Subject: The Sins of the father Chapter 16 This story contains consensual sex between adult males. Please be warned if you are under age or find this sort of material offensive. I retain the rights to this story and cannot be used or published without my consent. Thanks to Nifty for giving me the platform and means to share my first attempt at writing to you. Please donate to help pay for this service Please share your thoughts @ ail Marc’s Story Chapter 16 Max was still fast asleep as I walked into my bedroom, totally unaware of everything that had happened that morning already. He looked so handsome and relaxed with not a care in the world. My mind flooded with the fear that I had felt the last time I had to come and wake him up after my granddad had caught us in bed together. I was shit scared of what my granddad was going to do to me and all he wanted was to have another quicky before getting up. I looked at him thinking about what had all happened and remembering the sex we had the previous night. It made me smile and it made my cock stir once again. How could I still be this horny and wanting sex after what had happened not even an hour ago? I put his coffee cup down on the bedside table and quickly dropped my pants, my cock, rock hard pointing right at him, “Hey, Max!” I called him, “Time to get up!” He stirred, but his eyes didn’t open, only a mumble coming from him. “Come on Max, you know what they say about the early bird catching the worm!” More mumbling, but this time he did open his eyes and my rock-hard cock, dripping with pre-cum was the first thing he saw. His eyes shot open wide, and a big smile crossed his face. “In the mood for a quicky?” I asked him. “Fuck yes!” he said and moved up in the bed, opening the covers to get in next to him. I jumped into bed next to him and told him to turn his back to me, that we should be quick, and that my granddad is waiting for us in the kitchen. He did as I asked, and with some spit I lubricated my cock, finding his hole was a little more complicated, but as I rubbed my cock head over his hole, he thrust his hips back and my cock slipped into him without any hesitation. There was no time to be gentle. I found his cock in my hand, already hard and wanked it as I fucked his ass. Both moaning, both groaning with pure pleasure. It did take me longer than usual before I shot my load in him and he shot his load all over the bed and my hand. Once our orgasm subsided, I kissed him on his neck, “Good morning!” I said, “And what a good fucking morning it turned out to be!” he replied and we both laughed. I pulled my cock from his ass and told him that we should hurry and that my granddad was waiting for us. My granddad was already dressed up when we entered the kitchen after we got showered and dressed. He had already made us some coffee and as we sat down, he told Max that there had been a change of plans. He informed me that James was on his way to pick me up and that Max would stay behind on the farm with him. My granddad’s schedule over the next few days had changed and he needed to spend some time with Max, getting him up to date with the boy’s club and its rules. He shared with Max that his dad had dropped by his army call-up papers and that they would need to resolve that situation as well. It wasn’t the best of news, but there was nothing that we could do about it. My granddad made us a hearty breakfast and finished our meal with little conversation between us. I was just finishing helping with the dishes when I heard James’ pick-up rumbling up the drive. Max looked at me and I could see the hurt and disappointment in his eyes. We were looking forward to spending the day together. But his hurt and disappointment just made me feel worse, even guilty as I couldn’t wait to see James again and to spend the day with him. My granddad told me not to let James wait and told me to get all the stuff that I needed to take with me. I did as I was told and followed my granddad outside. James was standing next to his old pick-up waving and smiling at us as we exited the house. He looked so hot and handsome, that I nearly forgot all about Max until he whispered in my ear, “God, he looks so fucking hot!” his voice filled with disappointment. I just nodded, not taking my eyes off James as he greeted us. My granddad immediately apologized for the inconvenience of picking me up. James smiled and said that it was no inconvenience at all. He did mention that it was unfortunate that Max couldn’t join us, and that he would have loved to have gotten to know him better. My granddad told him that there will be many other opportunities. James could see that my granddad was not in the mood for small talk and asked me if I was ready to go. I nodded and turned to say goodbye to my granddad and Max, telling them that I hoped that they could sort everything out. Both just smiled at me as I got into the pick-up. Max’s eyes still filled with hurt. I felt like a monster. It was James getting in next to me that quickly pulled me from my guilt, “Ready to build a deck!” he asked me as he started the pick-up. I turned to face him, with a big smile on my face, “Yes!” I answered, trying to cover the guilt I felt deep in me. I did not look back at them in the side mirrors as we drove off. “I missed you last night!” James said as we drove off. “My bed felt empty without you!” I turned to face him, “I missed you too!” şişli travesti I said, my bed wasn’t empty but I didn’t tell him that. The day turned out much differently than I had expected. When we arrived at his farm most of the people that had volunteered to help were already there and hard at work. James introduced me to them and then we started working. By midday, we had nearly completed half the deck. James and I prepared lunch for everyone. It was a simple lunch of chicken salad sandwiches however everyone was hungry enough that it didn’t matter. I was enjoying the sight of hot, and sweaty shirtless men caught up in casual conversation when before I knew it, we were back to work. It was about dusk when James finally called it a day and thanked the men for their hard work and assistance. He offered everyone a beer and we all sat around chatting and just admiring the hard work of the day. When we finished the beer and packed away all the tools everyone left. Ryan and Luke also left, they said something about having to get ready and that they had plans with Tim that evening. James got us each another beer and we just sat there in silence looking out over the deck and the river. “Sorry for sort of ignoring you today!” James suddenly said. I turned to face him, as he smiled at me… “It wasn’t by choice. I had a hard time keeping myself from grabbing you and fucking you right here in front of anyone!” he added. “Not that anyone would have minded, but I am not ready to share you with anyone just yet! I felt my cheeks turning red and a feeling of guilt came over me almost immediately. I was thinking about Max and what we did last night. I was about to say something when we heard a vehicle approaching. We got up and walked up to the car as it stopped. My granddad got out of the car and greeted us with a smile, “Everything okay granddad?” I asked him, as he walked towards us. I could see that he had something on his mind. “Well, something came up and I need to take Max into the city!” he said, “I am sure that your parents would freak out if they ever found out that I had left you alone on the farm- “he was stopped mid-sentence by James, “He can stay with me until you return!” he said, then looking at me, “If you want to?” he asked me. I smiled at James and then looked at my granddad, “How long?” I asked him. “Well, we will have to leave tonight, must be there early tomorrow morning, and will be back the day after tomorrow!” “What about if my mother phones, and we are not home!” I asked worriedly. My granddad smiled at me, “She already phoned earlier, I told her that you were out getting everything ready, that you and I are going fishing for a few days!” he said. “So, you can come with us, or you can stay here, I trust James enough to know that he would look after you!” I looked at James, his eyes pleading for me to stay, but I wondered what Max would think of me if I stayed. “Are you sure it will be okay if I stay?” I asked James. “Yes!” he answered. I looked at my granddad, “What about Max, will he be okay with me staying here?” My granddad nodded “This is not a holiday or a fun outing. There are a few things he has to do and I don’t think he will have time to miss you!” he said, “You coming with might be a distraction we don’t have time for!” he said winking at me. I thought about it a minute and then answered him, “Okay, I will stay!” I said, both of us smiled and seemed a little more relaxed. Granddad quickly had a look at the progress of the deck and was quite impressed. He jokingly said that he thought today would turn into an orgy and that he didn’t think that we would be this close to completion. James just smiled looking at me as he answered my granddad, telling him, that it wasn’t easy, but he knew that we have a deadline. As we returned to his vehicle, he said he packed a few things for me just in case I decided to stay. He gave me a bag with some clothes and left. James and I went back to the house where he told me that he was very happy that I was staying with him. He added that he hoped that Luke and Ryan would be gone by now because he wanted to have sex with me and he didn’t want an audience. I had no complaints, just a smile and a growing erection. I was suddenly looking forward to spending the next few days with him. As we climbed the stairs leading to the veranda and the back door of the farmhouse, the door swung open and Ryan and Luke came out, both very surprised to see me. They saw my granddad’s car and thought he was here to pick me up. James quickly informed them that I would be his guest for the next two days. They seemed okay with it and asked us if we would like to join them that evening. They were sure that Tim wouldn’t mind a few more, horny, handsome dudes. James declined their invitation and told them that we had throbbing matters that needed attention. They all laughed, leaving me red-faced. They said their goodbyes, wished me luck and left us. James entered the house and I followed. Ryan and Luke were not even in the car yet and James was already naked. Going on again about how great it feels to be naked. Again, I didn’t mind, my eyes glued to his nakedness. From his thick throbbing cock, to his bulging muscles from all the hard labour earlier. Seeing him made my cock grow harder and got me all excited. “Are you just going to stand there and stare at me, or are you going to get naked beylikdüzü travesti and suck this dick of mine?” he said, pulling me from my thoughts. Red-faced once more I smiled at him, “Sorry, but this is all still so new to me!” I said as my eyes shamelessly danced over his body with its hard pre-cum dripping cock. “A few days ago, I thought that I was a freak and that I was the only one that had these sinful feelings towards other men, and now I am here in a whole other world. There is just so much to process, to take in, to understand, to learn and get used to!” He smiled, “I know that feeling well!” he said, “I was just a few years older than you are now when my sexuality was awakened and changed everything. It was scary at first. I didn’t know who to trust or what to do, but as I adjusted to it all, it turned into something great and very pleasurable. It was a lonely beginning but I was fortunate to meet wonderful people that helped me find my way in this life and world. Those friends made my life what it is today, and all that led me to this moment, hard as a rock, looking at a very handsome young man and wanting nothing more than to take you in my arms and never let you go!” He stopped and looked at me, “So what do say?” I never answered him. I just took my shirt off and chucked it down on the floor, kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks, before pulling down my pants and underwear exposing my throbbing cock. I then stood there for a few seconds and let him take every inch of me in. “You are going to be a real heartbreaker one day!” he said. At that moment I could feel my confidence in me growing. To hear those words, coming from him, to see him lusting after me as I lusted after him, gave me all the confidence that I needed. I walked up to him, smiling, aroused and very excited as I knelt before him. Surrendering to him, worshipping him. His cock was inches from my mouth, his scent intoxicating. The faint sweet smell of soap and the overpowering scent of sweat and the salty smell of his pre-cum. I inhaled it, my hormones going wild, licking my lips as I watched more pre-cum oozing from his cock head. “Suck it!” James suddenly said. I looked up at him, smiling down at me. “Suck my cock!” he repeated. “Get it all hard and wet for that tight ass of yours!” Wanting the same, I dropped my eyes down to his mouth-watering cock. With no hesitation, I leaned forward and sucked his cock into my mouth, the smell and taste fuelling my lust. Gulping it down, my mouth stretched to its fullest, I sucked him, feeding on his salty nectar. Slurping and gaging as he grabbed my head in his hands, fucking his tool in and out of my mouth. His hairy balls slapped against my chin as he moaned with pleasure. “Fuck yeah suck my cock!” he cried out with ecstasy as he shoved his cock down my throat making me gag. My nose was buried between his sweaty pubic hair. His scent was overwhelming to me, as I found myself lost in pure sexual bliss. He pulled his cock from my mouth…my lips dripping with pre-cum and spit as I looked up at him, “You nearly made me cum!” he said heaving chest, his cock still inches from my mouth all wet and shiny, pre-cum still oozing from his piss slit. “Get up!” he ordered me. I obeyed, as he took his cock in his hand stroking it. “It looks hard and wet; I want you to fuck me!” I told him. James smiled at my cockiness. “Oh, I am going to do just that!” Without warning, he picked me up and put me down on the kitchen table. He wasted no time sucking my cock into his mouth, sliding his warm mouth and lips up and down my throbbing cock shaft. He alternated his speed. He would go fast for a while, then switch to nice, long strokes, sucking harder as he got up to the head. While he was feasting on my throbbing member, he pushed my back down onto the table with force and pulled my legs towards him, so my ass was kind of hanging over the edge of the table. He removed his sucking mouth from my cock as he sucked his finger in his mouth. The next moment I felt his wet finger rubbing up against my sphincter. It sent shivers through my body as I moaned with pleasure and excitement about what was about to happen. His mouth was back on my cock, as he started to put pressure on my hole with his finger. I relaxed and I felt my ass opening up as I surrendered to him. Feeling his finger slowly moving up my ass, I cried out with pleasure. It felt so incredible, I soon found myself pushing my ass back, wanting more of his finger in me. Coming up for breath, James said, “I love the way you smell and taste!” breathing hard and deep,” And I love the tightness of your ass, are you ready for my cock?” “I am ready, I am so fucking ready.” “Pull your legs back toward your chest and relax.” He guided me and helped me get into position. I did what I was told, laying on the table on my back, my legs pulled up, knees on my chest and exposed to him. I felt his finger pulling from my ass and then I felt hot air blowing on my ass. He started licking all around my ass, rubbing his stubbled chin on my taint, licking from my balls down to my ass. He was teasing me with his tongue and he was driving me wild with animal lust. His tongue was making circular patterns on my sensitive ring, then he started to use his tongue to poke in my hole just a little bit. I was losing control; the sensation was too much! He kept going in deeper with his istanbul travesti tongue. Finally, he had both hands really spreading my ass wide and was thrusting his tongue in deep as it would go. I was moaning loudly, feeling like I was about to cum without even touching my prick! James had gotten both of us to a state of overriding horniness. “James,” I gasped, “fuck me now, please!” He stopped what he was doing, “Yeah, I think you’re ready. Hold on, I’ve got to go grab something.” He said as he left the kitchen and was back in a flash. He was carrying a small bottle of lube. He started lubricating up his cock and poured some lube onto my ass, working it into my hole with his finger. “How do you want me to fuck you?”, he asked. “From the back or like this?” “Just like this, me on my back so I can look at you when you’re in me.” He moved in between my legs, lifting my legs onto his shoulders. I loved seeing him above me… his sweaty hairy chest dripping down on me. He looked me right in the eyes as I felt the head of his cock start to prod my hole, “Let me know if it hurts. We’ll stop.” I nodded, knowing I wouldn’t ask him to stop. He pushed further in, and I felt my tunnel widen, as his rock-hard cock slid into me. It didn’t hurt, exactly, but some discomfort went away in a few seconds. We went like this for a few minutes, he’d advance more, then give me time to relax and adjust. Finally, he was all the way in. My hole was engulfed with his big throbbing dick. “Like that?” he whispered as he leaned down to me, kissing me deep and slow. “Yes,” I moaned into his mouth. He pulled his mouth from mine, “Good because I am going to fuck you now like I wanted to this morning and the whole day!” I gave him my best smile, “Fuck me hard and deep!” I told him. He pulled out halfway and thrust back in. I loved the feeling of him sliding into me. He started slow, staring down at me, grunting as he pushed his dick back in. As he increased his speed, we both started breathing deep and moaning. “Yeah, like that, it feels so fucking good”. “Shit, I am not going to last too long. You’re so tight and you got me so fucking hot!” He leaned down and cradled my upper body in his arms. He picked me up, still impaled on his dick and slammed me against the kitchen cupboard. I couldn’t believe his strength. He started ramming me harder and harder and kissing me so intensely. I knew from his breathing that he was close. “Cum in me, I want to feel you pump a load into me!” After a few more thrusts, James’s face contorted and he began to cry out, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I felt his cock swell in me and then I felt the warmth of his spunk spread out along my tunnel. He collapsed against me, both of us supported by the cupboard. He set me down on my feet and we embraced, our sweaty bodies slick against each other, then he went down on his knees in front of me. His mouth engulfed my throbbing cock. Sliding his warm mouth and lips up and down my throbbing cock shaft. He alternated his speed to go fast for a while, then switched to nice, long strokes, sucking harder as he got up to the head. In less than a minute, my cock exploded and I deposited my seed into his sucking mouth and down his throat. Both moaned and groaned with pure pleasure. He took in every drop he could and got up, planting his lips on mine and sharing my seed with me. He eventually pulled his mouth from mine, breathing unevenly, trying to compose himself as he looked at me with a big smile. “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did because there will be many more like that. I just can’t seem to get enough of you!” I leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss, “I am counting on it!” He leaned in and kissed me, long and passionately. “I am afraid I might start to like you a little more than I am willing to admit!” he said as he stepped away from me. “Can I get you something to drink?” he asked me, changing the direction of the conversation. “I could do with a nice cold beer!” I answered him. “One beer coming up!” he said as he walked to the fridge taking out two beers. He handed me one and we made our way out onto the veranda. He sat down on the couch and I followed him, sitting very close to him, wanting to feel him next to me. There were a few moments of silence, each of us lost in our own thoughts. Was he feeling the same thing that I was feeling for him? There were many other questions, but that one kept on surfacing. “Have you ever been in love with someone or wished you had that special person in your life like Luke and Ryan have in each other?” He turned his head to face me, his blue eyes filled with sadness, “No, I guess I have never been in love before!” he answered me, “And yes, I would love to have that special person in my life, I guess that is all everyone in life wants, that special person to make a person’s life complete! Why are you asking?” I smiled, “I don’t know, maybe because I never had an opportunity to discuss this with anyone, hell how does it even feel to be in love?” James’s thought about it a while, “That is a good question!” he said, his eyes glued to mine, “I hope to find out one day!” he said softly. There was something in his voice when he said that, and the way he looked at me, I don’t know if it was my imagination or not, but it was as though he was inviting me to experience it with him. “Me too!” was all I said, never taking my eyes off of his. There was a long silence. Neither of us knew what to say or what to do. But at that moment I think I figured it out. I figured out what being in love must feel like. It was being happy and content with that one special person and fearing the future without them.

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