Subject: Parker Brothers, Part I (athletics/incest/college/highschool) This story involves two fictional brothers–I just thought it’d be hot to write a story about two brothers fucking. I’m thinking about writing more, so if you enjoy it, I’d like any comments. Have hoo. Parker Brothers, Part I Jack Parker had loved guys for as long as he could remember–it was just that no one else knew that he did. Jack was a pretty typical seventeen year-old: he was a junior in high school in Dallas, a typical preppy jock who was easy-going, and an all-around good kid. He was also hot as hell, and he knew it. He wasn’t cocky or anything, but he knew that when he walked around school, people turned and looked at him. Jack was the kind of guy that the girls wanted to bring home to mom and dad. But Jack was also the kind of guy who the girls all wanted to fuck. There wasn’t a girl in Jack’s school who given the chance wouldn’t spread her legs and let Jack pound away. The guys all thought he was a stud. The straight boys all wanted to be his bud, and the gay guys all jerked off thinking about this kid. And why not? He was pretty much perfect. Jack was about 6’2” and weighed in at 180. He had one of those bodies that looked like he spent hours at the gym, but in truth, Jack didn’t work out that much. He was a jock, and he got his body that way. In the fall he played football–with his height he was the perfect quarterback, and he followed that up in the spring with baseball. He was tanned year-round, and he had nice hard pecs and a six pack that he loved to feel up and down while he jerked himself off. He kept is dark brown hair short, always staying try to his preppy jock style. If there was one thing that Jack liked, though, it was his cock. It was big, about 8 inches cut, and thick. He had two balls that hung real low that he tugged on while he stroked his meat–something that Jack did a lot. He loved to sit and jerk off in front of his computer where he’d spend hours watching hot dudes fucking. Jack couldn’t get enough of his cock, and would feel his body up and down while he masturbated. And that’s exactly what Jack was thinking about as he rushed home from school Friday afternoon. His parents wouldn’t be home until later, so he knew he’d have a few good hours to play around. He couldn’t wait to get home, strip down to his boxer briefs, and start looking at some hot gay porn. He had just downloaded some hot new stuff–guys his age fucking and sucking and blowing cum all over each other’s faces. It was going to be a good afternoon. Jack rushed out of his car, fumbled for his keys, and ran through the front door, when he heard, “Hey, Jacky boy!” “Fuck,” Jack thought. “What the hell is he doing home?” He was Chris, Jack’s brother, and was three years older than Jack. Chris was a junior at The University of Texas down in Austin, but rarely came home unannounced. Jack didn’t remember hearing anything about Chris being home this weekend. As pissed as Jack was that Chris interrupted his jerking time, he was still glad his big bro was home. Jack idolized his brother in every way. Jack wanted to be just like Chris in three years: a frat jock boy who was a fucking stud in every way. Chris was your typical college frat boy, and he looked a lot like Jack. Chris was tall and tanned with muscles in all the right places. When he wore his tight polo shirts, you could tell that his pecs were hard and big, and his arms filled out the sleeves nicely. He had a hard six pack, and brown hair that he had grown out at college. Jack was sure that Chris got any girl that he wanted at school, and Jack had spent plenty of nights jerking his cock to the thought of his brother pounding some chick. “How you been, buddy?” Chris asked. “Good, you know, same shit as always. You remember what it was like. What are you doing home?” Jack said. “Mom called me this morning. Turns out her and Dad are going outta town this weekend, and she asked me to come home for the weekend and hang out with you–I never get to see you anymore, thought it might be fun,” Chris responded. This made Jack happy. It’d be cool to spend more time with his brother. But before any of this could happen, he had to jerk off. He didn’t care how fast it would have to be, he just needed to cum. “Hey, I’m pretty worn out from this week at school. I think I’m gonna run upstairs and lay down for a little bit. Then we can hang out tonight and catch up. That cool?” Jack asked his older brother. “Yeah, kiddo–definitely. I got us some beer and a movie, thought we could just sit around the house and hang out,” Chris said before reaching over and roughing up his kid brother’s short hair. “Sounds awesome,” Jack said. He then bolted upstairs to his bedroom before Chris could see the hard-on that was growing in his jeans. When you had a dick as big as Jack’s, you couldn’t really hide it when it got hard. Jack threw his backpack on the bed and turned on his lap top. He threw off his Rainbow sandals that he had worn to school and threw off his polo shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror and liked what he saw: his six pack looked hot and he had a great tan going on. He had a little bit of hair running down into his jeans, leading to his big cock, and his pecs were rock hard and smooth. Jack ran his hand across his chest and started to moan. He could feel his cock getting harder in his jeans. He pulled down his jeans and looked down at his rock hard cock in his grey boxer briefs, and he knew why the girls all dreamt about being fucked by his jock cock. A big wet spot had formed where his dick head laid, and he knew he just had to wrap his hand around his meat. Jack slipped down his boxer briefs and his cock slapped against his six pack with a thud. His balls were hanging low and he felt them with his hand–they were nice and smooth since Jack had shaved them earlier in the week. Jack sat down at his computer, and opened up the folder where he kept all of his porn. He found one of his favorites, and clicked it to play. Two guys popped up on the screen, about his brother’s age. One was fucking the other hard, and Jack wrapped his hand around his cock and started to stroke it up and down slowly. He had been waiting to do this all day. He always got so worked up at school looking at all his hot guy friends: young jock guys, horny all the time, always talking about pussy. Jack got more and more into it, staring at the two hotties fucking hard on his screen and listening to the two of them moan and yell as they went at it. He jerked hard on his big jock pole, using his precum as lube. He felt his pecs up, and rubbed his fingers along his abs. He pulled on his big, smooth balls and worked a finger gently over his tight asshole. Jack was getting really into it. He loved watching porn and he loved kızkalesi escort jerking off. He could feel the cum starting to build in balls, and he couldn’t wait to shoot a huge wad of hot teen boy juice all over his chest. He was so horny today that he thought he might just lick all of his cum up after he came. He was getting closer and closer when all of a sudden his door opened and Chris burst into his room. “Hey, I’m fucking bored–what are you doing?” Chris blurted out. “Get the fuck out, Chris! Don’t you know how to fucking knock, asshole?” Jack yelled at his big bro. Jack tried to cover himself up, but it was no use. His clothes were all over his room, and he was sitting naked and hard as a rock in plain sight of Chris. “Damn sorry, Jack. I thought you were sleeping, I didn’t know you were, uhh^�” Chris really didn’t know what to do. He walked in on his kid brother jerking his cock pretty intensely, and now he didn’t know what to say. “Get the fuck out. I’ll be out soon.” Jack yelled. It was at that point that Jack’s computer screen caught Chris’s eye. It was pretty obvious what his little bro was jerking to, and it sure wasn’t two chicks. Chris was staring at the scene playing on the computer now–he couldn’t take his eyes off it. He couldn’t believe that Jack was into this kind of stuff. “Dude, are you gay?” Chris blurted out. He didn’t even think about asking it–it just came out. “What? Chris, come on, just leave me alone. Get out of my room.” Jack said to his big brother. Jack was clearly upset now. He couldn’t look at Chris in the eyes, and had his back to him. Chris turned to leave Jack’s room, but then turned around and looked at his little brother naked from the back. Chris was shocked at how grown-up Jack had become: he was tall and muscular now, with an impressive body and a nice, tight ass. Chris reached over and put his hand on Jack’s shoulder, turning him around. Chris didn’t know why, but he did the only thing he could think of: he grabbed his kid bro’s head, and pulled him in for a kiss. At first Jack didn’t really even comprehend what was happening. His hot older brother, who he had jerked off to many a time, was kissing him in his bedroom as he stood there naked with a rock hard cock. Chris’s forceful kiss became softer and more passionate, and he reached around and put his hands on the back of his kid brother’s head, pushing his lips harder against Jack’s. Finally, Jack let his body take over and opened his mouth to his big bro. Chris slipped his tongue in and the two brothers started to make out. This went on for five minutes or so, with nothing said between the two jock boys, except for the occasional groan. Jack thought his cock would explode if this went on any longer, and pulled away from his frat boy big bro. His cock was still rock hard, and you could see the precum leaking out of it. He stared at Chris intently, neither brother knowing what to say after they had just made out with each other like two horny teens. “Are you gay, Chris?” Jack asked intently. “I don’t know, man,” he answered. “Ever since I started college I just can’t keep guys outta my head. Girls just haven’t done it for me in a long time. What about you?” “Yeah. I am.” Jack couldn’t lie to his big brother. He loved him, and he had been dreaming for years about what had just happened. “Wow. I never even thought you could be, Jack. Damn.” Right then Chris leaned in for another kiss, but this time he wasn’t scared. He rubbed his lips across his kid bro’s and slipped his tongue into Jack’s mouth. Chris heard Jack moan, and Chris wrapped his hands around Jack’s neck, pulling him in tighter, letting his little brother know just how into this he was. Jack pushed into Chris, and Chris could feel the high school jock’s cock. It felt huge: thick and long and precum was leaking from it all over Chris’s polo shirt. “Can we get into bed? I want to make this last, bro.” Jack asked. “Definitely. We have all the time in the world, little bro.” With that, Chris pushed his naked jock bro down on his bed. Jack laid back, his giant cock sticking up hard as a rock. He lightly tugged on his balls and ran his hand over his chest as he looked up at Chris standing at the foot of the bed. Chris slowly pulled off his polo shirt, revealing an amazing chest. Chris had the same type of build as his little brother: tall, toned, with amazingly defined muscles in all the right places. Chris had been a jock in high school like Jack, and now kept his body in great shape by staying active at school–and it paid off. He had large, rock-hard pecs and a washboard stomach that he loved to rub while he jerked off. While Jack was pretty smooth, Chris had a nice, light covering of dark hair on his pecs, which lead down his abs and into his pants. All of this looked great against the tan that Chris had year round. Chris slipped down his jeans, and Jack got very excited. Chris was wearing black boxer briefs, which were sporting an enormous bulge–even bigger than Jack’s. Jack reached up, looked at Chris, who nodded, knowing exactly what Jack wanted to do. Jack ran his hand across the front of Chris’s briefs, grasping his brother’s giant cock through the cotton. Chris let out a loud moan, and Jack continued to rub his brother’s erection, which continued to get harder and harder. A wet spot started to form in them, and Jack went down and licked the spot with his tongue, tasting his brother’s jock pre-cum. “Oh fuck, yeah, baby bro. Take care of your big brother’s jock meat,” Chris moaned to his brother, who had dropped to his knees in front of the jock stud. Jack slipped his fingers under the waist band of Chris’s briefs, and brought them down to his ankles. What popped out amazed Jack, and he couldn’t help but saying, “Holy shit,” as the giant fuck pole came out of Chris’s briefs. It had to be about nine inches, massively thick, and an enormous cut head; pre-cum was oozing out of the piss slit. Chris’s balls matched the size of his cock, and hung down low between his legs. While Jack shaved his balls, Chris’s were covered with a good amount of dark hair, as was most of his crotch, which Chris kept nicely trimmed. Jack stood up, and again kissed his big bro. Their two cocks were grinding together, and both brothers could feel one another’s pre-cum smearing all over the other’s washboard abs. Both boys were moaning and calling out the other’s name while they made out like two boys who desperately needed one another. Their hands roamed all over each other’s bodies, feeling all of the muscles that the other had. Chris started to kiss down his brother’s neck, licking all over, and finally coming to rest his mouth on his kid brother’s big nipple. He licked and sucked it, making Jack tarsus escort moan and rub his hands through his jock bro’s hair. Chris licked the other one, and then worked his tongue all over Jack’s six-pack abs. Chris loved licking his quarterback of a brother’s abs, and he pushed Jack back into the bed, preparing to do something that he had spent years fantasizing about doing while he jerked his massive prick. Chris started to lick Jack’s smooth balls, first licking each one, then taking the big jock balls into his mouth and sucking them while he rubbed his little brother’s pecs. Jack was moaning and calling out Chris’s name, pushing his big bro’s head further down into his crotch. Chris loved the way Jack’s crotch tasted: sweaty, but not in a bad way. He tasted just like he imagined a young jock stud should taste. Chris worked his tongue up from Jack’s sack and started to lick up and down the length of Jack’s massive dick, but not putting it into his mouth. He licked the head, tasting the pre-cum that was leaking out in huge amounts, and loving the way it tasted on his tongue. “Please, Chris, suck me. Blow me. Suck my cock, bro. I need it. I’ve needed this for so fucking long. Please, suck me.” Jack was begging now. Chris could hear the desire in his kid brother’s voice, and he wanted nothing more than to please this high school jock boy that he had lusted over for years. Chris slipped the giant head into his mouth and wrapped his lips around it, running his tongue all over the sensitive tip and right under it. “FUCK YES! LICK MY COCK, CHRIS!” Jack yelled, grabbing Chris’s brown hair and rubbing his fingers through it while his big brother gave him the best blow job he had ever experienced. Hearing Jack’s encouragement, Chris started to suck up and down on his little bro’s huge cock, using his hand to jerk the jock meat while he sucked. Jack was feeling amazing: this was the most amazing blow job he’d ever had (and he’d had a lot). Chris was an incredible cock sucker, and handled Jack’s eight incher like a pro. It made Jack think that Chris had definitely done this before, and not just once, but a number of times. Jack could feel that he was getting close. Chris was slobbering all over his cock, using one hand and tongue to give the high school jock amazing pleasure, all the while using his other hand to tug on Jack’s balls. “Chris, stop^�I’m so close. I don’t want to cum yet. No, man, stop!” Jack was practically yelling, not worrying about anybody hearing what was going on between the two Parker boys. Chris didn’t slow down at all. He needed to get his kid brother off, and he wanted to do it now. He started to suck even harder, and began to rub Jack’s tight jock asshole; not quite sticking a finger in, but massaging the smooth hole while he blew his brother. When he felt Chris begin to touch his hole, Jack knew there was no turning back. He tried to pull Chris’s mouth of his cock, not wanting to shoot his load in his brother’s mouth, but Chris wouldn’t allow it and just kept sucking down on his cock. “Oh fuck, Chris. Oh man, don’t stop. Yeah, please make me cum. Let me fill your mouth with cum. I want to breed my big brother’s frat boy mouth. Drink it all, dude. Love you sucking on my high school jock pole. Eat my load, dude.” The dirty words were just coming out of Jack’s mouth, he couldn’t hold them in–this was the horniest that Jack had ever been, nothing else had ever come close. Chris loved hearing his younger brother talk filthy to him. He pulled his mouth off of Jack’s cock, and started to jerk it off as hard as he could. Jack’s cock was completely wet with Chris’s spit and his own pre-cum, and it slid up and down in Chris’s fist easy. “OH FUCK YES! I’m so close, MAKE ME CUM, DUDE! Fucking, milk me Chris. Ugghhhh^�” Jack was yelling as loud as he could now. Chris felt the first blast explode from his kid brother’s cock: he could feel Jack’s boy pussy tense up, and watched as the cum shot out of Jack’s prick and slammed into his face, covering his lips and face. Two more shots poured out, coating Chris’s face, and Chris slammed his mouth over Jack’s cock head, letting the rest of the load fill up his mouth. Chris had never seen so much cum, Jack kept filling up his mouth, shot after shot after shot. Chris tried to swallow it, but it still covered him, coating his face, lips, tongue, dripping down his chest and covering his hair. Finally, after Jack had finished coating his frat boy big brother with his jock sperm, Chris crawled up to his brother, and kissed him on his lips. Jack opened his mouth, and a flood of his own cum fell into his mouth. Jack had eaten tons of cum (his own and other boys, as well), but nothing compared to being fed his fresh cum load from out of his brother’s mouth. Jack begin to lick Chris’s face, eating the cum that coated Chris. After both boys were cleaned off, Jack looked at Chris. “Wow. I don’t know what to say, Chris. That was fucking amazing. I’ve never cum so much in my entire life.” “Thanks for letting me do that, kiddo. That was a pretty amazing load,” Chris said. Chris got up off the bed, acting a bit awkward, and begin looking for his clothes. “What are you doing, Chris?” Jack asked. “Oh, well^�umm, I just figured you’d want to get off and then I’d go. I mean, I don’t want to upset you or piss you off. I mean, hell, that was fucking incredible, but I understand that you just needed to cum. Don’t worry, buddy, no problems.” Chris started to walk toward the door. “Get your fucking preppy ass back here, Christopher Parker,” Jack said. Chris stopped, and turned to look at his sexy little brother lying naked in his bed. Jack was lightly stroking his cock which was still semi-hard. Chris still couldn’t believe how sexy this little jock stud was. “You think you’re the only Parker boy who likes cock? Well, if you do, you’re totally mistaken. I want that huge frat boy cock of yours, and I want it now. So get in bed, lie down, and let me suck your jock pole.” Jack stared at his brother. Chris threw his clothes on the floor, and crawled into bed. As he lay down on his back, Jack crawled on top of him, straddling his brother’s six pack and grabbing onto his hard pecs. Jack moved in for a kiss from his big brother, and the two boys started to make out again. They could both still taste Jack’s cum while they kissed, a fact that made Chris even harder than he already was, and that made Jack’s cock completely stiff again. Jack wanted to make Chris feel amazing, so he began to lick down his bro’s neck and then started to tongue all of Chris’s chest. He ran his tongue all over the older Parker’s pecs and abs, trying not to miss a spot. He loved feeling his big bro’s chest hair as he licked him; it made Chris seem anamur escort like that much more of a total college frat jock. Chris, threw his arms above his head, trying to just enjoy the feeling of his kid brother servicing him. Jack caught sight of Chris’s hairy arm pits, and dove in–shoving his tongue into lick his bro’s jock taste. Chris loved it when dudes did this to him; he loved having his pits licked, and it never failed to make it his cock hard. Jack switched to the other pit, covering all of his jock bro’s hair with his spit. Jack stopped licking long enough to stare at what he really wanted–Chris’s massive cock. Jack had seen lots of dicks, in porn and in person, but none of them compared to the meat that his big bro was packing. Jack moved down, and started to lick on Chris’s hairy ball sack. “Oh fuck yes, baby bro! Lick my hairy jock balls. Lick my frat boy nut sack. Cover my balls with your spit,” Chris moaned. Jack loved hearing his straight acting stud of a big brother talk dirty to him. In response, Jack buried is face in Chris’s hairy balls, licking, sucking, and tugging on them until the entire area was covered with Jack’s spit. Jack wanted to turn his brother on even more, so he worked his tongue down below Chris’s huge balls, and began to lick lower. “Oh fuck, Jack. What are you doing?” Chris asked as Jack’s tongue worked lower and lower, getting dangerously close to Chris’s asshole. In reply, Jack pushed Chris’s legs up, towards his chest, so that the college stud’s ass was totally exposed. Jack looked at his bro’s hole: it was really hot, covered with a little bit of hair, and completely tight. Jack dove it, taking long licks of the entire crack first, before shoving his tongue into Chris’s tight little jock pussy. “HOLY SHIT! Oh fuck, yes, little bro. Lick my jock cunt. Eat me out, Jack. Shove your tongue into my pussy.” This type of nasty talk made Jack go crazy. He licked and sucked every part of his brother’s asshole. He shoved his tongue in and out of his brother’s tight jock hole, just like a dick would slam in and out of a tight pussy. Jack sat up. “Sit on my face, Chris. Make me eat your asshole that way.” Chris didn’t say anything, he just sat up, spread his hard, muscular ass cheeks, and sat right down on Jack’s open mouth. As he sat down, Jack’s tongue eased its way up into Chris’s jock boy pussy. “Oh fuck, that feels so good, Jack. Eat me out. Tongue fuck my boy cunt!” Jack continued to lick his brother’s tight asshole, and Chris continued to scream about how much he loved having his kid bro’s tongue buried in his jock hole. “OK, Jack, stop wasting time. Bury your cock in my ass now!” Chris yelled. Jack stopped rimming his bro’s hole, and pushed Chris off his face. “What do you mean? You want me to fuck you?” Jack was shocked that this big jock stud would want to take a dick in his ass. “Like I said, buddy, fuck me. Do me now. I need your huge jock dick buried in my hole.” Jack wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass him up. He reached into his bedside table and pulled out some lube. He smeared it all over his dick, and rubbed some onto Chris’s asshole, which was already dripping with Jack’s spit from the rim job. “How do you want it, bro?” Jack asked. “I wanna ride your dick, little bro. I need to look at your face while you fuck my ass.” Jack lay down on the bed, and Chris straddled the teenage quarterback’s ripped abs. Chris reached behind him and felt for his little bro’s dick, finding it, and giving it a couple of strokes. “You ready to fill up my ass, little bro?” Chris asked. Jack didn’t say anything–he was still shocked at this turn of events. He just nodded his head and let out a groan as he felt Chris’s hand jerking his rock hard dick. Chris sat up a little bit and ran the head of Jack’s dick over his hole. Then without any warning, Chris sat down on his little bro’s jock cock and it slid all the way into his ass hole. “OH FUCK!” Jack yelled as he felt his eight inch meat slam into his brother’s tight hole. Chris just let out a loud moan, but didn’t yell–he was clearly experienced at taking big cocks in his ass. At first Chris did most of the work, riding up and down slowly on Jack’s dick while his little bro stayed on his back, groaning from the feeling of having his dick pushed tight into his studly older brother. Chris would pull almost all of the huge dick out, until just the head was in, then slam himself down onto Jack’s cock until he could feel his little bro’s pubes on his ass. The entire time he was riding Jack’s quarterback cock, he was jerking off his giant fratboy dick, right in front of Jack’s face. “Fuck yeah, Jack. I love your dick inside my hole. Love that my little brother is fucking my jock hole. Fill me up, little bro. Fuck me!” Chris yelled. Hearing this, Jack started to really get into fucking his big bro. He started to move his hips, forcing his cock deeper into bro’s frat boy hole. He grabbed onto Chris’s waist, and began to pound his dick deep into Chris, all while hearing Chris yell out his name. Jack could feel his second orgasm start to build. He had never felt this way before, but having his dick buried in his brother’s amazing frat boy hole was going to send him over the edge. “Oh fuck, Chris, I’m going to cum!” Jack yelled. “Fill me up, Jack. Fucking cum in my hole, dude. Breed me. Make me your slut, dude. Fucking fill me up with your highschool jock boy cum. FUCK ME!” Chris was screaming by now. Jack slammed his cock into Chris one last time, and then he felt his cock explode. He fired shot after shot after shot into Chris’s tight jock pussy. He continued shooting until he felt the cum emptying out of his brother’s hole onto his own cock. Immediately, Chris pulled off of his little brother’s dick, and began to jerk his cock in front of Jack’s face. “I’m gonna cover you, little bro. You took my ass, not I’m gonna cover your cute little face. You want some college boy cum, Jack? Want my frat boy sperm?” Chris asked. “Cover my face, dude. Mark me. Spray your jock juice all over me and in my mouth. Make me eat your cum, big bro!” Jack said. “FUCK YES! Here is comes, you ready for it, slut? You ready to be a real cum slut, Jack?” Jack opened his mouth and Chris pointed his nine incher at Jacks’ face. The first shot of cum hit Jack right on the lips, and it dripped into his mouth. More shots kept covering Jack’s face, and when Chris had finished up, Jack’s entire face and chest were covered with Chris’s hot load of frat boy jock sperm. Jack licked his lips, tasting his brother’s sperm, loving the way it felt on his tongue. Chris leaned in and kissed his little brother, and the two Parker boys tasted Chris’s sperm together. They both fell into bed, completely exhausted, neither one knowing exactly what to say. Jack had a lot of questions for his big bro, and Chris did for Jack, as well. But all that would have to wait until morning, but this wasn’t the end of the amazing sex between these two hot brothers.

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