Subject: Lonely Little Boy (chapter 3) gay incest Thanks for reading, if you want to chat, do so ail Wickr: dicksonhill or Telegram: @DicksonHill. Thanks to those who have written, it keeps me going. I used to write under a different name, so if you have seen this story before you know why. I have broken the story up into smaller chapters. If you are reading this and it is illegal to do so, please stop. Please consider a donation to Nifty if you want to keep the site open for your reading enjoyment. ________________ We piled into dad’s car. Somehow I liked this vehicle better than Coach’s convertible. Yes, I loved riding with the top down, but in daddy’s car, I could sit close to the driver and cuddle. I snuggled up to dad as he got to driving. We had a way to go as this tournament was in a different town. I was thinking about the “repayment” I received from dad, and the many sensations he gave me. His scratchy stubble, the biting various parts of my body, and the pressure on my little hole. It added up to such powerfully overwhelming feelings that hit me so hard. I had to talk about it. “Daddy?” I began softly, I was still shy about talking about these things. I knew it wasn’t an issue any more with dad, but it was still new enough that I didn’t know how to express it all. “Yeah Book?” he replied, putting his arm around me hugging me to his side. “Umm, thank you for, you know… it was very nice.” I began, uncertainly. Dad smiled coyly, “Oh yeah what was nice? Breakfast?” “No silly,” I giggled, “you know, the… stuff we did.” “Oh the… stuff,” his voice held mirth at my inability to speak my mind. “You are most welcome, you know I enjoyed it too. I love making you feel good.” “Yeah that’s just it, you are very good at it,” I said bluntly, catching what I wanted to say and then instantly blushing at my enthusiasm. Dad barked a laugh, “Thank you, son, I am glad you think so.” His smile was broad and carried a sense of pride. “That’s not what I meant,” he looked down at me, mock wounded. “I mean, that is what I meant, but not what I meant, oh I don’t know, I mean you know a lot about what makes me feel good.” he rubbed my tummy to encourage me to go on. “I mean you had so many things happening, I couldn’t keep up and I wanted more and less and… it was good. When I couldn’t use my hands to get to you, it was so frustrating but made me have to try and focus to stay… sane… I guess… you know what I mean?” “Oh yes do I ever, receiving pleasure is amazing, and sometimes it’s heightened by being helpless to do nothing but receive it. But I’ll let you in on a little secret.” he lowered his voice conspiratorially. I held my breath and listened closely. “You get just as much joy from giving someone those feelings as you do receiving them, sure you might not get an orgasm, but your noises, the expressions on your face and the way your body responds, is enough to send me over the edge. In other words, I love giving you those feelings, I am so lucky to have you, you have no idea.” “I think I have some idea,” I offered while pondering his words. “”I love to touch you and to see your reactions too,” I said this while grasping the indecent mound that was making its way down the leg of his jeans. “I was satisfied the other day just making you feel good, but you meant you are lucky to have me and I do know what you mean there, I am lucky to have you too. Skip is older than me, and he didn’t know anything about what to do. He didn’t have anyone that cared enough to show him or share with him this stuff,” I switched to fondling his tecticles through his jeans as he had made a dark wet spot on his pants. He adjusted himself to make room in his tight jeans, “Probably a bad idea to wear these around you in public,” he laughed. “In a way, you are right, it’s sad that he doesn’t have anywhere safe to explore his feelings, but in a way you’re wrong too. Not everyone wants this kind of intimacy, I know I never thought about it, and I am sure Scott feels the same. I am glad Skip found you, but I want you to know a couple of things, and this is serious so please pay attention. I know I can trust you so I don’t have to go on about privacy, but I do need to say that there may come a time when Skip asks about us, or wants to see if we, Coach and I will do things with him like we do with you. One, I trust you, but I would advise that he not know about what we do, I don’t mind him knowing about Scott and I, but not us, okay?” I already knew that this wasn’t something I could share with anyone, “Yes daddy,” I replied. “Good and two, if he ever mentions that he wants to do something with us, do not encourage it, that is a definite no from Scott and I. We have discussed it, sure Skip is cute, but we are not interested. Besides, how could we do better than you anyway,” he said, pinching my side. I screeched in delight. “Ok daddy, I hadn’t thought about him wanting to do things with you. He did say you and Coach were very good looking though,” that was a new thought, Skip with dad, no I didn’t like the sound of that, maybe Skip and Coach but not my daddy, but dad said no so it was no. “Oh he thinks we’re good looking huh? Well that changes everything,” he teased me. I socked him on his leg and laughed. “No fair, you beast,” he said, pretending to be hurt while rubbing the “pain” away. “Don’t worry, I have all I want with you and Scott.” “Me too,” I said, “but, I want to play with Skip too,” I said blushing. He chuckled, “That is more than fine, as long as it’s what you want.” He rubbed my belly firmly to emphasize his approval. We talked about nothing and everything as we drove the rest of the way to the event. I stopped teasing dad’s groin so he could be dry by the time we got there, but leaned my head into his chest while he continued to caress me. I was excited to see the tourney by the time we got there. We parked and entered the building. This town was larger and its facility was more impressive. There were a few buses from a couple of different places meaning this would be a packed event. As soon as we entered, the smell of chlorine hit my nose and made me want to join the swimming, but dad holding my hand, led me through the crowd as we found a seat. We didn’t see Coach right away but what we did see was shocking. All the boys swimming in the event were naked. I couldn’t believe they milled about as if nothing was out of place, while so many spectators looked on. But that was by far not the strangest thing. Also swimming in this event were girls, who were fully clothed. I did not want to see them undressed by any means, but my mind couldn’t grasp why boys would be naked and not girls or maybe the better way to put it was why girls wore suits but not boys. “Why…” dad stopped istanbul travesti me by answering the question as it came out of my mouth. “Swimmers think that suits slow them down so they often don’t wear them while competing, and girls… to be honest I don’t really know why they don’t want to be faster… probably someone thinks it’s indecent… I don’t know, we’ll ask Coach.” We spotted Coach as he said this. I was surprised that he wore loose shorts and a polo. He carried a clipboard and was scowling at its contents. I spotted Skip, he was stretching and swinging his arms in circles, I guess I never got around to asking what events he swam, but his whole team was doing the same warmups. There were two pools, the girls were using one and the boys the other. Unlike our pool there were big concrete diving boards at one end of the boys pool, where some boys in speedos were gathered around. “Why do they wear suits,” I asked, pointing. Dad followed my finger, “I would imagine that it’s to prevent hurting your gonads as the water slapped on you as they dived into the water, but that’s just a guess.” We heard a loud “HEY!” Skip rushed over, not running but definitely rushing. Coach heard and saw us and came more slowly toward us. He came up to us as I made my way down the concrete stands. He grasped both of my hands as he made it to me. “You came!” he looked as if he was going to hug me, but fought off the notion. “I am so glad you came, you’ll be cheering for me I hope,” He smiled widely. “Of course you dope,” I teased, “with your energy, I expect you to win even the events you aren’t in,” I laughed. He laughed as well and lost the battle to hug me. He quickly let go and sat down with his hands in his lap. He leaned over to me and whispered, “He hasn’t behaved himself since I had a talk with Coach.” Instead of looking embarrassed like I would, he was smiling loud and proud. “What’ll you give me if I win,” he asked a very leading question still in a whisper. “A kiss for every medal.” I smiled, liking him very much. “I guess I have to win all the events then,” he puffed up his chest. “Skip, get out there and focus,” Coach chided, coming up to us, and dropping his voice, “that is if you can stand,” “I’m good now Coach, besides I have a big reason to win,” he said loudly. Coach chuckled, “I bet, now get out of here, go warm up your team.” Skip hustled away. “I can’t have you here distracting my team,” Coach smiled down at me. “I mean give them a fair shot.” he added to emphasize his joking tone. I stood and hugged Coach, “I hope you win a lot.” I sincerely said. “I have the hardest job you know, I have to walk up and down the side of the pool holding a clipboard and shout at the swimmers… I work so hard,” he feigned exhaustion. I aimed a fist at him which he dodged as he chuckled. “Skip is cleared to come over and help and stay the night, in case he didn’t tell you,” his smile seemed to insinuate more than he said. Dad chose that moment to come down to us. It was so awkward knowing that they wanted to hug, but couldn’t. It made me a little sad, so I held dad’s hand, and squeezed it. It was unfair that people who loved each other couldn’t show it. Instead they had a weird conversation that seemed so stilted, “I am glad you could make it, hope you enjoy the competition.” “Thanks, I will be cheering for your team.” and then a robotic hand shake, and the parting of ways. “I’m sorry daddy,” I said quietly, firmly squeezing my hand. Dad knew instantly what I meant. “It’s the way of things, Book, but don’t worry,” he said, kneeling down and whispering in my ear, “What I have planned for him tonight, more than makes up for it.” he patted my bottom to drive the point home. We made our way back to our seats. As the matches hadn’t as yet started I looked around at the spectators. I saw a couple of parents talk to their children before going to their seats. But one man caught my eye. He was speaking with a naked little boy with dirty blonde hair, who gave him a hug before running off to join his team. He came and seemed to deliberately choose a seat next to me and my dad. He was very good looking. He shook my dad’s hand and offered it to me as well. I was on the other side of dad so I stretched to shake his hand. They chatted for a bit, I didn’t catch his name, but the man’s gaze kept finding its way back to me. There was something abyssal and naughty in his attention that honestly stirred me a bit. Dad broke the tension by asking. “Is that boy your son? He looks like he’s a strong swimmer.” “No, he’s my nephew, Evan, I take him to these meets, his parents have other kids to look after. I don’t mind though I like watching him.” I got the feeling he wasn’t just talking about swimming. Somewhere a whistle blew signaling the start of the events. Over the loudspeaker events were called along with the teams and swimmers. Coach’s name and team were called out, dad and I cheered loudly especially when Matthew, (Skip’s real name) was called. After a time the man sitting beside dad stood and yelled for what could only be his nephew’s team cheering loudest after Evan was called out. The event was exciting, especially when our team was up or had won. By the end of the tournament, Skip or the team he was relaying with won four events. I blushed thinking of what I now looked forward to paying him. The stands were emptying, the man next to dad stood and shook hands with us again. Before heading down to meet his nephew who apparently also did well. I saw them hug as soon as they met, and the man looked back to see if I was looking, rubbed his hand down his nephew’s smooth backside. The nephew smiled brightly and took his uncle by the hand to the changing room, which he obviously did not follow him into and instead waited around for him to come out. Skip came bounding over to us with Coach following behind. “Four,” he proclaimed proudly as I blushed my eagerness. Coach ruffled Skip’s wet hair, “You did amazing, you pulled that relay through almost by yourself,” he said then continued while smiling and addressing me, “it’s almost as though someone had lit a fire under your butt.” I of course, blushed but not Skip. How did Skip stay so cool…? “Did you hear I get to come help and stay the night,” he was skipping around as he spoke. His penis danced with him to the point that I was glad I was fully clothed. Skip didn’t notice. “Yes, I am really looking forward to it.” I guess something in my tone must have caught Skip, because he stopped dead, and had a seat. Dad and Coach chuckled. “Need me to get you a towel, Skip?” Coach teased. “That might not be a bad idea, but just give it a sec and I will go get changed.” he switched his attention to me. “I wish I could kadıköy travesti ride with you but we have to ride the bus, team rules. But I will see you at Coach’s apartment to help move.” “And we are there to work…” Coach broke in. “You can have… fun, later.” Skip groaned, “Umm Coach, maybe you better get me a towel.” Coach chuckled as he went off to get the requested towel. Upon receiving it, Skip quickly wrapped it around himself and just as quickly hugged me, before bounding off again to shower and change. Dad laughed, “That was mean, even for you Scott.” They laughed at their little joke, leaving me clueless yet again. Coach eventually left to go gather his team. Dad and I made our way to the car and left to go to Coach’s apartment. “Dad, did you see that man sitting next to you hugging his nephew? Do you think they are like us?” “Book, I am sure of it, the nephew seemed to like his attention though, I hope they are more careful.” “Are there a lot of people like us?” “No, not many actually, or at least not many that admit to it.” That gave me a lot to think about. It’s too bad Skip didn’t have a person like I did, and I had two. That seemed unfair, but I couldn’t do anything about that, I told myself sadly. Eventually we arrived back in our town. Dad stopped and picked up some fast food for the four of us before we headed to Scott’s place and let ourselves in. A mean looking man came to check on us and reminded us that he had to be out by midnight. Dad politely assured him we would be done well before then and that we were here to help Coach and were bringing more help to speed things along. The man rudely harrumphed his acknowledgement and trundled off to wherever trolls lived, I wickedly thought. We set about organizing as we waited for Skip and Coach to appear. “You know, you would think having been in the military, he would have found some way to change his habits,” dad complained fondly as he folded Coach’s delicates. “He was always messy in college. His head was always onto the next thing. I think that’s why I fell for him honestly. He was so different from me, straight laced, nose to the grindstone. Coach always led with his heart and me with my head.” he was smiling in a wistful way. Coach and Skip showed up soon after. Skip rushed into the bedroom where I was, hugged me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. “One down,” he said. “Nope, that was you kissing me, I think I said I would give you the kisses.” Skip appeared to like the sound of that but Dad and Coach came in to let us know it was time to eat and then we would get busy. We worked until it was dark but eventually everything was packed. Dad or Coach would make trips with boxes and take Skip who proved to be not that great at organized work, but was great at loading and unloading. Finally we were ready for the last trip. This time both cars were full, and Coach went off to hand in the keys. He came back and said, “Man that guy is a jerk, I paid extra to get out of the lease, but you’d think I had stolen from him, and he already has it rented. Well good riddance to bad rubbish.” he said looking back in the direction of the landlord’s place. Dad took Coach’s hand, stopping his rant and said softly to him, “Let’s go home.” Coach hugged him, “I really like the sound of that.” We each left, two to each vehicle. I rode with dad, and found myself excited by the prospect of Coach’s moving in, but also the sleepover. I had a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach from the anticipation. We unloaded the last of the items and set about getting a quick dinner. Fortunately I liked tuna sandwiches, and with the company it was nearly a feast with everyone laughing. We all headed off for separate showers, we stank. Skip was fast to my room and was naked before I even came in. His erection bounced with his excitement. I got undressed which I could see him fighting himself from speeding me up. I teased him by going slower. He scowled at me playfully catching on to my game. It appears there would be no truth or dare tonight. Finally we headed into my shower. I set the temp to the hotter side of warm, and stepped in. Skip was definitely not shy about his intentions. He grabbed the soap and started washing me. His expression was so intent and focused, like he wanted to memorize every curve and angle of my body. I will say though that if he cleaned himself like he cleaned me, he was a very dirty boy. He did a cursory almost perfunctory washing of my extremities before heading straight for my penis. His gaze was intense as he grasped me and a little unskillfully “boyhandled” my member he was curious and a bit rough with his clumsy manipulations. By this time I had learned enough to know what I liked, this was not it, but I knew he didn’t know better. It was at that time a seldom seen side of me took over. I pushed his hands away from their child like exploration, and took the soap from him. I pushed him back against the wall leaning into him making sure to use my slicked form to slide against him. On my toes I pulled his head down into a firm kiss, licking his lips and holding his head in place. He was like a stunned puppy. I breathed into his mouth, “That’s one.” His glazed eyes said it all. I kept my eyes on his as I slowly lathered him, giving him a thorough wash starting at his shoulders and lifting each arm and carefully washing his pits. I moved down his chest giving special attention to his erect but tiny nipples, to his taught and quivering tummy. I went to his feet and started working my way up. Firmly squeezing and massaging his thighs before turning him around. He crossed his arms in front of his head as he cushioned it against the wall. I spread his legs as I scrubbed at his back making my way down to his backside. I soaped my hands up well as I leaned my body against him forcing him against the wall, making sure he felt my erection against his thigh as I slowly moved my hand down his spine. Reaching the mounds of his bottom I teased the flesh squeezing his roundness, before I deliberately used my slick hand and moved between the cleft rubbing my middle finger firmly on his bud. He moaned and felt him pushing back on my finger. He made a move as if to grasp his penis, instead I used a move I had recently learned. I took his hand and trapped it above his head against the wall. “Not yet,” I whispered into his ear, and then nibbled the lobe. This seemed to work for him as he started to shiver. I continued to work his backside while nibbling his ear for a second before releasing him and turning him around. The look on his face was one of pure lust mixed with wonder. His penis looked so hard it hurt. I laid my hand flat against his trembling belly and moved it slowly to his sparse bakırköy travesti patch of pubic hair gently caressing his pubic mound as I let the back of my hand bump the tip of his penis. He was breathing heavily as I lightly grasped his testicles and “washed” them in one hand before kneeling and kissing the tip of his penis firmly. I looked him in the eyes which looked about to pop out of his head, “That’s two.” I stood and rubbed the tips of our penises very lightly together, I knew he must be on a hair trigger. Forcing them together finally and grinding them, I reached up and pulled his head down into another kiss, this time forcing my tongue into his mouth as he, clumsily at first but quickly caught on, tried to defend against the intruder with his tongue. “That’s three” I hummed around our kiss. When he seemed to be just about unable to support his own weight anymore, I knelt and took his pretty penis in my mouth and showed him another way tongues worked as he shot his semen into my mouth. I swallowed his small offering, keeping his penis warm and secure in my mouth as it slowly became softer. He sank to sitting as the water cascaded around him. He looked spent and bewildered, I let him enjoy the afterglow as I gave myself a proper wash. I turned off the water. Skip’s penis was still erect but red and angry looking. His eyes never left me as I helped him up, and we exited the shower. I leaned him against the counter as I dried him, avoiding his penis which stayed rampant. I even helped him put on his underwear, adjusting his penis for him, as he just kept watching me. Honestly it became a little unnerving. I dried and pulled up my undies. Finally he spoke, “How…?” I suddenly realized how much I exposed dad Scott and I. “How did you do that?” He breathed, reaching his hand down to his package and giving it a squeeze like he was making sure it was real. I tried to pull off a misdirection, “Do you think you were the only one Coach had a talk with?” I desperately hoped he would buy it. He looked uncertain, but said as he smiled again, “We definitely didn’t have the same talk,” but he let it go. We returned to the more mundane aspects of the evening, brushed out teeth and combed our hair, Skip glued to my side. We went to find the others and maybe watch some tv before bed. The tv was on and dad and Coach were there clad only in t-shirts and undies, but both had fallen asleep, Coach snuggled into my dad. They looked so cute, and Skip nearly squealed with delight at seeing such intimacy. I gently shook them awake, loathe to break up such a cute scene. They both startled awake, finding it unsettling that they had fallen asleep, and stretched out the sleep in them. “I am sorry fella’s looks like we won’t be much fun,” dad said, hugging Coach into him. “I am afraid today has left us exhausted. You can stay up, but we are going to bed,” he said, looking to Coach for confirmation. Coach yawned and stretched his confirmation. They stood and left, but not before giving us both hugs, both dad and Coach making sure not to disturb Skip’s still erect penis. Coach left with a quick quip, “You both look so adorable together,” hanging like pleasant perfume hanging in the air. They didn’t shut the door, I guess in case they quickly needed to come to our aid or something. “I don’t much want to watch tv,” Skip said less than subtly. “Me either,” I replied, going and shutting off the tv. We did lay on the couch though. Skip spooned me. He seemed to have learned a thing or two as he brushed aside my hair and lightly kissed my ear. I turned my head to him as he gently kissed my lips, and the more firmly as I surrendered to their insistence. His hand held my chin for a second and it made its way down to my underwear. He slowly pushed past the elastic of my tighty whities as he gently cupped my groin. He let himself softly explore the contents of my underwear as we continued to kiss. “I had wanted to play truth or dare,” he whispered, “but this is so much better.” The arm being used as a pillow, suddenly held my head in a sort of gentle headlock as he held my head to his. I spread my legs lacing one over him to give him better access. I was enjoying his ministrations. He was slowly pumping my erection in my briefs causing sweet tingles. Finally he broke our spoon and straddled me. I could feel my tent brushing his backside, as he lay down and kissed my neck, a soft spot for me. He moved his way down and kissed my nipples but seemed to be still unsure what role they played. He kissed his way down to my undies as he kissed my rampant member through my shorts. He spent a good while making love to my covered penis before he lowered my undies and took it in his mouth. While he was inexperienced it still felt wonderful, he lightly fondled my testes as he made noise slurping on my member. Suddenly the light came on and dad, naked stepped into the room. “Oh my god, I am so sorry boys, the lights were off, and, oh god I am so sorry,” he covered himself and shut off the light retreating to his room. I was embarrassed but Skip didn’t miss a beat, “That was cool,” he giggled, as he renewed his attack with gusto. It wasn’t long before the shock and enthusiasm of Skip’s suddenly more urgent assault had me twitching in Skip’s mouth. I had to pull him off as I was sensitive after. I pulled him into a kiss, my wet penis still exposed and pressed against his still hard cotton covered member. I tasted my penis in his mouth as we kissed deeply enjoying our touching. “That’s four,” I counted after some time, he giggled. “Better than medals.” We got up and went to my room, we climbed in bed. “Your dad sleeps naked,” he said, “he is really good looking. Do you wanna sleep naked together,” he asked, already throwing his undies on the floor. I threw mine on top of his as a response. He kept touching me as we started caressing each other. He did have a nice penis and I kept stroking it. “What you did to my butt felt great, where did you learn that?” “I just thought it felt good washing myself there, I thought you might like it too.” I lied. “You were not wrong, I’ll wash you there next time.” He said rubbing my backside as if he wished he could do so now. He scooted close to me and started humping his penis into mine, I grasped both of our penises as best I could as his humping became more urgent. I tried something that had worked for me, and lightly bit his neck. It worked for him as much as it worked for me. His body convulsed as he shot in my hand and on my penis. Finally still holding us both, I could feel his penis deflate. He lay his body into me hugging me tenderly as he slowly came down from whatever cloud he had reached. I got up after he seemed to be coming around. I went and washed my hands and cleaned up my crotch. I brought a warm washcloth and gently washed Skip up as he relaxed still in his euphoria. Finally I climbed into bed beside him and wrapped myself around his naked still glowing body. We fell into a deep sleep. To be continued…

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