Subject: Now He’s My Brother Chapter 10 – Epilogue Author’s Note: This is a story about two best friends who become brothers, but also learn that they have more feelings for each other. Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks ail Chapter 10 – Epilogue After we got back from our spring break trip, Gabe and I stood by our word and kept to ourselves for the rest of the school year. There were definitely a few stray kisses every once in a while, but we stayed away from anything sexual until school finished. We also took the time to be with our significant others for just a little longer. I really did love being with Jack, and was disappointed that it would be ending soon, but it would have been ending anyways regardless of what happened with Gabe, since we would be going to school in different states next year. Once graduation happened, Jack şişli travesti and I spent one last day together, and Gabe made sure to schedule his last day with his girlfriend on the same day. Jack and I went to see a movie then had dinner together. After dinner we went over to his house to cuddle while we watched TV. After a while I decided it was time to talk, and I know he could tell something was bothering me, so when I started to talk, he turned the TV off and gave me his attention. I explained to him that I wasn’t really looking forward to having to do a long distance thing once we left for college, and he told me that he had been thinking the same thing. We agreed that it was probably best to break up, though due to the conversation, it wasn’t on bad terms at all, and we agreed that it would be great to stay friends. When beylikdüzü travesti we got home, Gabe and I traded breakup stories. Unfortunately, Gabe’s didn’t go as well as mine. It wasn’t the worst, but Anne had been planning to make long distance work, so that excuse didn’t go over as well. They still agreed to try to stay friends, but it sounded like she was pretty pissed. But we were just happy that we could be together now (even if we had to hide it from everyone for now). That night, we fucked again, and it felt amazing to be with Gabe like that again. We were very happy that we could be together again, but it was tough to be discreet. One thing that went really well was in July I decided to come out to our parents. It all went well, and they were very happy I could be open with them. Gabe was very happy for me, but was disappointed istanbul travesti that he couldn’t be as open as me. Part of the reason was that even Gabe wasn’t sure of his sexuality. We talked about it a few times over the summer, and he told me that he definitely liked girls, and really had only ever liked girls other than me. I assured him he would have time to figure it out later. Eventually, the time came for us to leave for school. We packed and our parents drove us out to our new school. Gabe and I were going to share a dorm room, which was going to be great. Our parents stayed in town for the first night so they could have dinner with us and say goodbye in the morning before they drove back home, but then, we were free. We were in a whole new town with all new people who didn’t know we were brothers. We were so happy that we could go out in public, hold hands, and introduce each other as boyfriends, not brothers, and since we didn’t look alike, and he still used his birth last name to honor his birth parents, nobody would have any reason to know we were brothers. We were so, so happy.

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