Subject: My Brother Is Queer Gay, Incest It costs money to maintain this website. If you enjoy these stories, consider donating to help keep the site up and running. You can do it here: https://donate./ I enjoy getting feedback. If you like the story, feel free to email me at ail. If you didn’t like the story, email someone else. I’m not listed in the prolific authors section, but I have several other stories on Nifty. You can find them by searching for “butters2020”. My Brother is Queer—memories from 1980 By Butters2020 i My brother Cole is queer. He thinks I don’t know. He tries to act like some kind of supportive big brother but he’s just a horny queer homo trying to get in my pants. I guess he can’t find any homos his own age to perv with so he thinks he can trick me into being gay with him. What, because I’m just thirteen, he thinks I’m stupid? He’s the stupid one. Too dumb to find a better hiding place for his fag mags, for one thing. Under his mattress? Really? That was the first place I looked when I went snooping in his room. And this magazine showed EVERYTHING, not like the Penthouse magazines Todd swiped from his dad. Those just show tits and puss. No fucking or nothing. But Cole’s magazine shows these two dudes who are just leaning on a car first, but then they’re naked, and then they’re HARD and then they’re touching each other and sucking each other. I mean not just fake sucking like the Penthouse shows once in a while but showing the one guy’s boner INSIDE the other guy’s mouth and him licking the head and everything. And the first guy jizzing in the other guy’s open mouth. No shit. And then the second guy fucks the other guy in the ass. And it shows all this shit! I jerked off to it twice before I put it back under Cole’s mattress. Not cuz I’m queer. But seeing a hard dick squirting jizz will get anyone boned up, I don’t care how straight he is. It’s just human nature, amirite? I wonder where he got that magazine? You gotta be like 18 or 21 to buy shit like that and he’s only sixteen. I knew he was queer before I found that magazine though. He’s only had one girlfriend and they only lasted a month before breaking up. I was on the couch watching TV and Cole was taking a shower. We’re always forgetting to take a towel into the bathroom when we take a shower. I do it too. So, when we finish, we stick an arm through the door and holler, “Towel, please!” and whoever is around grabs one from the linen closet and hands it to the person in the bathroom. Me and Cole were the only one’s home. I was in the family room watching TV so he could have just walked out and grabbed a towel. No one would have seen him but no, he sticks his arm out and yells, “Towel Please!” so I get up from the couch and get him a towel. Only when I go to hand it to him, he’s not standing behind the door with just his arm sticking out like he usually is. The door is still open just a crack but this time he’s standing in front of it so I can “accidentally” see his dick. He’s pretending he doesn’t know he’s flashing me. I can pretend too so I pretend I don’t see it and I hand him the towel and go back to the couch and watch TV again. Ten minutes later he comes out carrying a pillow and wearing just his robe. He and Dad almost always lay on the floor to watch TV, but this is the first time he wore just his robe instead of clothes, so I knew something was up. He folded the pillow in half and put it behind his head and lay down between me and the TV like normal. Then he starts talking about how hard he worked flipping quarter pounders all day and how tired he is. “If you’re so tired, maybe you should go to bed,” I said. “You’re right, I should, cuz I can hardly keep my eyes open, but I want to watch The Jeffersons.” I didn’t say anything. Halfway through the show he started breathing deep and slow. The way he probably thought people breathed when they were sleeping but he was so faking. I’m not stupid. I ignored him. A few minutes later he shifted and just like he was “accidentally” exposed through the crack in the door, the robe “accidentally” slipped open when he moved around “getting comfortable” on the floor and suddenly he’s lying on his back and I’m staring at his dick and balls. Flashing his thirteen-year-old brother. What a homo. “Cole, your robe is open. Cover up your dick,” I said. But “sleeping” Cole just kept breathing deep and steady. He didn’t sound asleep he sounded like he was ready to have an asthma attack. What did he think was going to happen, that I was gonna go diddle his dick while I thought he was asleep? That’s something he might try to do to me but not the other way around. “Fine, ignore me,” I said. I kept watching TV, hoping Mom and Dad would come home early. What would he do then? He’d either have to jump up and cover his dick as fast as he could, which would prove he was faking, or he’d have to keep pretending and then he’d end up flashing his dick to the whole family. I had to admit his pubes were impressive. He’s got twice as many as me but he’s three years older. He’s got a little nest of brown hair over his dick. I have a few on the sides of my dick and maybe a dozen over the top of it and that’s about it. Mine are lighter than his, more a reddish brown. His dick is bigger than mine is but again, that’s to be expected. I scooted over to the other side of the couch so I could get a better view of his nuts. Not cuz I’m gay but because I was curious how much bigger than mine they were. Mine use to be just a couple of peas but then one day PLOP! They dropped and now I got a couple of decent sized marbles in a sack that actually hangs a little. Cole’s balls are more than a little hanging sack. Maybe cuz he just got out of a hot shower, but he’s got some real low hangers. His are bigger than a couple marbles. I won’t say his dick is huge because it’s not but compared to mine it’s pretty big. Soft, my dick is just a stub. An inch and a half. I’ve seen Todd’s at the urinal at school and his is the about the same size as mine so it’s not like I have a micro-peen, but puberty is taking its sweet time with me. Cole’s is almost twice as long as mine is soft. I pat my little dick and marble balls and think, Don’t worry fellas, the future may be three years away, but it looks good. And then Cole starts to get wood. Oh my god he is so queer! He’s perving on his little brother! I waited to see how big it was going to get. I have to admit I was impressed that he was able to get a boner without even touching it. When it was at full mast and throbbing, I figured it was six inches maybe a little bit more. Not as big as the guys in his fag mag but I’m only three and a half inches at full boner and not nearly as thick as his is. I bet he has to use his whole hand to whack off. I only use my thumb and two fingers. But now that I saw how big it was hard and my curiosity was satisfied it wouldn’t be so funny if Mom and Dad came home. It was one thing if they saw me on the couch while Naked Cole was sleeping on the floor in front of me. But it would be something else if they saw me on the couch staring at Naked Cole’s Boner. That would make me the queer one. I left the couch and went to my room. Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on my door. I opened it and Cole stood there, still in just his robe, which at least was closed now. “Um, I just woke up,” he lied. I didn’t say anything. “And I noticed that my robe had kinda flopped open and I was um, exposed.” “Yeah,” I said. “And hard.” “Yeah.” We both looked down at his crotch. The robe was closed now but he was still obviously hard. He said, “Sorry about that. It happens when I sleep sometimes.” “Yeah.” I started to close my bedroom door. “I guess it happens to you, too now, huh?” I stopped closing the door to look at him. He said, “I mean, you’re at that age where you’re probably getting hard all the time for no reason, right?” I didn’t say anything. He cleared his throat. “So, um, do you jack off yet?” Does he think I’m ten? “No,” I lied. “Oh.” He looked disappointed, then tried to smile. “I said, ‘yet’ cuz everyone does it. So, if you don’t yet, you will. I don’t want you to think it’s not wrong or anything.” He lowered his voice even though we were the people home, like he was sharing a big secret. “It feels incredible. You’re going to love it.” He cleared his throat again. “If you want, I can şişli travesti show you how.” His dick was super hard now and poked out of his robe and he covered it up. “That’s okay,” I said and closed the door. ii “You closed the door?” Todd couldn’t believe it. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” “I’m not queer, that’s what the fuck is NOT wrong with me. What the fuck is wrong with you?” He brushed his bangs out of his eyes. “Queer, shmeer! He wasn’t going to give you a pamphlet! He was going to give you a hand job. How many hand jobs have you had?” “I don’t want no handy from my brother.” “So, close your eyes and pretend it’s Melissa. You’re an idiot. Shit, tell him I don’t know how to jack off, and he can teach me,” Todd said, rubbing his crotch. “I bet he would’ve given you a beej.” I protested that if I didn’t want a handjob from my brother I sure as fuck didn’t want a blow from him either, but now I wondered if Todd was right. Obviously, no one had ever slobbed my knob before, and no one was likely to any time soon. Todd said, “I’m serious, man. Go get him and tell him I need jack off lessons. Unless you want to give me a hand.” Todd leered at me. “Or a mouth.” “Jesus is the whole world going queer?” “Are you telling me when you rub one out you don’t think of fucking some chick or getting head from some chick? But it’s your hand doing the work, right? Last time I checked you were a dude. So you’re thinking of chicks while some dude gets you off. What’s the difference which dude gets you off while you think of some chick?” “Okay then, YOU give me head while I think of Melissa,” I said, reaching for my zipper. “Fuck no,” he said, throwing a book at me and laughing. “I ain’t no homo.” iii My room is right next to Cole’s. There’s only a wall between us. I know his favorite songs. I can hear them when he plays them on his stereo. Everyone else listens to Rick Shaw play the top forty on K100. Queen, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson. You know what Cole listens to? Show tunes. Broadway. Okay, he listens to normal music, too but what’s up with that other shit? Music isn’t the only thing I hear through the wall. And not just at bedtime, either. During the day, too. I hear him when he jacks off, and I don’t just mean when he cums. He groans and moans when he’s working up to it. We have cable TV and late at night Cinemax shows porn, but my parents don’t pay for that channel, and it’s scrambled. I try to watch it after everyone is in bed but can’t really see anything. The video is scrambled but I can hear it fine. The sex noises make me hard even though I can’t see what’s happening. Because it’s sex. I guess blind people get off on porn, too, right? So, when I’m in my room and listening to Cole jacking off, it makes me hard. Not because I’m queer. Because it’s sex. It’s like listening to Skinemax, that’s all. So if I take my boner out when I hear Cole jacking off it doesn’t mean anything. And if I stroke it while he’s stroking his on the other side of the wall, it’s just because he’s supplying the porno soundtrack, that’s all. So what, if I play with my balls every time he moans? It’s not cuz I’m gay for him. I’m thinking of chicks when I do it. Okay, so maybe thanks to Todd, I’m wondering what it would be like if Cole goes down on me but that’s only because no one else is going to suck a thirteen-year-old. I wonder if he hears me when I jack off, the way I hear him? Does it make him hard, the way hearing him makes me hard? I know what I think of when I do it. What does he think of? More to the point, WHO does he think of? Ew, what if he thinks of me? I mean he did expose himself hard to me and then come on to me fifteen minutes later and offer to help me jack off. What does that mean exactly, teach me to jack off? Watch me do it, while he tells me what to do? Shit, I just moaned a little myself and if I can hear Cole then he can hear me. I better keep it down. But then I think it’s kinda hot, knowing that Queer Cole would get off on hearing me moan. I do it again, louder this time, and sure enough I hear him groan a long one next door. I go back to wondering what his Jack Off lesson would have been. If not just watching me, would he have stood there jacking off for me? Saying, see first you do this, and then you do this, and all the while stroking his dick that was so much bigger than mine? I wonder if he shoots more than me? I bet he eats his cum. Isn’t that what homos do? The guy in his fag mag did. He had a mouth full of jizz. Holy shit if I let him blow me, I bet he’d eat my cum. I moan again, and this time it wasn’t even on purpose. I start stroking faster. I bet Todd was right and Cole’s lesson would include grabbing my cock and jacking me off. I’d cum on his hand instead of in his mouth but I bet he’d still eat my jizz. My thumb and fingers are going a mile a minute on my cock now and next-door Cole must be doing the same thing but he’s probably using his whole fist. He’s not moaning now, he’s grunting, hard. He’s cumming and that sets me off and I’m cumming too. Not as loud as him, but just as hard. Since I’m no queer I don’t eat my spooge. I get out of bed and get a dirty T shirt from the hamper to wipe up. iv Monday, I had an orthodontist appointment after school. Mom was going to take me buy she had a migraine, so she made Cole do it instead. He was pissed. He got in trouble with his boss at McDonald’s when he called to say he’d have to miss work to take his stupid brother to get his braces adjusted. He was mad at Mom, mad at me and mad at his boss, but I was the only one in the car with him that he could take it out on but damn, it wasn’t my fault Mom got a headache. He wasn’t yelling at me or cussing at me. He was pretending I wasn’t there. At first, I didn’t care but after five minutes the silent treatment was getting to me. We still had another forty minutes to go before we got to Doc Magee’s office. He was in a better mood on the drive home. Maybe because he knew my mouth was sore. He’d gotten his braces off last year. He said, “Does Doc Magee still have hairy thumbs?” “Ugh. Yes.” “it’s like he’s flossing you when he’s doing whatever else he’s doing when he’s got his thumbs in your mouth.” I had to laugh which didn’t do my sore mouth any good. “You want an ice cream? The cold will make your mouth feel better.” “Okay,” I said. He pulled into a Dairy Queen and bought me a cone. Sometimes he can be nice. We pulled out onto the road. “You want a bite?” I asked him and held the cone out to him. He kept looking at the road but turned his head a little toward me. I put the cone to his mouth and licked up some of the vanilla ice cream but some of it got on his chin. I thought of cum running down his chin and started to chub. “Hey Cole,” I said. “Yeah?” “The other night when you flashed me. I mean when you fell asleep in front of the TV.” I saw his hands grip the steering wheel tighter. “Yeah?” “It’s not like I was looking or anything, but I couldn’t help noticing your dick hair. How much you have.” We stopped behind some cars at a red light, and he looked at me. “You’ll get some soon enough.” “I already got some! Just not that much! I’m not some little kid. Jesus.” “Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” I could tell he meant it and I tried to calm down. We drove in silence for a minute. He said, “So why are you bringing up my pubes then?” “I was just wondering if you had any hair in your pits is all.” He smiled. “Yeah. Some. I mean I’m not an ape or anything.” He waited a minute and then said, carefully, “What about you?” I shook my head, which he may not have seen since he was looking at the road. “How old were you when you got them?” “I don’t know. I guess the first ones came in when I was fourteen. They didn’t really start sprouting like they meant it till I was fifteen though. You want to see them?” “No. Why would I want to see them? Don’t be gay.” He looked hurt. I guess I could have just said no and left it at that. The light turned green, and he turned his attention back to the road. We finished the trip home in silence. I hate having a homo for a brother, but I also hate fighting with him all the time. He’s not always a jerk. Just before I got out of the car after we pulled into the driveway I said, “Thanks for the ice cream. Sorry I made you miss work.” He just nodded. Inside, we each retreated to our own rooms. I don’t know what Cole did. I stood in front of the full-length mirror on my door and took off my shirt. I beylikdüzü travesti raised my left and inspected my armpit, but it was as smooth as it had been yesterday. The right armpit proved to be just as bare. I lowered my arms and just stared at my reflection. I’m never going to get a blowjob from Melissa. She’s the hottest girl in eighth grade. What would she want with me? Mousy brown hair. Boring brown eyes. Freckles. Braces. My nose is too small. I’ve got no muscles. Todd is the same age as me and he’s got real biceps. I made a muscle and flexed. Pathetic. I’m practically a stick figure. At least you can’t see my ribs, that’s something. I left my room and knocked on Cole’s door. When he opened it, his eyes went over my bare chest. I’d forgotten to put my shirt back on. “Yes?” he said. “I do,” I said. He looked confused. “Do what?” “Want to see the hair in your armpits. If it’s okay.” He opened the door the rest of the way and I went into his room. He reached for the buttons on his shirt. I closed the door behind me. He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, tossing it on his desk. I hadn’t seen him without a shirt on in forever. We never went swimming. When his robe flopped open the sleeves still covered his arms. I’d been so focused on his dick and balls and pubes I didn’t pay any attention to his chest. He never worked out that I knew of, but his chest was more defined than mine. Was this something else I had to look forward to? His arms hung at his sides. I couldn’t see his underarms. I raised my eyebrows and pointed to his shoulders. He raised both arms like he was surrendering to the pit police. The hair in his armpits reminded me of the hair over my dick: Sparse, patchy, not as much as Cole’s pubes, but definitely there. I was chubbing again. I started to reach out to touch them but then stopped. “It’s okay,” he said. “Go ahead.” I ran my fingers though the silky hairs in his right armpit and he flinched and giggled. “It tickles,” he said. I used a firmer touch, feeling not just the hair but his sweaty pit. I darted my eyes from his pit to his face. He was watching my hand. I glanced at his crotch. I wasn’t the only one getting hard. I wanted a closer look and put my face right up to his armpit. I got more than a look—I could smell him. It wasn’t a bad odor. It wasn’t the nasty smell of someone who needed a shower after working up a sweat. It was a combination of his deodorant and his sweat and something else. The only way to describe it is to say is smelled of Cole. Smelling it made my dick even harder, which didn’t seem possible. I could have sniffed his pit for an hour, but I didn’t want him to think I was weird, and his arms were probably getting tired. I stepped back and he lowered them. I repositioned my boner. It wasn’t that big but when it was facing the wrong direction and as hard as it was now it was uncomfortable. He didn’t say anything, but a ghost of a smile appeared on his face for half a second. “Cole?” “Yes?” “Will you teach me to jack off?” He swallowed. “You’ll have to get naked.” The memory of the smell of his pits made up my mind. I undid my belt, unzipped my fly and stepped out of my jeans. My hardon wasn’t poking my underwear out now that I’d shifted it; it was aimed up toward the waistband, held snug against my body by my briefs, but it was obvious how hard I was. Cole licked his lips. “You’ve got to be all the way naked,” he said. “I’m nervous,” I admitted. I’ve never been hard in front of anyone. I’ve never been naked in front of anyone. “It’s okay. We’re brothers.” I still stood there, paralyzed. “Here,” he said, and shed his jeans and underwear in a single motion. “See? Nothing to be embarrassed about.” He was as hard as he’d been the night he’d faked falling asleep in front of the TV but this time he was standing up. Instead of his dick laying across his body it was poking out in front of him. It looked somehow bigger this way. His low hanging balls, his bigger dick, his nest of pubes, all served to make me feel like a little kid. I almost grabbed my jeans and ran back to my room. He must have sensed my intentions because he put his hand on my shoulder and repeated, “We’re brothers. It’s okay. Really.” I nodded and grabbed my briefs and pulled them down. My smaller, boy boner was pulled down with the briefs and bounced back up. My marble sized nuts and sparse pubes made us look like before and after illustrations in a book on puberty. I covered myself with my hands. “No, don’t,” Cole said. “You look amazing.” Yesterday I would have thought that sounded queer. Today it made me feel good. “Really?” He grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my crotch. “You’re perfect,” he said, staring at my cock that twitched with each beat of my heart. He let go of my hands and I let them fall to my sides. “Can I touch you?” He asked. I nodded. He placed his finger on my collar bone and ran it down my scrawny, little boy’s chest, between my non-existent pecs, over my belly, over my bellybutton, over my bare skin, through my small amount of soft pubic hair which made me gasp and my belly retract. He used all his fingers then, very gently running them up and down my chest and belly but widening their path, now including my tits which grew hard under his touch. But he never made contact with my cock which ached to be touched. I couldn’t help it. I moaned, partly in pleasure, partly in frustration. Now I knew why he made noises before he nutted. After several minutes of this torture a bead of liquid appeared at the tip of my dick, which had never happened before. “I’m leaking!” I exclaimed. Cole smiled. “You never made precum? He asked, proud that he had coaxed it from me. I shook my head, still surprised that such a thing existed. He finally grabbed my shaft which made me moan even louder, but it wasn’t to jack me off. He slowly milked my dick just once, squeezing out even more of this precum, then used the pointer finger of his other hand to collect it off the head of my dick. When he touched my cock head, I thought my legs would give out. He offered his slimy finger to me. “Taste it,” he said. I almost turned away in disgust, proclaiming that I wasn’t a fag, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. I stared at his finger. I couldn’t smell anything. I sniffed harder, but still nothing, none of the bleachy smell of my jizz. When he brought it to my lips, I opened my mouth and sucked his finger. I felt the texture but couldn’t really taste anything. Was it because my balls were too immature, or did precum really have no taste? He squeezed more out of my cock, collected it and this time he licked it off his finger himself. “Perfect,” he said, using the same word he’d used to describe how I looked. “Do you make precum?” I asked. “Oh, yeah,” he said. “Does yours taste like mine?” He smiled and grabbed his dick, a couple inches larger than mine. He hadn’t touched himself at all yet but already there was a string of the stuff hanging from the end of his boner. I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed it before. He snagged the string, like you’d grab a strand of spider web and held it up to me. “Only one way to find out,” he said. “Stick out your tongue.” I didn’t hesitate. I stuck my tongue out and he placed the precum on it, lowering his finger, letting his precum pool onto my tongue, then placing his finger on it. I closed my mouth around his finger, sucking it again. His precum was thicker than mine, a little slimier, but basically tasted the same. Somehow, knowing it came from his dick, and not mine, I nearly shot right then. I reached for his cock and wrapped my hand around it. I’ve never had to wrap my whole hand around a cock before. The angle was weird, and I stroked him awkwardly. He took hold of my hand and pulled it away from his boner. “Like this,” he said but didn’t grab my dick. Instead, he feathered his fingers over my thigh, just next to my dick, giving me goosebumps. I looked at him desperately, begging him with my eyes. He shook his head. “The point isn’t to see how fast you can cum, but how hard you can cum.” He led me to his bed, and I lay down. He continued lightly running his fingers over my thighs, over my nuts, over my tiny patch of pubes, everything *except* my throbbing hardon. I gripped his sheets to keep from grabbing it myself, knowing he wouldn’t let me do that. I started to sweat. “I can’t take it,” istanbul travesti I admitted. “Just let me cum!” We heard the front door close. “Boys, I’m home!” Mom called. “We’re in my room!” Cole shouted. “I’m helping Trevor!” He ran his finger over the head of my dick, and I groaned so loud I’m surprised Mom didn’t hear it. Cole leered at me. “Shhh!” he said. “No noises, or the lesson’s over.” I looked at him in panic. “You can’t stop now!” He scooped up another gob of precum from the head of my dick. There was much more this time. “I don’t know,” he said in a teasing voice. “You’ve been kind of mean to me lately.” He held his finger over my mouth. The precum dripped down forming a string that dangled over my lips. I looked at it hungrily and opened my mouth. Before it could land on my tongue he pulled it away, licking it up himself. He ran his finger over my chest. It was still sticky from the precum that had come from my dick. He ran the finger over my hard nipples making me moan and he shushed me again. “Talking about me behind my back.” He made tsk tsk noises with his tongue. “That’s not nice.” Suddenly he pinched my left tit. I wasn’t sure if he was punishing me or if this was part of the “make me cum hard, not fast” lesson because instead of hurting, the feeling shot right to my cock, making still more precum ooze out. I’d never made this stuff before and now it was like I couldn’t stop. “I-I wasn’t,” I said, trying to catch my breath. I couldn’t help myself and reach for my cock. I had to stroke it, I had to cum, but it was like he was expecting it. Just before My thumb and fingers reached it, his hand was on my wrist. He forced my hand back to my side. “I can hear you and Todd through the wall,” he reminded me. Then he mimicked me. “‘My brother is queer. My brother has fag mags under his mattress.'” His hand reached between my legs and cupped my balls, fondling them, gently at first but then more firmly and for the first time I was nervous. He gave them a little squeeze, not enough to hurt me, but enough to let me know he could if he wanted to. He kept using my own words against me. “‘I don’t want my brother to give me a hand job. I sure as fuck don’t want him to give me a blow job!’ Isn’t that what you said to Todd?” I didn’t say anything. I was too ashamed. He gave me nuts another squeeze, but again not enough to hurt me, just enough to get my attention. “Isn’t it?” I reached for his chest. “I lied to Todd.” I felt the pecs that one day I hoped to mirror. I slid my hand into his armpits, feeling the hairs there, then withdrew them and held my fingers to my nose and inhaled deeply. Finally, I reached for his dick, so much larger than mine, and milked his thicker precum onto my hand and licked it off my palm. “You knew that when I asked you to teach me to jack off.” “I’m sorry I hurt your balls,” he said and leaned between my legs and kissed them, just a peck, no tongue. More as a joke, but it made me growl in frustration. “So, are you queer, then?” I asked. “I guess,” he said. “I’ve never done anything with anyone. Unless you count this.” “Would you?” This time it was his dick that twitched. “Like what?” his voice was lower somehow. Huskier. Sexier. “Lick my balls,” I said. “Okay. But I’m still in charge,” he said. “Don’t touch your cock.” His eyes never left mine as he lowered his head and rand his tongue over my smooth ball sack. If Mom didn’t hear me when I groaned this time, she had to be deaf. Cole jerked his head up from my nuts. “Shut up!” he said. He got his underwear off the floor and told me to shove them in my mouth. I almost said no fucking way, but then I grinned. I but his shorts in my mouth, the funky smell hitting my nose. It made me moan but the cotton filtered the noise. Cole nodded in approval and went back to my nutsack, alternating between licking it and sucking my balls into his mouth. Every time I tried to jack off, he grabbed my hands and wouldn’t let me touch my dick which ached for release until I was mumbling incoherently into his spit-soaked underwear. “I can’t understand you,” he said, spitting out my balls. “What are you saying?” He took his underwear out of my mouth. My entire body was coated in a sheen of sweat. “Suck,” I moaned. “Suck dick.” “Are you sure?” he asked. “Won’t it make you queer if I suck your dick?” I shook my head. “I wanna suck your dick. Make me cum while I suck your dick.” He shifted around in the bed until he was on all fours over me, his head at my crotch, his legs on either side of my head. His balls hung down over my face. His hard cock hovered over my mouth. I reached for it and pulled it down to my mouth. When I stuck out my tongue and licked the ridge of his cock head he moaned. “Yeah,” he said. But still, he didn’t touch my boner. I tried to remember the pictures I’d seen the magazines under his mattress. I’d only seen them once. I wanted to do everything to him that the men in the magazine did to each other. I jacked his cock while I sucked on the head licking up the precum, which I’d decided was my new favorite treat. With my other hand I played with his balls, wondering when mine would be that big. I felt something pushing at my asshole and gasped. My mouth was full of cock so when I tried to ask him what he was doing it came out, “Umm oo?” “It’s okay,” he assured me. “I do it to myself. You’ll like it. I promise.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw him lick his finger and then reach between my legs and felt him push against my ass again. Then his finger was inside me. I didn’t like it. It hurt. But he left it inside me, not moving it, letting me get use to it while he blew on my dick, giving me shivers. “You’re so beautiful,” he kept saying. “So perfect.” The pain inside my ass was gone, and he moved his finger, curled it or something and pushed against something inside me and my cock jumped. I’d never felt anything like it, and I cried out. “Told you,” he said, and leaned over and kissed my belly. He kissed lower, kissing my pubes and then my dick, licking the head. He didn’t suck it, just licked it while he kept pushing and rubbing that knot inside my ass. Then he finally grabbed my hard boy dick and began jacking me while he licked the head of my dick. “Keep sucking me, Trevor,” he said. But I was paralyzed. His cock was still in my mouth, which is where I wanted it, but I couldn’t move. His tongue was flicking my little dick head while fingers were jacking my three-inch boner and the finger of his other hand kept rubbing that special knot inside me and all the tension that had been building up in my balls for the last half hour finally exploded. There was no moan, no groan, no whimper. I screamed as I came harder than I’d ever cum in my life. Cole opened his mouth and just kept licking, letting each squirt of my thirteen-year-old boy cum land in his mouth while he kept diddling my dick and finger fucking my ass. I screamed again. “Arrrrrrrrr!” as another blast shot out of my dick. I don’t know how I didn’t pass out. Cole shoved his cock deeper in my mouth, I think to shut me up and then he was cumming, too. “Trevor? Are you all right?” Mom’s voice came from outside the bedroom door. “Unnnhhh!” I grunted around my brother’s dick. He was grunting too, while he spunked in my mouth. “Boys?” Mom’s panicked voice came again as the doorknob jiggled. “We’re fine,” Cole panted. “I’m spotting him.” “Trevor?” Mom said. Cole reluctantly pulled out of my mouth, another spurt of cum shooting out of his cock, landing on my chest. I swallowed my brother’s spooge. It’s so much better than precum. “I’m fine!” I yelled. “Leave us alone!” then I dove back down on my brother’s cock, before anymore of his precious cum went to waste. “I’ll be damned,” he said. “My brother’s a queer.” If you enjoyed this story, you might like my other stories on Nifty: Young friends: https://www.//gay/young-friends/newsflash https://www.//gay/young-friends/being-dirty https://www.//gay/young-friends/nu-foo https://www.//gay/young-friends/the-cornfield/ https://www.//gay/young-friends/vitamin-j https://www.//gay/young-friends/making-white https://www.//gay/young-friends/tutoring-master-bates https://www.//gay/young-friends/the-elevator-feeling https://www.//gay/young-friends/middle-school-towel-boy Adult Youth https://www.//gay/adult-youth/college-credit https://www.//gay/adult-youth/fairy-moans https://www.//gay/adult-youth/petty-officer-pervert/ https://www.//gay/adult-youth/the-drone High fty//gay/incest/knot-as-it-seems

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