Subject: Lustful Opportunities Chapter 3 Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Nothing written is real or based on any real-life situations, and no content is ever encouraged. The world of fiction is wonderful and allows for many fantasies, so always remember to keep this in mind when reading here. Donation Reminder: Don’t forget to donate, fty/ Thank you! Hey, everyone! Hearing from you has been nice this past week or two, and I hope to continue hearing back! If you’re enjoying the story and haven’t reached out, don’t be shy! I’ve love to hear your feedback and comments. I’ll keep this short: Chapter 3 was going to be really long, so I’ve decided to split it into two parts, or possibly three. I imagine this will satisfy most readers since they get the same content in a shorter amount of time. So, hope you guys enjoy! ************************************* LUSTFUL OPPORTUNITIES – CHAPTER 3, Part I (Open Wide… Wider) The wet gurgling sounds of Noah gagging on Chase’s cock filled his bedroom. His little nose was pressed into the trimmed pubes, his chin nestled against the teenager’s balls. “Oh, fuck, dad! His throat is so fucking tight! Keep him held down all the way just like that for a while. I might fucking bust the second you begin skull-fucking him on my dick!” “Wouldn’t be so bad, though, right? We both know you’d be hard again in minutes, especially when you watch me get my dick down his throat next.” Noah listened to the older boy and his father talking, wondering if they could hear him gagging, choking. His eyes were flowing with tears, and after blinking his eyes several times to clear his vision, he looked up at the older boy looking down at him, smiling. “What do you think, Noah? Think Chase here will blow his load the moment I begin fucking your skull on his dick?” Mike asked, smiling to himself as he looked at Noah’s face, the kid’s mouth stretched wide around his son’s cock and unable to speak. Running his free hand from Noah’s strained jaw and down the side of his neck, Mike gently pressed his index and middle fingers against the bulging throat of the boy against Chase’s cock within. Chase gasped. “If you do that again, dad… I might seriously blow…” “Maybe that’s my intent, son. The quicker you bust your nut, the faster I get my cock down the future boy slut’s throat.” “N-not fair! O-okay, okay. Go on… fuck his skull on me now, dad. Not sure how long I’ll last, but we got all weekend, right?” Mike grinned. “You bet we do.” And with that, Mike pulled Noah’s throat off Chase’s cock, making his son arch his back as his dick popped out. Noah began coughing and may have gotten a breath or two in, Mike wasn’t sure, before he was driven back down balls deep on the teenager’s throbbing cock. Chase groaned as his dickhead rammed against the back of Noah’s throat and popped back inside the kid’s tight muscular tube. And unlike before, neither Chase nor Noah had time to adjust to their different situations because Mike had already pulled the kid’s head back up and was shoving it back down again. Again and again, Mike quickly reached a quick and aggressive rhythm of which to skull fuck Noah on his son’s very hard 6.5″ dick. The sounds of Chase’s moaning and breathing filled the brightly colored and toy-scattered bedroom. At the same time, Noah’s increasingly harsh gagging and wet gurgling sounds filled Mike and Chase’s ears, driving them wild with lustful glee. “Fuuuckkk yesss… This is what I waited all week for! Harder, dad! Give me more of his fucking throat!” “I’ll give you more… I’ll give you so much more! Fucking take it! Take my son’s cock you little slut! I wanna see that pretty little face dripping with slime before I finish!” Noah’s eyes bulged when Mike increased the already fast pace, becoming more ruthless, too, as his swollen, stretched little lips moved faster and faster up and down Chase’s cock. At first, Chase’s pubes were almost tickling his button nose, but now it was making the tip a little sore. Trying to look up at Chase’s face, Noah’s vision was a tear-filled blur as he listened to the older boy making the louder happy (moaning) sounds above him between telling his dad he was getting closer. Unsure by what Chase meant was closer, Noah suddenly began to panic as he struggled for air. Fighting to work his small arms onto his elbows, Noah watched Chase quickly take his hands and pull his arms up onto his body, rubbing his little hands all over his muscular stomach and chest. Briefly being reminded of the shirtless superheroes he enjoys watching by Chase’s muscular body, panic quickly overtook the boy again as he struggled to breath. “What do you think you’re doing? You haven’t finished pleasuring me yet. Use your fucking nose!” Chase demanded, running Noah’s fingers between the ridges of his abs, up the curve of his pecs, and across his nipples. For his mild disobedience, Mike’s grip in Noah’s hair tightened and he shoved the boy’s head down deeper than ever onto his son’s cock. Noah gagged hard, his increasingly messy chin pressed down far enough to part Chase’s balls between it, making the teen nearly howl in pleasure. “Little boys like yourself are meant to please older boys like Chase, Noah. Trying to push off to prevent that pleasure is a very bad thing to do. You don’t want Chase to tell your parents you were a bad boy, do you?” Mike said while holding Noah’s head down, running the back of his free hand along the boy’s bulged out throat. “Give me a thumps up if you understand, Noah. You want to make me happy, right? And make your parents proud of their good boy?” Chase added, releasing one of Noah’s hands so he could respond. His free hand almost clawing at Chase’s chest, Noah slowly made a thumbs up, gagging hard right after again as he confirmed his willingness. Nodding to his father, Chase took Noah’s free hand again and began running his soft fingers up and down his abs and chest again. “For being such a good boy, I’m going to let you get a breath of air, boy. You’ll have just a couple seconds, so make it good.” Mike said, pulling Noah up slowly, Chase’s cock popping out of the boy’s throat for the first time over the past several minutes. The slime and precum mix being blocked by Chase’s cock came spewing out around Noah’s swollen lips, coating Chase’s groin. Gasping, Noah took the biggest breath he could and was almost immediately gagging again as he found his face slapping off Chase’s messy groin, the older boy’s dick being rammed mercilessly back down his throat once more. “Hope that was enough, boy, because that’s all you get until Chase floods that little throat of yours.” Mike commented, watching the wet, sticky mess around Chase’s groin rising and falling with Noah’s face as he repeatedly slammed the kid’s head up and down at a violent pace. Resigning himself over to the older boy and his father, unsure by what the man meant about Chase flooding his throat, Noah tried to picture himself playing with his most favorite superhero, Spider-Man. Chase’s muscles reminded the boy of Spider-Man’s the most, so pretending the web-slinging hero was his new babysitter helped keep his mind off the panic that’d overcome him whenever he’d gag and choke, which was happening istanbul travesti more and more as the man continued to get more brutal. “What a fucking sight! I didn’t think you’d be able to hold off this long with your first nut, Chase. Even I can’t help unloading down a virgin’s throat after more than a couple minutes the first time.” Not hearing a response from his son, Mike looked up from Noah’s face to see Chase panting now, his muscular stomach and chest rising faster and faster beneath Noah’s little hands. His son was really close now. Running the back of his hand against Noah’s battered throat, Mike wrapped his hand around the boy’s neck and squeezed. He felt Chase’s cock running up against the palm of his strong hand. Beginning to stroke his son’s dick through Noah’s throat, he heard the little boy try his best to emit an audible whimper in reply, but Mike squeezed harder. Chase let out an illegible cry of pleasure as Mike clamped Noah’s throat around his cock tighter than ever. Releasing Noah’s hands, he quickly found the back of his father’s hand that was still ruthlessly skull-fucking the boy on his dick. Shoving Noah’s head down as hard onto his dick as he could, Chase thrusted his hips up hard at the same time, his ass raised off the bed. Holding the little skull down and embedding his cock down the kid’s throat as deep as his strength allowed, the panting, moaning teen’s cock throbbed and erupted. “FUUUUCKKK YEAHHH! SWALLOW MY DICK, YOU LITTLE SLUT! EAT MY FUCKING LOAD! OHHH FUCK YESSS!” Mike felt Chase’s cock throb against his palm, two, three, four, five times… Five large shots to begin Noah’s cum-filled weekend. Chase held his ass off the bed with his cock still embedded down Noah’s throat for a solid minute before collapsing back onto the mattress, releasing Noah’s head. His heart pounding against his chest, he watched Mike slowly pull the boy off his dick and was met with another ample amount of saliva spew out onto his groin and thighs. Releasing Noah’s head when Chase’s cock plopped out, Mike watched the boy fall limply against his son’s messy thighs. Pushing the boy’s sticky blonde hair away from his eyes and around forehead, he watched the boy’s body twitch before he started coughing. Repositioning the boy to face him, Mike patted him on the back a few times, helping the boy clear his throat. Watching Noah catch his breath, Mike watched the boy’s tight little belly rise and fall, wondering if the boy was small enough so that his cock would produce a similar effect when inside him. Noah’s face was a wet, beautiful sticky mess. Holding the boy’s head between his large hands, Mike leaned in close to admire it. After blinking several times to get his long eyelashes from sticking to his face, Noah looked up to get his first good look at the man. Noah noted the man’s facial hair (a closely trimmed beard), and when looking at his eyes, it felt like the man was staring straight through him. The man looked hungry. Before Noah could observe anything else, he watched as Mike’s face came closer. The man’s lips parted, and the next thing the boy knew, Chase’s dad’s mouth had completely covered his own. Mike’s tongue effortlessly parted Noah’s swollen lips and found its way deep inside the kid’s mouth. Running his tongue along the boy’s little teeth, then the roof of his mouth, and inside the boy’s cheeks, Mike was nearly growling into Noah’s open mouth. Pulling Noah’s face into his, Mike extended his tongue as far as he could, the top rimming the back of the boy’s throat. Most of this felt ticklish to Noah, but with the Mike’s tongue starting to lick around his throat and pressing inside, he gagged again, making the man pull his face into his even harder. Noah’s nostrils flaring against his face, Mike leaned the boy back and held him down on the bed, pressing the back of his small head into the mattress as he continued his efforts to devour the boy. Chase was stroking his already semi-hard dick as he watched his dad practically sucking the breath out of the kid. He watched Noah’s little hands attempt to pull his father’s hands off the sides of his face, which Chase himself couldn’t even do when his father was like this. When Mike had his hands on you, you weren’t getting away. It was a lesson Chase learned at a young age. It was a boys’ purpose to please a man, to give yourself over for their self-pleasure, especially if that man was your own father. Mike felt Noah’s grip on his wrists begin to weaken. This was his favorite part. If he kept this up for much longer, the small boy would pass out. Knowing he had that control of a boy in the palm of his hands drove him wild. Pressing his tongue as deep as he could into Noah’s throat, Mike tasted his son’s cum that still coated the inside before pulling back, listening to the boy gasp for air. Noah would be doing a lot of gasping this weekend, so better train him now, Mike thought to himself. Standing at the edge of the bed and towering over little Noah, Mike watched the boy’s heavy breathing slowly return to normal. Noah had seen his daddy kiss his mommy without taking his mouth off her’s for a long time, so he wondered if this was what his mommy was experiencing. Taking it as a sign that his daddy really loved his mommy, the boy looked back at the man above him in a new light. “You like what you see?” Mike asked, a hand around the base of his throbbing cock. Noah looked at man’s body, seeing he had an even bigger chest than Chase! It really looked like a superheros, like Thor or Superman, and had some hair on it, too. The man’s stomach also had muscles and hair, and Noah’s eyes followed the pattern down to the man’s huge peepee… or dick. He couldn’t take his eyes off it. It was so huge, even the man’s large hand didn’t fit around it. He watched as it moved without the man moving it, too, and noticed it had veins on the sides. And on the tip, he saw a bead of what he now knew was cum thanks to Chase. Chase had told him it happens when little boys like him made it feel good by making older boys and men happy. “Are you happy, s-sir?” Noah asked, rubbing his throat, his voice a little hoarse. “I will be soon, boy. Can you tell me how and why?” Mike responded, his 9″ hard cock twitching despite his grip on it. Noah gulped. He knew the answer. Looking over at Chase still on his bed, the older boy winked at him. “Y-yes, sir… I-I can make it you happy.” “And how can you do that?” “B-by letting you get yourself p-puhleasure with me?” “That’s right. Little boysluts like you make men happier than anything. You’re a boyslut, aren’t you, Noah?” Noah wasn’t sure what a boyslut was. He was a boy, and Chase had called him a slut… “Y-yes, s-sir.” Noah replied, watching the man smile down at him. “Yes… yes you fucking are. And I’m going to show you how to be a real boyslut. Come here.” Mike said, reaching down to push the boy onto his back again. Then, holding the boy beneath his arms, spun him around on the bed so that his head was hanging over the side in front of him. Noah’s legs were on top of Chase’s now, who still lied spread out across the bed and stroking his dick. Raising his muscular legs, Chase brought them down onto Noah’s, kadıköy travesti pinning the boy’s lower body to the bed. They’d done this so many times with the boys they watched, it had become a routine maneuver for him. “Open up, boy. Even wider than you did for my son.” Noah wasn’t sure if he could open his mouth any wider, but he opened as wide as he could nonetheless. Above him was a sight he’d never forget. On either side of his view, he saw the strong, muscular legs with fine hairs. And up between them, the man’s large balls hanging low. He’d never seen his daddy’s balls, but he wondered if they looked like this man’s. And higher still, he saw the long, thick looming dick. It looked even bigger from below, and he doubted it’d be able to fit in his mouth. Would the man be mad at him if it didn’t? Would Chase tell his parents that he didn’t obey? Straining to open his mouth even wider, his jaw quivering and still sore, Noah’s little heart was pounded against his chest as he saw the huge dick begin to lower toward his open mouth. Bending his knees, Mike aimed and pressed his cockhead against the boy’s open mouth. Not quite wide enough to enter despite the boy’s best efforts, he reached down and pushed up on the kid’s chin, feeling it shake in his hand. It’d been a while since he’d had his cock in the mouth of a boy this small, and he was getting in there no matter what. Noah squinted his eyes, his jaw hurting more. He felt the man’s dickhead around his stretched lips, but in order for it to enter his mouth, his lips had begun to curl back. Opening his eyes, he saw the man’s big balls again. They were slowly making their way toward his eyes as the man’s dick began to work its way into his overstretched mouth. Chase leaned up on the bed to get a better view. He knew his father would get his huge cock into Noah’s mouth, it was just a matter of when and always incredible to watch. These boys didn’t know how fucking lucky they were to experience such a huge cock for the first time. And then, he heard his father moan as his large dickhead was forced inside the small mouth. “Oh, yes… Fuck yes, take it, boy. It’s a shame you haven’t got to experience your daddy using you yet. What a fucking waste. But I’ll make sure to show you what it’s like. I’ll make you feel what it’s really like” With his cockhead inside Noah’s mouth, Mike pressed forward, the first couple inches of his shaft sliding into the tight space. Moaning again from the boy’s soft wet tongue running along the underside of his dick, Mike continued onward, more than ready to get inside an even tighter space. When his dickhead hit the back of Noah’s already battered throat, the boy began to gag and squirm about. Holding Noah’s little legs down with his own, Chase stroked his dick a little faster, excited to see how Noah would react for what was about to come next. Mike pressed his hips forward, feeling the boy’s tight throat begin to clamp around his dickhead. This wasn’t going to be pleasant for the boy. He’d struggled enough as is on Chase’s cock, and his dickhead and girth were both nearly twice that of his son’s and he had over two inches on him, too. Using a hand to press down onto Noah’s chest, holding him down, Mike thrusted hard, causing his dickhead to pop inside the boy’s throat. As expected, the boy began to squirm, his small hands trying to push him off. Swatting Noah’s hands away and calling him a bad boy for misbehaving, Mike waited. A few seconds later, he and Chase watched Noah slowly raised his right hand and gave them a thumbs up. Hesitating at first, the sign was clear. This kid clearly had a lot of respect, or possibly fear, for his parents and wasn’t willing to risk Chase telling on him. Ready to continue either way, and admittingly impressed by Noah’s determination, Mike raised his right leg and placed it on the edge of the bed. Leaning over the gagging boy, Mike resumed with several short, hard thrusts, forcing half an inch of his cock into Noah’s throat with each one. Father and son watched with unblinking eyes as Noah’s throat began to bulge out obscenely, at least in the eyes of some. To them, it was a marvelous scene that every man should experience with their young son or a boy. “Stretch his throat wide open, dad. Fuck him up! Show him how to make men happy.” A serious of nonstop moans spilled from Mike’s mouth as he forced his cock in deeper and deeper down Noah’s throat. He kept his eyes focused on the area of the boy’s throat where his cockhead was about to bulge out next, and when he thrust forward, he groaned loudly when he watched it expand to accommodate him. His 9″ cock now halfway in Noah’s mouth, Mike stopped thrusting and leaned forward more, using his strength and body weight to force the rest of his throat-stretcher into the boy’s throat. The boy was gagging harder now, his little body shaking, just how Mike liked it as the vibrations were incredible. Noah’s eyes were once more filled with tears, and he desperately tried to clear them by blinking. A brief moment of clarity came to his eyes just in time for the boy to watch Mike’s large balls press into them, darkening his vision. His mouth almost numb, and his throat more than sore now, he felt some relief when he saw the light of his bedroom again, his poster of Spider-Man catching his eye, as the man began to pull out of his mouth. The relief was short-lived, however, as his vision was cut off by Mike’s balls as the man pushed deep down his throat again. He tried to move his legs, but he felt Chase’s legs overtop of them, knowing it was no use due to the older boy’s strength. And the most he could do with his hands would be touching the man’s butt or legs, and if Chase was too strong to budge, then his dad was definitely too strong, like Superman, to move. Mike’s lust was close to reaching a fever-pitch. He placed both hands on little Noah, covering the boy’s entire chest and pressed him down into the mattress. Then, lifting himself almost out of Noah’s throat, he quickly plunged back in, feeling his balls slap off the kid’s face. Up and down, faster and faster, deeper and deeper… His deep moaning was soon joined by the intense gagging and gurgling coming from Noah. Tilting his head down, he watched as Noah’s overstretched mouth behaved like a blocked-up geyser. Saliva, cum, and slime seaped out around the kid’s curled, stretched lips, and when he would raise his hips and slam back to the base, shots of the sticky mess within would splatter out around his cock and over Noah’s face and everything nearby. Chase was stroking his cock faster, his climax quickly approaching. Keeping his weight on Noah’s legs, the teen quickly moved to sit atop the kid’s thighs to face his dad and began stroking himself again. “Fuck yeah, dad! Fucking pound it! Wreck the little fucker’s throat!” Mike looked up from the good work he was doing to Noah’s throat into his son’s hungry eyes. His submissive young boy was still in there for when he needed him, but the aggressive, brutal boyfucker he had become was Still able to hold Noah down with just one hand on his chest, Mike used his free hand to pull Chase’s face into his, taking him in for a lust-filled deep kiss. bakırköy travesti Chase gladly opened his mouth, feeling his father aggressively leaving no area within untouched with his tongue. Climbing onto the bed with his knees on either side of Noah’s shoulders, the boy’s head hanging further over the edge, Mike forced his cock as deep as it could down Noah’s throat and began a vicious power-fucking. When the violent thrusts down into the little boy’s throat weren’t enough, Mike practically began to bounce himself off the mattress to impale much of the full-length of his cock in and out of fuckhole he was creating. With his son moaning into his mouth, the wet gags and almost sloshy sounds coming out of Noah, Mike was content if he did damage the little fuckhole for a mouth. His balls were slapping hard and fast over the kid’s face, too, and he’d be surprised if Noah didn’t have a black eye after this. But he didn’t care as he pulled his face away from Chase for just a few seconds to say, “Choke him, boy! Fucking squeeze your old man’s cock!”, before returning to his son’s mouth. Keeping one hand furiously beating away as his dick, Chase used his free hand and wrapped it around Noah’s neck. Squeezing down, the feel of his father’s cock suddenly, violently, ramming through the tight tube and bulging it up into his hand at an incredible pace, was too much for Chase. Opening his mouth wide in silence, his father’s tongue reaching the back of his throat, Chase pumped his cock harder and began shooting his second load today, this one shooting thick ropes of his teenage spunk across Noah’s stomach, his chest, and up around his own hand still around the boy’s neck. Mike knew his son had just busted his second nut, feeling it warm his hand across Noah’s chest. Removing the hand on the back of his son’s head, Mike watched as Chase nearly collapse forward against him before removing his hand from Noah’s neck and propping himself up with his arms on the bed. Leaning back, Chase was panting hard, his sweaty torso glistening from the sunset shining through the window. About to unload himself now, Mike removed the hand from across Noah’s chest he was holding him down with and wrapped them both around the kid’s neck. And with his long fingers overlapping around the boy’s neck, Mike gave his newly made fuckhole the hardest, most brutal throat-fucking he could. Moaning and groaning, it wasn’t long before Mike held Noah’s neck firmly and rammed himself balls deep one more time down the boy’s throat. Emptying one of the biggest loads he could ever remember, feeling it his cock throbbing inside Noah’s throat against his fingers, Mike fell forward into Chase, breathing hard against his son’s chest. Nearly toppling over from his father’s body weight, Chase wrapped his arms around his dad and held him close as they both worked on catching their breath. “That… that was a hell of a throat fuck, dad… How is he?” “Let’s check together, but not yet. Not until my cock softens completely.” Mike replied, running his tongue around his son’s left nipple before sucking on it gently. After a few minutes, Mike stepped off the bed and began pulling his cock out of Noah’s throat. When his cockhead popped out of the battered throat, a torrent of slime followed and trailed down the kid’s face and finally onto the floor below. With the boy’s head hanging over the edge, he couldn’t get a good look at the state the kid was in yet. Asking Chase to pull him up onto the bed, he saw the boy’s stomach, now coated in his sweat and his son’s cum, rising and falling slowly. The boy was all right. Making as much room on the small bed as they could, Mike and Chase placed Noah between them, running their hands up and down every part of his young body. Noah’s eyes were half open, and after wiping all the stickiness away from his eyes, he saw Mike and Chase on either side of him, smiling. He felt warm with them in his bed. His neck was sore, his throat even more so, and all together, his whole body felt tired. As he continued to look between Mike and Chase, Noah wondered why his mouth and throat gave them their pleasure. And as much as he was hurting as he gave it to them, a sliver of his own pleasure, almost pride, even, came across his mind knowing he was making someone happy at last. His teacher always said he could “do better” and praised almost all the other kids, except for him. And his Daddy and Mommy yelled at him more than anything. About taking a bath, about cleaning up his toys, about finishing his food… almost everything, the boy thought to himself as Mike and Chase ran their fingers from his forehead all the way down to his feet. Maybe if his new babysitter tells his parents he was a good boy and listened and obeyed them to make, making them happy, then they’d be happy with him too. Falling asleep between Mike and Chase, the boy awoke about thirty minutes later to an odd feeling. He was still naked but was on his stomach now. Feeling the odd feeling that woke him up again, he looked over his shoulder, his neck still in pain, and saw his legs were spread. Sitting between his legs at the end of the bed was Chase. Behind Chase was his Spider-Man poster, and he couldn’t help but to compare them again. Chase was cool. He watched as Chase winked at him, then placed his hands on his butt and squeezed them a little. Trying to ask the older boy why he was touching his butt, Noah stopped himself before saying the first word because his throat hurt. Watching Chase spread his round bubble butt cheeks, as his daddy called it, he saw the older boy lean down and lick his butt hole! It was the odd feeling that woke him up. It tickled a little, and he sort of wanted Chase to do it again before thinking it was weird. “Look who’s up! Your good boy.” Noah heard a voice, Mike, call from the doorway. The man was still naked, too, as Noah watched him come over and knell down beside him on the bed before looking at Chase. “Has he been fucked before?” “I don’t think so. The tip of my tongue barely went in without applying any actual force.” Noah watched Mike lick then bite his bottom lip before reaching out and tapping his butt. “You’re about to find out another way, a better way, in making men and older boys like me even happier, Noah. You’ve been a very good boy, Noah. Do you want to keep giving the pleasure little boys like you are meant to give us?” Chase asked Noah after hovering over the boy on all fours, his hardening teenage dick rubbing against those perfect little mounds. Unsure what Chase meant, he did want to keep giving him and his dad their pleasure. They called him a good boy again, which meant they were still happy with him. And he wanted them to stay that way. Nodding his approval, Chase bent down and licked his way up Noah’s spine, between his little shoulder blades, across the back of his little neck, and finally up to his mouth before giving him a short kiss on the lips. “That’s a good boy. Ready, dad?” Chase asked, giving his father a wicked grin. “Ready, son. Let’s show Noah what his little body can really do.” To Be Continued… ********************************* Thanks for reading, guys! As mentioned, trying to put a weekend’s worth of content into one chapter was going to be too much, and I know some of you don’t enjoy super-long chapters. This should allow each part (be it two or three, unsure) to have some room grow versus being crammed all together I feel, too. Hope to hear from many of you! Take care.

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