The Prodigal and the Pack

Chapter Eight

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Part One: Zack

That Saturday night was a loss.    I went to bed early but didn”t really get much sleep.    Eddie had sent me several texts that night.

`Hey. Can we talk?”

`I”m here if you want to talk.”

I just left them on read.    Billy had sent me a text that just said “Here for you”.    I didn”t reply.    The really weird thing was I missed them both.    Yesterday was amazing.    I have never felt like that.    It wasn”t just because I had a threesome with two sexy brothers either.    I did feel some sort of strange connection with them.    With all of them, even Connor. My anger was starting to cool and I was left with a sense of frustrated sadness.

The week went by in a blur.    Classes were ramping up. Most of my classes had some sort of project due before the Thanksgiving break.    So when I wasn”t in class or practice, I was coordinating on a handful of tasks related to some group project or other.    Herding cats is easier than getting college freshmen to effectively collaborate.    I swear group projects are evil incarnate.   

I was also starting to get a lot of texts and emails from friends back home asking about the fall break and the Thanksgiving holiday.    I hadn”t really made any concrete plans yet.    After much handwringing and guilt, my parents were taking a much deserved vacation in Mexico the week of Thanksgiving.    It was the only week my mom could get off work, and I really wanted them to go.    So I didn”t have anything specific planned for my break.    I figured I”d head home and do the holiday with one of my high school friends.

As the weekend approached, I knew I needed to forget about the craziness of the last few weeks and focus on by homework.    Staying busy would keep my mind off of things.    So what if I occasionally took out that photo Connor had given me, no big deal.    I knew it was all bullshit.    But having never been able to put a face or name with the concept of birth mother, I just couldn”t let it go, even if I didn”t believe it was real.   

The next Saturday night I got a text from Billy.    After a week of silence, I was surprised.    I didn”t answer it.    But then he sent several more.

“Hey there.”

“Can we talk?”

“I know you need space, and I want to respect that. But it really is important.”

“And a little time sensitive.”

I ignored them all. Lenny showed up around 10:30 with his new girlfriend.    I was happy the dork had found someone.    I left the room and wandered down to the student lounge to watch TV.    Around 1 AM the roommate texted me that he was going to bed, basically the “we”re don”t having sex” text.    But I didn”t go back to the room.    I was restless.    I sent a text to Jess to see if she was up but she didn”t reply.    I guess at some point I fell asleep.    The next thing I know it”s just after 4:30 am and I”m waking up on the hard lounge sofa.    Ugh.    I was stiff and sore, and didn”t feel like going back to sleep.    So instead, I decided to go for a walk.

After grabbing my coat from the room, I made my way downstairs and left the dorm.    Campus was deserted this time of morning, especially on a Sunday.    It was like having the entire place to myself.    It was exactly what I needed.    It was a brisk early November cold, but not yet bitter winter cold.    The sun wasn”t up yet, but the campus was well lit.    My breath was fogging the air as I moved along the manicured walkways.    It was so peaceful. I was having a moment.

Then I nearly shit myself when a tall, unknown person suddenly appeared out of the dark, walking beside me.


“Good morning to you too.” It was Billy.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“Good.” He was smiling that damn smile. “You deserve it.”

“I deserve it?”    I started walking away.

“Yes,” he replied, falling into step with me. “You are being obstinate.”

“What are you even doing here?    I asked you to leave me alone.”

“Yes, you did.    And so did Dad, if you want to know. He”s going to be pissed at me.”

“Because you are here?”

“Yeah.    But he is wrong, and so are you.    Wait, I bet you get your stubbornness from him!”

“Oh my God.    I”m leaving.    Buh-bye.”

I started walking away but he stopped walking.    “Zack, please wait.    I want to show you something.”

I looked back at him. He stood there on the side walk, under the glow of one of the overhead lights, looking back at me.    Why did he have to be so cute?    Him and his damn smile.    I was annoyed with myself for not walking away.    Instead, I walked back towards him.    “What do you want to show me?”

There was a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Something shocking.    And I”m going to do it right here in public.”

Must remain impervious to his charms. “Kinky,”I replied.

“Step closer little boy.”

I couldn”t help myself. I stepped up close to him.    He was so tall, at least 6″2-6″3.    He looked down at me with eyes that were like his brother”s; dark pools you could dive into.    For a moment, I thought he was going to kiss me, but instead he took his hand and gently caressed my face.    I could immediately feel the energy from his touch.

“What do you feel?” He asked.

“I don”t know.”

“You”re thinking too hard about it. Do word association. Just say whatever you are thinking. Quick! Nothing or something?”

“I feel…something.”

“Good or bad.” He asked rapidly.


“Hot or cold?”


“Soft şişli travesti or hard?”

“Both.” I said with a smirk.

“Friend or foe?”


He was rubbing his fingers up and down my jaw.    It felt amazing. “Stop or keep going?”

“Keep going.”

He pulled his hand from my face and began walking away.

“I said keep going!”

“Exactly,” he replied.

Now I was walking to keep up with him.    “And what exactly was the point of all that?”

“It proves that you like what you feel when we touch, and that you know that it”s more than just a feeling.    It”s a connection.    You, me, Eddie, and Dad.    You are connected to us, and deep down you feel it.”   

“It doesn”t prove that.”

“It does.    Your rational mind doesn”t want to admit it.    But this is not always a rational world. There are strange things, magical things that defy rational thinking.”

He stopped suddenly, and pulled me close.    He looked all around the deserted campus.    “You ready for that something shocking I promised?”

“I”m not sure.”

He held up his hand up between us, using our bodies as an additional layer of privacy.    He balled his hand into a fist, then pointed upward with one finger, holding it close to his chest.    Then his finger began to change.    It stretched longer, almost doubling in size.    It sprouted hair and became tipped with a long, sharp nail.    The whole thing was over in seconds.    I was staring at Billy”s hand, which was perfectly normal in every way, except for the single hairy were-finger.    Billy looked very pleased with himself.

“Ta-da! Nice party trick, huh?”

I couldn”t help but stare. “That is so fucking weird.”

“Thank you.    Eddie can”t do this.    He”s an all or nothing shifter.    Pisses him off.” Billy laughed.    “Dad can a little, but not like I can.”

He un-balled his fist, and the other fingers started to grow and change, each growing a sharp claw and fur.   

“When I was first learning to shift, I had trouble with control.    Dad is very big on control.    He”s like, `You have to be in control at all times!”    But I struggled.    That”s when I started getting into yoga.    Learning different ways of controlling my body when I was a human carried over when I shifted.    That helped me to learn the control I needed to manage my wolf.”

I was staring at his hand, this furry monster hand attached to a perfectly normal arm.

“Watch this!”

The hand began to change again. The fingers balled up into a fist.    The flesh and fur undulated unnaturally.    Seconds later, Billy”s hand was gone, and in its place was a wolf”s paw. It was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen.


“Wow?    That”s it?”

“I mean, It”s amazing.    And also really disturbing.”

“You know what else it is?    Magical.”

I didn”t say anything.    I mean, he wasn”t wrong. I just watched him transform his body, right in front of me.    There was nothing rational about it, no biology, no law of physics. It was magic.    He shook his paw, and it melted into a human hand, the fur disappearing, the fingers seeming to grow back out of his flesh.    He wiggled his fingers in he air.    It was like it had never happened.


“Yeah,” I replied.

We started walking again.    There was a bench up ahead and after all that, I sort felt like I needed to sit down.    Billy sat next to me, leaning on me until I felt him wrap an arm around me. A thought struck me.    “So wait, you can turn into a wolf?”

“Yep.    We all have three forms: human, were, and wolf.”


“So, you believe that a I”m a werewolf?”

I frowned. “Well, yeah.”

“You believe that I have the magical ability to change myself into a wolf?”

“I literally just watched you do it.”

“Yes, I know.” Billy paused. “So why can”t you believe that I”m your brother?”

“You don”t understand.”

“Then explain it to me.”

I felt a flare of anger.    “You think I don”t want to believe it? You think I don”t want to have a birth family? Brothers? My birth father?”

“So, you are afraid that it all might be true?”

“I don”t trust things that are too good to be true.”

Billy reached out and pulled me close, close enough to kiss me. “Zack, if you never trust, you”ll miss out on the good things that are true.”

And I realized he was right.    I didn”t want to miss out.    Some deep part of me knew I had some sort of connection to his family.    I didn”t understand it, but maybe I didn”t have to.

“But Billy, how can I be a part of your family when I”m not a werewolf?”

He looked at me, with strange, inscrutable look. “Yeah, about that…”

Part Two: The Sinclairs

The smell of frying bacon drifted into the dreams of Connor Sinclair.    Bacon, and coffee.    You didn”t have to be a werewolf to appreciate the joy of waking up to those smells, but it didn”t hurt any either.    He glanced over at his bedside clock.    It was just after 6 AM.    Who was making breakfast at this hour?    Much like their dad, his sons weren”t exactly morning people.

He didn”t take time to dress. He stumbled out of bed in his boxers, stretched, and made his way to the kitchen.    What he saw took his breath away.

Billy was in the kitchen sitting on the counter, and Zack was at the stove, cooking breakfast.    A real breakfast, with bacon and eggs.    Connor”s stomach grumbled, and his face broke out into the first full smile he”d had in a week.   

Zack turned to him as he walked into the room. “Whattayahavin Sheriff? Bacon, Eggs, Toast?”

Connor felt a rush of emotions.    “D, all of the above.”

“One werewolf special for our local law enforcement.”

Connor was surprised to find a lump in his throat.    “Zack… I”m so glad you came back.”

Zack looked up from the scrambled eggs he was cooking.    He nodded at Billy. “Well this one told me you heathens just ate cold cereal for breakfast.    Someone had to set you right.    It”s the most important fucking meal of the day.”

Connor laughed.    “Ok.    Can I give you a hug, or is that weird?”

Zack nodded. “Weird? What”s weird?    We are all perfectly normal here.”

Connor put his arms around Zack, and he felt him tense up, then relax.    Slowly the boy turned, and Zack”s arms wrapped around him.    They stood there for a long moment, Zack”s face buried in Connor”s chest.    No one said anything, and neither tried to move away.    The moment they touched, Connor felt the energy of their connection, and he knew Zack felt it too. Finally, Connor leaned back to look at Zack.    The teen looked back at him, eyes wet.

“Thank you, Zack.”

“I…I don”t know why it”s harder for me to believe that you are my…family than it is for me to believe that you”re all a bunch of werewolves. But I”m going on trust now, and instinct, and a little magic. beylikdüzü travesti Don”t make me regret it.”

“Never, Zack.    I promise.”

About that time Eddie stumbled into the kitchen.    “Who”s the hell”s cooking bac-Zack!”

Suddenly Zack was swept up in Eddies strong arms, and passionate kisses was being laid on his surprised face.    “I”m so glad you came back, bro!”

Zack was laughing.    He had a sudden image of Eddie as an over-excited labrador retriever.    “Your brother talked me into it.”

Eddie grabbed Billy with one arm and planted a huge kiss on him too.

“That”s why I love you, bro.”

“That”s why?” He replied with a smirk.

Connor gave Billy a mock frown. “And I thought I told you to give him space.”

“We gave him enough space.    And need I remind you, tick tock…”

Zack nodded. “Right!    Let”s eat.”

Minutes later, Connor was sitting at the dining room table, his three sons surrounding him,    Each had a plate piled high with eggs and bacon.    All three were talking excitedly and laughing in-between bites.    It was as if it had always been this way.    A stray thought wandered through his brain, that he never realized that his family was incomplete until this moment.    Now, with the three of them here, they were whole.

“Earth to Dad!” Eddies voice broke him out of his thoughts.   

“Sorry.    Just having a happy Dad moment.”

“I was asking, if you wanted to tell Zack what you found out?”

“Of course.” Connor looked over at Zack.    “Zack, I know you are still working through a lot of new information. If you get uncomfortable, or if anything is too much for you, just tell me.

“Billy told me that I might have a wolf.”

“Yes.    When Eddie and Billy were growing up, I could feel when their wolves began to develop.    For Eddie, he was about 11, and Billy was a late bloomer.    He was almost 13. I became aware of my own wolf when I was about 12.    The process is not like you see in the movies.    You don”t burst out of your skin when the moon is full.    You have to be taught to connect to your wolf, then you have to learn to control your wolf, and eventually find harmony with your wolf.    But if you weren”t raised in a pack with another wolf to help you through this process, you would never know.    Over time, a wolf like that will fade away.    Essentially, it dies.

“And that”s what happened to me.”

“Yes and no.    When I first met you, I didn”t feel your wolf.    Neither did Eddie.    But when the three of you were…together, Billy thinks that he sensed it in you.    And Billy has a very good sense about things.    I”ve learned to trust his instincts.”

“So what does that mean?”

“It means, that if your wolf may still be inside you.    If it”s dormant, that there may be some things we can do to wake it up.”

“And I”d be a werewolf?”

“Yes.    We would teach you all the things you would need to know.    But keep in mind, it may not work at all.”

“So I have to decide.”

“Yes.    It”s your choice. But nothing will change the fact that you are a part of this family, wolf or no wolf.”

Eddie spoke up. “Trust me Zack, being a wolf is awesome! You”re going to love it!”

“Eddie, no!” Connor said sharply.    “We”re not doing that.    Zack is in a unique position to make this choice for himself.    We aren”t going to try to persuade him.    There are pros and cons, and he needs to think about it.    And we are going to support him no matter what.”

Eddie looked sheepish. “Sorry Zack.”

Billy stood and inspected the empty plates.    “Why don”t Eddie and I clear up, and you two talk some more?”

Connor looked to Zack.    “That okay with you?”

“Yeah.    Good idea.”

Connor and Zack moved to the living room. Connor sat down on the sofa first, giving his son a choice of where to sit.    Connor couldn”t help but think of the last time they were together in this room, the tense conversation that followed immediately after all three boys had romped on that same sofa.    Connor was surprised when Zack sat close to him.    He placed his arm across the back of the sofa, and Zack settled against it.

“You doing okay?”

Zack laughed.    “I”m okay. You don”t have to keep asking.”

Connor shook his head.    “After the last time, I”m just so worried I”m going to spook you and you are going to bolt again.”

Zack reached up, grabbed Connors arm, and wrapped it around him.    “It was a lot, and it still is.    But I”m here, and I”m not going anywhere.    I”m making the choice to trust.”

“I”m glad to hear that.”

“Billy said something about there being a time issue.”

Connor was momentarily distracted by the feeling of his son”s warm body against his own.    He gathered his thoughts, then said, “Yes.    Every day that passes, the older you get, the more difficult it will be to wake up your wolf.”

“So I need to decide.”

“Again, Zack, you don”t have to-“

“I want to.    I want to try.”

Connor was silent for a moment.    Then he smiled and hugged Zack close.

“Ok, son.    Let”s try.”

“Good.    What do I need to do?”

“Are you going to be available next weekend?”

“I can be, why?”

“It will be close to, but not quite, a full moon.    That will work in our favor.    We have to excite your wolf, wake it up.    The easiest way will be to take you out with us on a run. We can do that next Friday night, if you want.”

“Okay.”    Zack paused.    “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“You can ask me anything.”

“Billy said that there is a sexual component to being a wolf.    Thats why we feel the way we feel around each other.    He told me that you, and they…you know.”

“Yes, we are sexual creatures.”

“Does that mean you will, with me?”

“Only if you want, Zack.    I understand that you were raised in a different way that Billy and Eddie.”

Zack was quiet for a moment.    “And if I wanted to?”

Connor felt a surge of lust from Zack.    He immediately felt a tingle in his crotch.    He said nothing, but stood up and held out his hand to his son. Zack took it and Connor pulled him up.    Then he lead him into his bedroom and closed the door.

“Are you sure, Zack?”

“I”ve thought you were sexy since the first time I saw you.    Terrifying, but also sexy.    It should feel wrong, but it doesn”t.”

Connor pulled Zack into his arms.    The taller man leaned down and began to softly kiss the younger man”s lips.    Immediately they both felt the surge of connection.    Zack pressed himself into Connor”s body.    The considerable hardness in the older man”s boxers was making an obscene tent.    Connor broke the kiss.    “Lets get comfortable.

They went over to the unmade bed.    Connor lay down and watched as Zack pulled his shirt over his head, revealing a tight, smooth chest.    Shoes, socks, and pants soon followed.  istanbul travesti   Connor goggled at Zack”s ass. Even through his briefs, you could see the years of dance and developed his glutes to perfection. Once Zack was down to his underwear, he climbed into bed with Connor.   

“Want to lose the underwear?”

“If you want, son.”

Zack reached down and quickly tossed his underwear on the floor.    Now he was skin to skin with Connor.    Connor slid his boxers down, freeing his large cock, which was hard as a rock.    Zack eyed it with with anticipation.    “Go ahead.    You can touch it.”

Zack reached out and wrapped his hand around the base of Connor”s cock.    His fingers didn”t quite fit.    Zack laughed in disbelief.    “What the hell do you do with this thing, use it as a night stick?”

Connor let out a low chuckle. “I do lots of things with it.    Want to find out?”


“Come here.”

Connor pulled his son up on top of him, meeting his lips in a passionate kiss.    Soon their tongues were tangled up, each seeming to try to get as much of the other as possible. Finally Zack broke the kiss and said,    “I want to taste it.”

“Go for it”

Zack worked his way down Connor”s broad, muscular body.    He stopped at his hairy chest, running his fingers through the thick dark hair, then kissing and nibbling on each nipple.    Zack moved slowly, leaving a trail of kisses down Connor”s six pack.    Soon Zack was eye to eye with the large uncut cock.    He ran his lips across the tip, licking up the ample precum gathered there in the foreskin.    Then he licked his way down all ten inches, savoring the taste.    Soon he was nestled in the man”s crotch.    He took one of the two large, hairy balls into his mouth, slowly licking against the sensitive skin.    Then he gave the other the same treatment.    The whole while, he was slowly stroking Connor, who was groaning in pleasure. Finally, Zack made his way back to the tip, letting it fill his mouth.    He went down as far as he could, moving his lips and tongue against that massive shaft.

“Mmmmm…that feels good.”

Zack tried to take more, but the shaft was too much.    Gasping for air, he raised off Connor”s meat.    “Wish I could get more.”

“You just need practice.”

“No argument from me.”

Connor pulled Zack back up to lay on top of him, face to face.    He said, “It was still wonderful, because it was you.” Then he kissed Zack deeply.    As they made out, Connor”s cock was sandwiched in-between Zack”s upper thighs, and rubbed it up and down along his ass cheeks.    He badly wanted more from the boy, but he was afraid to ask.    Finally Zack broke their heated kiss and asked, “Do you want to?”

“Do you want me to?”

“I do, but be careful.    You are definitely bigger than anyone I”ve ever done that with.”

Connor rolled Zack off his chest, and grabbed a couple of things from the nightstand.

He slowly rolled Zack on his side, and slid in behind him. “This is probably the easiest position to start in.    I”ll stay real still, and let you back up onto me.    You are in control, okay?”


Connor handed a brown bottle to Zack.    “Poppers.    Have you used them?”

“Just once.”

“Billy swears by them.” The thought of Billy riding his Dad”s cock made Zack flush with desire. He took the bottle and pressed it to his nose.    Immediately his head began to swim.    He could hear Connor lubing up his cock.    Then he felt it, the tip was at his hole.

“Its all yours, son. Slow and easy.”

Zack pressed backward.    He felt the building pressure as the large head breached his tight ass.    He pressed more. Suddenly, it slipped in.    Zack gasped in shock as it filled him up.

“Oh fuck.”

“You okay?”

“Give me a minute.”

It was a greater stretch than Eddie”s the week before.    Slowly his ass began to adjust, and Zack began to relax again.    He remembered the poppers and took another deep breath.    This time he felt the effect on his hole, as another few inches slid inside.    This time the stretch felt good.    Then another inch, and another.    It was like it had no end, just more and more cock.    Zack was full, and it was both painful and amazing.   

Between the pounding of his heart and the throbbing in his hole, he heard Connor say, “Almost got it all.”   

“Fuck. Almost?”

“You want the rest?”

Zack took another deep hit of the poppers. “Came this far.”

Connor slowly thrust the last inch into his son.    Zack groaned.    His mind was blank, just filled with pleasure, overloaded with this new and singular experience.

Connor”s cock felt amazing.    He wasn”t moving, just letting Zack adjust.    The boy”s ass felt amazing.    That tight, hot tunnel was pulsing against his dick.    Connor had to fight against the impulse to begin humping the boy.    He wanted Zack to be in control, at least until he was ready for more.

“Are you still okay?”


“You sure?”

“Yeah”.    Zack was panting.

“Just yeah? No smartass comeback?”

“My ass is too full to be smart.”

After a few moments, Zack began to slowly grind on Connors turgid meat.    He could feel it deep inside, hitting things in interesting new ways.    Connor wrapped his arms around Zack, and let him ride. He noticed that he was picking up speed, and groaning softly as he thrust himself back.   

“Want me to help?”

“Yes, please!”

Connor took Zack”s hips in his hands and began a steady pace of fucking his son. Both were lost in the slow build up of mutual pleasure.    Connor could tell that Zack was getting close.    He could feel his hole clenching down on his hard cock.    But Connor was surprised to find that he was following close behind.    He started to thrust faster, and harder.

Connor was close.   

“Ready Zack?

“Fuck yeah, I”m coming!”

“Me too.”

In that moment, as waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over him, Connor felt a sudden flare of heat from his son.    Like an ember in a campfire that catches the breeze, Connor could feel a sudden surge of power in the boy.    There, at the point of their mutual climax he could feel Zack”s wolf.    It was very much not dead, and in that moment, not dormant at all.   

Connor filled Zack”s ass with his cum as Zack shot his load all over Connor”s bed.    They collapsed back into the pillows.    Father and son lay tangled together, each catching their breath.    After a few moments, Connor pulled Zack close and held him tight.   

Connor smiled a smile that had nothing to do with his orgasm.    There was hope!    He marveled that it was their sex that brought such a strong response from the boy”s wolf.    Wheels began to turn.    He would help his son.    He would do whatever it took to awaken Zack”s wolf.


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