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On the sites that provide for you to rate the stories or leave comments, I value your thoughts and opinion; I would also like to hear from you personally. Personal stories and accounts of your own similar experiences are always welcome. Contact me at [email protected] NOTE: My email was hacked again. This is my new email address. Confessions Of A Teenage Bodybuilder Sean Lucas started high school as a five-nine, 135-pound freshman, about as nondescript as any freshman could be. He didn’t play sports and he didn’t join any school organization that might have brought him into close social contact with other kids. He was a loner, with only a handful of friends, none of them considered really close friends. He was a good student but he hated gym class. He hated being lost in the boisterous camaraderie of the jocks who always dominated the locker room by their very presence. His sophomore year started out to be little different and he had resigned himself to a hum-drum four years of high school before he could be off to college. Then one day a brief, otherwise innocent and insignificant remark caused a chain of events that changed his life. It was after school and he was in the locker room digging the accumulation of dirty socks and gym clothes out of his locker to take home to be washed. Jake Logan was at his locker, changing into workout clothes. There were a couple of other guys in the locker room but Sean paid little attention to them. Jake, as always, was the focus of his cautious attention. He had to be careful how he looked at him. Actually, he tried not to look, but it was near impossible. Jake Logan was the personification of the term “stud.” He was over six feet tall, weighed well over two hundred pounds that were distributed in perfect proportion over his frame in layers of thick, rippling muscle. He had the typical muscular column of a neck, nearly as wide as his head, and big traps that sloped down to wide shoulders capped with muscles at the sides as big as soccer balls. His back was wide enough to show a movie on, with lats tapering down to a solid, trim waist. A few inches lower his massive thighs flared out in layers of hard, bulging muscles that leapt when he moved and strained and fought for room inside the legs of his jeans when he walked. His butt, framed at the moment in the straps of his jockstrap, was indescribable. High and tight, hard, smooth, round, delicious. Fuck, he could give a guy a hardon just looking at his ass. “Hey, do you wanta work out with me?” Sean blinked with surprise. He heard the voice and knew it was Jake Logan’s voice, and he knew he was talking to him, yet the words didn’t register. There had to be some mistake; it wasn’t something Jake would be asking him. He actually glanced around to see if there was anyone else close by that he could be talking to. “You, Lucas. I’m talking to you. Do you wanta work out with me? You got time?” he asked again. It took a moment for Sean to find his voice and form some words. “I would probably just be in your way,” he said shyly. “If I thought you would be in my way I wouldn’t have asked you,” Jake said. “I could use a spotter if you’ve got time. But if you don’t want to….” “No, I… sure, I’ll work out with you, but you’ll have to show me what to do. I’m not all that familiar with the gym equipment,” Sean said. “You just gotta be smarter than the dumbbells,” Jake said with a chuckle that made his abs ripple. “I’ll have to dig out my gym shorts,” Sean said as he nervously dug around in his gym bag for his worn shorts. He drew out several garments, including a badly used, crumpled jockstrap. “Geez, I hate to put this thing on; I’ve worn it all week,” he said. Jake reached into the top of his locker. “Here, you can wear this one; I’ve only worn it once,” he said, tossing him a jockstrap. Sean snatched it out of the air. His head was spinning with excitement. He was actually going to be wearing one of Jake Lucas’s jockstraps! One that he had already worn. He was going to stuffing his cock and balls in the same pouch that had held Jake’s enormous manhood! He shook the rumpled garment out and held it out to step into it. The pouch was stretched something awful from trying to contain the big athlete’s manhood, and he was sure he wouldn’t be able to fill it out. “See you out in the workout room,” Jake said as he walked off. That simple incident marked the turning point in young Sean Lucas’s life. Jake’s simple request, and his guidance and encouragement the rest of that year changed Sean’s life forever. Jake graduated that year but he left Sean with the drive, and more importantly, the confidence, to keep working out. Sean was deeply moved when Jake asked him to carry his cap at graduation. It was a distinct honor, and it carried with it certain responsibilities similar to those of a best man. He had to be at the school early and make sure Jake’s cap and gown were laid out for him in the library where he would help him on with it. It was also customary to buy him a gift in appreciation of the honor. Jake would almost certainly give him something in the way of a token of his appreciation. He wracked his brain trying to think of something to buy. He would be going to college; maybe a pen and pencil set. But that seemed too dumb. Then one day he was walking through Bennington’s, the up-scale department store in town and as he walked through the cosmetics department, a display caught his eye. In the men’s fragrances area he saw a display called Hummer; like the big, macho, hunkin’ vehicle. He took the sample and sprayed it some on the back of his hand like one of the ladies who worked there had showed him one time. The stuff was almost intoxicating. It reeked of Jake Logan. It could’ve just as easily been called Jake Logan. Graduation night he showed up at school at precisely seven o’clock and rushed to the library to make sure Jake’s cap and gown were there. He found the box marked with Jake’s name and laid it aside, then went to look for Jake. He was standing, talking and laughing with some other jocks. When he saw Sean, he stepped away from them and came toward him. “Hey,” he greeted him with a warm smile. “Hey, yourself,” Sean said. He was surprised that Jake left his jock friends to come up to him. He held the wrapped gift down to his side, a little embarrassed, unsure whether he should give it to him right then, or wait. It was awkward, holding it, so he handed it to him. “Here, I bought you a graduation gift,” he said. “Thanks, man, you didn’t have to do that,” Jake said. “I think I was supposed to,” Sean said. “Actually, I wanted to get you something, not just for graduation, but also for all the help you’ve given me this past year in the weight room.” “I didn’t do all that much. You did most of it yourself,” Jake said. “Well, you’ve been a good friend,” Sean said. “I tried to be. You guys…you non-jocks…don’t deserve the crap the jocks throw out,” Jake said. “You never did that,” Sean said. “No, and I was ashamed of those who did. I mean, what the hell’s the big deal about being a jock? We’re good at playing games, for chrissakes. Most all athletes think that pulling on a jockstrap entitles them to special treatment. I spoke to the coach about it; told him he ought to stop it.” “I doubt that’ll ever happen,” Sean said. “Well, I tried.” “I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me, Jake; taking me under your wing and showing me the ropes in the gym.” “You’ve made fantastic progress. You’re turning into a regular stud.” “Don’t I wish. Maybe there’s still hope.” “Listen, I want you to keep in touch; keep me posted on your progress,” Jake told him as they walked toward the doorway leading into the hallway. They were stopped at the door by some of Jake’s friends and Sean stood aside to wait for him. There was a moment of banter then they went on and Jake turned back to him. “Hey, get my cap and gown from the library and bring it down to my locker, will you? Number 238,” Jake told him. Sean didn’t know why Jake wanted his cap and gown–they were supposed to change in the library–but he didn’t question him. Nobody questioned him, either, when he took the cap and gown from the library. He went up to the second floor and walked down the dark hallway toward the other end of the hall where Jake was standing, half hidden by his opened locker door. “Here you go,” he said as he approached the locker. He did a double-take when he saw Jake had taken off his dress shirt and was peeling off his T-shirt. “Do you think it’s going to be that hot in the gym?” Sean asked. “It’s not about being hot, although you’ve got a point,” Jake said as he reached for his belt. Sean watched in total, surprised bewilderment as the big athlete undid his belt, then his fly and shoved his pants down. He took them off and hung them in his locker. Then he shoved his shorts down and stepped out of them. He kicked them up in the air but missed the catch, and Sean snatched them out of the air and handed them to him. “Thanks.” “What’re you doing?” Sean asked in a tone of mild disbelief. “My brother told me about some guys who did this at their graduation from college. I’ve been waiting three years to do it.” “You’re gonna go naked under your gown?” Sean asked in disbelief. “What if somebody sees you, or finds out?” “Who’s gonna be checking to see if we’re dressed under our gowns?” Sean’s concern wasn’t if anyone would find out; his main concern at the moment was the big jock standing there in front of him in the hallway, naked except for his socks. He’d seen him naked before, but this was different from all those other times. It was more personal, even intimate; just the two of them standing in the dark hallway, sharing his secret. And Jake didn’t seem to be in any rush to put his gown on. “Here,” he said, holding the gown out to him. “Shake it out and hold it for me,” he said as he turned around and held his arms back. Now Sean had the guy’s backside to contend with. His mouth was watering, but suddenly went dry at the sight of Jake’s gorgeous muscle-butt. He shook the gown out and held it for Jake to slip his muscular arms in the sleeves. He pulled it up on his shoulders and Jake turned around, the front of the gown hanging open. And again, he was in no hurry to button it. He reached in his locker and brought out the gift Sean had given him, along with another wrapped gift. “Here, I got you something, too, for carrying my cap,” Jake said. “You certainly didn’t need to do that. I consider it an honor in itself,” Sean said. “Well, it’s not much. In fact, you’re probably going to think it’s dumb. I just hope you’re not insulted.” “I can’t imagine being insulted by anything you would give me,” Sean said. Jake had his gift unwrapped. “Wow! Hummer! I’ve seen this stuff in the stores,” he said as he uncapped the bottle to smell it. “Smells great. This is real studly stuff. Thanks.” “You’re welcome,” Sean said as he tore the wrapping off of his gift. “Man, this makes my gift to you look like crap,” Jake said. “I doubt that,” Sean said as he lifted the lid off the long, flat box. He blinked, looked at Jake then back at the box and then laughed softly. “Look, if you’re insulted…but I didn’t mean it that way.” “I’m not insulted, Jake,” Sean said emphatically as he lifted the garment out of the box. It was Jake’s worn, tattered jockstrap. “It’s not just any old jockstrap. There’s a little history behind it,” Jake went on. “I’ve worn it all through high school. Won three state championship games wearing it. And then you wore it that first time you worked out with me, and look at where it got you; looking like you do now. I just thought it ought to be retired. I autographed it, in the waistband. Which was really dumb because now you can’t wear it.” “Why not?” “Well, you would have to explain why you’re wearing a jockstrap with my name in it.” “Almost everybody puts their name in their jockstrap,” Sean said. “I’ll just tell them I borrowed it and forgot to give it back.” “No, dude, I autographed it, with my name. Take a look.” kızkalesi escort He took the jockstrap and held it up so Sean could read the waistband. “Good Luck. Keep Lifting. Jake,” Sean read. He was so excited he could hardly speak. “Hell, I’m still wearing it,” he declared. “Hey, I’ve got an idea,” Jake said as he reached in his locker. He brought out the bottle from the Hummer gift set and uncapped it. He splashed some in his hand and rubbed it across his chest, then splashed some more and rubbed it in his crotch. “Just in case it gets hot and sweaty in the gym,” he quipped. Sean stood mesmerized, and deeply moved that Jake was using his gift in such a manner. Jake put the cap back on the bottle and put it in his locker. Still, he stood with his gown open. “Look, Sean…I, uh…don’t mean this to sound…well, mean, or degrading, but…well, there’s something you should know,” Jake said in a husky tone. Sean waited. “What?” he asked, finally. “I know about you,” Jake said, placing his ham-like hand on Sean’s shoulder. It wasn’t a threatening tone or gesture; he said it in a kind manner. “Know…w-what?” Sean stammered, but he knew instinctively what Jake was talking about. He was glad they were in the darkened hallway where his flushed embarrassment didn’t show. “I think you know what I’m talking about,” Jake said huskily. Sean tried to speak, his mouth moved, but he couldn’t get any words out. “It’s okay, dude…I know you like guys…I’m okay with it,” Jake said. Sean swallowed the lump in his throat, audibly hard. He didn’t think anybody knew. Maybe some suspicions, but nobody had ever approached him about it. “H-How?” Sean asked in a weak voice. “How d-did you know?” “It doesn’t matter,” Jake said. “I just wanted you to know I know, and it’s all right. I’m okay with it.” “You are?” “Yeah. Sure. What the fuck difference does it make? Whose business is it, anyway? Only reason I’m telling you is to maybe make you feel okay about it yourself…in case you don’t, I mean… you know, I thought you might feel better about it if you knew somebody else is okay with it.” “Thanks…I think,” Sean said. “But why are you waiting till now, this moment. I mean, why didn’t you tell me sooner?” “I wanted to. I almost did a couple of times, but I just didn’t know how to tell you,” Jake said. “But I wanted to get it out there before I graduated.” He smiled then. “Or maybe you were asking, how come I let all that time be wasted?” “No, not necessarily, but…okay, yeah, in way, I guess that’s what I’m asking too. If it’d been anybody else–any of the other jocks–I’m sure they would’ve let me know in no uncertain terms that they knew about me.” “Oh, shit, if it’d been any of those other guys, your life would’ve been hell,” Jake said. “It has been anyway, in a way. My own private hell,” Sean said. “I never said or did anything to make you feel that way, did I?” Jake asked, concerned. “You did everything to make me feel that way, you just didn’t know it,” Sean said. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Geezuss, what’d I say? I mean I told a few fag jokes in the locker room, but I never meant anything by them. Nothing personal.” “It wasn’t your fault; there was nothing you could have or should have done any differently.” “Then…I don’t understand,” Jake said. “Just being around you in the locker room, in the workout room, in the showers,” Sean said. “That was your hell? I was your hell?” “Not just you. The other guys too, but mostly you, because I was closer to you and you were so nice to me. I don’t expect you to understand, but you’ve got nothing to feel guilty about. It was my hell; I learned to live in it.” “Then I…I must be causing you some kind of hell right now?” Jake asked hesitantly. “Yes. Like now, you standing there with all those beautiful muscles exposed, hanging out of your gown like that…yes, like now.” Jake seemed to be gritting his teeth. “Fuck, man, I don’t know what to say. I guess I didn’t understand everything as well as I thought,” he said. “I wouldn’t expect you to,” Sean said. “Well, I…I guess I’d better get this thing snapped up,” Jake said, reaching down to gather the bottom of his gown to snap it up from the bottom. “I’ll help you,” Sean said as he quickly dropped down on one knee and began putting the snaps together. Jake straightened and the gown hung wide open up to his chest. Sean’s fingers were shaking so bad he could barely get the snaps together. He tried to keep his eyes fixed on the snaps but there were those massive thighs right in front of him, and a few snaps higher, his face lifted, the guy’s magnificent manhood suspended out from the apex of those thick thighs. He swallowed hard, sucking in deep breaths of air to fill his lungs so he wouldn’t get light headed. “You sure smell good,” he remarked nervously. He glanced upward, his eyes raking up across the plain of the athlete’s hard, deep-ridged abs, to his wide, thick chest, to his incredibly handsome face smiling down at him. “It’s okay, man,” Jake said in a hoarse whisper as he put one hand gently on Sean’s shoulder. “This is not my ego talking–you know I’m not like that– but it’s okay…I mean, go ahead…if…if you want to; I’m okay with it.” Oh Godd, Sean thought, he’s telling me…fuck, he’s offering himself to me! He didn’t know what to do. Should he? Right there in the hallway? He had never done anything like this in his entire life; only dreamed and fantasized about it. Oh, Shit! What am I supposed to do? I can’t, not right here in the hallway. But it was dark, and he was protected by Jake’s gown and Jake’s body. In the end, in those few seconds, the decision was made that would change his life. Hands trembling, he placed them around the back of Jake’s muscular thighs. It was like touching warm rock, his thighs were so solid. “Have you ever let anyone touch you like this before, Jake?” he asked in a trembling voice. “Another guy, I mean.” “No,” Jake said as he hunkered his hips forward so his cock touched Sean’s face. Wonderful, Sean thought. Bravely, he nuzzled his face into his crotch, alongside his heavy balls. He smelled wonderful. He lapped deep in the apex of his thighs and he tasted wonderful. “Aww, yeah, that feels great,” Jake whispered as he clasped his hand on the back of Sean’s head and smashed his groin into his face. “But we don’t have a lot of time,” he added. Sean leaned back and found Jake’s cock laying across his palm, the head close to his lips. Jake brushed it back and forth against Sean’s lips, leaving warm, sticky precome on them. Sean let his lips go slack and the hardening cock easily pried them apart, and suddenly he had his mouth full of warm, live cock. Jake’s moan rumbled deep in his belly as he shoved his cock in Sean’s mouth. Sean clasped his hands around his legs and tilted his head for him to fuck his mouth. He couldn’t believe what they were doing; first that he was sucking Jake Logan’s cock, and secondly that they were doing it right there in the hallway with the library full of kids downstairs and a gym full of people waiting for the graduation ceremony to begin. What if someone came looking for Jake? At that moment, Sean didn’t care. Jake put one hand on Sean’s head and the other on his shoulder, guiding him and urging him on his cock. He didn’t have to, but Sean liked his hands on him. He only wished they were someplace else, like the locker room, where he could be naked too, and not be so nervous. “You ever done this before?” Jake asked. Sean shook his head, his mouth full of cock, then he withdrew and replied, “No.” “Well, just so you know, you’re doing great down there,” Jake said. Sean leaned back and smiled. “You’re doing great, too. I love your cock,” he said. “Yeah, I can tell you do,” Jake said. “Listen, we can’t take too long; I’m gonna work it up if you want it. Do you want it? My load, I mean,” he asked. “Yes,” Sean said. “Are you sure? If this is your first time…if you’ve never taken a load before…I mean, I don’t want you to have any regrets over your first time.” “No, you’re the first, and I’m glad you’re the first, and I want to take you off, all the way. There won’t be any regrets,” Sean said. “Well, I was gonna say, too…I cum quite a bit,” Jake said. “I’ll handle it,” Sean said with great confidence. “Actually, I cum a lot. I don’t want to choke you or drown you,” he said. “That’s okay. Just give me some warning,” Sean said. “Okay, I’m warning you now; it ain’t gonna take long to get me off; you’re so fuckin’ good at it.” “I wanta be good at it for you, Jake. I want it to be the best I can do,” Sean told him as Jake urged him back onto his cock. He whimpered happily as Jake clasped his big hands around his head to hold him in place as he began fucking his mouth. He clasped one hand around Jake’s taut butt and took his balls in his other hand and pulled down on them. He knew how good it felt when he did that to himself when he jacked off and he hoped it would feel good for Jake. Yeah, it did…Jake started moaning. “Yeah, pull on `em; squeeze those big fuckers, squeeze the come right out of them,” he moaned. Sean kept his mouth moving back and forth on his cock, slurping each stroke with his tongue. “Fuck, your tongue alone is gonna get me off,” Jake moaned. Yes, tell me what you like, Sean thought; tell me what you want me to do. Godd, how he wished they were somewhere alone, and not standing in the darkened hallway at school. “I’m getting close,” Jake whispered with urgency, tightening his fingers around the top of Sean’s head. He kept sucking. “Are you sure you want it, cause I’m about there, and there’s gonna be a shit load of it,” he said. “Mmn-Mmmm,” Sean replied, nodding his head, as he sucked him all the harder. “Okay, jock, you got it,” Jake said hoarsely. “Here I come! Awwh, fuck dude, you’re gonna get it! Here…it…coommmmeess!!” Sean locked one arm around tightly Jake’s right thigh and trembled with him as his climax overtook his muscular body. His muscles twitched and his hips lurched out of control and suddenly his cock fairly exploded in Sean’s mouth. “UUUUhhhnnnnnnn!” he moaned loudly as he shot the first salvo into his mouth. Then another, and another and another. Fuck! He was coming like a horse! Sean’s reached back and snatched his handkerchief out of his pocket to hold under his chin because he couldn’t get the stuff swallowed fast enough and it was running out of the corners of his mouth. For those few moments of absolute bliss, neither boy would have known if anyone came along, or cared. All that mattered was Jake’s big muscular body, convulsing with his climax and his great cock spurting thick streams of warm cum into Sean’s mouth. It seemed to go on forever, and Sean wondered when he would stop cumming. He couldn’t believe anybody could shoot that much and so hard. His handkerchief was soaking up with cum that was running out of his mouth because he couldn’t swallow it fast enough. “Ohh…ohh, fuck,” Jake gasped breathlessly as he leaned against the lockers. “Geezuss, I never came like that before in my life. Shit, my legs are shaking so bad, I won’t be able to walk across the stage.” Sean clasped his hands around Jakes taut, round butt and pulled him in tight so his loins were smashed against his face, forcing him to swallow the big athlete’s cock all the way down. “Ohhh, Geezusss, how do you do that?” Jake moaned. Sean slowly pulled back, extracting the thick meat from his throat till the head was in his mouth, then he pursed his lips and milked the long tube to drain the last of his cum so it wouldn’t run down his legs or stain his gown. When he released it, it fell with a soft, wet smack against Jake’s thigh. Sean’s legs were weak, too, and shaking. “Thanks,” he said softly as he began snapping the gown closed. “Oh, shit, man don’t thank me,” Jake said, laughing. “Shit, I can’t believe that was your first time. You deep throated my cock, and you drank my cum. That was awesome.” “Yeah, I’m thanking you,” Sean said. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that, and I never held out a chance that it would ever happen, not in this lifetime, and especially not with you.” “Wish I’d known sooner,” Jake said. “And that I’d had the balls to mention it sooner. But hey, this doesn’t have to be the first, last and only time. You can visit me at college, and I’ll be home on breaks, if you want to get together.” “Yes, I would like that.” “Well, we’d better get out there,” Jake said. Sean knew he would have to shave his body for competition. He dreaded it so that it almost made him change his mind about competing. How would he explain that in the locker room, being smooth as a baby’s butt? He wasn’t all that hairy, but it would be noticeable, especially his legs being smooth a girl’s. Finally, he bit the bullet. He not only shaved, he did it right in the school shower. They were going to notice it anyway so he might as well let them watch him do it. It was like any other time in the shower, guys soaping up and rinsing tarsus escort off and laughing and making crude jokes, till Sean lathered up his right thigh with shaving cream and started shaving with the razor he’d brought to school. Rick Smith started making fun of him. “What the fuck are you doing?” Rick asked, laughing. “I have to do it for competition,” Sean said calmly. “Fuck, you’re shaving your legs?” Rick said in disbelief. “Getting them all nice and smooth for who?” Sean laid the razor on the soap dispenser. “I said I have to do it for competition,” he said, as he made a move toward him. “Hey, only kidding, man,” Rick said quickly, stepping back. “No, truth is, I wasn’t going to say anything in front of the guys, but I’m getting them all nice and smooth for you, Rick, baby,” Sean said. “Hey, why don’t you shave Rick, that way there would be two of you and he wouldn’t make fun of you, nobody would make fun of you,” someone said. “Yeah, we’ll hold him for you,” another boy said. “No way,” Rick cried as he tried to rush out of the shower. But they caught him. “Come on, guys, don’t do this.” But they ignored him. Sean shook the can of shaving cream and squirted it all over and around his pubes.” “Not there! Not my cock hair,” Rick screeched, trying to wrest himself free of the four guys who were holding him. Sean set the shaving cream aside and picked up the razor. “Somebody want to hold his cock out of the way?” he asked. “Not me.” “Not me, either.” “Sure as hell not me.” “I ain’t touching another guy’s cock.” “Do you wanta hold it out of the way,” Sean asked Rick. “No! I don’t want this to happen!” he blurted. Suddenly one of the boys, Justin Lake, grabbed Rick’s cock and pulled it aside. “Shave him,” he said. Sean held up the razor. “You really should stop trying to get away and stand perfectly still, otherwise you might end up being de-nutted.” “Please…please don’t do this,” he begged. “Shave him,” Justin said again. Sean began shaving off the hair on his lower abs, above the hairline. “Geezusss, be careful,” Rick gasped. “Just hold still.” “Godd, I don’t believe you’re doing this,” he whined. “How am I going to explain this to my girl, being all smooth like a baby?” “You won’t have to,” Justin said. “I’ll spread the word that you shaved just for me, not her.” When he was finished down to the hairline, Sean picked up the shaving cream again. He started to squirt it on Rick’s balls but changed his mind. “You don’t have enough hair on your balls to bother with,” he said. “Okay, I’ll spare your cockhair. How your armpits.” The boys lifted his arms for Sean to shave his armpits. A couple of the boys were laughing. “You’re gonna look like a ten year old when you shoot baskets.” “Now his legs. Shave his legs,” someone said. “No. No, please, don’t shave my legs,” Rick begged. “That’s what you were making fun of, me shaving mine,” Sean reminded him. “Shave him,” Justin said. “I’ll get the word out that I like my guys with nice, smooth legs.” “You keep your fuckin’ mouth shut,” Rick growled. “I’m gonna look like a fag, shit like that coming from you, people might start believing it.” “Are you saying I look like a fag?” Sean asked. “Man, you just got your ass shaved if these guys will hold you.” Everyone laughed. “Fuck yeah, we’ll hold him.” “Now, that’ll really convince everybody, that you shaved your ass for me, and I tell around that I like my guys with nice smooth butts.” Rick started whimpering. Not crying, just whimpering helplessly. All the while, Sean was putting the shaving cream on Rick’s right leg. “Just shave one leg, it’ll stand out more,” someone suggested. When Sean was finished with his leg he told the guys to turn him around and bend him over. They made him grab his ankles, a position that spread his butt wide apart, exposing right down to his asshole. “Now, hold very still while I perform this delicate operation,” Sean said. He knew he was taking things too far, but the excitement was getting to him; the excitement of shaving the other athlete, and having the other guys watch. He was careful, and Rick held perfectly still. It was hand that Sean had trouble controlling. It wanted to shake, he was so nervous. And what all the other boys didn’t know was, that he was nervous from wanton desire. He wanted to bury his face in Rick’s fine, taut ass and lick his asshole that would soon be as smooth as a baby’s butt. He wanted to take his smooth cock in his mouth and bury his face against his smooth loins. That, he was thinking, would be how he would make it up to him, for he took little pleasure in Rick being made out to be the fag. He finished with Rick’s ass and smacked it. “Okay, you’d better shower again and wash off all the hair, so you don’t itch,” he told him. Rich was teared up as he moved out of the grip of the four boys and got under a shower. “Damn, you look fine,” one of the boys said. “Shut the fuck up!” Rick yelled. “I oughta report this!” “Who are you going to report it to? Your Mama? Or, tell your Dad, or the coach. They’re gonna wanta know why you stood still for it.” “Yeah, if I were you, I would just try to sort of hide it till the hair grows back,” Justin said. Then he blurted, “Ohh, Shit! Don’t do that?” Rick had bent over to wash his legs. “Damn, your ass always was fine, now it’s almost mouth watering, so nice and smooth, just like my girl’s pussy.” “Shut…the fuck…up!” Rick said as he straightened and turned his butt to the wall. He raised one arm and soaped his smooth armpit. Sean stood eyeing his teammate discreetly, now feeling kind of sorry for him. The other guys were still laughing and joking around. He needed to make it up to him. But in front of the other guys? That would shut them up for damn sure. He’d been wanting to do something like that…yeah, trying to find the courage…maybe now was the time. Now or never. He walked over to Rick and began licking his exposed armpit. “W-What’re you doing! Geezusss, Man! Ohhhh…ohh, fuck.” “I’m coming out,” he said quietly. “Just let me do this.” The shower room suddenly became quiet except for the water spraying from the showerheads. It was quiet for a long moment as Sean continued licking Rick’s smooth armpit and rubbing his hand over his tight stomach. “Holy Shit!” somebody said. “What the fuck is he doing?” another said. “Geezuss, Sean, what’re you doing?” Sean began kissing across Rick’s muscular chest, and moved in front of him. “What the fuck does it look like I’m doing,” he said over his shoulder as he went down on his haunches. He lifted Rick’s meaty cock in his hand then took it in his mouth.” “Holy Fuck!” “Aww, Mannn! I do not fuckin’ believe this!” Sean sucked on Rick’s cock for a moment then let it go and turned his head to his other teammates. “What’s the big deal? You never saw anybody come out before?” Then he looked up at Rick. “I like you nice and smooth like this,” he said. “I wish I’d shaved around your cock.” Then he went back down on him. “Fuck, what if the coach walks in,” someone said. “Well, I guess he’ll know what the rest of us know,” Justin Lake said as he began stroking his meaty cock. One by one, the boys began pulling on their cocks and stroking them as they watched their two teammates. No one noticed Adam Ashley under the last shower, with his cock standing almost straight up against his stomach, throbbing and bucking wildly, the way he was gazing at the two athletes. Especially Sean Lucas. What courage! He could remember when Sean was the shy one who would’ve taken the last shower to be out of the way of the other jocks, and now he was coming out to the world! If only… Suddenly, Adam moved from under his shower, making his way past the others who had gathered around. He went right up to Sean and touched his shoulder. Sean looked up as he fisted Rick’s hard cock. “Thanks for your courage,” Adam said hoarsely. Then he stepped over to Justin Lake and took hold of his cock. Justin let go of it and they just looked at each other for a moment, right into each other’s eyes. Then Adam went to his knees and began sucking Justin. “Holy Fuck! Another one!” somebody said. Sean was happily surprised when he learned that the bodybuilding competition was being held in the college town where Jake was going to school. He mulled it over…maybe Jake had forgotten all about him, or if not, would he even be interested…but he finally called him. His roommate answered “Jake’s not in. He’s out on a date.” “That figures,” Sean said. “Just tell him Sean Lucas called. I went to school with Jake. Tell him I’m in a bodybuilding competition next Saturday afternoon at the Laker Auditorium.” When the big day came Sean began to get a case of nerves. He was as nervous and excited over the possibility of Jake being there as he was the competition itself. A guide took him backstage at the auditorium and showed him the pump room where the competitors would assemble, waiting to be called out. “There’s a cross of white tape center stage. That’s where you go when you’re called out, and you work your routine from there.” “Thanks.” “Do you have someone with you, or someone coming?” the guide asked. “No.” The guy frowned. “You should’ve brought someone. But that’s okay, I’ll find someone to come back and apply the bronzer and oil. Lift up your shirt.” Sean pulled his shirt up to expose his tanned upper body. “Maybe you don’t need bronzer. How about your tan line? Drop your jeans and let me see.” Sean undid his fly and shoved his jeans down, exposing his tiny white briefs. “The shorts, too,” the guy said. He was hesitant, but then peeled them down. “Turn around. Wow! You don’t need bronzer. You’ve got a perfect tan. Okay, I’ll send somebody back to oil you up. You’re Sean, right?” “Yes.” “And you’re new to the game,” he said with a warm smile. “This is my first competition,” Sean said. “Just relax and have fun. You’ll do fine. You can go ahead and get undressed and put on your posing suit. I don’t know where you are in the lineup, but this thing just might start on time.” Sean moved to a dimly lit corner and finished undressing. He had stripped hundreds of times in the locker room in front of his teammates, but it was different among these strangers, who were his competition. He watched discreetly, the guys standing naked while other men rubbed bronzer and muscle sheen on their bodies. How did they keep from getting hard, he wondered. He was scared he would. “Sean Lucas. I’m looking for Sean Lucas.” “Here,” he said, raising his hand like a schoolboy. He could only make out the tall, heavily muscled silhouette of a man. “How’re you doing, dude?” He came into his area of dim light and Sean gasped. “Jake!” “They said you need an assistant,” Jake said, laughing. “Jake! What’re you doing here? How did know…” “Well, you invited me,” Jake said. “But I would’ve been here anyway. I come to these things all the time. Come here, let me look at you,” he said as he took Sean’s arm and led him into the light. “Damn! You were paying attention when we were working out together.” “I listened and did everything you told me,” Sean said. “You fuckin’ did a lot more than I told you. Shit! You are built!” “Thanks,” Sean said, feeling embarrassed. “Let me see your posing suit.” Sean walked back into the dim corner and bent over to dig his posing suit out of his bag. “Fuck, man, don’t do that,” Jake said, laughing. “Don’t do what?” “Don’t bend over like that. Shit, you can smell the testosterone back here; they see that fine, tight muscle butt of yours all spread open like that, you’ll be walking funny out on stage.” Sean laughed. “Here’s my suit,” he said, handing the tiny, deep purple garment to Jake. “You got an extra one?” “No. That one cost me forty-five bucks, I couldn’t afford two. And I didn’t know I needed an extra.” “You should always have an extra. No matter, though, I’ve got one,” Jake said, reaching for his back pocket. “You brought a posing suit?” “Yeah, I figured you wouldn’t know to bring an extra,” Jake said. “What’s wrong with this one?” Sean asked. “It’s the wrong color for you. Purple looks great on black guys. But you’ve got such a great tan, yellow will make you stand out more. Here, try this on, let’s see how it looks.” Sean stepped into the suit and pulled it up. He lifted his manhood into the pouch and pulled the suit up around his hips, but it didn’t pull up in front. The waist dipped down dangerously low with the weight of his manhood. He tugged on it but it fell back. “I don’t think I can wear this one, it fits kinda low in front,” he said. “It’ll do fine. Is that your natural state or are you swollen and fluffed up from the excitement?” with a grin. “A little of both, I guess,” Sean said, embarrassed. “Why aren’t those other guys getting hard? If I had those gorgeous babes hands on my body like that, I would be popping a nut.” “Because they can’t,” Jake said. “What do you mean they can’t?” “Steroids,” Jake said. “They’ll anamur escort be lucky to get half as fluffed up as you are.” “Steroids does that?” “Damn straight it does. And if you look close enough, their balls are about the size of a six year old. Don’t ever get on that stuff, Sean. It’s not worth it. Besides, you’ve got a great body, naturally. Listen, can you get rid of the fluff?” “I don’t know what I can do about it…except jack off,” he said jokingly. “Okay, go back in the corner and take care of it,” Jake said. Sean gaped at him, wide-eyed. “You mean…go jack off?” “Yeah, you said that would get rid of it.” “Man, I can’t jack off right here in front of all of these guys.” “Sure you can. They do it all the time.” Jake tugged at the front of the posing suit, held it up, then let go of it. The heavy pouch plunged back down, drawing the waist of the suit down again. “Okay, let’s go to the rest room.” “Like this?” “Hey, that’s what they came to see,” Jake said. “If you’re going to be bashful about people seeing you in the hallway, you’re not ready to walk out there on that stage.” Sean followed him to the restroom, keenly aware of the looks he got from passersby. They went back to the last stall. Jake opened the door and motioned for him to go inside. He pulled the door almost closed and held it. “I’ll stand guard for you,” he said. Sean hauled his cock out and began pulling on it. His cock grew hard in seconds and he began jacking it. He was nervous, especially in this situation, with Jake standing right outside the door. “How’re you doing in there?” Jake asked after several minutes. “Okay, but…I don’t think its gonna cum,” Sean said. “It takes me a long time.” “You don’t have a long time, dude. And now you’ve got a full-blown hardon. You sure as hall can’t walk out there like that. Jack it a little harder. You’ve got certain ways of making it feel good, don’t you? Every guy does.” “Yeah, but I’m doing `em,” Sean said. “I’m too nervous, I think.” A moment later, Jake asked, “Do you want me to give you a hand?” “You mean…y-you…jack me off?” Sean stammered. “Maybe my hand would feel different,” Jake said. He didn’t wait for an answer. He shoved the door open and went into the stall. “You’re gonna miss your call, dude,” he said as he took hold of Sean’s cock and began jacking it. “Shit, if you went out there with this, they would arrest you for carrying a concealed weapon.” Sean leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes. `Ohhh… Oh, Godd!” he moaned. “Shhh! We don’t want anybody to know there are two guys in here,” Jake said “My hand feeling better?” “Ohh, Yess! Your hand feels great!” “Work it up. I wanta see you shoot that load.” “Ohh, you’re gonna…no way I could hold off…ohhh…ohhh, Jake… I’m getting there…don’t stop…Ohhh…ohhh, here it comes!” he whispered. Seconds later he let loose with a huge salvo of thick cum that shot out in a long rope and splattered against the opposite wall. “Holy Shit!” Jake gasped as he kept jacking the big, belching cock. “Fuck, no wonder you were swelled up with all that buildup.” Sean’s body was shaking with his climax. The stuff kept shooting out, hitting the wall with soft splats and running down the wall. Finally, his trajectory lowered and he was shooting across the toilette seat. His legs were shaking so bad they threatened to collapse under him. When he slumped, Jake grabbed him to steady him. He let go of his cock and unrolled some toilette paper to wipe the cum off his hand and off of Sean’s cock. He squeezed and milked the rubbery tube, squeezing all of the cum out. “Don’t wanta leave cum spots on your suit,” he said. “Okay, let’s go,” he said. “What about that?” Sean asked, nodding to the mess on the wall. “Leave it.” They rushed back to the pump room just as the announcer was making his welcoming speech. Sean’s legs were shaking. “Did you get muscle sheen?” “Yes, I’ve got it right here, in my bag,” Sean said. He dug it out and Jake took it from him. Oh, Godd, he though, Jake’s hands are gonna be all over me, I’m gonna get hard again. But he didn’t. The explosion he’d left back in the rest room was enough so he managed to keep his cock from doing anything but fluff up a little. But, Godd, Jake’s hands felt good on his body. Five minutes later, he heard his name called. “Okay, you’re on. Get out there and do your stuff.” He glanced down at himself. He was so tingly from Jake’s hands, he felt like he weighed a ton down there. “Move!” Jake hissed. Sean froze. He’d never been so scared in his life. He felt Jake’s big hand squeezing his butt. “You’re gonna do great. Get out there.” It was as if Jake’s hand thawed the freeze and Sean strode past the heavy curtain, and onto the stage. He saw the taped spot and went to it. He waited for his music to start, and a wave of calm swept over him. As he began his routine there was applause from the crowd and people calling out his name. His confidence soared. The applause got louder. He nailed every pose, moving gracefully from one pose to the next. Suddenly it was over. He had done the last pose. He didn’t know what he should do next, move off the stage, or wait till the applause died down. The announcer said his name and the crowd went crazy. They began chanting his name. Looking from one side of the auditorium to the other, Sean saw Jake in the wing. He was waving frantically at him, and bowing and raising his arms, and then waving Sean off the stage. Sean took a bow, going down to one knee. He stood and raised his arms wide, then left the stage. “Damn, you blew `em away!” Jake said as he grabbed him and hugged him tight. “That was fuckin’ awesome!” “Thanks. Scary is what it was.” “You didn’t look scared,” Jake said. “I was ready to shit my pants.” Sean took first in the teenage class, beating out four other guys. Oddly, he hadn’t even seen his competition till he watched them on stage. “That was a fuckin’ waste of time,” one of them grumbled as he came off stage. “You looked great,” Sean said as he walked past him. “Not beside you, I didn’t,” the boy said, without even looking at him. Jake hugged Sean with one arm. “Don’t let that get to you. You came here to compete. Somebody’s always got to be better than the others.” In a surprising move, Sean also took first in the overall. It was even scarier, going out to accept the trophy, standing out in front of all the other bodybuilders. It was a heady moment, made more so when the announcer said it was a first in his time in the business, that a teenager had taken the overall. Backstage, a lot of the other bodybuilders came over to shake Sean’s hand and congratulate him. A lot of them didn’t. “I don’t know why, but it’s sort of a let down, now,” Sean said as he was getting dressed. “That was a pretty awesome high you were on, you’re gonna take a while to come down from it,” Jake said. “Come on, let’s get something to eat.” Jake bought lunch at a small diner just off campus. “Listen, that stuff I rubbed on you is probably uncomfortable under your clothes. Do you wanta come back to my dorm room and shower?” “That’d be great. But what about your roommate? Would he care?” “He wouldn’t, but he’s not here. He went home for the weekend.” Back in Jake’s dorm room, Sean stripped off while Jake made sure there were clean towels in the bathroom. “The stuff is all over my clothes,” Sean said. “I can loan you shorts and a T-shirt,” Jake said. Sean went to shower. The muscle sheen made sort of rusty water as he washed it off. Suddenly the shower curtain slid open and there stood Jake, naked. “Is there room for two in there?” Sean was too startled to answer at first. He hadn’t seen Jake since school and there he was in all his naked glory, looking like some kind of a god. He didn’t know why Jake wanted to shower with him, but it was his shower so he couldn’t say no. “Sure, there’s room,” he said. Jake stepped one foot in then hesitated. “Listen, if you’re uncomfortable with it…” “No, I’m not,” Sean said quickly. “Good. I was hoping you wouldn’t be,” Jake said as he stepped in and pulled the curtain. The shower really wasn’t big enough for two, but they crowded in. Sean had been soaping up his crotch when the curtain opened, and he went back to it. It was impossible for them not to touch and after a few times they stopped moving away from each other. Sean handed the soap to Jake as he turned around to face the shower spray. He started when he felt Jake’s hand on his butt. He inched away, thinking it was accidental but then he felt both of Jake’s hands. It wasn’t accidental. Jake was soaping up his butt for him, even working his slick fingers in his crack. “I hope this doesn’t make you uncomfortable,” Jake said huskily. “Stop me if it does.” Sean didn’t say anything and he didn’t do anything to stop him. Jake’s hands were feeling good again, and he was getting a hardon. “Good,” Jake said. “Fuck, you don’t know how many times I wanted to do this in the showers back at school.” “I…d-didn’t know…had no idea,” Sean said. “Nobody knew except me,” Jake said. “So many times I wanted to tell you. Sad that all that time, all those opportunities, were wasted.” “I was stunned when you offered to help me out in the rest room stall,” Sean said. “Turn around,” Jake said. Sean turned around to face him, his hardon standing up tall and proud. “Fuck!” Jake whispered as he took hold of his cock and began jacking it. “You had no idea why I asked you to work out with me, did you?” “I just thought you wanted me to work out with you. I was surprised as hell that you even paid any attention to me.” “I thought I’d found my courage, when I asked you to start working out with me,” Jake said. “But I still didn’t have the balls to follow through.” “Looks like you found them now,” Sean said. “Yeah, mine and yours,” Jake said as he cupped Sean’s balls. “Now I’m gonna show you how courageous I can be.” He ran his hands down Sean’s sides as he went to his knees. “Oh, fuck, Jake…y-you’re gonna d-do it…?” “Dam straight I’m gonna do it.” He knelt there, gazing at Sean’s cock while he ran his hands all over his body. “I love your body,” he said. “Damn, you really packed on the muscle.” He began kissing Sean’s thighs. At the same time he took him by the hips and urged him to turn around again. “My cock is in front,” Sean joked as he turned around. “But your ass is in back,” Jake said. “Don’t worry, I’ll get to your cock. But there’s something else I’ve always wanted to try, and you’re the only one I can try it with. Bend over.” Sean felt his slick fingers first, rubbing around his asshole, probing through the tight muscle. Then his hot breath. Then his tongue. “Ohhhh…Ohh, Godd, Jake…I can’t believe you’re doing this.” “Then you’re not going to believe it when I tell you, I want you to fuck me.” “Ohh, this has turned out to be the most wonderful day of my life,” Sean whispered as the big athlete’s tongue dragged over his asshole. When he’d had his fill of Sean’s ass, Jake stood and hugged him tightly against his body. “Fuck, you feel good. I’ve wanted to do this…shit, just hold a guy like this.” “I came out, Jake,” Sean said. “No kidding? To someone special, or to the world?” “Well, might as well say to the world. It was in the showers, when I first shaved myself.” “Who else was in the showers?” Jake asked. “Everybody. It was after PE class.” “Hold it! No fuckin’ shit! You came out to the whole shower room? What’d you do, just announce that you’re gay?” “No, nothing that subtle,” Sean said. He told him about shaving Rick Smith, then finding his courage to do what he did. Jake laughed hard. “I don’t believe anybody’s got balls like that! Shit, I can’t even find the nerve to come out to my roommate.” “I guess you don’t have to.” They both froze at the sound of the voice that wasn’t Sean’s. Then the shower curtain was being slowly drawn back, and there stood Jacob, Jake’s roommate. “Jacob! Fuck, man, I thought you…” “I had a flat tire. By the time I got it fixed, it was too late, so I decided to come back,” Jacob said. “Well…I guess you know, now,” Jake said. “I’ve got a pretty good idea,” Jacob said. “This is Sean Lucas. We went to school together,” Jake said. “He just took first place in a bodybuilding competition.” “I can see why,” Jacob said, his eyes raking boldly over Sean’s naked body. There was an awkward silence, till Jacob spoke again. “I don’t want to intrude on your little celebration, but if you guys wouldn’t mind company…” “You…Jacob?” Jake stammered, visibly shocked. “Fuck, yeah, me,” Jacob said, laughing as he began taking off his clothes. “I guess we both hid it too well.” “Shit, all that time wasted,” Jake said. “We can make it up,” Jacob said. Then he looked squarely at Sean. “You’re not saying anything. You don’t mind, do you? If you do…if you would rather me leave you guys alone…” “No,” Sean said quickly. “No, I don’t mind. Besides, it’s your shower.” “Great, because I can’t wait to get my hands on that body.” The End (If you liked the story–or if you didn’t–please let me hear from you; my email address is ive. Especially if you’ve had anything like this happen to you, or anything close; I would like to hear about it. I get a lot of my ideas and inspiration from readers. Thanks, Pete

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