Subject: little-alex/little-alex-how-to-seal-a-deal This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states, the state may have forbidden you from reading this story by law. Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real nor encouraged or condoned in real life. It’s fiction, folks, and remember that, please. Please be sure to support Nifty and keep it going with your donations. Feedbacks welcome at ail. I’m not native English speaker, so please be kind to me! Thank you! Characters starring in this episode, in no particular order: — JIM CLINTON, Alex’s father – 39 y.o. � 6’4″ / 250 – He has black hairs, cut short and no beard; deep blu eyes, quite hairy. Muscular but with a beer belly. His dick is 8″ long and 6″ around. — LITTLE ALEX, son of Jim, almost 12 y.o – 4’5″/70 � Curly blond hairs, deep blue eyes – TWO hairs now! dick is 3 1/2″ long (growing!) when hard, shoots cum, has a skinny ass and a very white complexion – He is a 5th grader at Primary School. — ROBERTO DANIELI, Italian business man, about 55 y.o. Roughly 6’1″ / 200, with a still muscular and well-defined body. Except for his black hairs and a silver, short boxed-beard framing his sun-tanned face, his deeply tanned body is completely shaved. His dick is 7 1/2″ long when hard. — GIORGIO DANIELI, Italian, son of Roberto Danieli, 17 y.o. – 6’/145 – Black hairs and dark eyes; a little hairy on the pecs, ass and legs; shaved face. He has a swimmer body and his dick is 5″ long when soft, 8″ when hard, not too tick. — LOUIS COHEN, Israeli, 29 y.o. – 6’4″/180 – Gren eyes, with wavy, chestnut hairs cropped short. Muscled but lean, with long, slightly hairy legs and arms. His dick is 8 1/2″ long and 7″ around when hard. He is Mr. Danieli pilot and Giorgio’s body guard. — PRINCE AHAMED, from somewhere in Middle East, 35 y.o., bodyguard for Roberto Danieli. 6’6″/290, very hairy and muscular with a shaved head and a thick, black beard.His dick is almost 11″ long and 7 1/2″ around when hard. Doesn’t speak a lot … really. — TREY MOORE, Ethan’s dad, 32 y.o. � 6’3″/180, black – He has curly short hairs and his cock is 10″, fat. His body is muscular, well-defined and slightly hairy. — ETHAN MOORE, Trey’s first son, 14 y.o. – 5’9″/130, black – His cock is 7″ 3/4 long and thick. His body is athletic, hairless, except pubes and a fine dust of tiny hairs above his upper lip and along his calves. He has a mop of long, free curly hairs on his head. — DANNY MOORE, black, younger brother of Trey, 16 1/2 y.o. – 6’3″/180 – Lean and muscular, with little hairs on his calves and forearms. He shaves his face and pubes. The hairs on his head, dyed blond, are short on the sides and a little longer on the top. He is uncut and his dick is 9 1/4″ long and 7″ around. *** From Part 25 *** “I NEED TO GO!!! I’M GONNA SHIT MYSELF!!!” shouted Alex jumping on his feet and running to the little bathroom close to the pool. When he returned a few minutes later, after having flushed out of his ass several loads of cum, lube and piss, his mates were still rolling in laughs. “Not funny, you dorks!” pouted out Alex, “I had like a gallon of stuff running out of my ass!” “No worries, little one!” said Danny with a friendly smile, “it happens sometime” and he bent over to kiss the little kid on the lips. “Yes, especially when you are a little cum make it wet and slippery enough to fuck your young lover!” Giorgio gently throat-fucked Danny while Alex gulped down the black teen’s cock to the root, massaging it with his throat muscles. Giorgio withdraw his cock, now coated with Danny’s spit, from the black teen’s throat and, grabbing Alex by the hips, shoved it deep into the little kid’s ass. “Take my dick, little slut. Take it all until I breed your ass!” Alex welcomed the intrusion with a muffled “mmpphhh”, unable to say anything else with almost 9 inches of black dick buried into his bulging throat. Not too far way stood Louis, the ex-Israeli Air Force Pilot now working for Danieli. His plump dick rested on his left tight: he was not exhausted but not ready for another go yet. At 29 years of age, his recovery time was a little longer than it used to be as a teenager. The young pilot looked in awe at the little blond kid, now spit roasted by the two well-endowed teens. The boy’s ass ability to accept big cocks truly amazed him: just a couple of hours before, the angel-looking boy, with just a little effort, took the black teen’s 9-incher and Giorgio’s 8-incher both at the same time. That had been one of the most impressive and exciting double penetrations he had ever witnessed involving such a small kid. Sure, he was used to the Danieli father and son performances with big dicks, sometime involving even triple penetrations, but the younger blond boy was way smaller and delicate than the two fit Italians. The two teens pushed and pulled their hard cocks in and out of Alex’s holes. Notwithstanding the recent fucks and even the DP, the kid’s holes were hot and şişli travesti still thigh as fuck. Danny could not resist any more to Alex’s gripping throat muscles and erupted a torrent of hot spunk down the little kid’s gullet. Like in a chain reaction, Alex immediately had his own orgasm, spurting a little cum from his 3 1/2 throbbing dick into Danny’s mouth, while gulping down the black teen substantial load. “Uuurrghh!! I’m cumming, slut! I’m breeding you!! Ohh siii, cazzo!” Giorgio came as well, his 8-incher almost strangled by Alex’s clamping ass muscles. The Italian teen fired a few volleys of cum deep into the blond kid’s ass, then pulled out and let the last of his salty cum to dribble into Danny’s welcoming mouth, where it mixed with Alex’s more modest and sweeter load. He then crouched behind Alex and began to suck his own load out of the kid’s gaping ass. “Fuck! That was intense guys!” panted out Danny after gulping down a mouthful of tasty cum. “Yeah! Can we do it again?” asked little Alex with a wide grin and some of Danny’s salty load dribbling out of his mouth and down his chin. “Please?” “You filthy pigs better dive into the pool and wash the spunk out before your daddies come back!” Louis shouted at the trio of smiling boys, heading toward the pool “I’m gonna wash you like little babies!” “And we gonna drown you, old perv!” grinned back Giorgio diving behind him, soon joined by Danny and Alex. When Jim, Danieli and Ahamed arrived, the four guys were still horsing around into the pool. “WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON IN MY BACK YARD?” Jim’s voice boomed through the yard. “DAAADDD!! Ya’ scared meeee!!!” whined little Alex, while the other three guys stopped on their tracks, unsure about Jim’s attitude. Alex swam toward the pool edge and climbed out of the water. Naked as a jaybird and wet and slippery as a little fish, he jumped into his father’s open arms. “I missed you”, he said and bent to kiss his daddy on the mouth, “I’m so happy you are back” “I told you they wouldn’t lose time!” said Danieli. “Well, I must admit you’re right, Robert!” answered Jim with a smirk. “Let’s join the little scamps and the only grown up that was supposed to watch over them!” “Skinny dipping?” asked Danieli. “Of course! There is no better way to celebrate!” smiled back Jim. “Alex, Danny, please bring out beers and sodas for everybody, it’s damn hot today and we are thirsty! Count also Trey and Ethan, they will be here in a few.” While the two boys and Giorgio scampered away to get the beverages, the two men quickly undressed and soon their mature bodies were on full display for their little audience delights. Of the two, 39 y.o. Jim was the least in shape, with a round “beer” belly on show. At 6’4″ / 250 he was quite muscular and toned, his tanned body covered by a nice, sparse mat of black hairs, and with a small “Navy” tattoo on his right bicep. Danieli was a little older, close to 55 years of age. He was roughly 6’1″ / 200, with a still muscular and well-defined body. Except for his black hairs and a silver, short boxed-beard framing his sun-tanned face, his deeply tanned body was completely shaved. Only Ahamed remained fully dressed. He carefully looked around, as security people always do, and then sat on one of the available chairs, removing the tie and unbuttoning the shirt as only concessions to the heath. While the kids returned with the beverages, Jim approached the man and spoke to him. “I get it you would need some “privacy” to remove what you hide under that dress… I can show you to my room and give you the key of the safe to store your irons. Is that ok with you?” “Thank you sir for your understanding, but I need to ask my boss Mr. Danieli first,” answered back Ahamed, with a deep, baritone voice. Danieli gave his OK and Ahamed followed Jim upstairs. When they returned a few minutes later, they were both naked. The impressive 35 y.o. Arabian man, 6’6″/290 was a walking mountain of muscles. He had a deep tan all over and his body was entirely covered with a thick forest of dark, curly hairs. He sported a shaved head and a thick, black beard. Not to mention a soft, thick dick at least 9 inches long. SOFT! They dived into the fresh waters and joined Roberto and Louis at the pool deeper end, while the kids resumed their roughhousing at the shallower end. Five minutes later, Trey and Ethan arrived. They quickly disrobed and joined their other fellows, sipping beer or soda, into the refreshing waters. After the first round of beers, Jim exited the pool and called for all of his guests to reach him under the roofed part of the yard where a few coaches were located. He started to speak. “Today is a great day for us Clinton’s and Moore’s. Thanks to our new friend Roberto here, and his business associates overseas, we have stricken an unbelievable deal that will bring health and peace of mind to our families. And when I say “health”, I mean a few million dollars for our two families”. Everybody listened to Jim in silence but the true meaning of Jim’s word did escape the youngster’s comprehension. Alex and Ethan just got they were gonna be somehow richer now. And while beylikdüzü travesti Giorgio was fully aware of the business his father had just concluded, to Danny the piece of news was a real shock: he looked back and forth between his older brother Trey and Jim and he could only see smiling faces. Jim continued. “Tomorrow we will fly to Delaware to sign the papers but today we will seal the deal the way we have done several time already in the past, between our families, including the Jameson’s: and that is, by sharing our first-born with our associates, make LOVE to them, and breed them with our seed. Roberto, I offer you my son Alex as a sign of fraternal bonding and to seal our business agreement, do you accept him?” “Yes Jim. I gladly accept,” replied Danieli. “Trey, I offer you my son Giorgio as a sign of fraternal bonding and to seal our business agreement, do you accept him?” Trey answered to Roberto, “Yes Roberto. I accept Giorgio. Jim, I offer you my son Ethan as a sign of fraternal bonding and to seal our business agreement, do you accept him?” “Sure thing I accept Ethan, Trey” grinned back Jim. Then, turning to Trey’s eldest son he added with a wide grin, “And you, lovely boy, better be on your knees and start sucking on my dick now! It’s ages I don’t tap that wonderful black ass of yours”! At 14 years of age, Ethan was a tall and slim, athletic boy, 5’9″/130, with a nice 7 it was like fucking a tight ass hole but with the softness of a pair of meaty lips. He had to stop after a few thrusts or he would have cum. Instead, he leaned along the little guy and began to lick his smooth, hairless body, from toe to head, not forgetting the rock hard dicklet, throbbing and leaking a little precum. The Italian man spent also a good amount of time rimming the kid’s puffy and well-used ass hole, enjoying the sensation of his tongue penetrating into the velvety softness of the kid’s boy-pussy. “Time to get the baby some action!” proclaimed Giorgio, pulling Trey’s 10-incher out of his throat and standing up. “I’d like you to fuck me standing behind me, would you please?” “Sure, pretty babe! Just turn around and bent over that table there, the one in front of yo’ dad” muttered Trey. “I want him to see yo’ ass split in two by my black cock!” They moved closer to the couch where Danieli senior was slobbering all over a delighted Alex. “No need for lube, man. I’ve been fucked since I woke up earlier this morning!” grinned Giorgio. “And I like it rough, man!” Danieli watched as Trey’s big, fat, black dick inched closer to his son’s well-used hole. The black man gave a mighty push forward and all 10 inches of hard meat got into the 17 y.o. kid’s ass. “Rough enough, kid?” asked Trey, pile driving his hard cock into the young man’s hairy ass. “Yeeessss, yeeesss! That’s how I like it! Fuck me hard, man. FUUUCKKK MEE!” Danieli could not wait any longer to fuck the little blond kid. And Alex as well was now longing for a hard dick anywhere inside him: ass, mouth, throat, anywhere as along as hard and filling him. “Please Mr. Robert, fuck me now, I need a dick inside me! Pleeeaaaseee!” “Your wish, my pleasure!” smiled back Danieli. He repositioned himself spooning Alex from the back. Then, he pointed his 7 1/2 inches long dick the the kid’s gaping ass hole and pushed forward, into the warm cavity of Alex’s boy-pussy. “Ohhh cazzo! Your ass is a MERAVIGLIA!!! I’ve never tried something like that!!” shouted out the man, now fucking the little kid in earnest. Danny left Ahamed nipples and moved down, aiming with his hungry mouth at Louis’s ass hole. He found it where it was supposed to be, slightly hidden by the man’s ball sack. The black teen lubed the hole with spit and then began to finger fuck the accommodating Israeli pilot’s ass, with first three and soon after four fingers. Louis almost dislodged his jaw trying to accommodate the fat 11-incher into his mouth. When he felt four of Danny’s finger easily enter his ass hole, he rose on his feet and straddled the huge Arabic man. “You sure you want to ride my dick, Captain? You never succeeded so far…,” asked the bodyguard. “I’m so riled-up it’s now or never!” answered Louis, lowering himself onto the fat meat pole. The first four inches broke through the tight anal ring with just a little pain. Ahamed pushed his crotch up while pulling Louis down by his hips, and another four inches painfully got into the man’s hot anal canal. “Oouuchh! That hurts!! Hurts too much!!” lamented Louis. “Pull it out! Pull it out man, you are killing me!!” “No way, Captain! I need to fuck a hole, and Giorgio’s already busy. So it’s your hole!” He then turned to an incredulous Danny and commanded him to help Louis by pushing with all his weight on the man’s shoulders. Danny obliged and soon all 11 inches of Ahamed’s hard dick got into a screaming Louis. Ahamed stood still waiting for his friend’s ass to get accustomed to his cock sheer size, kissing him and caressing his back with his huge paws. The searing pain lasted a couple of minutes. Then Louis began to move slowly up and down, riding just a few inches at a time, holding his breath at every reinsertion. istanbul travesti But Ahamed had other plans. He abruptly rolled on his side, pinning Louis on his back and under his muscular body. Now in full control, the Arabic man began to power fuck the Israeli pilot with all the cock he had, unfazed by the man’s cries. Danny was now the only one without a partner, his hard 9 1/4 dick leading the way and dripping precum like an open faucet. Jim noticed and draw the teen’s attention, motioning him to get closer. With Ethan still impaled on his hard dick and now facing his uncle Danny, Jim rose on his feet, holding the black 14 y.o. in place grabbing him by the back of his knees. “Put you hard dick in him, Danny. Fuck your nephew with me!” Danny got closer to the duo and pointed his hard dick to his nephew ass. He smeared some precum around the kid’s hole and pushed forward, looking straight into Ethan’s eyes. Ethan bent a little forward to kiss his 16 y.o. uncle, a deep French kiss. He felt the increasing pressure at his ass hole, took a deep breath and relaxed his ass ring muscle. Danny’s fat cock immediately breached through, stretching Ethan’s hole to the limit and filling him with black dick, alongside Jim’s 8-incher. Danny hug to Jim and Ethan and soon began to fuck his young nephew while Jim slowly moved Ethan up and down his cock like a rag doll. Ethan didn’t last long: the increased pressure and friction over his prostate brought him to an explosive orgasm, with like a dozen of thick volleys of hot cum fired between Danny’s and his stomach. The younger kid’s throbbing ass muscles in turn caused Jim and Danny to orgasm almost simultaneously, filling Ethan’s ass with a gallon of warm spunk. Jim’s legs gave up and they all collapsed on the nearby couch, panting and still dripping cum from their exhausted dicks. Seeing his son and younger brother orgasming like that, drove Trey over the edge: while still pumping Giorgio ass like a pile driver, his tick 10-incher spurt volleys after volleys of cum into the kid’s ass. He gave a last, powerful thrust into Giorgio’s ass, smashing his pubes onto the kid’s bums and then pulled out, letting him go, white cum dripping from his gaping ass hole. Giorgio turned to his father, slowly wanking his 8-incher, aimed at Alex’s mouth. When he saw the little kid cumming and firing a few drops of watery cum over his belly, he let it go and spurted cum all over the kid’s and his father’s faces. Danieli was next. Alex’s ass contractions finally triggered the man’s orgasm. He desperately wanted to cum into the 12 years-old boy’s mouth but there was not a single chance to pull out and get there in time. So he bred Jim’s son, as Jim had just done with Trey’s and Trey with his own. He cum buckets into the warm kid’s ass. Alex used his inner muscles to milk every drop of cum out of the Italian man’s dick, while licking Giorgio’s cock clean. “Nice” he thought, “I have the father’s willy in my ass and the son’s in my mouth! It’s like a family reunion inside my holes”. He giggled inside at the funny thought. Louis had cum one time already thanks to the immense pressure that Ahamed’s huge cock put on his prostate. When the huge Arabic man gave a final thrust into his bowels, shoving all 11 inches of hard cock and maybe more into him, he cum again, flooding his rippled stomach with his own spunk for the second time in a row. Ahamed was not a very vocal man, he just grunted twice while unloading a huge load of man juice into the Israeli man. He then pulled his still hard, pulsating dick from Louis’s ass and watched as the guy’s wrecked and throbbing hole remained wide open. He could see the inflamed, red innards painted with his white cum. “Well, I would dare to say the deal has been successfully and pleasurably sealed”, said Danieli, turning to Jim first and Trey after. “Indeed, my partner, this contract sealing will not be forgotten very easily”, answered Jim. “Maybe we need to do more business together, men!” grinned back Trey, still unsure on his legs. “Daaad!” called out Alex, still cuddling between both Danieli’s men. “What’s up, hon’?” asked Jim, finally pulling his softening dick out of Ethan’s comfortable ass. “I’m hungry! Can I have something to eat that’s not cum?” asked Alex with an impish grin painted on his face. Everybody bent in half laughing at the young kid’s involuntary joke. “Sure, hon’. Let’s all refresh into the pool and then I will fire the grill up. It’s barbecue time!” The four kids and the five men all jumped into the pool to freshen up, their minds already set to the oncoming grill dinner. ********* I wish to thank the readers who provided feedbacks, comments and suggestions. I received a lot of enthusiastic comments that I do appreciate, and only a few critcs that I will treasure for my next works. Now that I’m a “junior” author I understand how important it is for a writer to receive your feedbacks, kind reader. So, everytime I read something on Nifty that I like, now I take my time to reach out for a “thank you” to the author: please do the same everytime you like a story. Emails are for free and we authors live (almost) for your appreciation. Thank you to all of you that have provided a feedback! Please keep Nifty alive, donate to http://donate./donate.html … Seriously, do it. My stories on Nifty (all written ‘mostly’ in fty//gay/adult-youth/il-commissario-bellandi/

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