Subject: Fall of the Parker Brothers Part Seven Belongs in college, incest Thank you for reading my stories. Comments and questions are welcome aim. These stories are fiction, any similarities in names and locations are purely coincidental. They involve intimate interactions between above the age of 18. Nifty is able to offer this service for us to share and enjoy stories. Please consider giving below to allow Nifty the opportunity to fty/donate.html “You ready for your blow job?” I asked close up in his ear. “Yeah…” “Say please…” I teased. “Please sir suck me off.” Oh shit, I think Eli might be more into this than I thought. I moved down and started to lick his cock, he moved to grab my head again and I took his wrists in my hand. “Nope, you’ve lost hands privileges,” I said sitting up and pulling his arms above his head. “What are you doing?” he asked, sounding less fucked up than he had been earlier. I grabbed the belt looped around my head board and bound his hands together. “What?” he asked, testing the strength of the knot. Once he was tied I moved down and grabbed his face with my hand, squeezing his cheeks in, “You don’t ask questions, you follow them got it?” He nodded quickly, “You’re going to lie there and I’m going to do whatever I want to your body. You want that?” He nodded again. “Say it!” I barked. “Please sir, use my body.” His dick twitched as he said it and I yeah, I think Eli had desires he didn’t know about. I moved back to his dick and he moaned as he struggled against the belt. He thought it was just for play but that belt was securely latched on to a solid oak headboard. I had a starting linebacker for my high school tied up to that thing as as I was fucking him he tried to get free…and he gave out before the bed did. So Eli was in for the night, whether he liked it or not. His cock was bobbing as I worked around the shaft, stroking him as I went. He was thrashing back and forth in pleasure as he moaned for me to keep going. I got him pretty close and then moved to this thighs, nibbling the inside of them while his cock calmed down. I couldn’t have him shooting yet, cause when he came he was going to come down off his fuck high and get freaked out about being with a guy. I needed to keep him just this side of delirious without blowing his load. I raised his legs up and started working on his balls. Unlike Sammy they weren’t shaved and his pubes were kinda wild. That told me he was indeed a virgin cause any guy these days would do a at least a little mascaping if someone was gonna see your shit. Once I stated licking his moans became louder and I knew I was the first tongue to ever touch him down here. My tongue trailed all over his ballsack, making him blubber in response. I needed to get to his ass but from this position it was going to be a challenge. I stopped, grabbed a pillow and nearly folded him in half, as I placed the pillow under the top of his ass. Once I let his go his ass was propped upright, giving me access to that little soccer ass, no waiting. I went back to his balls and then moved down to below him. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that space between your balls and ass worked on but let me assure you, it is a first class ticket to your complete pleasure, no waiting. Once I started he yelped in surprise which was replaced with moans and pleads for me to stop, do it harder, faster…Eli didn’t know what he was saying any more, he was just feeling things he had never dreamt of before. Once I had him reeling I moved lower, pulling his hairy cheeks apart, looking for the treasured land. He may have been into this but he was still under the impression he was a straight male with some semblance of control over what was happening so when I began to lap around his hole he freaked. “Wha…no…not there….” he exclaimed as his ass tightened up. I could hear him struggling with the belt but I knew that was a waste of time. I kept knocking at his door but his ass remained closed, he was not going to go gently into that şişli travesti good night. Which meant plan B. I sat up and he had terror in his eyes as he realized he couldn’t get free and I was in control. It’s an important time in breaking someone, this is where they would scream, running into the night, or they would accept their fate and enjoy it. It was all how you played it. I got up and opened my dresser drawer and pulled out a small brown bottle. Getting back onto the bed I opened it and brought it up to his nose, “Inhale.” “What’s that!” he asked, real panic in his voice. He started breathing through his mouth which meant he was going to fight me. Had to admit, I liked it better that way. With my other hand I grabbed his throat and pressed in. He gagged for a moment as he struggled. “That’s it, tire yourself out,” I said patiently. He thrashed a few times and then I saw his eyes start to lose focus. I let go, closed his mouth and put the bottle up to his nose, “Inhale.” He did, dazed and slightly unaware of what was happening. I put it up to his other nostril and ordered him to do it again. With two huge doses I out the poppers down and went to work between his legs again. This time when my tongue probed his virgin ass he moaned and I felt his tiny rosebud open and close in response. I shoved my tongue into him and he whimpered as he found himself impaled on my face, his body sending him feelings he had never felt before. I ravaged his hole, getting as deep as I could while he was zoned out on the poppers. It was important I had his ass adjusted to my tongue before he came to and started to fight me again. Both of my hands spread his meaty thighs apart as I dove my tongue into him over and over again. His head moved side to side as he called out in passion, the poppers not making him care what was happening to him. Once he was good and moist I moved back to his head and slipped a finger into him, slowly but forcefully. “Ung….” he cried out at the violation. I grabbed the bottle and held it to his nose again, “Inhale.” This time he didn’t fight me, he just took a deep breath from one side and then the other. I out the bottle down and began to finger fuck him in earnest. At first he babbled, I hear no…not this….please….and some other crap, until I was able to press far enough in to find what I was looking for. My finger moved over his prostate and his whole body jumped as if shocked. “Yeah…there it is…”I whispered in his ear as I began to just smash his joybutton again and again. It was like having a puppet, I moved my finger and he jerked all over, his cock burping precum with every contact. I slipped a second one in and he protested again, another round of poppers later and his head fell back as he let out a thirsty, “Yeess…..” as I went to town. He was trying to push back as I nearly slipped my fingers out and then slammed them home. He was completely into it, when I pressed a third finger to his hole I said, “Relax…here comes more.” This time when the three of them forced their way in he let out a low groan, but he did indeed relax his ass instead of complaining. Now I was just pounding him, spreading his walls as much as I could while still assaulting his prostate to keep him in check. Once there was almost no resistance from his ass I began to move into the last phase. “You like that don’t you?” I asked, making sure I accented every word with a thrust. He nodded, sweat flying everywhere. “You know why?” I asked. He didn’t answer, he just kept pushing back onto my hand. “Who know why you like this Eli?” I slipped my hand off and he let out an audible moan of disappointment. “It’s cause what you were made for,” I said moving between his legs. “What?” he asked, breathlessly. “It’s why god gave you brothers such big dicks and you got this tiny little thing,” I said griping his cock. It was anything but little, but it was his delusion I was playing into so fuck it. “Nooo….” he whined. “It is a tiny little dick, you know that beylikdüzü travesti Eli, come on, admit it.” I kept stroking him and his he kept trying to deny it. “Come on Eli….admit it to me…” He let out a huge breath and said, “I have a tiny dick…I do….” “You know why?” He looked at me with huge eyes. “Because he gave you something better,” I said slipping my fingers into him slowly, “He gave you this perfect jock pussy,” I hit his prostate and his back arched as I just attacked it mercilessly, “Feel that Eli? That’s your pussy, you feel that?” He shook his head but I just kept hitting him over and over again. “What is it Eli? Tell me what this is…” He finally burst out with a savage, “MY PUSSY! IT’S MY JOCK PUSSY!” I slipped my fingers out and he fell back to the bed, his entire frame coated with sweat. “See, not so hard to admit is it?” I reached over and grabbed the bottle and a small tube of lube. He was just breathing heavy, his cock swollen and aching, dying for release. “Can I cum please?” he asked in a pathetic voice. “Oh you’re going to cum…” I said coating my cock with lube, “But I haven’t told you, you know why god gave you this pussy?” “Why sir?” I tossed the packet off the bed and moved the bottle up to his head, “Inhale.” This time he leaned in to do it, no resistance, no fighting, in fact he looked eager.” He fell back onto the pillow and I put the poppers down. “He gave you this pussy so you could make yourself useful,” I lined my cock up to his hole, “See….you’re here to make big dicks feel good.” I pushed into him and he just groaned, too deep into his popper high to protest. “This pussy is for big cocks Eli, you’re meant for big cocks.” I thrust into him fully and he let out a low moan as I bottomed out in him, letting his tight, little jock ass get used to my dick. “This is what you wanted Eli,” I said not moving, feeling the walls of his ass contract around my ass, trying to struggle with my thickness, “You look at those big cocks and you want them, you want to worship them…you want them in you don’t you?” I slowly stated to slide out and then reversed and slammed him again. He let out a grunt as my hips slammed him. Another slow pull out and an ever harder slam. This time the sound was high pitched and longer. “Come on Eli, you like that? You like servicing that big cock?” I slammed him a few more times and each time he struggled to catch his breath. I picked up my pace and he called out a strained, “Wait…stop.” I paused and he looked up at me, lust filling his expression. We stared at each other for a long second, I was wondering if had snapped out of it, if this was where he fought me. Instead he looked at me and said, “I need another hit.” With my cock still in him I leaned forward and grabbed the belt, unlocking it as his hands fell to the bed. “It’s right there,” I said gesturing to the desk. He reached over and took the bottle and took two hits all by himself. He put it down before he groaned and fell back to the pillow. “Ready?” He nodded and I began to fuck him for real. And he let out a loud, “Fuck yeah…” as I raised his hips and began to pile drive him as hard as I could. “Yeah feel that cock Eli? Feel that big cock in your pussy? You like that? You like that cock?” “Fuck me….” he intoned, “Fuck my pussy.” He reached towards his cock and I slapped his hand away, “Do not touch that!” His hands went to his side as I fucked him faster, his hands were clenched, two handfuls of my sheets in them as he held on for dear life. “You feel that cock? Come on Eli…you like that cock?” “Feel so good…”he admitted, his voice distant and dreamy, “Such a big cock…” “This is what you always wanted Eli, you wanted a big cock, needed it.” He nodded as I grabbed his legs and spread them. “You need that big cock Eli?” With his legs spread like a bitch I began to destroy his ass and he just cried out. “I need it…please sir…give me that big cock.” “Always wanted a big cock didn’t istanbul travesti you? You’d watch Sammy, watch his big cock, wondering what it would feel to have one, to touch one…to have on in you…” I put his ankles on my shoulders as I leaned in, pressing even further into him, “Right Eli? That’s what you dreamed of? Dreamed of big cocks?” “Yes…yes….wanted them….so much…” He was pushing back into me hard and there was no doubt his hesitation was gone. He was completely into this, there was no turning back for him. I paused and slipped my hands around his back, “You know what I really think you wanted?” Our faces were almost touching, “What?” I pulled him up until he was straddling me, my cock wedged in his ass. He groaned from the new position, I was hitting all new parts of his manpuusy now and he was feeling it. “Know what you wanted all along?” I asked, pulling him up off my cock a few inches. “What sir?” I grinned and said, “I think you wanted to feel Sammy’s cock this whole time.” And I let his waist go, and watched him slide down my cock, the image of Sammy fucking him in his mind. “Nnnnoooooo….” he protested as he bottomed out on my cock. I pulled him up again “Yeah you did, you always worshiped your brothers, you always wanted to service them, make them feel good…you wanted to feel Sammy’s huge cock didn’t you?” I let him go again and he slid down my entire length, groaning the whole time. “Come on Eli, admit it,” I said pulling him up again, “How bad do you want your little brother to fuck you?” This time when I let him go I thrust up, making him yelp in shock. “Imagine his huge cock, feel how good this feels,” I said bouncing him up and down a few times for good measure, “How good would his cock feel?” This time he closed his eyes and let out a moan that told me he was not only feeling it, but was ashamed as fuck for feeling it. “That’s what you need Eli, big cocks, lots of big cocks up your pussy. Right? You want Sammy’s cock up your pussy, don’t you? Don’t you? Come one Eli…you want that don’t you?’ He was now riding me willingly, him pushing down as I thrust into him. He was lost, he was completely in the fuck zone, there was nothing else that counted right now than this sex. If his dad walked into the room right now he wouldn’t stop, He wanted this, need it on a primal level. “Come Eli…say it….” “I want big cocks…” he said panting. “What big cocks?” “Big cocks…big cocks for my pussy…” “Whose cock do you want in your pussy Eli?” I reached down and grabbed his cock. “Tell me whose cock you want to cum Eli…you want to cum? Tell me…” He grabbed my shoulders and impaled himself on my thick cock willingly, “Sammy, I want Sammy’s big horse cock in me…I want Sammy..Sammy….Sammmy….” His cock exploded in my hand, covering both of our chests with what felt like gallons of cum. He had no ability for speech any more, he was just speaking tongues as his ass clenched again and again on my cock. “Gonna breed your pussy…” I said feeling myself lose control. “You wanna have my babies Eli? You want me to breed you?” He nodded, “Cum in my pussy…please…cum in my pussy….” I grunted as I shot load after load into another Parker brother. His twitched as the last of his orgasm hit him and then fell forward into me. I laid him back onto my bed and slipped my cock out of him. He was so sexy now. An hour ago he was a straight, virgin soccer jock with a girlfriend and promise ring. Now he was a cum covered slut who had just begged me to fuck him while fantasizing about his little brother fucking him. I could see my cum draining out of his wrecked hole and knew, this was a job well done. “Holy fuck…” Sammy said stumbling out of the closet. I turned and looked at him, “Shhh…don’t wake him up. I’m pretty sure he’s sober now.” Sammy made a face and I pointed for the door. We both sneaked out as quietly as possible. Once at the stairs he looked at me with bright eyes, “Dude, that was amazing! I was so…” I could tell, the front of his shirt was stained with cum. Leaning in I kissed him, “So you liked me fucking your brother?” “Fuck yeah!” “You wanna fuck him next?” A look of pure lust passed over his face, “Fuck yeah!” I just smiled, I had created a monster.

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