Subject: Babysitting Tales – Chapter 3 Foreword: Thanks be to Nifty for all it does, and it needs your donations to keep doing it! The acts depicted below are not endorsed or condoned by the author. If you should not be reading this, then please do not. Taking a side step here in our third chapter, exploring a different part of town with new characters being introduced. This could be considered world/universe development, as you will discover shortly. Hope you enjoy, and that you will let me know. I did hear from many many readers regarding the first two chapters, and there were at least a couple requests for delving into the club mentioned and other members of the community…. so here it goes… trevrep @ mail dot com ~ Cheers! Going to the Gym with Daddy My name is Damon and I am 8 years old at the time of this story, my Daddy is called Joe and he is 35. He is a businessman, but I don’t really know what business he does. That doesn’t really matter anyway because this story is about our trips to the gym, or as Daddy calls it- “the club”. My Daddy is very tall, we measured him and it said six feet and six inches; it said I was only four feet one inch- but that is tall for my age and I will grow up big like Daddy cuz that’s what he said. We weighed each other too, he is 200 pounds and I am 62 pounds. We are both slim, that’s the word mommy uses. She says I am naturally muscled, which I also got from Daddy. I guess I have a sort of six pack (that’s what Daddy calls my tummy) and good strong arms and legs cuz I play soccer and swim a lot. Daddy has big muscles in his arms and legs and he has a four pack, he says he’s jealous of my tummy but he is just being silly. We both have brown hair buzzed short and green eyes. Mommy says I’m a mini Daddy cuz I look just like him. Even our pee pees look the same, except his is way bigger- he says mine will be the same size when I get older, he also says I have to stop calling it a pee pee cuz that’s a baby word, but I keep forgetting. It’s my penis or dick, and he taught me the even ruder word for it- a cock (like a rooster! But I can’t say that word around mommy cuz you have to be polite around girls). That is the word we use when we are in the locker room at the gym, Daddy calls it locker room talk- you can be ruder when it’s only boys around cuz they don’t care what you say. We also get to be naked all the time until we go on the gym floor cuz clothes are required şişli travesti on equipment- that’s what the sign says. Mommy lets us be naked at home too, but it’s not the same- she tells us how cute we are when we watch tv together naked and I like it but sometimes it’s a little annoying, but we love mommy so it’s ok. I really love it when Mommy goes naked with us too, she doesn’t do it a lot, but when she does I get to cuddle her and I like her squishy boobies- they make good pillows. ANYWAY, sorry I got sidetracked, mommy says I have a short attention span because I’m smart for my age too and I get hyper real easy. Back to the story now… When I was six, I asked Daddy where he went every day at 6 o’clock, because he always went out for a couple hours and then came home with a red face. He said he was going to the gym to work out and stay strong, cuz that’s how mommy likes him- and mommy giggled when he said that cuz she was right there when I asked him. I told him that I wanted to go too cuz I missed him too much, and he gave me a hug and a kiss and said I could go with him when I turn 8. I was a little too young to work out when I was six, is what I was told. So, when I turned eight I reminded him what he said and he agreed to start taking me! Mommy said she would have two strong boys to take care of her and I felt good about that. He said I could only come on the weekends, no school nights allowed- so we went together for the first time on the Friday after my birthday. The gym is really cool: you have to go through a gate with big stone walls to get in and there’s lots of woods around- I really like climbing trees and playing in the forest at home so I got even more excited thinking about that. We drove down a pretty long stone driveway until we reached the car park. There were like 20 cars there and a boy opened the door for daddy and we got out so he could park the car for us. The building looked like a big house, a really really big house, with a cool fountain in front of it. We walked in the front door and there was a desk with a man smiling to greet us. He said hello to daddy and asked who his little friend was, smiling at me now. I told him, I’m Damon! And he chuckled as my daddy explained I was his son. He gave daddy two towels and a key and looked at me as he told us to have fun. I was getting really hyper now and grabbed onto daddy’s hand as he took us through a big wooden beylikdüzü travesti door to the right of the front desk. There were stone stairs that curved around like a spiral and we walked down them until we reached a cement floor and I saw the locker room for the first time. Five wide rows with lockers along the left and benches on the right, lead down further into the basement locker room area. I counted the row we walked down and there were 20 total lockers and since all the rows were the same- it made 100 total. I like math, haha. We stopped at number 36 and daddy told me this was our locker. I felt a tingle in my tummy when he called it “ours” and not just his. He used the key to unlock it and he already had clothes hanging in it and some bottles of shampoo and stuff in the top part that looked like my cubby at school. He started to take off his shoes, socks and watch and took out his speedo from the locker as he placed all that stuff inside. The he unbuttoned his shirt and hung it on an empty hook. He turned to look at me and noticed I was just watching him, and I admired his big hairy chest and tummy. He smiled and told me that on our first day we were just going to play in the pool for a while and he would swim some laps so it was a light workout for him. I was real happy about that, until I realized I didn’t bring anything with me. He hadn’t told me to bring a suit or anything, I didn’t even know we would be changing clothes. That’s when his smile got even bigger as he pulled out a bright green speedo from the top cubby and said “surprise!” as he handed it to me. It looked just like his speedo, except brighter cuz his was faded. Green is my favorite color and I jumped up and down a bit and gave him a big hug while saying thank you over and over. He ruffled my hair and leaned down to kiss my forehead and said, “anything for my little man, now you really are my mini-me.” He went on to explain that I should leave it on the bench and put my clothes in the locker because we will go shower first and then come back to put them on before we go out to the pool. So I quickly shed my clothes as daddy finished undressing. I grabbed his hand again when we were both totally naked and he walked us to the other end of the locker room, where there was an arch shaped doorway in the stone wall. To the right and left there were two more spiral staircases identical to the one behind us. We walked through istanbul travesti the archway to find a long wide room with 10 shower heads on both long walls and a wall of cubbies that each had a rolled towel inside, at the end. We went to the end closer to the towels and Daddy started the shower up. On the wall, under each shower head, there were three dispensers for shampoo that was blue, body wash that was white and conditioner that was green. So I squirted some white body wash on my hand and stepped under the spray next to Daddy. Instead of washing myself as the water cascaded over both of us, I started washing Daddy. He had his hands up scrubbing his head with his eyes closed and when I put my hands on his hairy belly I sort of tickled him as a goof. He laughed and said I was a cheeky monkey, but he didn’t say stop so I kept washing his belly and up to his chest. I took another squirt from the body wash and lathered him up real good and then I took his hips and did a gentle tug to show him to turn around. At this point he had gotten shampoo and was washing his hair, still with his eyes closed, but he took the hint and turned- my gaze was drawn lower for the first time as his pee pee was swinging close to my face. I was so used to seeing it, but it seemed longer than normal and bigger too. As he turned and it swung, it actually brushed along my arm as I reached for another pump of body wash. We were silent for the duration of this experience, so in sync from showers together at home, I just loved feeling his big Daddy muscles. He was now facing he shower spray and I washed his back, finding myself staring at his big butt. During showers at home when he washed me, Daddy would soap my butt up and then swipe his fingers into my crack and even touch my poop hole(cuz it’s the dirtiest part of us), which always made me shiver and feel sort of tingly down there- I liked it. So, with those thoughts in mind, I started soaping up Daddy’s big butt. It was only a little hairy, not like his chest and belly and legs. It was when I started sliding my hand into his crack that he made the first sound for a while, “mmmmmm, doing a good job buddy, get daddy nice a clean”. I liked the words of encouragement, and more vigorously scrubbed his crack. Thinking about our showers at home when my own butt hole was scrubbed so thoroughly by daddy, my fingers started pushing against his poop hole. I heard him gasp and moan and looked up to see that he was done washing his hair and had both hands on the wall in front of him, and he was pushing his butt out towards me. I could tell he was liking this so I slid my fingers in further, now three were in past my second knuckle.

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