Subject: Boys by the Sea: Chapter 13 Hey everyone! If you love all of the fun and sexy content on Nifty, please lend your support by sending a fty/ This story contains descriptions of adult/minor family members engaging in sex. If you are a minor or you are offended by material such as this, please refrain from reading any further. This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to incidents or people, alive or dead, is purely coincidental. It’s all merely a fantasy, and should only be regarded as such. *************** Relishing the feel of the soft sand beneath his bare feet, Dean walked along the beach getting lost in the beautiful colors of the early morning sunrise as he gazed out onto the horizon. Contemplating his life, he thought about how lucky he had been to have survived the turbulent and dark days he experienced as a younger man. Though after further self-reflection, he realized luck had nothing to do with it, and that it had everything to do with the love of his family. Still sober and desperate not to lose what he had, he walked over to the nearest trash can. Opening up the small plastic baggy, he poured out the white powdery contents into the receptacle, tossing the empty bag in after it. Returning to the edge of the shore, he removed his shirt as he chose a clear spot in the sand on which to sit. It couldn’t have been more than about ten minutes later that he heard the sound of a familiar, friendly voice. “Got room fur me down there?” Dan asked, quietly. Looking up, Dean saw the man he had once thought to be his uncle standing above him. After briefly making eye contact, he nodded his head, prompting Dan to sit down beside him. Unsure of what to say, the elder Hanson simply began to talk. “When Bjorn first introduced yur mama ta me as his girlfriend, I was immediately smitten with her. I had never met a girl so pretty and so kind before.” Said Dan. Dean quietly stared out at the vast expanse of water as he continued to listen to Dan talk. “After that, yur mama and I became real good friends. Then one day she came to me, cryin. Sayin she had caught Bjorn with another girl. When I began ta comfort her, things got real intimate, real fast. I made love to her that day.” Dean looked over his shoulder at Dan. “Right from the start, I knew there was a chance you were mine. But yur mama…she kept denyin it. We were both just 16 years old when you were born. She knew I had no clue bout what it took ta care for a baby. Anyway, at the time, Bjorn was already a grown man and on his way ta bein a police officer. I imagine she thought you and her would be better off with him. Besides, as far as my brother knew, you were his child. So he married her, and moved ya’ll to New Jersey.” Dan looked straight at Dean’s face, “Not knowin what I should do, I decided ta keep my distance fur awhile. Then, when Troy was born, I finally went ta visit ya’ll. You were just 4 years old. I hadn’t held ya since you were a baby. But that time I picked you up and looked at ya…well, I knew right then and there…you were my boy.” Dean looked at Dan, quizzically. “That’s why you always wanted me to visit you every summer, wasn’t it?” “When you were growin up, I tried to see ya as much as I could. Every summer, and on as many holidays as possible.” Said Dan, reaching out to place his hand on Dean’s bare shoulder. “And when you were 17, and called me up ta tell me you were coming down ta Florida ta live with me and work in my shop, well…that was one of tha happiest days of my whole life.” Dean could feel the tears welling up in his eyes, “I-I used to wish you were my real dad. Ya know that?” Dan could feel his lip begin to tremble, “I’m so sorry, kid. Yur mama and I…we shoulda told ya.” Dean looked directly at his istanbul travesti father, his blue eyes sparkling through his tears, “It’s okay, Dan. At least…at least I finally got my wish.” Dan cried as he pulled Dean closer, cradling his torso against his own. Dean rested his face on his father’s chest, taking comfort from the warmth of his embrace, and the rising sun shining on his skin. *************** Sipping on his coffee wearing only a bathrobe, Troy anxiously paced the length of his living room. It had been over thirty minutes since Dan called to tell him he had found Dean safe and sound, and now all he could do was think about hugging his brother. Hearing the front door open, Troy looked up to see Dean and Dan enter the house. Putting his cup down, he quickly moved toward them. “Are you alright?” Troy asked. Dean kissed Troy’s mouth, gently. “Yeah, I’m okay.” Troy hugged Dean tightly before approaching his uncle. “Thank you for bringing him home.” Said Troy. Dan affectionately hugged his nephew, “Anytime, baby.” Walking over to Dean, Dan clasped his hands across the back of his neck, gently placing his forehead on his son’s forehead. “I’m goin back ta tha motel fur awhile ta get some sleep. You call me later, ya hear?” Dean quietly leaned forward, tenderly kissing his father on the mouth before nodding his head in agreement. Turning to leave, Dan squeezed Troy’s hand as he walked towards the front door. After he left, Troy and Dean stood facing each other, motionless. “Bjorn still here?” Asked Dean. “No. I kicked him out.” Replied Troy. “Atta boy,” said Dean, making Troy giggle. “Dean, I’m so sorry about inviting Bjorn to st-” Dean reached out, untying the belt of his brother’s robe, “Got anything on under there?” Caught off guard, Troy stood staring at Dean as his robe fell to the floor, exposing his naked body. “I-I-.” Stammered Troy. Crouching down in front of his brother, Dean placed his hands on Troy’s hips, grasping his body firmly as he spontaneously took his cock in his mouth. Wantonly, Dean sucked on his younger brother’s penis. As he accepted his eight inch member in between his lips, he looked up into Troy’s eyes, eager to relate the message that he wanted to bring him pleasure. Happily, Troy accepted his brother’s advances. Beginning to breathe heavily, he longingly stared into his eyes. “Oh God, that feels so good,” he exclaimed. Getting up on his knees, Dean unbuckled his belt, pulling at his zipper so that he could yank his jeans down; releasing his long ten inch cock from his pants. Hungrily, Dean sucked on Troy’s dick as he firmly grasped his own member in his hand. Troy’s knees got weak feeling the immense pleasure that his brother was providing to his erect cock with his soft, wet mouth. Standing back up, Dean let his jeans fall down to his ankles as he passionately kissed Troy’s mouth, mindlessly running his hands all over his brother’s taut, nude physique. Dean ceased kissing Troy as he put his finger in his mouth, thoroughly wetting it with his spit before reaching around and forcefully sticking it up his brother’s ass. “Aaahh! Troy briefly cried out, feeling his brother’s finger abruptly enter his hole. Dean whispered fervently into Troy’s ear, “I’m gonna fuck you so good, you won’t want me to stop.” Troy responded to his brother, “Please! I want you inside me.” Without hesitation, Dean picked Troy up in his arms. As he begin to move toward the bedroom, he remembered that his shoes were still on and that his pants were still around his ankles. Trying not to wake Ben and Brody, Troy and Dean giggled quietly, enjoying the humor of the moment as Dean shuffled to the bedroom, cradling his brother in his arms with his pants down around his ankles. kadıköy travesti Once in their bedroom, Troy quickly helped his brother undress, making sure to lick and grope every inch of his body. Now, naked on the bed together, the Hanson brothers continued to passionately kiss and caress each other. Going down on his brother, Dean lifted Troy’s legs above his head, burying his tongue deep in his asshole. “Awe, fuck! Yeah, eat my hole!” Said Troy. Dean could feel his engorged cock getting even harder as he licked the lips of his brothers tight, pink pucker; readying it to be fucked. Troy pushed down on the back of his brothers head with one hand, stuffing his mouth with ass as he jerked his dick with the other. Dean made sure to properly wet his brother’s hole with his spit. Then standing up on the bed, he pushed his cock downward, injecting it into Troy’s eager waiting orifice. “Awe yeah, fuck me, Dean! Please, fuck me!” Begged Troy as Dean slid his cock in and out of his younger brother’s tight, pink asshole. “Fuck yeah, baby! Take it!” Dean growled as he pumped Troy’s hole, molesting his ass with his ten inch fuck tool. Pulling his dick out of his brother’s hole with a wet, slurping sound, Dean jumped off of the bed. Grabbing his little brother by the arm and shoulder, Dean pushed Troy down on the floor. Lying on his stomach, Troy felt Dean climb on his back. Directing his cock with his hand, he felt his brother quickly reinsert himself inside of his stretched and used hole. As Dean began to pump Troy’s ass again, he couldn’t help but whisper lewdly in his ear. “Member…when we were kids? That first time…in our room together?…When I stuck my finger up your ass!” Dean panted. Feeling his brother’s throbbing, hard cock filling his hole, Troy responded, “I…wanted you…s-so bad!” “I wanted you…t-too…felt…so smooth in you…wanted…my dick in there!” Said Dean, his breath jagged. Dean wrapped his large hand around Troy’s jaw, pulling it towards his mouth. As he kissed him passionately and aggressively, he continued to fuck his tight, white, bubble butt. Troy moaned in ecstasy, reveling in the sound of Dean’s pelvis repeatedly slapping against his firm, round, butt cheeks as he continued to ravage his hole. Pulling his brother up by his hips, Dean put Troy into doggie position. “Arch that back. C’mon Troy, do it!” Barked Dean. Pushing his butt up, Troy felt Dean grab ahold of his hips. As he felt his brother’s long, hard, dick impale him ruthlessly, Troy’s mouth uncontrollably fell open as he rapidly jacked his cock. Changing positions again, without falling out of him, Dean forced Troy down on his side. Throwing his leg up over his shoulder, Dean ferociously continued to fuck his brother. Dean watched Troy’s face closely, waiting for the moment when his facial expression would signal to him that he was reaching orgasm. Troy stared longingly into Dean’s eyes, wanting to transfer all of the emotions that he was feeling for him at that moment. Along with all his feelings of lust as well. Feeling his brother’s big cock repeatedly rubbing up against his prostate, Troy could no longer hold back his orgasm. Dean watched with glee as Troy ejaculated all over himself, spraying his own torso with his milky, wet, jizz. Increasing his speed, Dean continued driving his cock full force into his brother’s hole until he finally achieved release, dousing the inside of Troy’s rectum with semen. A few minutes later, Dean lie closely next to Troy on the floor, exhausted by their bout of passionate love making. Troy lay with his legs intertwined with his brother’s legs, high from their enthusiastic and impulsive sexual workout. “Wow,” said Troy, “That was just…wow!” Dean chuckled, “Yeah, bakırköy travesti it was pretty fun, right?” Dean’s facial expression turned serious as he looked at his brother. “Troy, why didn’t you tell me about Princeton?” Asked Dean. Troy closed his eyelids tightly as he quietly muttered under his breath, “Goddamnit Bjorn.” “Why did you lie to me?” Dean asked his brother. Troy looked at Dean, gently placing his hand on his face, “Because you would’ve blamed yourself for me not going. Dean, when I was in business school, it only took two years for me to figure out what it was I wanted. And that was to run my own business and be with my big brother.” Dean listened closely as Troy spoke, reaching his hand out to touch the side of his neck. “I had already lived without you for six years. I just…I just couldn’t live without you any longer. I didn’t go to Princeton because I didn’t need to. What I needed was to be with you.” Dean embraced Troy, lovingly kissing his lips. “Dean, I’m sorry about dad. I never should’ve said yes to him coming to visit us.” Said Troy. Dean took a big breath, “It’s okay. He’s who he is, and I doubt he’ll ever change. But the thing is, it isn’t his love or approval that I care about. The only people I need that from are under this roof.” Troy smiled as he kissed his brother, softly. “How are you and Dan?” Asked Troy. Dean shrugged, “Dan’s still Dan. I mean, I still love him. I mean, well, in the end…that’s all that really matters to me.” Troy had just rested his head on his brother’s chest when he heard the door knob to the bedroom door slowly turn, followed by a slight squeak as it opened up ever so slightly. As Dean and Troy looked up at the door, they heard the sound of the boys giggling as an erect cock belonging to one of their 12 year old twins protruded through the crack in the door. Unable to keep from laughing, Dean addressed his nephew, “Is that you, champ? Sure looks like you.” Suddenly, both Brody and Ben came sprinting into the room, stark naked as they jumped on their father and uncle. Both Dean and Troy happily yelped from the weight of their boys colliding with them. Welcoming their sons with open arms, Troy and Dean took turns kissing both of them on the lips as all four of them rolled around nude on the floor together. “Why are you guys on the floor?” Ben asked innocently as he climbed on top of his father. “Uh, we just felt like lying on the ground, that’s all. You mean you never do that?” Troy asked his son, jokingly. Ben rolled his eyes at his father, “You guys are weird.” Troy chuckled at his son as raised his head up to kiss him on the neck. Ben squealed with delight as he felt his father tickling him with his tongue. “Did papa go home?” Brody asked Dean as he sat on top of his torso, straddling him like a cowboy. “Yeah, Brody. Papa went home,” said Dean. “Good! He was bein such a fuckin asshole anyway.” Said Brody to his uncle. “Hey! Brody…watch the language.” Said Troy to his son, semi-sternly. “Sorry dad.” Said Brody as he flashed his uncle a side grin. Dean smiled as he looked at his nephew with admiration. Sitting up, he put his lips to Brody’s ear. “I love you, champ.” Dean whispered. “I love you too, dad.” Brody whispered back. Contemplating the meaning of fatherhood, Dean lovingly wrapped his arms around his nephew. Knowing he had a father’s love for Ben and Brody, he suddenly realized how grateful he was that they had a son’s love for him. Brody returned his uncle’s/father’s warmth, holding his body against his own as tightly as he could. As the Hanson family discussed their plans for the day, Dean happily enjoyed the simplicity of lying on the floor, intertwined with his boys, wishing they could all just stay where they were for the rest of the day. *************** Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this chapter, please come back to see what happens in chapter 14. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me an email. I always appreciate thoughtful feedback.

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