Subject: A Lost brother This story includes sexual activity between brothers. Anyone likely to be offended by such content should quit this site at once. To ensure continued free access to its stories, don’t forget to make a donation to Nifty by following the details on the website. A LOST BROTHER When I was a lot younger I had brother. His name was Kenneth. Kenny was just over three years older than me. We used to fight like crazy but once we had got past all that we became good friends. Until he was about 13 or 14, the two of us shared a bedroom. Then each of us got a bedroom to ourselves. That didn’t stop us getting under the shower together. Kenny used to scrub my back with a bath brush and plenty of soap. I loved him doing that for me. Then I would do the same for him. After he was scrubbing my back, more often than not, when he finished scrubbing me and I turned round, my cock was a bit hard. Kenny used to tease me about it, not that I minded it much. To be honest, I was secretly jealous of how big my brother’s cock looked, and the way he had a patch of curly brown hair just above it with his big balls right there under his cock. Of course I never said anything to him and didn’t stare at it. Something happened just the once when we were in the shower together. It took me a long time to forget all istanbul travesti about it. We had turned the water off and were sort of shaking it off ourselves & our wet hair when all of a sudden Kenny put his arms round my chest from behind, holding on tight. I felt his hard cock rubbing up against my backside. He wasn’t trying to put it inside me, just rubbing it against me. I was steadying myself with both hands on the shower wall. He did that for only a few minutes, no more. Then he gave gave a couple of gasps and I felt his cock like it was jerking and something warm running down my backside and the back of one of my legs. When I turned round, Kenny was leaning against the other wall of the shower, holding his cock in both hands, breathing hard & licking his lips. He was kind of squeezing it gently, pulling his skin backwards & forwards, with some drops of something falling on the floor of the shower close to his feet. I asked him what had happened. “Real sorry, Rob. Didn’t mean that to happen. My spunk just came. Come on, got to get all that off you.” He turned the shower on again, washing my backside and the inside of my leg where it had run down. He kept saying sorry. I was only 11 at the time, and I had no idea what had happened. Once he was sure all of that was off me and while kadıköy travesti we were out of the shower getting dried off, he said “Rob, promise you won’t ever tell anyone about what happened in there?” I promised, but I was curious to know more. “Told you, Rob, I just got a proper hard-on, and before I could stop it, my spunk came.” “How long before mine starts coming, like yours did?” “Won’t be for a couple of years yet, maybe a bit less. Forget it, nature’ll let you know when. And promise, never a word to anyone about it, OK?” I promised again, but I couldn’t quite forget it right away. In bed at night, I usually fell asleep with both hands on my balls, sure something was going on down there. They were definitely bigger than they were. I sometimes stood naked in front of the mirror on my wardrobe, like examining them. My cock was still not very big, even when I rubbed it to get it hard and I had no hair growing in yet. My brother Kenny was close friends with our cousin. His name was John, called Jack. He was a bit older than Kenny. They went to the same school. When Jack was old enough, he learned to drive. With some of his own money saved up and the rest from his dad, he bought a car, not new, used, but in a good state. I can’t remember now what make the car was, but I had been in it bakırköy travesti with Jack & Kenny a few times. There was a good clean beach on the coast not far from where Jack lived. I went with the two of them in warm weather to swim there. Where we went, there was never anybody else about, so the three of us used to leave our swim trunks & towels nearby and swim naked. When we’d had enough, we used to get dried off and put our swimmers on just to go back to the car, sitting in it to have some of the soft drinks Jack always had, just chattering about stuff before going home. Jack always dropped Kenny & me home. About a year after the last time I had been to the beach with Kenny & Jack for a swim, something really bad happened. My brother was with Jack in his car one evening when he drove off a road hitting a big tree. Both of them were killed right away. My parents and Jack’s were in bits. The funerals for both of them were held together at a crematorium. I couldn’t stop weeping, and the same thing happened for a long time afterwards whenever I went to have a shower. I was just short of 14 when I first made my spunk come, rubbing my cock for something like 10 minutes. It happened one Saturday afternoon in the shower, quite a lot of it, not as white and sticky as my brother’s had been, but slimy and milky, squirting out through my fingers. It was something of a scare, but a lovely feeling like nothing else. I was sad to think that I could never have the chance to tell Kenny that I’d done it and the way my hair had started to grow in there. (End)

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