Subject: My Step-Brother Jacob – Chapter 66 DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 66 ——————————————————————————- Monday morning, Grandma and I drove to the army PX at Fort Dix, to do some serious grocery shopping. Even though my dad had passed away, I still had privileges from the army, that allowed me to shop at any army PX until I was 21. They usually had much better prices, and a variety of things to purchase, including many imported items. Grandma loved it when I’d take her there to shop, and she’d stock up on a lot of items. Today was no different. We filled the back end of her stationwagon with groceries and supplies. Most of the drive home from the base was taken up with our conversation over why I wouldn’t let her pay me back for the groceries she’d bought. Since I had to use my ID when we paid, I’d paid with my money. And since the four of us had been living with Grandma and the twins for three weeks, with one more week to go, I had no intention of letting her repay me for the groceries. We’d most likely consumed much more than I was replacing to begin with. By the time we’d gotten home, I was still winning the argument, and Grandma was mildly miffed, especially when I kept changing the subject everytime she brought it up again. As we pulled in the driveway, she told me she was going to just have to sneak the money into my luggage before I left. I won the argument then, telling her if she did that, I’d buy the twins the dirt bike they wanted so badly, and have it shipped to them! Her eyes got huge. “You wouldn’t do that!” she said. I grinned evily and said, “I had one when I was their age. No reason they shouldn’t have one too! In fact, they each should have their own!” “Fine! If I keep the grocery money, do you promise not to buy them dirt bikes?” she asked, sounding rather annoyed, and desperately nervous. “I guess,” I said, smiling. That ended the conversation, as the boys had all come out to help us carry everything inside. * * * That afternoon, Andy and I met the guy’s at Mitchell’s house, where we rehearsed for about 3 hours. By the time we were through, we all felt we sounded just as good, if not better, than we ever had. We were all pumped up about our audition the next day. We talked for a while about what we thought the audition would be like, and we made a list of all our songs, in the order in which we would play them, on the off-chance they wanted to hear all of them. First on the list was “Mike’s Song”, because we all agreed that if we did a CD, it had to be the main song on it. We thought “Devastated Dreams”, which was about the sadness of losing someone you loved would best be coupled with it, if we were given the choice. As we were still discussing our songs, Julian suddenly said “HEY! What about a name for the CD, and the artwork for the CD cover? If they like us, they’re going to want to design a cover.” “I had an idea about the name of the CD,” I said. “Since it’s meant to be a memorial to Mike, and we’re using his song on it, how about we call it ‘Mike’s Legacy’?” The guys all thought that sounded good, and discussion over what to name the CD was over with quickly. “What about the artwork then?” Jewels asked. “Andy should bring along the drawing he made the other day,” Pete said. “That’s right!” Craig said. “We want to use his design, with Mike’s picture in the middle of it. Remember? We wanted to dedicate the CD to Mike!” “I don’t think my drawing’s really good enough,” Andy said, blushing a little. “Nonsense!” Boner said. “It’s great!” I grinned and said, “Well, let’s take it along, just in case, and we’ll see what happens. I guess we need a couple pictures too. One of Mike, and one of us. I’ve got a good one of Mike, but what about one of us?” I pulled out my wallet and showed them the one of Mike that I was thinking of. I’d taken it the previous summer, and it was a great shot of him. The guys all thought it would be perfect. Andy asked me if he could see it, so I handed it to him. Talking some more, we realized we didn’t have a picture of the band. Mitch ran and got his camera, and we had Andy take our picture against a blank portion of the brick cellar wall. We stood in various poses, and Andy shot a full roll of film. Afterward, Boner hustled it over to a nearby drugstore that had one-hour processing. While we waited for the film to be developed, we discussed the business end of the audition. I told them that when I was having our songs copyrighted, Mr. Stiltson, my lawyer, had warned us not to sign any contracts without having a lawyer review them. He’d offered his assistance, if we wanted it. They all agreed this was a good idea. While we were talking, Andy was sitting quietly in a corner, madly sketching away. After a while he called us over and showed us what he was doing. He’d taken a CD case and cut some pieces of paper the same size. Then he’d sketched out the logo he’d made for us previously, only he hadn’t left the spot for Mike’s picture in the center. “I had an idea,” Andy said, showing us two pages. “I don’t think you should put Mike’s picture on the cover. I think it should be just the logo on the cover, like this, and the band’s name, and the CD’s title. Then, here on the inside, you could devote the whole page, just to Mike. You could put his picture in the center. Up above it you could say “In Memoriam”, then beneath it, put his name, and under his name, the dates of his birth and death. I took the liberty of sketching in a rose beneath it, but you don’t have to use that if you don’t want to. Finally, on the back would be the band’s name again, above the picture of you all, and below it your names, and the names of the songs on the CD.” “Wow!” Pete said. “That’s great Andy!” “Yeah! Nice work!” Boner said. “I think we have our cover guys!” Craig said, grinning. I grinned and winked at Andy, who was all smiles. “Well, it needs some background color yet, but whoever prints it can add that in. All they need is the drawing and pictures, then they can add the background color and texture, and the writing,” Andy said. “Have you considered a career in art?” Julian asked. “Yeah, you’re good Andy!” Mitchell said. “Stop, you’re embarrassing me!” Andy said, smiling and blushing. We all chuckled. The hour was up by then, so Boner ran back to the drugstore and got the photos. We were happy to see that most of them came out pretty good. We narrowed it down to three choices and voted on one to use for the back cover. Mitch’s mom got home from work just as we were finishing up, and relinquished the keys to her van to us. We loaded our equipment into it, then locked it up for the night. As it was suppertime, we split up, agreeing to meet early the next morning, so we could all drive into the city together. * * * Grandma and the boys had a spaghetti supper ready for us when we got home. After we ate, we all packed for our trip into New York. It didn’t take long for us to pack, since we were only going to be gone a couple days. We did each include one nice outfit of slacks, shirt, tie, and a sport jacket, as we assumed, and Harry confirmed, that Mr. Phillips would most likely prefer to dine in a sophisticated restaurant. After we’d finished packing, I told the boys what the itinerary I’d come up with for the trip was. The plan for our time in New York was that we’d all go together to the audition, then sometime afterward, after the guys headed back to Asbury Park again, we’d go check into the Majestic hotel, where Harry’s father was staying in. I’d already booked us two adjoining rooms. Andy and I would be in one room, and Jacob and the twins would be in the other. Harry could camp out with Jacob and the twins, until he went to stay with his father for the night. I had also reserved a parking space for the car in a garage the hotel used. Once we were in our hotel, we could do whatever we felt like, until it was time to meet Mr. Phillips at 7:00 at his room. We’d have dinner with Harry and Mr. Phillips, then Andy and I would take Jacob and the twins with us, and Harry would go with his dad. In the morning, we would meet for breakfast, then Mr. Phillips wanted to take us for a tour of NBC studios, which was nearby the hotel. Afterward, we’d have lunch, and then Mr. Phillips would have to go back to work. Harry would rejoin us. We might take in some more sights or go shopping for the afternoon. Later in the afternoon, we’d drive back to Asbury Park for a late supper with Grandma. The boys thought it sounded good, although Harry said he’d rather be staying with us the whole time. I chuckled and told him that he and his dad would actually be with us most of the time anyway. He smiled then. We all watched a little TV together for a while after we’d finished getting ready for our trip, then we turned in early. * * * “Oh Dear God!” Andy groaned, when the alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning. “Why must we always keep such bloody ungodly hours!” I chuckled as he rolled onto his back and pulled a pillow over his head, noting the prominent bulge that appeared under the sheet, in the area of his crotch, as he did so. “Come along Sleeping Beauty! We have to get moving! It’s ‘Audition Day’!” I said, bouncing out of the bed. “Why couldn’t you make the appointment for later in the day?” Andy groaned. “Beggers can’t be choosers!” I replied, tugging on the sheet that was still covering Andy. The sheet flew off Andy, leaving him lying there completely naked on the bed, except for the pillow he still had pulled over his face. His dick was stiff as a board, pointing straight up. Grinning to myself, I stepped around to his side of the bed, leaned over, and engulfed his engorged member in mouth. Immediately I began sucking up and down on it at a furious pace. “OH MY GOD, JOHN!” Andy exclaimed, tossing the pillow aside and looking down at me in surprise. I stopped sucking on Andy’s dick and straightened up. “Ah Good! You’re awake now!” I said. “C’mon! Let’s get moving!” I turned and headed for the door. “That’s NOT fair! You didn’t finish! You OWE me John!” Andy complained. Snickering, I said, “Yeah, yeah. C’mon. I’ll pay up tonight in bed!” “Really?” Andy said, grinning widely then. “Sure! C’mon now!” I said. “OK!” Andy said, and he crawled out of bed and padded across the hall, into the bathrrom, after me. His hardon, which was still glistening with my saliva, bobbed about as he followed me. * * * As we showered a few minutes later, Andy suddenly reached over and started masturbating me with a soapy hand. “NO!” I said, pushing Andy’s hand away. Andy looked at me, completely surprised. “We can’t right now,” I said. “There isn’t enough time! Besides, I sound more passionate when I sing, if I haven’t had an orgasm too soon beforehand.” “YOU WHAT?” Andy asked, looking incredulously at me. “I know it sounds weird, but it seems to me that my singing is more passionate, if I’ve got a backup of cum inside me,” I said, blushing, as I ran my soapy hand through my butt istanbul travesti crack, spending an extra moment making sure my anus was good and clean. “Well, that’s a new one!” Andy said. He looked at me a moment, then quietly started washing himself, as I began rinsing. After he was fully lathered, he used the bar of soap and lathered up his dick some more. Then, he began masturbating. “I can’t help it! I need to get off now! Besides, I don’t have to sing passionately later!” Andy said, grinning evily at me. I chuckled, but wished he hadn’t started jacking off, because my dick quickly started to harden, as I watched him. It didn’t take more than a minute of pumping his soapy hand up and down his dick before Andy looked like he was about to cum. His head was tilted back and his eyes were closed. His mouth was open slightly, and his adam’s apple bobbed up and down a couple times as he swallowed. His soapy right hand was flying up and down the length of his hardon, while his left was cupped around his scrotum, gently massaging his burgeoning testicles. My dick was hard as a rock now, but I forced myself to ignore it. I hung up the showerhead and climbed quickly out of the shower and closed the curtain again in front of Andy. As I began drying off, I heard Andy’s hand slapping lightly against his pelvis with each stroke. His breathing was fast and deep. I tried to ignore what was happening behind the shower curtain, but I couldn’t. Suddenly, Andy let out a gasp, followed by a low moan, and I knew he was cumming all over the shower curtain. My dick was positively throbbing as I listened to him gasp and moan over and over, as he emptied his balls. Eventually, Andy quieted down, and the sound of his hand hitting his pelvis stopped. I heard him take the showerhead down. First he rinsed off the shower curtain, then he rinsed himself off. My dick was still stiff as a board, when a minute later, Andy pushed back the shower curtain and climbed out of the shower. His dick was still semi-hard, and there was a spot of cum on the tip of it, on his piss slit. “Still hard? I really could take care of that quickly for you if you want,” Andy said. “You’ll still sound passionate enough. OH! Pre-cum!” Andy reached over and swiped his finger across my piss slit, then stuck his finger in his mouth. “Mmmm!” he said, grinning lewdly at me. The saliva in my mouth had thickened as it does when I’m really horny. I swallowed a couple times. Then, I reached down and wiped the end of his dick with my finger and licked his cum off my finger. “Tasty!” I said, huskily. “I’d really love to have you do me, but I really do want to wait till later, OK?” “OK,” Andy said, picking up the hairdryer, and moving in front of the mirror. “Your loss!” “Yeah, I know,” I said, ruefully. Andy smiled in the mirror at me. We both dried our hair and finished up then. * * * On our way back to our room, Andy checked that the twins were up, and I made sure Jacob and Harry were awake. When I knocked on Jacob and Harry’s door, they both called “Just a minute” rather frantically. I chuckled and told them it was just me. I opened the door then and found the two of them completely naked, in a ’69’ on Harry’s bed, each with the other’s wet hardon in one hand, and their other hand buried between the other’s ass cheeks. The area around their mouths looked wet and sloppy, and they were both breathing heavily. They both blushed a little when I walked in. “Sorry,” I said grinning. “Just wanted to make sure you were ‘up’. I see you are! Enjoy yourselves, but don’t take too long, we have to get going.” They both grinned and nodded. Then, even before I’d closed the door, they both returned to sucking each other’s dicks, and fingering each other’s assholes. I watched them for just a moment, before I shut the door, and felt my dick beginning to grow again, as they both began moaning lowly as they passionately sucked each other off. I quickly closed the door and left. “I suppose they’re having a better time than you’d let us have?” Andy said, as I walked into our room. “Hey! I told you! We’ll have some fun tonight at the hotel!” I said. “And yes, they’re definitely enjoying themselves.” “So are the twins!” Andy said, snickering. We both got dressed, then went downstairs to wait for the boys. I had a cup of coffee with Grandma, who’d gotten up to see us off, while Andy quickly checked his e-mail. * * * At 5:20, we put our bags in the trunk of my car, piled in and took off, waving to Grandma, who was standing on the porch waving to us as we drove away. Ten minutes later we were at Turkey’s house. Boner’s car pulled up a couple minutes after we did. Everything was set, so we took off. We stopped quickly at a McDonald’s we had to go past, and had breakfast, then we were on our way. Traffic was terrible, but we’d left a lot earlier than we thought we needed to, keeping in mind that we would be driving into the city during the morning commute hours. We were in Manhattan by 8 A.M., and had an hour to get to our appointment. A half hour later, we located the recording studio, and a parking garage nearby, that Sam had told us to use. We parked, then unloaded our equipment. Everyone was glad that Andy and the boys had come along, as there was too much for us to carry in one trip. Turkey, whose drumset was packed in several cases, was the happiest. With all of us there, we were able to make it in just one trip! It was 8:50 when we gathered in the waiting area outside Sam’s office. “Good thing we left when we did!” Pete said. “You know it,” Boner muttered. * * * Sam arrived at 9:05. He was a little surprised to see so many of us, and how much equipment we had with us. Chuckling, he dropped his jacket and briefcase in his office, then told us to follow him. He led us down a series of hallways, until we finally came to a room marked “Studio M”. “You’ll be in here fellas,” he said, opening the door and turning on the lights. Studio “M” was a good-size room, with a sound booth at one end. Sam ushered us in and told us to go ahead and get set up, while he went to arrange for coffee and drinks for everyone. We were just finishing setting up, when Sam returned. He had a young woman with him. She had a cart with a tray of pastries, a carafe of coffee, and a tray of bottles and cans of various juices. Sam told us to take a break and have some refreshments, so we did. While we had our snack, Sam asked us a lot of questions about ourselves Afterward, Sam told us to go ahead and warm up, while he went to get the people he wanted us to play for. Nervously, we all tuned our instruments. Once we were tuned, I suggested we play through a song, since nobody’d returned yet, so we launched into “Mike’s Song”. We were about 3/4 of the way through the song, when Sam returned. He had two men, and two women with him. I thought about stopping, but he grinned and motioned that we should keep singing and playing. When we finished, all of them were grinning at us. “Didn’t I tell you they were good?” Sam said to the others. “Yeah, but you didn’t say they were great!” one of the women said, winking at us. Sam introduced us to the people with him. They were George, Bill, Sandy, and Penny. It was Penny who’d commented that we were ‘great’. “I’m sorry you came in in the middle,” I said. “We wanted you to hear the whole song from the beginning. We were just warming up now.” “Don’t worry. We’ll listen to the whole thing. Besides, you sounded great!” George said. George and the others all asked us a bunch questions then, about the band and our songs. They were particularly interested to hear we’d written several of our own original pieces, and asked if we’d play them for them. We said we would. George asked Andy and the boys to join them in the sound booth then. He said there were a bunch of theater-style seats in the back they could sit in, to watch and listen. He said they couldn’t stay in the studio with us, as they might inadvertently contaminate our music with any background noises. They all went into the sound booth then. George and Bill spoke to us through the intercom then and told us that when they gave the signal we could start playing our first song anytime. I looked at the guys, and we were all ready, so I nodded. George clicked off the intercom then and fiddled with a few buttons and knobs on his console. Then he motioned to us to start. I looked at the guys and grinned. Craig started playing the intro on his keyboard, and we were off. We sang “Mike’s Song” straight through again, and I only noticed two tiny errors, that nobody else would really catch. Everyone played and sang their absolute best, and we truly had never sounded better! When the song ended, I could see Andy and the guys grinning at us, and giving us the thumbs up. George, Bill, Sandy, Penny, and Sam were grinning too. The intercom came on and they all told us they thought it was great! “Listen!” Bill said, and he clicked a couple switches. Then suddenly, we heard ourselves. They had been recording us as we played. Bill let the song play through as we all listened to it. When it ended, I had to admit, it sounded damn good. “Got anything else like that?” Sandy asked. I grinned, and said “Definitely!” George said, “well, get ready and let’s do another.” I looked at the guys. They were all ready, so I nodded at George, and again he played with his console a minute, then motioned to us. We played and sang “Devastated Dreams” then. I heard one rather glaring mistake during it, but it wasn’t anything anyone else would realize was an error, so we didn’t mention it. They liked that song a lot too. They had us play three more songs, then they excused themselves and left of a few minutes. When they came back, they were all smiling. “You guys are really good! You’re definitely headed for Greatness! And we want to help you get there!” George said. My heart swelled with pride and joy upon hearing those words, and as the guys and I all stood grinning at each other, I realized I wasn’t alone in my happiness. “We’d like to record the first two songs you sang, and put them out on a single CD! We’ll promote them like we would any other artist’s work, and we’ll see what happens. If it goes well, we’ll ask you back and do a full- blown album CD. What do you think?” George said. “YES!” Boner yelled and grabbed me and started hugging me. All of us whooped it up and pounded on one another for a couple minutes then. “I take it that’s a ‘Yes’ then?” George asked, grinning at us, after we’d calmed down and returned out attention to him and the others. “Most definitely!” Boner said, as we all chimed in with affirmative answers. “Great!” George said. “Let’s take a break and go find a conference room, where we can sign some paperwork, then you can come back down here with Bill and Sandy and record your CD!” * * * Grinning, we all followed George out of the studio. He led us to a conference room on the top floor of the building. We were ushered into a board room, and told to have a seat at the table. Andy and the boys waited in the reception area outside. George called someone, and asked them to bring what he called an “inaugural contract” and a notary public up to the conference room. A few Minutes later, a young man in a suit entered the room. Trailing him was a lady in a pink dress. They kadıköy travesti sat down opposite us, next to George. “Now what I have here,” George said, “is our ‘entry level’ contract, if you will. Basically, what it is, is an agreement between you and us, us being the recording company. In it, we agree to produce, promote, and market a single CD for you, consisting of two songs. Your music will be protected under a copyright applied for by this company, unless of course you already hold a copyright. You don’t do you?” “As a matter of fact, I have already applied for copyrights for all of the music we’ve written,” I said, taking photocopies of the receipts for the songs Mr. Stiltson had filed the paperwork for. George’s eyebrows shot up. “I see. So, you have a lawyer then?” he asked. “Yes sir,” I answered. “And, he would like to review any contracts we’re offered, prior to our signing them.” The guys all looked nervously at me, but I just smiled pleasantly at George. “I see. That’s fine,” George said, his smile waning a bit. “Since you’ve applied for copyrights yourselves, then that portion of our contract won’t be necessary. The final portion of the contract binds us to pay you a certain amount up front for recording your songs, and includes a clause regarding the royalties you’ll each receive for each copy of the CD that is sold. We were thinking of offering you each $1,000.00 as an initial fee for recording your song, and 1% the profits for each copy sold.” The guys were all grinning again. I smiled and said, “that sounds interesting, but I’ll have to speak with our lawyer, and get his input. I wonder, would it be possible for us to take a short break, so that I could call him, and also, would it be possible to fax him a copy of the contract you’re asking us to sign?” The guys looked nervously at me again. George smiled and said, “You’re a good businessman. Of course that will be fine. Will he be able to look at it now, while we wait? Or, will he need to take his time reviewing it?” “I don’t know. How long is it?” I asked. George handed me a copy of the contract. It was a simple single sheet of paper, legal size, printed on both sides. “If he’s in his office, he might be able to look at it right away,” I surmised. “Wonderful. Let’s take a half hour break then, and meet back here, at … let’s say… 11:00?” George said, looking at his watch. We agreed, and George left, asking the lady in the pink dress to show us to a phone, and help us fax the contact to Mr. Stiltson. I followed her to her desk, and called Mr. Stiltson’s office. He was in, and took my call. When he heard what was going on, he congratulated us on a successful audition, and agreed to look over the contract right away. The secretary faxed it to him immediately. We each took a moment then to read through the contract. I noticed a clause for ‘jewel case art’, and remembered we hadn’t discussed Andy’s artwork. The contract was such that unless we added Andy into it, the company would produce the artwork themselves. I pointed this out to the guys. Craig had just been about to point it out to me. I quickly found Andy, who was still sitting outside the boardroom with the boys and had him join us when we went back inside. * * * George rejoined us in the board room before Mr. Stiltson called back. While we waited, I asked him about the artwork clause. He asked if we had anything we’d like to use, or if we wanted the studio artists to work something up. He was mildly surprised when Andy showed him his drawings. He thought the logo Andy had drawn was great, and the tribute to Mike was nice too. He said he didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t use Andy’s designs. The phone rang then. The secretary answered it and handed me the phone, saying it was Mr. Stiltson. “The contract looks good John. You can sign it if you’d like to. But, how much did you say he was offering you?” he asked. “A thousand up front, and 1% royalties,” I said. I noticed a frown appear on George’s face. “Horse feathers!” Mr. Stiltson replied. “Is he there right now? May I speak with him?” “He wants to talk to you,” I said, holding the phone out to George. George took the phone and he and Mr. Stiltson spoke for a couple minutes. Mr. Stiltson apparently did most of the talking, as George only answered in monosyllables. Mostly he was saying things like, “Be reasonable now!” and “Well, how about 3 and 3?” He didn’t look very happy when he handed the phone back to me a couple minutes later. The guys all looked really nervous. “Yes?” I said. “You can sign the contract that you faxed to me, and nothing else. But only sign it if he agrees to $5,000.00 up front for each of you, and 10% royalties for each of you. If he doesn’t agree to that, don’t sign! There are other recording companies you know. I spoke with someone I know at another one a few minutes ago. That’s why it took me so long to get back to you. $5,000.00 and 10% is the average rate for artists just starting out, like your band,” Mr. Stiltson said. My eyebrows shot up, and I sat looking a bit stunned. “Are you there, John?” he asked. “Y-yes, OK, thank you very much Mr. Stiltson,” I said. “You’re welcome, John. Is there anything else I can help you with?” he asked. “Actually, yes,” I said. “See the clause about the ‘jewel case art’?” “Yes,” he said. “Our friend Andy designed what we want to use for the artwork on the CD case, should he be included in the contract?” I asked. “Definitely, but they won’t pay him as much as they’ll pay you. I’d guess the most he can get is a couple thousand up front, and 2% royalties,” Mr. Stiltson said. “OK, Thank you sir,” I said. “You’re welcome John. Good-bye now, and good luck!” he said, then he hung up. Everyone looked at me. “Now about those figures you quoted us…” I began, looking at George. “Yes, yes, I was rather hasty I guess,” George said, turning red in the face, and looking uncomfortably at me. “How does $5,000.00 each up front, and 10% of the profit for each of you sound?” The guys’ eyes all bugged out when they heard that. “And how about for Andy’s artwork?” I asked, not skipping a beat. “Yes, if you’d like to use his artwork, he’ll have to be included in the contract as well. You’ll have to understand, we don’t pay as much for artwork though,” George said. “How would $1,000.00 up front and royalities of 1% of the profit be for you Andy?” Andy’s eyes got big. Before he could respond, I cut in and said, “Make that $3,000.00 up front, and 3%.” George shot me an annoyed look. I just stared back evenly at him. I could see in my peripheral vision that the guys were all really nervous now. Andy opened his mouth to say something, but under the table, I surreptitiously put my hand on his thigh, and he quietly shut his mouth again. Finally, George said, “The most I can offer is $2,000.00 and 2%. Take it or leave it!” “The guys and I will need a moment please,” I said. “Take your time,” George said. “We’ll be back in just a minute,” I said, and I motioned to the guys to follow me. We went outside the boardroom and they all started whispering at once. They were all beside themselves. Each of them couldn’t believe the great deal we were being offered. They just wanted us to get back in there and sign. I chuckled and said, “Fine! But let’s not look overly anxious now!” We composed ourselves and walked back into the board room. I told George that we’d accept his offer. He smiled then and had his secretary go type our names, the dollar amounts, and royalty percentages into a copy of the contract. When she returned, the lawyer indicated where we should sign. We did. George signed then as well. We each had to show ID, then the secretary, who was also a notary, notarized our signatures. The secretary left then for a few minutes, to copy the contract. When she returned, we were each given a copy. We all were asked to fill out a form then with our mailing and tax information, so we could be paid. Once we’d finished everything, George smiled and said “Well, you’re recording artists now gentlemen! Congratulations!” The guys couldn’t help themselves any longer and all burst out in whoops and hollers. George smiled as he watched us. We were told we should go down and record our songs then, and Andy was to go to the art department. George’s secretary was asked to take make sure we got to where we belonged. As we were leaving, George grabbed my arm and said “You’re going to be a great businessman someday, as well as a great artist! Keep up the good work!” I grinned and thanked him. Everyone else thanked George then, and we said “good-bye”. * * * The secretary took us back to the studio then. We dropped Andy off at the art department on our way. “Wait! What color should the background be for the cover?” Andy asked, as he was about to leave us. We all looked at each other a moment. “Well, Mike’s favorite colors were red and black,” I said. “How about red with a black logo?” Pete suggested. “Or black with a red logo,” Mitchell countered. “Maybe black with a gold logo?” Julian asked. “Why don’t you see what looks best and we’ll trust you?” Boner said. “As long as you put some red and black in it,” I said, grinning. “Or gold. That sounds good too,” Craig said. “You guys are so helpful!” Andy said. “Just go do your thing,” Boner said. “You’re the artist! We trust you!” “OK,” Andy said, grinning. “I hope you’re not disappointed.” “Haven’t ever been yet,” Boner said, winking at Andy, who grinned back at him. We left then, and Andy went into the art department. * * * We spent the next hour playing our songs over and over, while Bill adjusted the sound until he was completely happy with it, and we’d played the songs flawlessly. It took four attempts to get “Mike’s Song” cut, and six tries for “Devastated Dreams”. In the end, we were all happy with our work. While we packed up our instruments, Bill burned copies of the CD for each of us. “Now all you need are the cases and labels!” he said, as he handed us the CDs in paper jackets. “I think I can help with that,” Andy said, as he walked in the door. He was carrying a stack of CD cases. “How will these do?” he asked, handing us each one. I grinned when I saw it. The cover was black with a gold logo and red writing. The inside page was black, with Mike’s photo on it, red writing, and Andy’s red rose. The back was black, with our photo, and red writing. “And, here’re the labels we designed,” Andy said, handing us each a CD label. The label was red, with a lighter red watermark of our logo. The writing on it was black. “Well?” Andy asked, looking at all of us anxiously. “I don’t know Andy,” Boner said, seriously. “I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but… Well… it’s just I kinda expected it to look better than this. I could see that Steve was teasing Andy, and that he was barely able to keep a straight face. The other guys noticed too. Poor Andy was so anxious to hear what we thought though, that he didn’t notice. “What?” he asked, looking completely deflated. Poor Andy. He looked completely stunned. Only a couple seconds had gone by, but I noticed that his eyes were beginning to look a little watery, as he looked at all of us. Apparently Boner saw this too, because he started laughing. “I’m just messing with you Andy! It’s GREAT!” he shouted, grinning and laughing. bakırköy travesti All the guys grinned and started telling Andy how great they thought the cases looked then. Andy looked so relieved. “I thought you hated them!” he said. “You’re all a bunch of arseholes!” Chuckling, Boner surprised Andy by wrapping his arms around him and giving him a gentle hug. “I’m sorry Andy. I didn’t mean to upset you.” he said, softly. “The case is beautiful. Really!” Andy was beaming when Steve released him. His eyes were glistening again, but this time, because he was so happy. I took my CD out of the paper jacket and stuck the label on it, and put it in the case Andy had given me. “WOW!” I said. “It looks just like something you’d buy at the store!” Bill laughed then and said, “Soon, everyone will be able to!” “You really like it then?” Andy asked. “YES!” we all shouted. Andy couldn’t stop smiling. Everyone started sticking their labels on their CD and putting them in Andy’s case then. I noticed then that the boys were all sitting very quietly watching us, and asked Bill for an extra few copies of the CD for them. He grinned and quickly burned copies for them as well, and one for Andy too. “OK, I guess we’re done. They’ll start showing up in the stores in about a week I’d guess,” Bill said. We thanked Bill, and gathered up our stuff then, and he walked us out to the front door. * * * We were all talking and laughing together all the way to the cars. We loaded our equipment back into Turkey’s mother’s van and locked it up, then stood looking at each other, grinning stupidly. The guys and I each began chuckling, and soon we were all laughing and grabbing and hugging each other like idiots, as Andy and the boys looked on grinning and laughing at us. “I can’t believe we finally did it!” Pete said. “Me either,” Mitch said. “I still think I’m home, asleep in my bed, dreaming,” Jewels said. We talked a while longer, until finally, Jacob said, “I don’t suppose all the excitement’s made any of you hungry?” We all laughed then, but realized we were starving. “We’re only a block from the park. Why don’t we leave the cars here, and walk over there? There’ll be vendors and we can kick back and relax a little,” I said. Everyone thought that sounded good, so we grabbed a couple blankets out of our cars, and a frisbee, and headed over to the park. We did indeed find every kind of vendor imagineable and everyone got plenty to eat of whatever they felt like. Then, we found a spot on the grass under a tree, away from the mainstream, spread our blankets out and sat down to eat. After we ate, we spent a couple of hours just relaxing and playing some frisbee. We were near the lake, where they have rowboat rentals. The boys wanted to rent a boat and go rowing a little, so I wandered over with them and rented one for them and saw them off, then rejoined the guys. We yapped about our CD while the boys were gone, planning what songs we should put on our album, which we were certain we’d be asked to do. It was around 3:00, when the boys returned. The guys decided then that it was time for them to get going back to Asbury Park. We all walked back to the parking garage together. Boner and Mitch went over their directions home, then we all said good-bye. Mitch said he’d drop my guitar and amp off at Grandma’s for me on his way home. I thanked him and said we’d see them all back home in a day or two. They took off then. * * * We got in our car then and drove down to 55th and Broadway, where The Majestic Hotel is located. We pulled up to the curb in front and got out. A bell hop came with a cart to get our luggage, and the doorman summoned a valet to drive my car over to the parking garage. I gave the valet a spare key, and he gave me my claim ticket, then we followed the bell hop inside. I registered us, and left a message for Mr. Phillips that we’d arrived and would meet him at his room at 7:00. Then the bell hop took us up to our rooms. We were all quite pleased with the rooms. They were spacious, had comfortable beds, and an adjoining door, so we didn’t have to run through the hallway to visit each other. I was surprised to find the ice buckets had just been filled. There was a very nice fruit basket on the table too, compliments of Mr. Phillips. “I gotta pee!” Scott exclaimed and ran into the bathroom. John was right on his heels. “Guess we’re all set!” I said, chuckling, and setting a bag of snacks and another bag of sodas on the table. I kept four cans of soda for me and Andy, and a couple bags of snacks. Then I put the rest of it, and the fruit basket in the boys’ room. “It’s so nice and cool in here,” John said, walking out of the bathroom, as Harry rushed past him into the bathroom to pee. “Yeah,” Scott said, turning on the TV and flopping down on the bed closest to it. “Can we just stay here in our room and relax a while?” John asked. I chuckled as I watched the four boys all looking at each other. They all had odd looks on their faces. Looking down, I noticed their crotches were all bulging slightly. “Sounds like a great idea. Andy and I are a little tired, and we’d like to relax too. We’re gonna close the door between our rooms for a while, so we can relax and not be bothered by your TV, OK?” I said, grinning. Andy had come to the door, and was giving me a funny look. Suddenly he caught my drift, and grinned. The boys were all looking at us, and I noticed they too were grinning. “Keep the noise down, and if you need us, knock!” I said, winking at them. They all just grinned, as I shut the door behind me. “So, I take it you’d like to settle your little debt with me from this morning?” Andy asked, grinning. “Oh yeah!” I said, grinning, as I locked the door between our’s and the boys’ room. * * * Andy began stripping immediately, as I turned on a dim light, and closed the drapes completely. He was was completely naked, and rock hard, before I even began disrobing. “Grab a tube of KY out of my bag, while I get Nakey!” I said, waggling my eyebrows at him, as I leaned down to untie my sneakers. Andy started rooting around in my bag looking for the KY jelly while I stripped. He still hadn’t located it, and was bent over at the waist, with his back to me, and his face close down to the bag on the floor, when I finished undressing. His ass was thrust out toward me, and I could see his anus peeking at me. I grinned to myself and moved over behind him. I knelt down and spread his ass cheeks apart. Immediately, I caught a whiff of the musky scent Andy’s ass gave off when he sweat between his buttocks. The smell of his ass sweat was almost enough to make me cum right there, all over the floor. Even though he was sweaty, I could see and smell that Andy’s nearly hairless ass was clean. I didn’t waste any time. I immediately licked up Andy’s crack at its deepest point, raking my tongue right over his cute pink pucker. “Oh Fuck!” Andy gasped, grabbing for the edge of the dresser, as I began licking repeatedly through the deepest depth of the cleavage between his gluts, deliberately dragging my tongue roughly over his pucker. Andy spread his feet further apart, but remained bent at the waist, and relatively motionless, as I began seriously eating his ass out. “Oh God John!” he cried, after a few seconds, and he began pushing his ass back toward me lustfully, craving my tongues penetration. I continued just licking away at his hole for a minute or so, then, finally, I formed my tongue into a point. I pressed directly on Andy’s anus, pushing forward, until my tongue penetrated through his sphincter, and slid up into him. “OOOHHHH!!!” Andy groaned. He began whimpering then, and his legs started trembling, as he leaned on the dresser, while I shoved my tongue deeply – in and out of his rectum. After a couple minutes, I realized that Andy’s legs were trembling even more, so I stopped, much to Andy’s chagrin. “Shhh,” I said, as he started to complain. “Lay down on the bed on your back, you’ll be more comfortable,” I said. Andy grinned then, and backed over to the bed and laid down. As I knelt down again, I noticed Andy’s dick was leaking precum, so I licked off the tip of it. Then I pushed Andy’d legs up and went down on his asshole again. After a couple minutes, Andy finally pushed me off his hole. “Just fuck me John! I need to feel your dick inside me now!” he said, breathlessly. I grinned and picked up the KY and squirted some into my hand. I greased my hardon with it, then, after Andy moved up on the bed, I climbed on and got in between his legs. He grinned up at me, as he lay underneath, breathing heavily. I held his knees up and spread them apart. Then, I pressed the head of my cock against his hole and began gently pushing forward. “MMmmm!” Andy moaned, as my dick slid slowly through his sphincter, and up inside him. Once I was all the way up inside Andy, I began slowly fucking in and out of him. He began moaning lowly, and wiggling his hips a little underneath me. “Faster!” he said at one point, so I sped up a little. Within seconds, I was long-dicking Andy up the ass at a moderate rate of speed, and he was groaning continually. Looking down, I saw that his dick was leaking copius amounts of precum, and that it was all pooling in his navel. That made me even hornier than I’d been, and I began to feel my orgasm building up. I sped up a little. Andy’s eyes were closed and he began whimpering again, and tensing up a little. I knew he was close to having his orgasm too. A couple more shoves in and out of Andy, and suddenly I felt my climax. “OH FUCK!” I groaned, as I released the pressure in my groin and shot a huge wad of cum through my dick, and deep up inside Andy’s bowels. “OH JOHN!” Andy exclaimed then, and I felt his asshole clenching shut suddenly around my dick. A glob of cum shot out the end of his dick, and grazing my belly, it landed on his chest, pooling on his breast bone, with a little bit running down to his throat. I came again. Then, Andy did again. It was almost as if we were taking turns shooting our juice, as we experienced the throes of a humongous mutual orgasm. Eventually, both of our orgasms subsided, and we both relaxed. I gently fucked my dick in and out of Andy’s rectum a little yet, until my entire body shuddered and I expelled the last glob of my cum. Andy too pushed a last drop of semen from his dick a moment later. I collapsed on top of Andy then, and we lay there, cemented together by his semen that was smeared all over between our chests and bellies. My dick was still buried deep inside Andy’s rectum, but now that my orgasm was over, it was shrinking back to its normal flacid state. After a minute or so, I pulled it out of Andy’s asshole, and settled back down on top of him for a minute. We shared a long, loving kiss. Finally, I suggested we get up and take a shower together. Andy thought that sounded good. We spent a good long time in the shower washing each other. Eventually, Andy squatted and gave me a long sensual blowjob, that culminated in his swallowing several good-size shots of my cum. When he was through, I got on my knees and sucked him off in a similar fashion, until I too was treated to a drink of his love juice. Eventually, we rinsed off, got out of the shower and dried off. I set the alarm on the clock radio for 6:30, then we turned down the bed and crawled into it together for a short nap. Andy snuggled up to me, and soon, both of us were happily dozing… ——————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published shortly.

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