Jerking Off

Subject: Becoming cousin’s diaper slave PART I — The Prelude [Authoritarian, Urination] This story is a work of fiction, and will involve subjects such as diapers, sex between cousins and BDSM-like activities. If you are not into these kinds of things, please don’t continue reading. Nifty relies on your donations. If you have enjoyed the content, please consider participating (even small donations fty/ —————————————– It was Tuesday and we were ready to go. I was seventeen — an awkward, closeted teen still living with my mom. We were about to go meet mom’s brother’s family. Mom’s brother, Bob, was the owner of a fish store and had had quite a lot of success with his business. He was always busy and had little time to spend with his family. And once again, he wasn’t there when we arrived. Instead, his wife Linda greeted us courteously and asked us to come in. Mom went into the kitchen to gossip and help with the food preparations (probably mostly the former). Once again I’d have to spend a few hours in one of these endless family meetings that I hated. Always the same awkward conversations… How’s school? Still looking for a girlfriend?… Blah blah blah… Bob’s family lived in a nice three-story house in a pleasant, quiet neighbourhood. When we arrived I headed straight into the basement layer of the house. This was Oliver’s kingdom. Oliver had a couple older brothers who had already moved out of the house. With the addition of this new space in the house, he got almost the entire basement layer to himself. There was some storage space and this bunker-like thing with a heavy door. Behind the door were Oliver’s quarters. There was quite a spacious room and even a shower and bathroom just for his use. Talk about being spoiled! Oliver had just turned eighteen a couple months ago. He had a younger brother of eleven and a sister of twelve years living with the family. Their rooms were upstairs and they were probably there right now, playing some silly games. I pressed a button at the door of the “bunker”. This caused a buzzer to ring inside, but nothing was heard outside. The bunker was built by the last owner of the house who was apparently a prepper of some istanbul travesti kind. Apparently the room could literally endure a missile strike. Because of all this armour around the space, it was quite well soundproofed as well. If a bomb exploded inside the place, no-one outside would probably even notice! The heavy metal door opened with a thump and there was Oliver, with a complacent smirk on his face. “Ah, why isn’t it cousin Felix! Don’t be shy — come in.” I had mixed feelings about Oliver. He could be a real douche at times, and at other times really funny and pleasant to be around. He had some of that spoiled rich kid vibe. And sometimes he could be somewhat of a bully. I remember more than well when a few years earlier he had overheard our moms talking. Mom had confessed to Linda that I had to wear diapers for a week or two because of the medication that I was taking at the time. It caused me to bedwet and have some leaks during the day as well. I was with Oliver in his room (his room was still upstairs at that time), and suddenly he yanked down my pants, revealing my diaper. He began cackling with laughter and I in turn felt like dying. Blushing, I must’ve been as red as a tomato and was on the verge of crying. “Ha-ha-haa! Little baby still has to wear diapers?” He patted the front of my diaper and felt the sogginess and weight of it. “Oh baby had a wittle accident? Ha-haaa! Baby wet his diaper!” Oliver told his other siblings about my diapers and they teased me about it for some time to come. The others forgot about it pretty quick, but Oliver kept at it for years. On our visits he was always patting my butt and pulling my pants’ wasteband to “see if I need a diaper change”, always followed by giggling and an evil smirk. I think I probably had had some sort of a subconscious crush for Oliver for some time. He was quite good-looking. A tall, lean and athletic body, a boyish face and dark, almost black hair that was held up by gel in a stylish way. He almost looked like a latino, without being one. Maybe the best thing about his look was his eyes — large and intense green eyes that had melted many girls’ hearts. I was a bit envious of his place and good kadıköy travesti looks. I didn’t look too bad either, but he looked like he could star in a TV series. He had some gym equipment in his bunker and as a result had developed a nice toned body. It was a body more like that of a swimmer than a body builder. I was pretty skinny, but had a nice, round butt that had received some looks and complements from girls a bunch of times. My hair was cut short with a clipper. This would save some money as there was no need for barber visits. Oliver’s previous girlfriend had just separated with him. Maybe this turmoil had contributed to the messy state of the room. There were clothes all over the floor and a poster on the wall had been torn. The furniture looked like it had been thrown around. “Sorry ’bout the mess, but feel free to sit down. I gotta go to the store, but I’ll be back soon.” Oliver quickly left the room, leaving the heavy door open behind him. I put the TV on and sat there for some time, sitting on the leather couch, playing with my phone. I was living through a very horny time and would sometimes get these waves of heat and spontaneous hard-ons that had previously almost caused some embarrasing moments. Moved by one of these waves of horny lust, I went to a porn site on my phone, turned the sound off, and started watching a vid. Two lean, twinky guys having hard butt sex, looking like a pair of sex gods. I was captured by the video until a sound startled me. I reflexively shoved the phone quickly into my pocket. The sound came from behind me. It was Oliver! He had dropped his keys to the floor and just stood up, looking at me in an expressionless way. “Boys, dinner is ready! Come up and eat!” Linda had arrived to the door of the bunker and dragged us upstairs to the dinner table. I ate silently, just trying to focus on the plate of food in front of me. Oliver’s younger siblings were being their childish selves, bickering and playing with their food. Mom and Linda were immersed in a discussion about some actress who had recently been crushed to death by a pig falling on her off a helicopter. Oliver was unnervingly silent. My mind was rushing with all kinds of bakırköy travesti catastrophizing thoughts and I felt a panic attack rushing in. Did he see what I was watching?! After finishing the dinner I rushed out to the yard to get some fresh air, without even thanking for the food. I sat on a garden chair under a large tree, trying to calm down and clear my thoughts. After some time mom came out and asked if I was ok. She decided that we should probably leave early because I wasn’t seeming okay. She went back in and after finnishing her gossip with Linda, we left on her Volvo station wagon. We lived in a normal, boring suburb with identical appartment houses stacked next to eachother. It was a fairly small, humble appartment on the second floor. Since I was lucky enough to be the only child, I had a room for just myself. There were many framed quotes from the Bible in the hallway and living room. Mom was a member of the church choir and brought up the Bible annoyingly often. I was getting tired of all this religious crap. Coming out to her seemed pretty much impossible without her either killing me or going insane. I had a bed, a table and a TV in my room, not much more. But this seemed decent enough. At least compared to all the starving children in Africa she mentioned at every possible chance. It was evening, and having forgotten about the earlier incident, I layed down on my bed and put the TV on. I was about to doze off when I felt my phone vibrate against my thigh. I pulled the phone out of my pocket and checked who might’ve send me a message. It was Oliver! At that moment the incident came immediately rushing back to my mind and I started to get really nervous. I wanted to just delete the message and go to sleep, but I knew I couldn’t get any sleep that way. So, I gathered up some courage and opened the message, to see this text appear before my eyes: “Hi there, little cousin. I saw what you were watching on your phone! You’re a little perv, aren’t you? Come to our place on Friday evening, at exactly six o’clock. You’ll do exactly what I say or I’ll tell everyone. And don’t you think I’m kidding around!” —————————————– To be continued… —————————————– The second part should be out soon. Feedback is always welcome! If you enjoyed the story and/or have some other constructive feedback, please send it to: [email protected] —————————————–

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