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Subject: Uncle Chuck’s Underwear Drawer (Part 24) This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Please do not read if you are under the legal age in your country or region. And please donate to Nifty if at all possible! — Ryan’s cock, slung out the front of the pair of my Jockey briefs that he’d worn months back during the peak of our family fun, was bright red and drooling precum. I’d just finished telling him about the time his dad–my brother, Rich–had caught me jerking off to our dad’s dirty briefs. Ultimately, he joined me, then shot his load all over my briefs before slurping up my load from my hand. I could tell Ryan was just on the edge of orgasm and was trying so hard to keep it at bay. “C’mon Uncle Chuck, I can’t hold this in forever.” “Okay, let me tell you a little bit more. I swear it will be worth it for you.” I promised. “And then that’s it?” He asked. He wanted to cum, but he didn’t want my stories to end. “For tonight. Believe me, I have more for you tomorrow.” I said. Then I began to tell him how things progressed. As always, I’m going to switch to how I told Ryan the story, with details from him listening to me added in brackets. — Your dad and I would meet up at grandpa’s house for years, using our time to sift through his dirty briefs and pocket any especially rank pairs. When we couldn’t make our way out there, we’d meet up and just exchange our current favorites, passing our dad’s scent between his sons. We talked for years about a way to get Dad to join us. It seemed to make sense that, because he asked me to sort his dirty laundry, he had to have known I was aware that he came in his briefs. And, if that were true, he had to be aware that his dirty briefs were making their way home with me. There was one time we actually put a plan into motion. We were at your grandpa’s house for the weekend, just us guys. Dad was stripped down to his classic Hanes, hanging on the recliner, when your dad and I came downstairs. “Looking comfy, pop,” your dad said. “It’s hot as hell out boys and I’m not turning the air conditioner on just to raise the electric bill.” He replied, barely moving his eyes from the TV. “Well, mind if we join you? I think I’ve probably sweat through every layer I have on,” your dad continued. He always knew how to run a ruse. “Oh yeah, you boys get good and comfortable. It’s home, after all,” he said. Your dad şişli travesti looked to me, shrugged, and then lifted off his shirt. Riding just above his waistband were the now familiar black and gold stripes of his Stafford white briefs. I followed his lead, taking mine off in one movement. It was the sound of your dad’s belt unbuckling that stands in my mind. Echoing. And then, as if totally normal, his pants dropped. He stood before me in just his tighty whities. Again, I followed his lead and dropped my own jeans. Now, my brother and I were standing in the living room in just our briefs, matching our dad. We sat on the couch next to each other while Dad’s recliner was to our right. The way he was leaned back gave us a perfect view of his basket. [Ryan picked up the pace on his cock once again. Not fast this time, but just enjoying the story. He also reached out and grabbed my dick, which I’d sort of left hanging. Our cocks, matching by DNA and by the Y-fronts they hung out from, now matched in the pace they were being stroked.] We sat there for a while, Dad’s eyes fixed on the TV while his two sons had their eyes fixed on him. He had one arm draped up above his head and the other resting on his stomach, right above the waistband of his underwear. The three of us sat there for a while, just lounging in our undies. Your dad and I would catch eyes every once in a while, especially at one point when your grandpa slipped his hand down below his waistband, adjusting himself absent-mindedly before retreating. Your dad took it as his cue to let his own hand made its way into his briefs. But rather than quickly removing it, he let it just rest there. I watched out of the corner of my eyes as his bulge began to grow. Soon enough, his hand shifted from just resting over himself to clearly gripping an erection. This sight began to inspire my own excitement. I went from soft to rock hard almost instantly, especially once I began to feel your brother’s arm shifting up and down, pleasuring himself to the sight of his own father. [Telling this part got my juices flowing. Ryan’s hand began to slip up and down on my pole as my precum lubed me up. Now, both of us were slick and the pleasure began to mount.] I reached down into my own Jockeys, slowly so as not to attract attention from our Dad, and grabbed at myself. I wrapped my hand around and began to follow my brother’s lead, matching his pace and stroking alongside him, our eyes both fixed on the prize before us. I spread my legs a little wider, giving my sack room to hang. The cotton between my legs was soaked with sweat and just beylikdüzü travesti the little added airflow felt great. There’s no way that, from his angle, your grandpa couldn’t see our two fists going in his peripheral vision. In fact, I could almost sense his sight on us and that was the whole point–we wanted him to join in. Just three men, hanging out in their tighty whities, venting off some pent-up energy. We already knew he liked to finish off in his briefs so why not just get it done with us? By this point, we were both going pretty fast. Over the sounds of the TV, I could hear the slick sounds of precum as we both got wetter and wetter. [In fact, the sounds were pretty similar with Ryan and I. Slap. Slap. Slap. There was no mistaking the sound of a wet cock getting beaten.] I was feeling myself get close but I was holding out hope that Dad would want to join us. My excitement was dash when, suddenly, I heard his voice. “Okay boys,” your grandfather turned to us, both with a hand wrapped around our briefs-covered boners. “I don’t really mind if you need to let off some steam–hell, I do it too sometimes–but would you mind not doing it while I’m trying to watch the TV?” Rich snuck in another tug or two and, as he did so, I gave my own one more pull. It was exciting to see our dad in his briefs and even more exciting for him to have caught us in the act of jerking off with him in the room. These thoughts brewed in my mind as I gave my cock that one final stroke. I couldn’t help it…I had reached my peak. My cock began to spasm in my briefs as Dad looked at me and Rich. There was no way he couldn’t see the cotton of my Jockeys as it absorbed my seed, dark splotches growing as though coming into focus. I’m sure Rich could feel my shuddering under the pleasure of my orgasm. He glanced down and saw how obvious it was I was cumming. His more sneaky jerks quickly turned into him openly stroking in front of our dad until he hit his own point of no return. There we were, our cocks leaking semen into our shorts as our dad looked on. — At this point, Ryan grunted, “Holy fuck,” and began to unload. Since he had his cock pulled out of the leg of his briefs, it was angled toward me and, thus, I ended up in the splash zone. He wasn’t down from the high of his orgasm for more than a second before he traded hands, using the one still covered in his cum, grabbing my dick and began to jerk. His seed lubed me up even more and I began to gush in his grasp. “Sorry, Uncle Chuck, but I couldn’t help myself. That was amazing,” Ryan said, catching his breath. “What happened next?” istanbul travesti “Your grandpa looked at us for a moment, his jaw hanging wide open. `Well, I think I’ll take that as my cue to head to bed,’ he said, putting down the recliner. Then he stood up and, for the only time ever, his baggy Hanes briefs weren’t quite so loose. In fact, a pretty clear tentpole was pulling them tight.” “So he went upstairs to jerk off?” Ryan asked. “I assume so. He didn’t draw attention to his boner or mention it. The next day he came down in pajamas, which was extremely rare, and told us that, in the future, it would be best if we just took care of any private business alone. And that was it. We never mentioned it again…until I did laundry on the last day of our trip.” I rubbed my thumb around my head, smearing my precum all over. Ryan watched intently. “Dad’s laundry basket was pretty full, but, after I put all the colors in the laundry, the remaining pile was tiny. There were just three pairs of briefs in there when there probably should have been at least seven or eight. Two of them were pretty clean looking, at least based on our family’s standards, but then I saw the third pair. Well, actually, I smelled them first.” At this, Ryan leaned back down again and shoved his nose into the cotton of my stained shorts, at least the spots where some of his load hadn’t splattered. I could feel as he inhaled my scent. “Stuck together in a crumple were the dirtiest pair I’d seen up until then. They were probably something like the pair I’m wearing now. Your grandfather had clearly worn them for days and filled them with load after load. Dark rings demarcated some of his heaviest emissions. I pocketed them, knowing that he was probably well aware that there were only three pairs of briefs in the laundry. At the same time, I knew he was well aware that I would be doing the laundry and that there was no way I wouldn’t notice his filthy cumrag was missing. But I took them anyway.” I looked down and noticed Ryan’s cock was semihard. Oh, to be young again. “After that, he never asked me to do the laundry again. Your dad and I would go over, and he’d wear a robe. I’d offer to throw his stuff in the wash and he’d say he could handle it. Something changed after that trip, but it was fine. We’d crossed a line with Dad and he’d crossed it back as best as we could, and we left it at that.” “Wow, Uncle Chuck, that was fantastic,” Ryan looked up, his head resting on my thigh, my still softening cock just inches from his face. I squeezed forth the last of my seed and scooped it with my thumb. I offered it to Ryan and he took my thumb in his mouth, swallowing my semen. “Thank you for sharing.” “Well, let’s head to bed,” I said. “Because there’s a lot more to tell you in the morning.” We both got up, putting our cocks back into our Jockeys, and headed upstairs.

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