Subject: Our Bro Thing – Part Six OUR BRO THING – PART SIX Maybe I need a counsellor. From the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to sleep, I can’t stop thinking about big bro’s cock. I can’t stop thinking about his rich, vinegar cum, and how every night, he will pump out more for me to drink. I can’t stop thinking about how every night, he seems to get more comfortable, and I can literally say anything, almost anything, and it won’t drive him away. But knowing that tonight, finally, I can get his hot, pungent load in my mouth, right from his erupting big bro cock, knowing I don’t have to hurry out after and siphon off the cooling mess in secret… Fuck… I now have 346 hidden photos in my phone, and 67 videos, documenting what my back looks like in the mirror each night afterward, and different ways I’ve enjoyed eating big bro’s load. I don’t know why I’m keeping them anymore, really. I don’t need to jerk off at all. I make my mess on big bro’s bed, and him being the neat freak, he’s got a special second set of sheets to swap out each time, and sneaks in a load of laundry without drawing suspicion. We never talk about it during the day, but I can tell big bro is as obsessed with this as me. Maybe it’s istanbul travesti because this could be a phase, and I want to have some jerk-off vids when it’s over. We’ve both stayed at home way too long as it is, never getting girlfriends, Mom and Dad still letting us act like kids even though we’re not. Eventually, we’ll have to move out, and maybe big bro will get married and have kids, and that will be it. But I’ll always have these photos and videos. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a girlfriend…definitely not as long as I have my big bro cock to ride…and drink from. Fuck, tonight has me so excited. I almost jerked off after lunch, but I don’t want to spoil anything. As with every day, video games and TV binging helps me get to my favorite part. I’m so used to getting up on my hands and knees. That’s what I do tonight when I sneak into his dark room. He’s so quick to strip me, and fit his big cock in place. I almost think he’s forgotten about our conversation, and am searching for the right words when he speaks up. “I’m ready to…make another mess. You ready?” “Yeah,” I say, half gasping the word. “Oh fuck…keep pressing on me. Like that…” I push my hips back against his thrusting kadıköy travesti cock, until I hear him moaning his unmistakable moan. “Okay, bro. Hurry…” I all but spin on the spot. Big bro is up on his knees, and in the dark I can see the outline of his big dick. I keep my mouth open, as I dip low, toward the tip. I have only a second to enjoy his salty erection in my mouth, before a gigantic blast squirts right back and hits my tonsils. Holy fuck, bro! All these times I’d imagined his hot load, nothing compares to this moment now as I finally taste his hot, vinegar spunk, erupting on my tongue. There’s so much cum it rushes out down my chin, but I swallow, then drink more. My eyes are closed and I feel dizzy, a giddy feeling in my stomach as I sense how lucky I am right now in this moment, as big bro squirts so hard, again and again, and already my mouth and throat are saturated with his delicious tang. I forget the difference between the pounding beat of my heart, and the pulsing throb of his cock. There is just cum and the excitement of knowing I’ve captured something no pic or video could ever do justice to. When he’s finished, I suck his dick, enjoying that other taste I’d never thought bakırköy travesti about, but now, like his load, has become another thing about my big bro’s body I know I’ll obsess about. He finally pushes me off, but he takes a fistful of my hair, pulling my head back so my eyes face his. He looms above me in the dark and I can’t tell if he’s angry. There’s a part of me that wants to kiss him so bad, but I already feel I’ve gone so far as it is, and I’ll do anything to keep my chances of getting more direct injections like this. “You really liked tasting that?” he said. “Yeah, bro,” I replied. “I’d like more…next time.” It’s a good thing it was dark, so he couldn’t see the begging eyes I gave him. He held my hair still in that tight fist. “There really is no limit to this game, is there?” “Only if you say there is,” I told him. “That’s the problem,” big bro replies. “You’ll let me do…anything.” “Is it a problem?” Another long pause, then finally he lets my hair go. “Only if anyone finds out,” he said. “Otherwise…I guess I just don’t give a fuck anymore.” “Tomorrow night?” I ask. “Yeah. Now get out of here.” ***INFO*** Want more by Master Dominic? Visit: ess Please show your support by donating to Nifty to help keep these stories alive! Copyright (c) 2021, Master Dominic. All rights reserved. DISCLAIMER: All details of all characters in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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