey was on a high by how well the party went, despite Pat’s coming out about he and Philip’s true relationship. He loved Pat as a friend but he didn’t really see himself falling for him like he did for Shay. “Wonder if Pat and Philip are in our bed or somewhere else.” Shay said as they started to walk to the door to the house. “Wouldn’t matter to me. We can fit all together if we have to. I’m ok with it.” Casey said. He was thinking he would mind trying out Philip’s torpedo cock himself. He was developing that itch the others have talked about. The itch that you needed a cock in your ass. The Monday after Thanksgiving Philip, Rory and Bash were back at school. Being seniors Philip and Rory got done for the day earlier than Bash. Bash was now a junior but he didn’t have his own car yet. In the past Rory or Philip, or both, usually went back for him since he’s moved in with them. Bash was treated by both guys like the little brother they never had. Sexually they did very little together. Philip had Pat now and Rory was definitely crushing on Sean. Not that Rory still didn’t get Philip’s cock now and then. He would always invite Philip into his bed. But Bash didn’t hold out either. He enjoyed spending time with Wes and Josh this past weekend and was hoping to see them more. Josh had told him he was hoping for the same. This Monday Sean went home with Philip and Rory at the end of their last class and then Sean and Rory went to pick up Bash. Philip stayed home with Pat. When the boys got back to the school they were just a few minutes later than usual. They didn’t see Bash at his usual spot. Kids were everywhere. Rory went and asked a kid they recognized that was sort of friends with Bash. A kid named Spence. “Yeah he was here. His mom and her boyfriend picked him up. He didn’t look too happy about it but he went with them. Jumped in the front seat. His mom went into the back seat. I think I heard him say something like, you’re taking me to my house, right?, and then they left.” Spence said, and then he added, “By the way, the boyfriend of his mom’s, he looked kind of scary, man. Big mean fucker.” A couple hours earlier:: Victor was laying on the bed naked, as usual, waiting for the bitch to make up her mind. He had just finished his workout on the bench he had put in the garage. He was able to workout naked in there but it was fucking hot. But he had a good swole going on. His pits were rank though. Was fucking turning him on. Loved his own stink. Loves other men’s stink too. Angela wasn’t as fond of it but he didn’t care. He craved his own scent. Angela wanted to pick up the boy, Bash. But she couldn’t decide if today was better or to wait for Wednesday. But she didn’t know what time school would end on Wednesday since it was the start of the holiday. Her daughter was getting out early so she assumed Bash was as well. Victor could give a shit. He was already making his exit plan. Angela was a drunk and getting more and more aggravating. He liked to drink beer but he didn’t hide it. She hid her drinking which made it worse. What she did drink in front of him, he knew, was only the tip of the iceberg. He drove almost everywhere now because she was always over the legal limit. She still was hooking up with past men too. He didn’t really care as he didn’t really care about her. But it was a turn on to fuck some other guy’s cum into her. Or to eat her snatch and get some cum on his tongue. She denied it but, again, he really didn’t give a shit. The daughter was aggravating him as well. Bossy little cunt. Always trying to grab him. But, thankfully, she was with her grandmother more than with them. As soon as they got the kid, Bash, he was out of here. He got himself a furnished apartment in Palm Springs already. She didn’t know about it. Maybe he would hook up with a young guy after all this. No more women for a while. If ever again. 90% of his shit was in the trunk of his car that was at his apartment. She didn’t know about the car. He didn’t need much. And he had cash stashed. Cash Angela didn’t, and wouldn’t, know about. Angela finally made up her mind an hour later. It was today. Didn’t have enough time to make the 30 minute drive if they didn’t leave soon. Victor reluctantly got up and put on some medium length gym shorts and a wife beater. His body looked like it would bust out of the two skippy pieces of clothing. He’d rather be naked but driving up to a school, even shirtless, would raise eyebrows. They didn’t need that attention. He looked around real quick. He didn’t have much here. He was really getting the itch to leave. He carried his flips with him staying barefoot. As he walked out of the house it was obvious that he was commando. His package swung under the thin fabric making his choice of clothing almost obscene. Again, he didn’t care. Sitting in the car his shorts rode up on his thighs accentuating his package. He saw Angela look over and give him the once over. bakırköy travesti He swore he heard a faint moan from her. He smirked. He knew that the sexualality that his body and his demeanor gave off weakened those around him. He was cocky about it too. Always had been. He was born in Victorville, California to immigrant parents. They lived in a trailer park on the outskirts of town. A run down sort of place. His father was a laborer on a construction crew and his mother was a cleaning woman at a motel. A maid. His mother hated being away from her family. She was from Chametla, outside of La Paz. Baja. Her family had some money. But her husband had convinced her to move to America for a better life. She missed the ocean, her family and her family’s money. Victor’s father was from Las Dos Marias. A village inland. His mother’s family disliked the man. He was poor and rough around the edges. Muscular and mean. Like Victor. But the woman couldn’t resist him either. Sexually he was a beast and his mother couldn’t get enough. Once they had Victor she became more unhappy. She held out though. Until Victor was 12 and could take care of himself. Then one day she just left. No note, no call, just left. Victor’s father knew right away that she went back to her family. Back to the life he couldn’t afford to give her. But she left him his son. For that he was thankful. So he didn’t persue her. But as time went on things changed around the trailer. Victor’s father drank a bit more, worked out on his time off more, and wore less and less in front of the boy. He encouraged Victor to do the same. His father also became more handsy. Touching and hugging the boy for no reason. Having the boy snuggle with him on the couch while they watched their shitty TV. By the time Victor was 13 his father barely wore gym shorts around the house. He had given up wearing uderwear. His father had him workout with him daily. Right after work he would strip down and put on his usual gym shorts. But that changed soon too. His father soon convinced him that the Romans used to do their sport naked. He even showed him the evidence in history books. But he also said society now would not be kind to the practice and to keep it between them. By the time he was 14 they worked out together naked every afternoon. Victor’s old bedroom had been changed into their gym. There was still a twin bed in there butted up against the wall but it was rarely used. His father had convinced him that they would save money if they just used the air conditioner in his room. If they slept in the same bed. Of course his father slept naked, and so did Victor at this point. Victor was becoming a little stud in his own right. And his hispanic sexuallity was developing. Girls were noticing and guys wanted to be friends with him. Victor knows now that his father had started to groom him. It was a thoughtful progression. By 16 Victor was his father’s lover but he was also streetwise. He never was really a bully but other kids knew not to fuck with him. There was something dangerous behind those smouldering eyes. By the time he was 17 he was getting into trouble. Nothing to bad but got suspended from school a couple of times. He was going to a high school where it was evident he was from the wrong side of town. He was definetly the school’s bad boy. The rebel. Made the girls even more wet to be around him. Some of the guys too. He actually did graduate. His grades weren’t stellar and he didn’t want to go to college. He enlisted in the Marines and was out in four. He got in trouble there too. Couldn’t always follow orders without being defient or cocky. Never went back to his dad’s. Lost touch with him. The dude used to fuck him and he was never going to be fucked again. After the Marines he fell on hard times. At 23 he robbed a liqour store. Stupid thing to do. He knew it, but he was desperate. He didn’t want to go back to his father. His father died while he was in prison. Actually left Victor everything he had. He wasn’t rich but the bastard seemed to save every penny he made. Left Victor a nice nest egg until he decided what he was going to do. His father also left him a letter. He got it when he got out. Telling him that he knew it wasn’t right but the love he had for Victor was more than a father should have for a son. When he read that letter he realized that he was pissed off at the man for doing something that he let happen. He loved him too. He wanted it to happen. He wasn’t a victim. He was a participant. He if had just gone back after the military he wouldn’t have gone to prison. All that was behind him now. He wanted to be on the straight and narrow. No more trouble. He knew Angela was trouble. When they got to the school all the kids were letting out. Bash spotted his mother’s car right away. Couldn’t tell who was driving it though. She was in the passenger seat. “There he is!” Angela said getting out of the car. The kid she walked up to looked older than sixteen. He was built and basically a stud. Far from the picture Angela showed him of a seven year old. The bitch didn’t even have an recent pictures of her kid. They started to approach the car and Victor heard, “Yes. Of course call your dad. I just want to see you.” She said as she opened the back door. “I’ll sit in back. You can get to know Victor.” The kid got in and took a look at Victor. His eyes widened. Victor wasn’t sure if he was scared or something else. But the kid was a fucking dream come true. Bash racked his eyes over the guy from head to toe. Victor was doing the same to the kid. “Hi” Bash said, sort of embarrassed. “Hey kid, I’m Vic. How ya doin'” Victor smiled. He saw it in the kids eyes. Lust. This was going to be much better than he thought. Bash was shaken. The dude was a wet dream. Kinda like his dad but a bit rougher looking. And his scent was alarming. Mostly because it was putting Bash in a lustful trance. “I’m…uh…Bash”. Victor held his hand out for a shake. Bash took it. As they shook Victor slid his middle finger around Bash’s palm. Holding onto his hand for far too long. Bash didn’t mind though. This is one of his mother’s friends he could definitely get into being molested by. Angela interrupted the moment. “Call your dad and tell him I wanted to spend a little time with you. We’ll have you home by dinner.” In actuallity she could care less about spending time with her son. This was all about pissing Casey off. Victor knew that but now he felt bad. “Ang, Let’s just take the kid home. You’re seeing him now. I don’t want to get in the middle of you and your ex.” Victor was taken with the kid and wanted to see him again. So he wanted to be the good guy here. Fuck Angela. “What the fuck? I thought you were going to help me.” She was pissed. Bash watched the exchange and saw that his mother hasn’t changed. He wondered why this dude was stuck with her. “Tell you what Ang. We’re dropping off the kid and then you can leave me at a bus stop. I’m pretty much done. Sorry Bash. I didn’t know it was all like this.” He said, and he meant it, Bash was looking like a deer caught in the headlights. And, he thought again, I have to see this kid again. “There is a bus stop by our house.” Bash volunteered. Angela was beside herself. “Fine. Fuck you both. Where is this fucking house.” she said. Bash actually directed them a few blocks away from the actual house. He didn’t want his mother to know where he lived. His dad was using the address of the mobile home for everything to keep her off their scent. “Which house? Where is it? Tell me which one!” she said like a crazy person when he had Victor stop. “Don’t worry about it. It’s a bit of a walk from here but I can get a ride. I’ll never show you where we live. You’re nothing but trouble as always.” Bash said as he got out. Victor got out too. Threw his flips on the pavement and got into them. Angela got out of the backseat and went up to Victor, “That it? You’re done?” All he said was, “Yep”. “Well fuck you! Fuck you both!!” She got in the car and sped off. Leaving them both at the bus stop. Victor turned to Bash and said, “Sorry man. I knew she was nuts but fuck! I had no idea.” “No problem man. I’m used to it. She just wanted to see me to piss of dad, right?” Bash asked. “Yeah, I guess so. Sorry. I really thought she wanted to see you. She did mention it would make her happy to piss him off but I had no idea that she would treat you that way.” Victor felt like he had been had. He also felt that the bitch had ruined any chances of getting to know her son. Just then Bash’s phone rang. “It’s my dad. Hold on.” “Hi dad.” he listened. “Yeah, she did. Ended up she just wanted to piss you off. I’m not far from home. Had her let me out a few blocks away.” he listened to his dad some more, “No, no. No need to take off work. She’s gone.” His dad was talking again, “Yeah there was a guy. He’s nice. He told her to get lost too when he saw what was happening. Don’t worry. Everything is cool.” he waited some more. “I’ll be home soon. If I’m not I’ll call.” and then, “I know. I promise. I love you too.” While Bash was on the call Victor got to check him out fully. Bash was wearing some Nike slides on his feet. His bare feet were nice. Something he might want to have in his mouth. Some nice board shorts with a bubble butt holding them up. Finishing it off with a tight tee shirt that he filled out pretty well. He was definitely an athletic boy. Bash hung up from the call and then turned to Victor, “So what are you going to do now?” he asked, “You homeless or what?” Victor chuckled a bit and said, “No. I have an apartment, not too far from here actually, and an old car. I didn’t let her know that though. She has no idea. I am looking for a job.” “That was probably a very wise move on your part. Not letting her know where you live. She has no idea where we live either. She becomes too unhinged.” Bash said. “So how far away is your place?”, he asked with a lustful smirk. Victor was a bit taken aback. Then he regarded the kid, he realized he had experience, “You know what you’re getting yourself into?” “I hope so. I sort of got the feeling you don’t just swing one way.”, Bash said hopefully. “And you’re not the first friend of mom’s that I got involved with.” “Oh really? Well, after the experience with your mom I’m hoping to swing in the other direction, probably for good. Women were never my mainstay. But I could hang with them for a while. How about you?” Victor asked. “I swing towards older men. How old are you?” Bash asked. “25. I like younger guys.” he said with a cocky smirk. “How young?” Bash smiled. “Late teens, early twenties.” Victor admitted. “Guess I’m too young for you then.” Bash said. “Nothing is ever written in stone man. Your dad know you talk to older guys like this?” Victor thought he better find out how bad of an idea this is right off the bat. “Dad knows about all my experiences. He doesn’t judge. He has a few of his own skeletons. So it’s all good. I just turned 17 by the way.” Bash volunteered. “Fuck!” Victor said. “Is that a good or bad Fuck!?” Bash asked. “You look older. But it’s not a bad Fuck!.” Victor smiled. “So is your place walkable from here?” Bash asked. “Fuck kid. You don’t mess around.” Victor said sounding sort of shocked. “Oh I mess around plenty.” Bash played. “I have a feeling I’m walking into a land mine. I live, well sort of, two blocks that way. If you’re really up with it we can walk over.” Victor said. “I guess I should take a shower when we get there.” he said sort of regrettably. “Please don’t. Your scent is really turning me on. Kinda making my hole itch.” Bash admitted. “Fuck kid! What are you doing to me?” It was hot out and Victor was sweating more. His wife beater was soaked and plastered to his skin. His cock was also plumped up from the way the kid was talking. He would be hard soon enough. He was definitely experienced. They needed to get off the street before he was cited for indecency. They walked over to his apartment. It was sort of an old fifties set up. Looked like something out of the Jetsons. All curved rooflines. It had a kidney shaped pool as well. The whole works. Looked like it hadn’t been touched by time. Never redone. “I hadn’t been here much. Probably hotter than hell inside.” Victor warned. “We’ll just have to remove some clothing to stay cool.” Bash said. “Ha, I already am almost naked kid. And you don’t seem to have much on either.” Victor chuckled again. “All the better. Easier to get off.” Bash said as he followed Victor to the door. Once inside Bash could tell it was barely lived in. Only a few of Vic’s personal items were around. Victor immediately ripped off his wife beater and then looked back at Bash, “You don’t mind, do you?” Bash lost his breath for a moment, “Oh fuck.” he said quietly, then, “No, no, I don’t mind” he said and then took off his own tee shirt, “When in Rome…” “Oh yeah? Nice.” Vic smiled. “I’ll put on some air.” “Not too low. We keep it at 84 at home because we don’t wear much.” Bash said. “Not much, eh?”, Vic smirked wondering what the dress code was really. Bash decided to throw caution to the wind and he walked right up to Vic, he looked up at him and, while beckoning him to get closer, he said, “Usually nothing at all” Vic reached down for the boy and soon their lips met. It was gentle at first but it wasn’t what Bash wanted. He soon showed Vic how experienced he was and it turned into a heavy and raw make out session that had them both wanting more. “Fuck kid. You know how to kiss.” Vic said, happy that it was all turning out this way. “I know how to get fucked too.” Bash said lustfully. “Fuck!” Vic let out. Would you like Part Fourteen? Write to me! Some other stories of fty//gay/incest/post-deployment-dad/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out more!

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