Subject: Random Tails/ Rabbit Please donate to Nifty to keep this site running for all our fun. This is of course all fantasy and such real life conduct is not condoned or encouraged. Rabbit by tagenhard [email protected] ota As we sat here in this situation I had to believe it was a set up. I don’t think this was just happening by chance. But who set it up. I looked over at Carson my 16 year old nephew. He is an evil twisted fuck and I won’t put it past him to have arranged this. But then there’s my younger brother who I think has a perv side to his being gay. We were at the family cabin spending a long weekend getting it opened up for summer. It was just us guys as the ladies all begged off. My younger brother Curt who’s 26 and openly gay, myself Bic, yes that’s my name, my nephew Carson and my two sons. Danny who is 9 and Razz who is 12. Back at home with the wife I had a 6 year old daughter Darcy. Why do I think Carson might have created this situation, well let me explain. My older sister had only one kid, Carson, thank god because I would hate to think there could be more like him. The dad was never known and she raised him alone.He is surly and disrespectful. Foul mouthed and mean. He would just as soon kick a dog as look at it. He always talked back and peppered his language with lots of swear words. He would subtly say things to try and rile you up. I never took his bait but would walk away or ignore him completely.I had to stop Curt from almost belting him once when he was suggesting that Curt was having sex with my two sons. Which he denied of course but Carson kept egging him on till Curt snapped. I caught Curt’s fist before it connected. And Carson got a lot of pleasure at knowing what buttons to push. Carson would also just innocently stand by me and say “Are you sure it’s safe to leave Curt alone with your little boys? I mean those fags do love to start them young.” Only once did I try to engage in conversation with him and he was good at twisting your words back at you so I never did again. As I said I would just walk away if I could or ignore him if I couldn’t. The down side to that is he would just up the intensity. So he would suggest that Curt is diddling my kids and I would ignore him. So he would then go on. This is an example. “Yea those fags love the tender little boys. Starting them out thinking they are playing secret little games but before you know it he’s slipping his hard uncle cock down his little throat and feeding him his cum.” I don’t react. “He’s also probably fucking him in his little ass. Shoving that man size fuck stick into that little hole turning it into a pussy.” I continue to ignore. “Maybe you should pull Danny’s pants down some time and bend him over and inspect his little asshole to see if it’s been used. You know run your finger around it to see if it’s lose or not.”Ignoring. “Oh, I get it, you don’t need to check because you know he’s getting fucked. Your probably even joining I bet. Yea that’s it I can see you bending your sweet little boy over and shoving your daddy cock in him and fucking him like the whore he probably is. I bet you and Curt fuck him together. You got a big one I bet. You probably make him cry because you stretch him open so much. You get off on that don’t you making him cry and begging you to stop. No daddy, please no it hurts daddy.” Carson imitated a little boy’s voice. He always used Danny as an example not Razz. I think he thought that I would be more protective of Danny being younger.Still no reaction from me. Another time he tried to claim that my wife had taken him into bed and begged him to fuck her brains out. That I was so small she couldn’t get satisfaction from me and need some real cock. He went on to say how she told him he was the best she ever had and blah, blah, blah. He did finally succeed however to push the right button and I handled the situation badly. Last fall us group of guys were up to close the cabin for winter. It was an unusually warm October day and Curt and Danny and Raze were down at the lake getting one last swim in. I had just cleared a lot of brush and didn’t want to drag dirt in the cabin so I was using the outdoor shower. As I’m showering I hear someone outside the shower and Carson starts to talk. “I just came up from the lake, Curt’s got his cock up Danny’s ass again. Razz gave me a great blow job. He must practice a lot on you at home.”I was done and turned off the water and reached out for my towel. It wasn’t there. “Where’s my towel Carson?” I asked calmly.”I got it, come out and get it.” There was a taunt in his voice.”Just hand it over.” I said with a sigh.”It’s right here, just come out for it.” I figured I wasn’t gonna play his game. I cupped my crotch in one hand which hid most of it and stepped out of the shower. I figured I would just walk in the cabin and get a different one. “What’s wrong, you embarrassed because you got such a small one you don’t want me to know I’m bigger.” I was getting the impression that he actually wanted to see my cock. I kept it cupped and started to walk away.”I was over at your house the other day.” He said as he followed behind with a view of my ass. “I just finished fucking Jessica.” My wife’s name. “And as I was sitting in the chair resting Darcy crawled up on my lap.” There was the slightest hesitation in my step and I think he saw it. “She is so cute I couldn’t resist slipping my finger in her panties and rubbing them across her hairless little cunt.” He finally found my trigger. I stopped and spun around grabbing him by the throat and slammed him up against the cabin wall. I was seething, so angry I couldn’t put words to speech. I stared him in the eyes and he stared back showing no fear. He sneered. `What’s wrong did you want to be first? I bet you wanna fuck her tight little cunt first don’t you?” I realized something was wrong here. I was still holding him against the cabin by the throat but looked down and saw he had slipped his swim suit down and was jerking off as he talked. The little fuck had the audacity to be jerking off right in front of me as he talked about my baby girl. I froze with my hand around his throat but my attention on his jerking cock. “Yea I bet you wanna fuck that little twat with your baby buster. Oh you like what you see huh. I bet you wanna suck it don’t you? Or maybe you want my teen cock up your ass.” He spouted still jerking. I had already made bad choices and was about to make it worse. I slid his body down the wall till he was sitting on his ass. He’s jerking and my soft cock hanging six inches long is in front of his face. He’s no longer spewing filth but is staring at my meat I see him lick his lips and I think he thinks I’m gonna let him suck my cock. He’s jerking away with anticipation in his eyes when I let loose a stream of piss right in his face. He closes his eyes and instead of turning away he moves his face back and forth as if he’s washing his face under a stream. Then he grunts and shoots five jets of cum into the air. I come to my senses and realize I shouldn’t have done any of that. I walk away with him laughing at my backside. I grab a towel and dry off, slip on some running shorts and flip flops and head to the lake. I heard Carson in the outdoor shower. As I near the lake I see Curt and Danny and Razz standing on the dock. Their all naked and it almost looks like Curt has a hard on. I stopped in my tracks and watched. They jumped in the water and it looked like they were playing grab ass in the water. Once in a while one would get out onto the dock and jump back in. As they played I saw that each one was fully hard when they got up on the dock. Was Carson actually telling the truth? Was Curt being inappropriate with the boys? I didn’t see him touch them when they were out of the water but what he was doing under the water I couldn’t tell. But even though, why was he letting my boys see him with an erection. I walked out onto the dock when they were all in the water and I saw their swim suits lying there. “Skinny dipping huh?” Curt didn’t seem nervous at all like he just got caught doing something wrong. Razz piped up. “Join us dad.””Naw that’s okay.” I replied”Old fart.” Razz quipped backI wasn’t sure what to do. Normally I might not think anything of it but with what had just happened with Carson and now seeing Curt naked and hard with the boys I was unsure of myself.”It’s fun dad.” Danny added with a smile.”Oh all right.” I figured to just act natural was best. I slipped off my trunks and jumped in. I did notice that all eyes were between my legs as I did. We splashed around and nothing happened that would be defined as inappropriate so I calmed down. The boys finally got tired and decided to call it quits. They climbed out and picked up their suits and dashed to the cabin I called out for them to cover up but they didn’t hear me or ignored me. I felt concerned about them being naked around Carson. I pulled myself out of the water and sat on the edge of the dock. Curt lifted himself out also and sat beside me. He was soft now. “Remember how we used to do this when were teenagers?” I sighed.”Yea we skinny dipped all the time.” Curt smiled back. “Simpler days.””I did something I shouldn’t have.” I commented and told him how I had fucked up with Carson.”Shit I sure would have liked to have seen that.” He chuckled. I also noticed he had chubbed up.”I have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last of it.” “Knowing him he probably sees this as the start of a challenge.” Curt observed. “Curt I was wondering, skinny dipping is one thing but you istanbul travesti had a full hard on when you were playing with them. Is there something I should know?” I asked looking at him directly. I saw him blush. “It just happens, you know how it is.” “No I don’t know how it is. I have never been naked around my boys with a hard on.” I said raising my voice.”I’m not forcing anything on them. I love them as if they were my own. I would never hurt them.” Curt replied kind of defensively. That was really kind of a non-answer. It could be interpreted as he’s not doing anything or the boys are willing doing whatever he’s doing. He threw an arm around me. “Common bro don’t let that little shit Carson get in your head. We need to stick together. He’s the evil one not me.””Yea but.” I started but Curt turned defensive and jumped to his feet. “What? I suppose you wanna piss on me to. Well the problem there is that I would enjoy it. I would fucking enjoy anything that has to do with your cock. There I said it I lust after you.” Then he turned heel and walked away briskly.I sighed, “Oh fuck” I thought. He never clearly said that nothing sexual was happening with the boys and now he indicated he would like sex with me. Or was that just to throw me off track? I returned to the cabin and the rest of the day Curt was distant. Carson however would sneer or wink or lick his lips at me whenever he thought no one else was looking. After dinner I was sitting out on the porch alone trying to think everything thru my head. Carson walked out and set a tumbler with some bourbon, my choice of drink, in it. “I thought you might need this. And don’t worry I didn’t pee in it.” He laughed as he walked back into the cabin. A few moments later Curt walked out with a drink in each hand. He set one down by the other one and clinked his glass against it. “Good night bro.” then he walked back inside. I poured my two bourbon’s together and sipped away at it. I failed to reach any conclusions about the day and found that the drink was hitting me harder than usual. I stumbled my way to bed noticing everyone has already done so. Sometime in the night I awoke or partially awoke. My mind was real foggy and I found I couldn’t open my eyes or form words. But what I was able to make out was that I was on my stomach, naked and someone was on top of me fucking me. I could feel the cock slipping in and out of my ass. I was being fucked. I wavered between semi lucidness and just being out of it. I thought at one point one of those drinks must have been drugged. No words were said just the fucking motion. The next thing I know is the room is bright, the sun is up and I feel like shit. Then I remembered last night. My fingers went to my ass, it was dry and clean but tender. I took a cold shower and that seemed to bring life back into me and help clear my head. I came out of the bedroom to find the others packing up the van. Danny was in the kitchen and informed me he had saved me some coffee and bacon and toast. Neither Curt nor Carson acted any different towards me than they had the day before. The drive home was long and quiet. Slowly, very slowly things returned to normal between me and Curt over the winter months. And Carson just kept acting like Carson. I never figured out who fucked me. I think they both had reason or want to do it. It was a few months later that my sister and Carson were over at the house. I was out in the work shed working on a small garden tractor when Carson wondered in. We looked at each other but didn’t say anything. I went about my work and he was casually looking around the shed. I call it a shed but it was big enough to park a pickup with snow plow equipment the garden tractor and one car plus still room for work benches and all my tools. Although not a farmer, we lived in the country on several acres and I did all my own mechanics work. I needed the plow to clear the long drive way and well the shed was my man cave I guess. I had a fridge and a TV and recliner in one corner. It gave me space to tinker around away from the wife.So as I said Carson is looking around but not doing his usual chatter. I finish up with the tractor and put my tools away. I head over to where my sitting area is to grab a beer and see Carson is leaning against a work bench there. His pants open, cock in hand and masturbating.I open the fridge and grab a beer. “Did I give you permission to do that in here at this time?” I asked in an even monotone voice. He seemed surprised that I wasn’t yelling or ignoring him like I usually do. I walked over to him. I used my cold beer bottle and rubbed it against his balls. He shuddered but didn’t pull away. “Was that you that night?” I asked as I took one nipple in between my fingers and twisted it.He moaned and kept jerking but he looked at me very puzzled. “What night?””That last night at the cabin was that you?””I, I have no idea what you’re talking about” He replied I thought convincingly. I stared at him hard and long in the eyes, he didn’t flinch. “You sure because I would like to do it again.””Sorry I don’t know what you mean.” He muttered.I still wasn’t 100% convinced but didn’t know how else to ask the question short of telling him I got fucked and I didn’t want him to know if he wasn’t the one to have done it.. I gave him a closer look at his cock and balls. “Not bad for your age.” “You wanna suck it for me?” He sneered returning to his usual ways.I turned away and headed for the door. “Don’t you dare spill any of that on my stuff.” I barked and walked out. I didn’t see my brother till Christmas time. The boys were glad to see him and hung all over him. He looked to me nervously but I gave him a smile and a wink, he relaxed. Later I found him in the kitchen alone facing the counter pouring a drink. I snuck up behind him and pushed my body against him trapping him between me and the counter with my crotch shoved up against his ass. “So you have a hard on for me huh.” I whispered in his ear.”Don’t fucking tease me. I’m sorry I told you that I want to have sex with you.” He whimpered.”Well I want to do it again.” “Do what again? What are you talking about?” Curt asked with puzzlement in his voice.”You know.” I actually purred. “That last night in the cabin, I want to do that again.””I have no clue what you’re talking about. Now are you saying we can have sex or not?” Curt asked with his voice raising. Razz was standing there in the doorway giving us both a dirty look. Then he turned and walked away.That night I walked into Razz’s room to talk to him. I heard him in the shower and waited for him to come back into the bedroom. I sat down on his bed and looked around. When did he become 12 I wondered? They grow up so fast. The bathroom door opened and Razz walked out naked. He stopped when he saw me but he didn’t cover up. “Dad?” he said making it a question of dad why are you in my room, with just that one word.”Sorry I didn’t mean to invade your privacy. I thought you would have something on.””I do.” He quipped. “A smile.”I laughed. Razz was always one to have a joke on his lips. “Well I wanted to talk to you, if you want to put something on I’ll wait.””No I’m good. What’s up?” He said sitting down next to me naked. When did he become so confident I wondered? I looked him over and was impressed. He was only 12 but his boy prick was already 4 inches soft. He’s gonna be as big as me I thought.”I got your blessing dad.”I felt ashamed he caught me looking. “Sorry son but I realized I haven’t really had a good look at you in years. You have grown up in many, many ways. I’m impressed and proud.” I smiled.”Thanks dad that really means a lot to me.” He smiled back and hugged me. Letting go and sitting back. “I’m up to six inches when hard already.” He boasted.”Wow.” I replied simply. “I know your big soft dad but how big are you when you’re hard?” He asked me with a soft voice.”This isn’t something dads and sons usually talk about but, well I’m 8 when I’m hard.””Please don’t think I’m weird but I would like to see that sometime.” Razz commented and then looked down like he was ashamed. I picked up his chin and turned his face to mine. “Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with weird but in this case I think its normal curiosity. Especially since you know you’re above average and only gonna get bigger. Plus I love weird.” I kissed him on the forehead. “Maybe sometime you will see it hard but not right now if that’s what you’re thinking.”He got a small pout on his face. “Ok dad, I understand. So what did you want to talk to me about?””What you saw earlier with me and your uncle was just a bit of brotherly goofing off. I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.” I explained.He stared at me a moment then “Ok I understand.”I kissed him good night and hoped that was the end of that. Now it is spring and here we guys are at the cabin again and in this situation. Oh did I fail to mention what this situation was. Danny and Razz are on the floor with their hands and legs zipped tied together and Curt and Carson and I are zip tied to the chairs we are sitting in. There is a man wearing a bunny mask with a gun in hand standing over us.What happened is that morning Curt and I and Carson muscled the dock into place and set that up. Then Carson and I worked the yard. He would rub himself now and then and wink at me but I ignored him. Curt and the boys cleaned and dusted the cabin and got all of that ready. When done with the yard Carson went to the outside shower. He left the door open so I could see him. I just went down to the lake and took a quick plunge kadıköy travesti in the still cold water and rinsed off.Walking into the cabin I saw everyone tied up as I described and a gun pointed at me.”Ok, don’t make any stupid moves and everything will be alright “The bunny said. ” If everyone cooperates then there is no reason for anyone to get hurt. Now you sit in that chair and put your hands behind you.” I did as I was told and the bunny zip tied me up. “We don’t have any valuables or much money.” I stated.”I’m not here for that. Think of me as a family counselor. I’m are here to conduct a family therapy and bonding exercise.””Ok let’s see.” Bunny paused then turned to Razz. “You are going to go first.” He cut the ties loose and once Razz was free he was instructed to get naked. “Here in front of everyone?” Razz asked looking around.”Yes here, now hop to it.” Was the bunny trying to be funny? I wondered. I expected a little more resistance from Razz but he began to strip. Once naked he stood there and did a small turn around so everyone could see him from all sides.”Fuck but your big for your age.” Bunny commented. “Does bunny want a carrot to suck on?” Razz retorted with I thought stupid bravery.He seemed to ignore that. “Now I want you to take these scissors and cut all the clothes off of one of these men. Your choice but cut away until they are fully naked like you.”Razz looked around at all three of us then looked at back at him. “Can I cut yours off? “I’ll be naked soon enough you pick one of your family. It’s your therapy after all.” He chuckled.Razz looked at each of us exhibiting less fear than I would expect in this situation. Now that I realized that I noticed Danny wasn’t panic stricken like you expect. Could Razz have set this up? Now I’m wondering if Razz is the one who fucked me. He does have a 6 inch cock when hard, at least according to him. Now I’m feeling a game is being played here but the question is who created this. It’s obvious that this is going to get sexual and since I didn’t figure this out until after I got tied up, I`m limited to what I can do. So for now I’m going to play along.Razz finally set his sights on me and started to cut. “You be careful now, there are some parts of me I’m very attached to.” I chuckled. “Don’t worry dad I won’t hurt any of the important parts.” He started with the pants and worked his way up each side. Then pulled the backside out from me with a little help of me lifting my butt up. “A jock dad, really.” Razz laughed when he saw that instead of under wear I had a jock strap on and with my size the pouch was full and bulging. “That looks promising.” The bunny commented.I wasn’t wearing a top since I came up from the lake so all I had was a jock on.”Ok let’s let him keep that for a little while. How about a brotherly love session next. Cut the little one’s ties and strip him.” The rabbit ordered.Razz stepped over to Danny and ruffled his hair. “It’ll be okay.” He cut the zips off and Danny actually pulled his clothes off himself. “He sure is eager.” Carson commented speaking for the first time.”He’s being co-operative. Just like I’m sure you will be.” Bunny man retorted. “You might as well put that scissors to work and get the other two naked.” He instructed Razz. “And you little one.” Indicating Danny. “I want you to do a magic trick.””Me, really?” Danny had enthusiasm in his voice.”Yes you. I want you to make believe that the cloth covered bulge between your dad’s legs is a magic lamp and you’re going to rub it to see if the gene will come out.” He guided Danny over to me.”He’s nine, he knows there no such things as magic lamps and genes.” I stated.”Aren’t you just the creativity crushing dad?” Bunny snorted. “Do I have to gag you?””No fine. I just don’t want him disappointed when the magic doesn’t happen.” I returned. “You just do your best.” Danny took the encouragement from the bunny and reached out his small hand and placed it squarely on my jock covered cock mound. He rubbed gently back and forth. I looked over to see Carson was totally naked now and hard which didn’t surprise me. Razz was working at Curt’s clothes and I had no doubt he would be rock hard also once his cock was exposed.The bunny started to strip himself. Danny continued to rub my basket trying to get a response but I watched the bunny strip wondering if seeing his body might give me some clue who he is. Once naked I guessed him to be early twenties. He was one of these guys who had a smooth chest and stomach but from the hips down was very hairy. Ass and legs covered in black hair along with his arms. He was able to strip without removing the rabbit mask so I still had no idea. A pout was forming on Danny’s face, I think he was getting frustrated because I wasn’t getting a hard on. The idea of having sex with little boys just didn’t interest me. I was slightly concerned that if this was all set up to create sex between me and any of the guys then there was going to be disappointment. If I can’t get a hard on then all I’m good for is sucking cock or getting fucked. I really didn’t like the idea of that either. Maybe I needed to find something I could think about that would turn me on. Now of course right about now you’re think why am I even allowing this to happen? I should be screaming and yelling at this half hairy rabbit about what a fucked up sicko he is. I should be saying these are just kids and don’t make them do it. But really where would that get me? All he has to do is put a ball gag in my mouth and there just happens to be one laying there next to some other sex toys he just dumped out of a bag. If I’m gagged then I’m even more helpless so I’m not shouting and well truth be told the idea of the kids having sex with adults doesn’t upset me as much as you would think it would. If I can talk then maybe I can stop someone from preforming sex acts that are causing pain or are being forced. Maybe keep it to the playful side. Ah ha. Your thinking. He has nothing against kids and adults having sex, he is a pervert after all. Ok I will admit that I realized the trick to produce a hard on while this is going on is to think about my daughter. There it is, it is out in the open.Curt was now naked and as I expected he’s hard. At least he’s not as big as me. It looks like even Razz will be bigger than him. “So now what?” Carson spoke up. “Are you going to have us fuck the kids you sick bunny, make them suck our cocks while daddy watches?” “So who’s the perv here?” The bunny laughed. “You see a naked kid and you want sex. I was just going to suggest everyone being naked together.””Fuck that shit. We know dam well you wanna fuck them or maybe even us.” Carson spout back.”Well then let’s not disappoint the young man and give him a show.” The bunny pulled Razz over to him. “So kid suck my dick.” Razz looked over to me. I don’t know if he expected me to object to fuzzy bunny’s order, or was looking for approval or looking to see if I had some other reaction. I didn’t give him any but just looked back expressionless. I guess no reaction is in fact a reaction. I think I saw a small smile dance across Razz’s lips as he turned back to the carrot in front of him. He took hold of what I guess to be 7 inches of shaft and wrapped his lips around the head. I imagined a look of pleasure would have crossed over the guy’s face under that mask. It was obvious that this wasn’t the first time my son had a cock in his mouth and I will admit I enjoyed the look of pleasure that Razz seemed to get from it. If my boy wants to be a man pleaser then so be it. “He’s getting bigger finally” Danny shouted out. I indeed was growing in my jock pouch and the bulge was becoming more pronounced. Was the sight of Razz sucking cock turning me on? I wasn’t about to psychoanalyze it then and there but hey just go with the flow.”I knew you were a perv.” Carson laughed”Maybe we should see if he’s pervy enough to fuck your ass.” The rabbit taunted Carson. Carson didn’t respond but I thought he looked all most like he wanted it. Danny was peeling down my pouch now and my shaft was springing out into the open. His small hand rubbed up and down the hard long shaft. I saw desire in both Curt and Carson’s eyes.”Fuck your daddy’s big.” The bunny commented. “You sure you want that up your ass?”Well I don’t know if anyone else caught it but that answered the question of who set this up. My son Razz arranged this so there would be an excuse for sex between us guys. And apparently he expected to get fucked by me. With his mouth still full Razz was watching his little brother stroke my erect cock. I was trying to figure out if he would have ever seen me hard. I can’t imagine how or when but he was getting an eye full now. I wondered if he would change his mind about getting butt fucked now that he knew just how big it was.I felt a tongue swipe across my mushroom head and my full attention went to my youngest Danny who was licking his daddies cock like a lollipop. Fuck that felt great and I was no longer thinking about my daughter but was taking the pleasure in the work my cock sucking 9 year old was applying to me.”What the fuck about us?” Carson barked out. Razz pulled off the rabbit cock and dropped down between Carson’s legs. He swallowed Carson’s cock into his mouth. “Fuck yea this is right, my cock sucking nephews with their mouths full.” Carson crowed. The rabbit stepped over to Curt and tapped his cock against Curt’s lips. Curt opened his mouth and sucked the cock in.Danny was now lavishly tonguing my cock head and licking at the piss slit. In his one bakırköy travesti hand he had my balls and with the other he had wormed it under me and was fingering my asshole. What the hell is it with my ass I wondered? I still needed to figure out who fucked me last fall.So, it was also obvious that Danny has sucked cock before from the way he was working mine. His small lips wrapped around the crown of my cock and he started to suck on the head. I looked over to Carson and saw the half smile half sneer on his face as Razz sucked his cock but he watched me getting sucked by Danny. I knew that once all this, what ever this is, was all over that guy sex was going to keep happening with or without me. There was no way Carson was ever going to leave my boys alone. I was going to make sure Carson sucked cock and got fucked before this was all done. He needed to be a bottom because I didn’t want him controlling my boys. Carson looked over to me and sneered. “Now we just need to get Darcy sucking and fuck her and, Ow.” Carson screeched. Razz apparently bit his cock. Razz pulled off of Carson’s meat and stared at Carson.”You stay away from my sister.” Razz spouted.Carson looked at him shocked at first but then a grin worked across his face. “Your already fucking your sister aren’t you. I bet you have taught her to be your sex toy just like Danny.” Carson hooted.Razz didn’t look at Carson or me but sorta twirled Carson’s cock in his fingers. Danny kept sucking me and Curt was still sucking the rabbit.”Is that true son?” I asked with a gentle voice. Razz slowly nodded his head yes without looking up. “Razz look at me.” I requested. Razz reluctantly turned his head to me and looked me in the eye. “Did you teach Danny and Darcy to suck cock?” He nodded yes. “Have you fucked both of them?” I continued, again he nodded yes. “Was that you who fucked me last fall?” Razz now got a grin on his face and nodded yes. “I get to fuck your dad next.” Carson called out followed by a grunt from Razz twisting his cock in an undesirable way.”Razz, son cut me loose please.” I requested softly.Razz looked at me with uncertainty. “Trust me son.” I added.Razz let go of Carson and stepped over cutting my bonds loose. “Sorry sport.” I said to Danny as I stood up and pulled out of his mouth. I stood up to Razz and pulled him up to me. He searched my face for a clue of what was happening. I ran my fingers thru his hair as I looked down at him. “Next time you want to fuck me let’s try it without the drugs.” I whispered as I leaned down and pushed my tongue into his mouth and he melted into my arms as we frenched. I felt Danny spread my ass cheeks apart and then his small tongue lap at my ass hole as he wormed his hand in-between me and Razz and stroked my hard cock.”I still get to fuck you.” Carson spouted.I pulled away from Razz’s mouth but we kept eye contact. “My ass is only for my lover boy.” I retorted as I stroked his cheek. Razz smiled and we kissed again.After a few moments the rabbit spoke up. “We had a deal.”Razz broke the kiss and I looked at him puzzled. “I promised he could fuck Danny.” Razz explained.”Well then you best keep your promise.” I winked. Both of my youngest have obviously been used sexually already so what’s the point in trying to prevent it now. “I think I heard the rabbit say something about you wanting to get fucked by me.” I raised an eyebrow question.Razz nodded yes. “Sorry I’m not virgin dad but you will be the biggest.””I’ll go easy.” I smiled”Fuck the little faggot hard.” Carson barked. “Make him howl.” I stepped over to Carson and wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked it slowly. “Fuck yea I knew you wanted me, suck my cock faggot daddy.”I smiled at Carson. “We are going to leave you tied up all weekend and all of us are going to fuck you over and over till you beg for more and when I fuck you I will make sure I go fast and hard. Just the way you think fucking should be done.”Carson to his credit didn’t balk. “I can take it. I will be your fuck toy if that’s what you want.” He said with bravado. “Just promise not to leave me out of it.” His voice tapered off and turned soft. I released his cock and caressed his tight teen body across the stomach and then the chest. I tweaked a nipple hard and he groaned and smiled. I caressed his cheek. “Your part of this now and you will get all the sex you can handle. But for now you have to be satisfied watching.” I stood up and turned to Curt. “And that goes for you to little brother. We will feed you all the cock you want and you will get to openly fuck your nephews but for now you watch.””Well Mr. Rabbit there appears to be two boys who need a hard cock up their ass and a good fuck to make them squeal. Shall we get to it?” I stated as I stepped over to Razz and grabbed his ass. Danny squeaked as Mr. Rabbit picked him up and carried him over to a chair. Rabbit sat down and spread his legs then set Danny on his lap. “Fuck yourself on me little one.” He commanded. Danny scooted his ass up to the top of the hard cock and reached back. He held the cock in position and then lowered himself back onto the throbbing meat. “Fuck yea show me what a little whore you are.” Rabbit moaned as his hard fuck stick slowly got swallowed by the tight hot nine year old ass hole. I lowered Razz to the floor on his back and lifted his legs up which he wrapped around my waist. We kissed but I kept one eye watching Danny’s little pink hole as Rabbit’s cock spread it open slowly. Rabbit’s cock wasn’t much bigger than Razz’s hard 6 inches so he didn’t seem to struggle much as his boy cunt expanded taking in the hard piece of manhood. Danny worked his way down till he bottomed out and I saw his body shudder. Rabbit took Danny by the waist and helped him start a rocking motion up and down the shaft. The pink little lips turned red as they rolled back and forth on each thrust. I reached down between Razz and I and found he was already lubed. I wondered just how much of a perv my 12 year old was that he was fucking both his siblings plus drugged and fucked me and arranged this with this Rabbit guy. Who got him started on this or is he just naturally perverted. A long talk was going to be needed but for now a good fucking of his ass was what I needed to concentrate on. I lined up my hard daddy cock and pushed the tip in part way, we stared each other in the eyes till I pushed harder and popped my head in. Razz closed his eyes and scrunched his face slightly. I held myself there for a few moments then pushed in further. He gasped in a sharp breath and held his eyes closed as I continued to push. I lowered my mouth to his and frenched him as I thrust the rest of my shaft in till I was balls deep. He wanted this fucking and he was going to get it. His body tensed and shuddered under me as I held myself in to the hilt. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in tighter for a more feverish kiss. I then pulled back and thrust in and repeated this till I was fucking into him at a steady pace, he grunted into my mouth with each in thrust.Danny was now bouncing up and down on the Rabbit shaft like a whore in heat. Razz had taught him well and now I was looking forward to when I would fuck him myself. I also thought about spreading my little daughter’s legs as I fucked into my son under me. I went faster and harder fucking into my perverted son’s ass. He was soon meowing and moaning, he truly liked this. I was frenching Razz as I fucked his 12 year old ass but kept my eyes on Danny as his 9 year old ass got speared. The Rabbit had him bouncing up and down at a good pace as held him by the waist and was and was bouncing him plus thrusting up into the boy cunt. I felt Razz explode under me and the warm gooeyness of his cum smeared between our rubbing stomachs. It was all enough to make me blow a load up my son’s hot ass. One then two jets followed by me pulling out and spurts three and four arching up into the air and landing on my son. My cock throbbed on its own in the open air and two more volleys of dad cum flew up and landed into Razz’s up turned mouth. I shuffled forward and plunged my cock into Razz’s mouth feeding him any last dribbles there might be. He sucked me clean as we heard the Rabbit grunt and slam himself into Danny balls deep. My brother Curt blew a load just from watching all of us and Carson’s cock was bouncing furiously wanting attention. I cut Curt loose and pulled him over to Carson then pushed his face down and he sucked Carson in just as his hot teen load of cum painted his mouth and throat.”That was fucking great” I exclaimed finding the new pedo family incest dynamic a great turn on. Razz threw his arms around me and we hugged. I looked over and saw that Rabbit was having Danny suck his cock clean from the boy’s ass juices.”Hey cut me loose now.” Carson wheezed still catching his breath.”Naw, I like you tied up.” Razz stated flatly. “It’ll be more fun fucking you that way.””Aw man.” Carson moaned and looked to me.”Lover boy says you stay tied up then you stay tied up.” I shrugged my shoulders. I needed a few moments rest but would be ready to fuck again. I wasn’t sure if I should do Danny or Carson or Curt next. But realized it didn’t matter because by the end of the weekend I will have fucked them all.”I still get to fuck you, right?” Razz asked with uncertainty.”Of course.” I brushed my fingers thru his hair. “We can do it privately just between us or as a show for the others. It’s up to you.” I noticed the Rabbit was getting dressed. “Aren’t you staying for the whole weekend?””As much as I would like to I have to get back to the city. But if Razz is willing to invite me to other gatherings I’ll accept them.” He replied.”Do I get to know who you are?” I asked.The rabbit removed the mask and I was surprised to see the new youth minister from the church smiling back.

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