Subject: The Glory Days – Chapter 4b Thank you for the continued support and encouragement and to those who have reached out to me ail). I enjoy hearing from readers and will try and respond as soon as I can. This is the second part of three of the chapter that is taking place over the same night. Chapter 4 was written in its entirety before submitting to Nifty, but I do always listen to feedback for future chapters. I hope you enjoy. The final part of the chapter will be coming soon. Finally, I know it can be difficult and not all of you can, but if you are able to do so, please donate to Nifty. It is a wonderful, dedicated source of so much literature. In these times, we may be turning to this resource so much more. Please consider donating. fty/donate.html – Perseus *** Jake and his friends scrambled into the limousine. I wrapped my arm around my husband’s waist as we stood on the doorstep waving him off to his 18th birthday party. We were joining them a bit later on as we wanted to give them a chance to kick things off. As we sat back down in the living room to a second glass of champagne, I noticed Damon looking over at me from the sofa opposite. “You caught what Nicky said, right?” he asked me with his eyebrows raised and the corners of his mouth curling into a barely supressed smile. “Unless my ears deceived me, he called us his favourite daddies,” I replied with a chuckle. “He hasn’t done that before, has he?” “It is hard to keep up with him, but I don’t think so. Big boys… Mister D and Mister E…” he said as he listed off the usual pet names, using his fingers to count each one as he went along. “…Papa Bears… Adam and Steve… but never daddies.” I chuckled as the list got more and more ridiculous. He was a goofy kid. That’s what made him so loveable and harmless. “He might have been using it in the actual sense, you know. We are literal daddies. Not everything has to be sexual, you big perv,” I said, teasing my husband. “You know as well as I do, that boy doesn’t mind a more experienced man!” I knew what he was referring to. We had a Grindr account for when we wanted to let other people in on our action. We weren’t exactly regular users and had a faceless, plain profile which just showed our age and a short message: “older married couple, occasionally looking for fun with a third”. We didn’t want to make anything too obvious because Jake was on there too. Deep down we knew he wouldn’t really care if he saw us on it – he knew we liked to have fun. After discussing it, though, it was best to keep out of his way on there and let him lose his inhibitions. Let him be a young, horny boy without wondering if his parents were judging him and looking at his profile! Sure, it is different nowadays what with technology but we all have to learn the ropes and make mistakes for ourselves. He can do that without us looming over him. We only ever go on it when Jake is away so we can have our fun without fear. Because our profile is blank, we are usually the ones to initiate the conversation. We send a couple of pictures to start off and then the conversation either flows or it doesn’t. There are plenty of young lads out there who love older men. And there are plenty who don’t. We aren’t proud. Not everyone has to be into everyone else and no one is certainly owed a response. If we don’t get a bite we move on. It may sound arrogant, but we have no problem at all finding a nice boy to fuck when we’re on there. Around 6 months ago when we were browsing one night, we got a buzz. A simple “hey” from a profile with just a body picture. A nice, smooth toned twink of 18. Technically his head was in the picture but he was looking down and a baseball cap covered it. Before we could respond he sent us a face picture and there he was. Little Nicky staring up at us from the screen of our tablet. Biting his bottom lip and giving his best puppy-dog eyes to the camera. Perfectly posed and no doubt it took lots of takes to get the perfect angle, but he fucking nailed it. He looked gorgeous. It had an instant effect on both of us. We agreed, though, we couldn’t do that to Jake. And we certainly didn’t want to embarrass Nicky by saying “hey, you’ve just messaged your best friend’s Dads!” so we ignored the message for a bit to give the impression we were busy talking to other people. He was undeterred though. About 5 minutes later came two more pictures. The first was of him on his bed on all fours, looking over his shoulder at the camera with one of his hands on the left cheek of his ass. And what an ass it was. A small peach of a butt that could probably fit in one of my rough hands. Displaying his tight, pink hole proudly. He had every reason to be proud of it to. The second was clearly from the same set. Now he was on his back, spreading his legs and he was pushing his hard cock forward with his thumb. It was an old trick and it had the desired effect. He didn’t look like the biggest boy – probably over 5 inches but would be lucky to hit 6. That doesn’t bother us. We play with all sorts of guys and size definitely isn’t a factor. There are some dicks we just find ugly, big or small, that others will find hot and vice versa. There is something out there for everyone. Everything about Nicky, though, looked fucking delicious. You would be hard pressed to find a single hair on any part of his body. My briefs were feeling hard pressed looking at it in all its glory. Underneath the pictures was a single message that simply read “I’m aching for a nice hot daddy dick to fill me up.” Fuck! We were tempted. I remember Damon saying how good my fat cock would look stretching his hole. He was right. And wrong. There was no way we could do it. Somehow, we found some willpower hiding under our depravity. We spent a good few minutes discussing what message to send that would definitively cut off the conversation but leave him feeling good about himself. He was a catch and we didn’t want him bad about himself. I guess those parental instincts kicked in. We sent him a message saying something like “you’re a fucking hottie, kid, but we aren’t able to play for a while. Family stuff. Take care of yourself.” He understood, wished us a good night and I am sure went on to find some other daddy to drill his hole. Lucky cunt, whoever he was! “Yes, I remember what he said perfectly well. You’re right, as always, he probably does like an older man to fuck him into next week,” I said as I grabbed the tablet from the side table. “Might need to refresh my memory of the picture before we leave though.” I opened up Grindr to see if his profile was around. Out in the countryside, and thanks to the filters we use, the radius of guys was pretty wide. Sure enough, Nicky’s profile was showing as one of the closest at about 3 miles away. Clearly, he was putting in some work before the night ahead! I clicked istanbul travesti on the chat icon to show our history and there were his pristine pictures. I turned the tablet around to Damon and he let out a low moan. “You’re going to have to be on your best behaviour tonight,” I said unconvincingly. Who was I kidding? It was me that would have to be careful. And Damon saw through my attempt to bypass any responsibility. “I won’t be drinking! Your inhibitions are out the window after sniffing a pint. Let’s at least TRY and keep it in your pants until we get home,” he said, getting up to give me a soft kiss. *** When we arrived at the club, Nicky and Jake were nowhere to be found but we spotted the gaggle of girlfriends they had bought along with them. We ordered some drinks for them and the boys, whenever they were going to come back, and a round of shots too, just to be sure. They were downed in one and the girls dragged us to the dancefloor to get our night started. I wasn’t the greatest dancer but you can’t stop yourself when you’re with everyone. The music is loud, the atmosphere is great, and no one cares how silly you look. Jake embraced us when he finally came to re-join the group. He told us he was having a tour so he knew the layout. Pretty sensible for someone who was clearly tipsy. And, of course, Nicky was with him. The drinks had made him very excitable. I bet he was a demon in the sack! He pulled me into a hug. “I’m so glad you came!” he shouted into my ear over the music, still gripping me tight. It was difficult not to let my hand wonder down to cup that tiny, cute butt. He usually treated leisurewear as suitable for any given occasion. We often joked that even his wedding would be sponsored by Nike. Tonight, though, he had actually made a good effort. The t-shirt he was wearing had a simple floral pattern and complimented his tight figure well. And the smart, black chinos might as well have been spray painted onto his ass. It looked stunning. “How could we not? Our big boy is all grown up!” I shouted back, looking over to Jake as one of his girlfriends was grinding up against him. As if that was going to have any effect. He looked like he was loving life, though, and quite frankly I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else if it meant missing his first proper night out. The night pressed on, more drinks were had, and things were getting more and more relaxed. Damon was keeping his watchful eye over everything as he danced. I really envied him right now. Despite the tough exterior I give off, alcohol really helps me loosen up, especially in places like this. Don’t get me wrong, gay clubs are free and easy at the best of times but you sometimes need that extra something to feel part of it all. Damon didn’t need that though. He was never a huge drinker before and after he gave it up for lent he realised he didn’t miss it at all. He didn’t need those extra few drinks to be himself. He was an amazing dancer and just absorbed the energy of the room just as good as blood absorbed alcohol. He would remember every second of this tomorrow. I mean, sure, give it about a week and he will have forgotten most of it. Long term, his memory is shocking. At least we know it isn’t down to the drink though! Jake excused himself for a bit. He had motioned to Nicky that he needed some air and probably a bit of space. He was definitely drunk but he can look after himself so we didn’t follow. It was a good opportunity for us to take a break though. The girls had stamina. Some of them were making out with guys as they danced, the others being supportive wing girls. That’s another good thing about gay clubs. The ignorant straight guys, the ones that probably treat girls like shit, wouldn’t be seen dead in here. Still too scared to be thought of as gay as if it was the worst thing in the world. Pitiful. But good. They weren’t welcome here. The guys that didn’t care, who were open minded and free thinkers, had the pick of the litter. And these gorgeous girls had found some pretty fit straight boys. Good for them, it is their night to cut loose too. We made our way to the bar to get another drink and found a quieter part on the other side of the club nearer the toilets. Now we could finally talk. Nicky stayed with the girls which I was actually a little relieved by. He had been grinding up against me and Damon for the last hour and was getting a bit more suggestive. I had been so good keeping my hands to myself but I needed some respite to regroup. “Thank fuck for that!” I said, sipping on my beer. Damon laughed. “You know we need to be careful! I don’t think Jake noticed anything, but your cock certainly has,” he said, nodding down to my crotch. I looked down and he was right. My semi was filling my jeans quite nicely and might have been turning a couple of heads. “He knows exactly what he’s doing, the fucking tease,” I protested with a grin. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep it in my pants… for now!” After about fifteen minutes of chatting, we noticed Nicky and the girls had moved from the dancefloor over to a side room just to the side. We could still see them across the bar and through a large archway. It was a quieter room so they probably just wanted to cool off and talk like us. And they had been joined by Jake and someone else who I couldn’t quite make out. “Who’s that with Jake and the girls?” I asked. “Is that one of the guys they were fooling around with?” “I don’t think so,” Damon responded, squinting to work it out. “I don’t recognise that shirt.” As if overhearing our struggle, Nicky pointed over at us and Jake and his mystery man turned to look our way. “Ah!” I said, as we bowed our heads in a subtle nod and raised our glasses their way. “Anthony’s here.” “Oh God,” Damon said, giggling at the situation. “Are we at Jake’s birthday party or are we actually in one of his wet dreams?” Jake had had a crush on Anthony for what felt like his entire attendance at First School. And his Final Grade teacher just so happened to be a regular here. We knew that, of course, we had seen him out plenty of times. It would always be very platonic. He was a very popular man. He never came with anyone, but he had so many friends that he made on previous nights out. A personable guy like him had no problems ingratiating himself into groups of people and piggybacking on their night out. And it worked for him – he came with no one but you would be certain he would be leaving with some hot piece of ass. He was always dragging a different boy to the dark rooms or to a waiting taxi outside. We hadn’t seen him in a while but he had aged very gracefully. He looked exactly as he did when he taught Jake. The girls, Jake and Nicky clearly convinced Anthony to stick around and join them back on the dancefloor. God, it’s hard to keep up with these kids but I’ll be damned if kadıköy travesti I was going to let them know that. We made our way back and got back into the groove of things. As the night progressed, and Jake was dancing happily with the girls while Damon, Anthony and I went to the bar to get the next round in. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you two here,” he said as he leaned against the bar waiting to be served. The club had filled up so service wasn’t exactly as quick as it was before. “Couldn’t miss our boys birthday party,” I said. “I think it is great that you’re here for him. You were always so good with him and he seems to be thriving. An all-round nice kid.” “We’re very proud of him,” Damon said, beaming. The only thing he loved more than being complimented on his parenting was hearing how much people loved Jake. Anthony had given him a double whammy. “As you should be! Just look at him up there too,” he said gazing at Jake. “He’s gorgeous!” “We’re very proud of that too,” I said, “He’s a good-looking boy. Such a pretty face.” “Who does he get that off?” Anthony asked, presumably rhetorically. The response was inevitable. “Me,” we said, in unison, with a laugh. It was a running family joke. One of us was Jake’s biological father but we have no idea really. You know the drill, both of us parted with a load and it was a mixed sample. One our swimmers stuck and it could be either of us. Jake, either by genetics or coincidence, has traits that take after both of us. He has Damon’s dark hair, but my blue eyes. He has Damon’s tanned skin, but my nose. He has Damon’s slender hairless frame, but my big hands. Of course, there are things he hasn’t got from either of us that must be from his biological mother. The surrogate also donated her egg. She was a lovely lady but didn’t want any updates or anything like that. She just wanted to do this wonderful thing for us, get paid – obviously – and let us do our thing. I can’t really remember every detail of her face so who knows which of his features are hers. Either way, when he was growing up and did anything slightly wrong, our default position would be, “he gets that from you!” We could know if we wanted. The information is somewhere in the house, God knows where. It’s clearly marked so we won’t open it accidentally but it isn’t important. We were only ever going to open it if we were definitely going to have a second child. That way whoever wasn’t Jake’s biological Dad could give the sample for the next. We went back and forth on whether we should have another. We had the time. The house. The money. Then Jake entered the terrible twos. Not a fucking chance! That envelope was doused in super glue and hidden away. Anthony had since gone back to join the dancing troupe and Nicky had taken his place. During our inane conversation I began to tune out. I looked over to the toilet to see how busy it was. I could probably hold on a bit longer if I needed to. There didn’t appear to be much traffic going in and out but I thought I could hold on a little bit longer and not totally abandon my husband with Nicky. Wait… was that…? The door was closing behind Anthony. Was Jake still with him or had he found some twink to enjoy? I shook my head and tried to get back into the conversation. Another five minutes or so passed and I realised I couldn’t concentrate any longer. Ever since I looked over to the toilets, I couldn’t shake the feeling. I was busting for a piss now. I hadn’t been all night and it made me extremely aware of my bladder. I left Damon and Nicky and rushed over to the loo. I grabbed the nearest urinal and began pissing almost as soon as my soft cock fell out of my jeans and into my hand. I was lost in my own thoughts as the relief washed over me. As my stream began to slow, I realised the room wasn’t too busy, but everyone who walked from the sink to the exit whooped or cheered. Something was going on. And then the moans kicked in. Had I been tuning those out? Whoever it was, they weren’t being subtle. I put myself away and started walking to the sinks. A guy was rubbing his dick through his jeans staring at the very end cubicle. I guess someone was getting lucky. I heard the booming voice of Anthony Clarkson – there was no mistaking the instantly recognisable deepness – telling whoever he was with to close his eyes and prepare for a massive load. This I had to see. I reached the cubicle, door wide open, and stood next to the man rubbing his bulge through his jeans. Three thick volleys of cum pulse out of Anthony’s large throbbing cock. I was mesmerised by it, taking in the scene. I looked down at the lucky boy, eyes closed and spunk dripping all over his face and onto his waiting tongue. Fuck. FUCK! Jake looked like he was in ecstasy. I could see his arm moving up and down, clearly working his own dick. I looked up at Anthony completely taken aback. He was staring back at me as a devilish grin spread across his face. “Looks even prettier covered in my load, huh?” *** “Are we going already?” Damon asked as I was dragging him towards the main staircase by his wrist. “Shouldn’t we say goodbye to Jake?” Jake. I had lingered for far too long in the first place. After Anthony teased me, asking me how pretty he was covered in cum, I impulsively looked down. What a sight to behold. I don’t know what compelled me. Anthony had started using his dick to push the load dripping down my boy’s face into his waiting mouth. That was enough for Jake and he had started moaning and presumably shot his own load across the floor. That’s when I came to my senses. I don’t know how quickly I bolted out of the bathroom but all I knew was that I didn’t want my boy to open his eyes and realise his Dad had seen him at his most vulnerable. Or at his sexiest? No, vulnerable! I was so conflicted. And so was my cock. It was testing the strength of my jeans when it knew full well it should not be this rock hard right now. I hadn’t given Damon any warning. I had grabbed him and started pushing my way through the crowd. I stopped dragging him as we reached the top of the stairs and turned to him to try and explain. I wasn’t quite sure how but I let my mouth do the talking and hoped it wouldn’t let me down. “We need to go now so I can fuck the biggest load of my life into you,” I demanded. The lust must have been visible in my eyes. “Yes, sir.” I placed my free hand on the back of his head and pulled him in, forcing my tongue into his mouth. My other hand was still wrapped firmly around his wrist and I yanked his hand onto my cock. He squeezed it through my jeans and moaned into my mouth. As we broke our kiss, I noticed Nicky standing behind him. “Oh, Nicky, sorry,” I began. “We’re going to head off, could you let Jake know if you see him? And thank the girls for coming out too? It’s been a really great night but we’re bakırköy travesti shattered.” Damon dutifully forced out an unconvincing yawn that broke the tension and almost made me laugh. I wasn’t sure how much Nicky had heard. “Sure thing, big boys!” he said cheerfully. “Thanks so much for everything, I’ve really enjoyed spending the night with you.” He was as polite as ever and hugged me close. Nicky was quite a bit shorter and my cock was rubbing against his toned stomach through our clothes. There was no doubt. He could definitely feel it. Perhaps that’s why the hug lasted a bit longer than usual. “It’s been great fun,” Damon said as he put his arms around Nicky too. “You’ve been great tonight, I’m sure we are leaving Jake in good hands.” We made our way to the car park. It was literally opposite the club on the other side of the street. The entrance was street level but it had an underground too. That’s where we had parked. It was unsurprisingly still packed with cars. At 3am, it was still pretty early into the night. I was rushing to the car, too excited to walk normally. I needed to unload as soon as possible. Oh fuck. It suddenly dawned on me. We have to drive at least 45 minutes to get home. I am so used to being a passenger it didn’t even register in my mind that we had to GET home first. I heard the doors unlock as Damon hit the button on his keys. I grabbed them out of his hands and locked the car again. “What’s wrong, have you changed your mind?” Damon asked, confused. “I can’t wait that long. I need to pound you right here, right now.” We were no stranger to this carpark. Given its location and underground level it did become a bit cruisy. Damon let out a sigh of pleasure and instantly started unbuckling his jean. They fell to his knees. He was prepared. The jock he was wearing was black with a gold trim. His ass looked gorgeous. I bent him over the bonnet of our car and yanked my dick free. I bent down and slid my tongue across his tight hole. Dancing through the night left it musky and slick with sweat. My tongue probed deeper into his hole. He tasted so fucking good. My cock began to throb. It was as hungry for my husband’s hole as that hole was for my cock. As I stood back to spit on his hole and get my cock slick, I noticed we had an audience. The guy from the toilet, the one caressing his bulge while my son was being fed a hot creamy load from his ex- teacher, was staring at us. His cock was out now and he was stroking it. He nodded his head at us as if to ask if it was ok to watch. We nodded back. A flash of movement behind a car distracted me. Was that…? Yes, I think it was. About 8 or 9 cars away crouching behind a wing mirror, I saw that trademark messy hair settling. Slowly, I watched as he carefully raised his head till his eyes could see through the door windows. His eyes lingered on my cock as I stroked it. I leant down to whisper in Damon’s ear. “We’ve got an audience.” “Oh I know. You know how fucking hard I get being watched. Got a nice cock on him to,” he said surprisingly loudly. “I meant-” I started “I know who you mean,” he said in a more hushed tone. “Don’t let on that we know he’s watching us and give him the fucking show he wants.” He was into this. He was getting off on Nicky being here just as much as I was. He loved a good performance piece. “Fuck me hard, sir,” he said, his voice ricocheting through the car park. “Yeah, you want this big fat cock, you fucking pig?” I thrust my bare cock inside him balls deep and instantly started pounding. No grace period. Deep, long thrusts. All the way out. Slamming back in. The sound of skin slapping rapidly getting louder as it echoed. I grabbed the back of his hair and pulled his head back. “You like this big daddy dick inside you, pig?” I shouted at him as I carried on using his hole. “Yes, sir, I love your fat cock inside me. I need your cum so bad.” I spat in his mouth and he grunted, his cock leaking precum. It was too much for the man wanking his dick watching the scene unfold in front of him. This was his second show of the day, at least that I knew of. He yelled out. His dick started spewing, covering the passenger window of the car he was standing next do. We both started watching the thick white spunk drip down. He raised his hand in thanks and walked towards the exit. Clearly not his fucking car! I yanked Damon up to my level so he was standing as I forced my dick into him. The lack of lube was creating a friction and he moaned in equal parts pleasure and pain. “Do you still need this big fucking load, you dirty cunt?” I asked. “I’m not stopping till you’ve used me sir, I need that fucking load flooding my guts,” he said, gritting his teeth. “Are you hungry, pig?” I asked, one arm wrapped around his neck and using my free hand to point at the car window dripping in fresh cum. My husband was the very definition of a cum slut. He couldn’t get enough. “Oh, fuck yes, sir.” I didn’t take my cock out an inch as we walked in tandem to the car. My large hand went back to the back of his head and forced his face onto the car window. A low guttural cry escaped his mouth and I knew he was going to shoot any minute. His tongue flicked across the car window at lightning speed as he took in as much of this stranger’s spunk as he could. Utterances of how good is tasted escaped between moans. His hole clenched against my cock. He was spraying all over the car door he had just carefully licked clean. My balls tightened and started to force volley after volley of cum deep inside my man’s hole. I stayed inside him until he had milked every last drop of spunk out of my cock. I pulled out with a plop. It was a big fucking load. It started to ooze out and I bent down to lick his hole clean, now easier to get my tongue inside him. “I needed that so fucking bad,” I said with a deep sigh. Damon stood up and turned to kiss me, tasting my load on my lips. “I could tell, baby. That felt fucking amazing. You taste so good too,” he said as he wrapped his arms around me and moaned into my mouth. We stayed in the embrace, leaning against this poor fucker’s car. Finally, we broke our kiss as we heard the door to the exit staircase slam shut and, rather than look to the door, we instinctively looked at the spot where Nicky had been hiding. It was empty. He must have sneaked out. We made our way back to our car and settled in. “You good now?” Damon asked, grinning from ear to ear. “Well… for now. I’m still so fucking horny,” I said honestly. I have a pretty good recovery rate but this was good even for me. “I can wait until we get home now, though” “Looking forward to it,” he said, his smile unfaltering. He pulled out of the space and drove up the ramp and out onto the street. We saw Nicky wandering down the street from the car park and in the opposite direction of the club. I assumed he would be going back to his mates. Before I could say a word, Damon turned to me. “I’m still so fucking horny, too.” He sped up until he was level with Nicky and pulled over. He wound down the window and beckoned him over. “Get in, Nicky.”

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