Subject: Jericho and the Studs 6 READ THE FOLLOWING WARNING: The following story contains explicit and graphical depictions of gay sex, verbal insults, incest, sexual harassment, and other explicit content that may be inappropriate and offensive to some older audiences. The book is intended strictly for mature readers only. Minors are prohibited. If you’re not comfortable reading explicit gay stories, I’d advise you to leave for good and never come back. I do not encourage anyone who’s under the age of 18 to read and stay on my story. I also do not encourage my audience to practice their lifestyle, romanticize, glorify or tolerate their actions, always practice safe sex with your partner with consent. This story is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this story are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Inspired by reading a bunch of gay erotic stories, English is not my first language. Enjoy reading, support the site. —– Jericho and the studs Chapter Six: More than one (part 02) Sex and magic, that’s how he felt. It tingles his spine, stimulates his senses, experiencing some extreme euphoria you’d ever imagined. It’s like a drug that he can’t resist. Cries that can be heard from far and wide. Their grunts seem to personify manliness with perfection. Everything seems perfect at the moment. Jericho was in bliss, and he couldn’t get out of it. He just wanted to fuck him all night till the sun comes out. His eyes rolled back from pleasure. Four hunks above him, dominating the submissive boy in each way possible. Jeremy spits his hard cock to lubricate, adding more lube and their spits on his puckering hole, which seems to respond to every fan of their breaths. Can’t even register what’s happening as he was clouded with lust, along with their faint kisses on each part of Jericho’s slender body thus it’s electrifying, he thought. Holding on to his cock, sucking the life out of him till his babies juice out. He sucked him hard enough as the other two men struggled to stab his tight boy cunt, trying to infiltrate his inner core. “Fuck yeah, work my cock, service our hard pricks on your cunt and your hot mouth, you little faggot.” Mike moaned as he manage to push his shaft slowly on Jericho’s chute, Adam on the other hand, teasing the outer ring of his ass with his lubed cock. To illustrate their position, Jericho straddled between Mike and Adam, positioning their hard shafts on his puckering hole while Jeremy kneeled at the sofa, Rupert squats up facing Jericho to service their cocks onto him. They were all in a somewhat comfortable position. All that Jericho could do is to service them full or against his will but no doubt he’s in extreme heat that he wanted none but their sweaty bodies at that moment. Mike grasped his tiny waist closer to him, fucking him hard and rough that it reaches his prostate, Jericho screamed in delight. “Suck my nipples.” Mike pleaded. With his eyes closed, his wide soft lips partially open, Mike’s smelled like cigarette and Irish Spring. The other three took a quick break laying down on the sofa while stroking their cocks, looking intensely at Jericho’s every move. More specifically, his hole, his red puffy quivering love tunnel. Jericho couldn’t wish more than that. Their collective moans and grunts echoed in Adam’s room. They seemed to be not running out of semen to spill. Jericho sucked his round dark nipples evenly like his life depended on it. Sucking like he could milk something out of it. His soft hands roamed freely on Mike’s muscled body. But seemingly his hands love to roam on his biceps and his loose balls. “Mmm fuck yeah, suck my pecs you whore, show me how your talented tongue is capable of, yes right there, that’s it. Oh, fuck! Bite it gently you fag! You wanna make me cum sooner or what?” “Sorry I got carried away, shall I continue?” Jericho basically purred along with his pleading eyes, eyes that no men can’t resist. Mike’s nipples glistens at the faint light by spitting more saliva, with his nipples that heightened up with more sensitivity. “Carry on baby, anything for you, please yourself on my muscles, feast on it like there’s no tomorrow.” Mike rests his hands behind his neck freely as an indication that he wanted Jericho to do whatever he wants. “I want to lick that biceps.” “Go ahead, lick anywhere you want,” Mike responded with a wink. He smiled in return, moving his face closer to his biceps, kissing it passionately. “Yeah, that’s it. Kiss it gently, make love to my biceps, make sure to leave some love bites after yeah? Now go slower, kiss it real deep and suck it then bite it gently with your teeth.” “Hey man, I wanna rim him so badly, I’m so desperate to taste his ass juice, wanna join? Two is better than one they say.” Rupert moved in his place near the edge of the bed, facing a bent over ass, up in the air. “Bro that’s gay, I ain’t eating some boy cunt with you.” Says Jeremy. “You really fucking complained after we’ve been doing gay shit for four hours?” Adam let out a laugh at his ridiculousness. “Well is gay if you a top, that’s what they say, as long as I ain’t sucking anyone’s dick then I’m fine.” Jeremy reasoned. That’s stupid, that is not how being straight works, Jericho thought. “A hole is a hole, plus, this boy is fucking pretty so there is no fucking way I’m not taking deep thrusts on his pretty ass bussy.” Rupert didn’t waste any time, he licked his bud like a sloppy cunt, hell, it’s tighter than someone’s cunt, a hole, no matter how much it stretches, it returns to its normal size. Which is why it excites them. “Ahh… Shit that feels so good, oh my god fuck me with your hot tongue! Oh god, yes stud, eat me! Eat your dessert!” Jericho wailed in lust on Mike’s neck. His mind wandered to his cock squeezed on Mike’s muscled torso to his warm embrace that locks him to his ass that is worshipped by his hunk. It took Rupert almost half an hour ravishing his pink hole, washing it using his mouth, Jericho couldn’t resist responding in every movement of Rupert’s tongue. He is so horny that every time Rupert breathes and inhales on his cunt, he shivers in lust. Jeremy couldn’t resist anymore, he wanted to try it, he wanted to taste it for himself, he wanted to lick those tight juicy rosebuds beneath those plumpy buns. Adam grinned at his friend who’s mindlessly jerking off beside him. “Try it.” Adam offered. “What?” Jeremy responded with a hoarse tone. “Try it for yourself. Trust me it’s worth it.” “C’mon bro, let’s share. You gonna love his ass for real!” Rupert added. He was a little hesitant at first, and maybe twice. But with the encouragement of Jericho, it was convinced. After all, they already crossed the line, it’s only a boy cunt, it’s still a hole after all. Jericho made sure he was cleaned every day just in case this happened. “There, kiss his hole right there then make sure to shove your tongue deep, his cries are fucking angelic I’m telling you.” Jeremy was slowly pushed by Rupert’s hands behind his head, there is no going back. Jeremy muffled in response as he submerged himself licking Jericho’s rosebud, tasteless with a mixture of their mixed cum, smelled like roses and strawberries with a hint of soap, neatly shaved with no trace of hair growing out on his asshole. “Mmm…” The two of them ate him out together, constructing a unison as they battled for competition. Like a bag of Cheetos, Jericho gets noisy when he gets eaten. “Eat it hot studs, rim the fuck outta my bitch hole!” Jericho pleaded. “You’re pussy taste so good especially when my tongue gets inside your hole, fuck J, how can you be this so sexy and adorable?” A flustered face was visible on Jericho’s cheeks after being complimented by Jeremy’s sweet choice of words. “Fuck yeah you right!” Rupert added. “I don’t know, you tell me,” Jericho replied. Their tongue danced gracefully, it’s a mixture of warm and wet, Jericho wailed in arousal, it made him almost cum but he didn’t want to, the night is still young for him to release. “Oh my fucking god! Yes! Ahh!” Jericho wailed. “Goddamn! His moans are hot as hell!” Adam whistled out, turning his head at Mike whose eyes glistened in satisfaction. “Mmm you damn right, his cunt taste so fucking good, hey Jericho, I’m gonna fuck this bussy right now, your hole is teasing me. Are you ready to service my cock? Hmm? Are you ready my little faggot?” “Yes, please! Put it inside of me Rupert, put your cock inside of me! Fill me with your cum oh fuck!” Jericho pleaded as he nodded his head with his hards pressed on his ass cheeks, spread out to let out his hungry hole in view, begging for big fat cocks. Rupert moved aside patiently as he waited for his turn. “Turn around, I’m going to fuck you.” Jeremy let out his deep tone in dominance, gripping his waist. Jeremy shoved his cock, deep into his core. With every inch of his sweaty gym-trained muscles flexing every time he thrust forward in doggy style. “Oh fuck yeah, take it! Take my fucking cock you little whore? Tell me, tell me how much you want my babies?” “Y-yes! Oh god, you’re hitting my prostate! Fuck yeah, deeper! I want more! I want your babies! Breed me!” Couldn’t decipher any words, couldn’t think of anything to say, clouded by mists of sweats and testosterone. Servicing other people’s pleasure must be his forte as Jericho seemed to manage to worship both Mike and Rupert at the same time with equal attention. Jericho filled his mouth with their huge pecs; those two huge pairs of muscular tiddies bulging every time Jericho milked their nipples hard. After a long session of thrusting, he took his cock out of his bruised puffy hole, then he stroked his hard cock directly into Jericho’s petite body. “Oh fuck I’m coming, turn around and open your mouth, quick!” He quickly shuffled on Adam’s crumpled bed as Jeremy’s dick rested on his tongue. Mike and Rupert tagged along as they istanbul travesti wanted to release their seeds as well. “I want you to feel my love drip over your skin. We gonna paint that pretty face of yours faggot, mmm…” Jeremy stroked faster until it finally reaches his limit. “Here it comes! Take this Latino cock! Fuck ahh, fuck!” Jeremy’s roared like a beast as his seed exploded in his mouth, filling his stomach with his babies. His shoulders shuddered as he reached that out his peak, his breathing are shaky, grunts echoed in the room along with his buddy’s encouragement. Adam stared at his brother with lust in his eyes, unconsciously stroking his cock. Mike followed right after Rupert cummed on his face, as Mike quoted, his pearl necklace is being worn again. Jeremy let himself get sucked for a few minutes until he also released his seed on his little faggot. “A real man eats their bitches cunt first before they fuck it. As you should bro, he’s a good bitch isn’t it?” Adam roamed his brother’s hard nipples freely. Jeremy nodded. “And the fag ain’t tired yet, damn.” Mike wrapped his arms around his body firmly, teasing his little nubs, twitching in response. “It’s your turn.” Jeremy patted Rupert’s shoulder, laying down placing a bolster behind his neck, Jericho took a last glance at Jeremy, tracing his view to his muscular body, his abs, his delicious abs, his body alone makes his little dick go hard again. “Alright fag, be ready. Your ass is mine.” With his hole already lubricated with Jeremy’s cum, without hesitation, Rupert shoved his hard shaft with all his might. He was a bit rough, but Jericho managed to take all his cock with ease. “Moan for us you fucking bitch, scream for me! Take it, take it!” Rupert’s sweat dripping down to his abs and some on his belly, pacing back and forth, Jericho stroked Adam and Mike’s cock while he sucked Rupert’s pecs. He could feel his brother’s orgasm building up as he stroked faster. Mouth wide open, licking their angry cock heads equally, seeping out some cock snots on their piss slits like a broken faucet. Adam shoots his four strings of cum on his brother’s chest as he heaves for breaths. It spilled all over his smooth chest and some on his face and neck. In his point of view, it’s a sight to behold to see his hot studs, mainly Adam, above him regaining strength after he hit waves of orgasms, he could see Adam’s chest rising up and down as he shook his semi-hard cock on Jericho’s wide tongue. His big hard shaft shoved all the way in that Jericho could feel the stud’s hairy bush tickling his ass cheeks. “More, I want more. I’m a slave for muscles and cocks.” He panted on Rupert’s hard nipple, with his aggressive moans that seems to halt whenever Rupert’s pressed his prostate. “You want more?” Jericho nodded. “Buckle up faggot.” Holding Jericho’s thighs, resting between his shoulders. “Guys, I’m going to take a break. Mike, let him suck you.” Adam kissed Jericho on his cheek, moving out of their way, stretching his body, laying down beside Jeremy who’s exhausted. Adam rests his right arm behind his head while lazily stroking his soft cock, lustfully staring at his brother getting railed. His gaze, like a hungry predator wanting to devour his prey, his cock was hard again even after releasing his seed. Mike’s rough hands tugging his messy hair, grips that locking his head along with his hairy thighs, as he shoved his long veiny cock, inch by inch until his curly pubes reaches his lips. Hands traveled up to Rupert’s hard chest then finally resting his other palm on his neck, his hands tracing his hard nipples, roaming back and forth on his abs. Although his view was covered by Mike’s frame, Jericho’s hands remembered everything. Everything that his hands could reach. “You like my big black cock? You like to service hot muscle studs like me, don’t you? Mmm… I know you do. It’s hella obvious, your eyes telling me that you love my cock. Mmm, fuck yeah, that’s it buddy milk my hot cock…” Mike whispered but loud enough to hear them all. “His ass is amazing! My cock is getting a good tight squeeze. Better than any other bitches cock!” Rupert said, thrusting hard. Both of them took turns on fucking him, switching positions and holes. Even after they cum, their strength and stamina seem to overflow, the black stud couldn’t get enough. “I’m cumming, open your mouth.” Mike rested his cock on his tongue, rapidly stroking it as he builds up his upcoming orgasm. He then groaned as he spilled his juices on his mouth, he came on his giving tongue, some spilled on his nose, it even reached on his left eye. “You want me to feed you too?” Rupert spoked. Jericho just nodded in response, didn’t even dare to look back, with his face smothered in cum, Jericho didn’t want their semen on his eyes thus his eyes were closed. Mike released Jericho from his imprisonment, stood up from the bed walking towards Rupert’s place as they switched up, replacing him as he aimed his hard shaft on his puffy hole. The hairy Latino stud swings his hard cock on Jericho’s mouth, teasing him but barely touching his lips. “Do your thing, fag.” Rupert ordered. Jericho gasped after he felt something hard filling him from behind, and that was Mike’s hard cock, with his slender legs relaxed on Mike’s shoulders. Mike’s passionately kissed his thighs, leaving him bites and marks, thrusting him with his ass up in the air. “Yo Adam, pass me the smoke,” Rupert ordered as we took the lighter on the table, he stretched out his hands to reach the cigarette, he lit up his cancer stick as he blow out his smoke above him, Rupert heard Jericho moan beneath him, it must be turned on by the man above him taking a smoke like a man. That is so fucking hot, Jericho thought. Rupert grinned at the beautiful sight, turns over to look at his friends with hints of pleasure on their faces. It took him five minutes until his dick reaches Its orgasmic pleasure. “I think I’m gonna bust.” Rupert trembled in pleasure, with his eyes rolled back, his breathing struggled to function. Jericho felt his cock start to throb in his tongue, it swelled that he tasted faint essence of precum, Jericho wrapped his slicked head with his lips, bobbing up and down, until he felt that sweet and salty cream on his lips, his hands unconsciously squeezed Rupert’s nipples, Mike’s spurts his second orgasm too, followed by Jericho’s orgasm, his seed spilled all over his flat belly and some on Rupert’s lower torso. Their cries echoed in the room, A smoke blew out of Rupert’s nose as Jericho takes a whiff of the second-hand smoke, which made Adam and Jeremy bust out their loads as well, if the room smelled like sex, no doubt you’ll cum as well, he thought. “You taste sweet Rupert, thank you.” Jericho spoked, but also responded with hazy whimpers with every touch. “You’re welcome my little faggot.” Rupert smiled back at the boy whose tired and exhausted. Mike adjusted himself as he lay beside Adam who basically drooled at the sight of his little brother all worn out and just by being him. “Did I feed you well faggot? Tell me, did you like the taste of my sweet cum? Those man juice on your lips, did you like it?” He threw out his stick on the floor, carefully holding his chin up to him as he caresses Jericho’s soft hair. “Oh yes, Rupert. Your cum taste so good, thank you so much stud!” “His ass is hella tight, tighter than any bitches cunt I’m telling you that.” Mike grinned as he spoke to Jeremy who lazily rests his head behind his arms, with his mesmerizing body glistening from sweat and cum to his abs and chest. “Clean me, boy,” Jeremy ordered, Jericho crawled in between his huge thighs and he took his cock head by using his tongue, cleaning him off but sucking him off again, not too long, Jeremy exploded his seeds again on his mouth, Jericho took him time and attention cleaning up his pecs, abs and even his neck full on sweat and cum. “I’ll go get something to drink, do you have some beer on your fridge, Adam?” Jeremy gently pushed off Jericho as he stood up bare naked, picking up his clothes. “I need to take a piss, I’ll go with you.” Rupert spoked. “Yeah, go get some.” Adam nodded them to fetch something to recharge their stamina, a beer or energy drink perhaps. Adam carried his little brother, placing him between Mike and himself. They all took a quick rest, Jeremy stood up as Rupert followed him behind to go downstairs to get some beer. Jericho closed his eyes with his soft and faint breaths on Adam’s chest, too tired to open his eyes, too weak to sit up in between them. He could hear them having their chitchat. “Did you have fun, J?” Adam questioned softly. “Yeah, It’s so nice. Thank you for that experience, Adam.” Adam kissed his brother on his lips, smiling back. “No problem,” Adam replied. Jericho turned around to face the other stud beside him “Mike, would you let me worship your muscles? I had to mark my territories…” Jericho lustfully muttered. “Sure.” Mike grinned at the boy, resting his arms behind his head as a supporter, showing off his flexed biceps and hairy armpits that Jericho lusted. Jericho straddled on his lap, as he sucked, licked, lapped, squeezed, and kissed his neck, biceps, those hairy armpits, and his huge chests down to his hard eight-pack abs. With occasional strokes on his cock. Mike double flexed his huge biceps, his tongue partially licking the top of his lips. “Do I taste good? Does my baby need more of daddy’s muscles?” Mike’s teased. “Oh my, you really know how to turn me on… Well yes, of course, most women in this sleepy town want to fuck you, this is a dream come true.” Jericho nodded firmly, replied in a softer tone, he holds his left cheek as he rubbed his freshly shaved face, with his thumb tracing his lips. “What about me? Are you tired of me?” Adam teased. “That’s not going to happen, you know how much I want you, well, how much I want cocks in my two holes.” Jericho let out a giggle as he leaned over to Adam to kiss his lips with passion. He knew that Mike is no doubt gorgeous, with his sexy face looking kadıköy travesti like an underwear supermodel or a porn actor, he couldn’t get enough of his pretty face. A simple lip bite and a wink would make his little cock twitch and stimulated. “I just knew you had a crush on me before… You always wanted to be with me as much as possible. Hell, you even fumbled my bulge after I got drunk last year.” Mike chuckled at the memories he recollected. “No wonder his ass has been twitchy ever since I told him that y’all coming over tonight,” Adam replied with a laugh. “How did you find out your younger brother is a fag anyway?” Mike questioned. “Weeks ago, in the shower, he was basically impatient to get railed.” He replied nonchalantly. “Damn…” Mike grinned at the little fag with mere amusement. “Tell me faggot, how much you want my muscles?” “So bad Mike, I want it so bad. If only I could be with you all the time, I would worship you. And now I want your big black cock to fill up my lonely hole even if you’re not hard. Can’t quit you you’re like drugs.” “My pleasure…” Mike licked his lips as he hold his neck and his waist closer to him, shoving back the cock that he familiarized earlier. “He smells like a bitch, moans like a bitch and he knows how to ride like a bitch. Fuck, if you were my brother, I’d fuck you all day, that ain’t bullshit.” He added. “His pussy wet like an ocean, I’m a lucky guy, no?” Adam smirked at his bro. “You call his hole a pussy?” “It acts like one.” Mike playfully punched his arm, chuckled at his remarks. “True.” Jeremy nodded firmly as he brought cans of beer with Rupert behind him casually smoking his weed as he gazed at the boy’s plumpy ass. “Let’s take a break,” Rupert suggested. Everyone relaxed themselves a bit, a casual conversation and such, bros being bros, then goes back to fucking and sucking, they didn’t stop until they see rays of daylight. And they fucked Jericho until morning. … Jericho lays in bed with a sore ass and a cum stained body. With few remaining stamina in his bones left, he pushed all his weight on the bed to sit. He looked at the alarm clock to check the time, it was six in the morning, he need to take a shower so that adam could take him to school or perhaps Simon. With early preparation, a nice breakfast would be served, Maybe a slice of bacon and eggs will do. He hasn’t been asleep since yesterday, which is not his usual habit but for now, he had to excuse himself, after all, who would want to miss this opportunity? It’s not that he wants to tell his boyfriend that he got fucked till daylight, it’s a one-time thing, he could ask them to fuck his ass on Friday or Saturday night. Looking at the mess they made, Jericho looked at the four studs heavily asleep on the bed. With Adam’s limbs wrapped around Jericho’s waist. Jeremy and Mike on his left, Adam and Rupert on his right. Jericho even giggled at the loud snore Jeremy make, as he was reminded that he probably worked out Jeremy too much, he’s already tired from work, and with him to service him no doubt made him so tired. He had to give him a massage if he’s free next time, he thought. “Damn…” Jericho let out his thoughts pronounced. With a proud smile, he managed to earn out all of them with his sex-driven skills and they seemed so satisfied. And by that he slowly shuffled in his place to straddle his brother in slow-paced motion, with his bulging arms raised high enough to show his beautiful hairy armpits, soaked with dried sweats, enough to drive the little faggot insane. He then felt something hard under his bum which he responded with a breathy moan. “Mmm… Morning bro.” Adam slowly opened his eyes adjusting his vision, blinded by rays of sunlight seeping out on their thick curtain. “Morning,” Jericho replied. Jericho roamed his hands on his abs, tracing his fingers on every bump. He couldn’t get enough of his fit and toned body. Adam let out a chuckle as he took out a pack of cigarettes near his desktop. “Would you mind?” Jericho shakes his head as a no. He lit his stick with his lighter and blew out his first smoke in the morning. Something about hot guys smoking makes it more attractive or probably his newly discovered kink, either way, he’s enjoying. “Hey.” Adam blew out his smoke upwards. Leaning closer to his left ear, seductively licking his earlobe. “Yeah?” “So about my job, there’s something I need to tell you.” Jericho almost forgot about what he discovered about his brother. He raised his legs to crawl closer, sitting on his upper torso as he listened to what Adam had to say. “What is it, Adam?” “Could you keep this a secret for now? Or like don’t snitch me out on dad? I don’t think he’ll take this very lightly, you know how he feels about kind of job right?” When Adam spoke softly and gently, he know it’s a serious talk. “Yeah, of course. I’ll keep my mouth shut. I don’t think our dad will approve this thing between us either.” Jericho said nonchalantly. “I agree.” Jericho leaned in for a quick kiss, Adam grinned at the boy’s action, it’s cute, he thought. “So what about these guys?” He turned around to see his friends laying down on his bed with sore bodies and worn-out dicks. “Take a shower, I have kick out these guys before dad comes home, yeah?” Adam whispered. “Okay but I need to have my breakfast first if you know what I mean,” Jericho mumbled at the last sentence, he blushed in embarrassment. “You don’t have to be shy, I’m your brother. You feeling cute today aren’t we?” Adam couldn’t help but smile at the boy’s shy request, he took out one last smoke before he throw out his stick on a nearby corner. With his deep manly voice, he let out his dominating authority once again, making sure that his faggot knows his place. “Go ahead sniff my armpits.” Adam winked seductively as he raised his both arms to flex his bulging biceps, implying that Jericho have his permission. “Take a whiff, I haven’t used any deodorant yet so my pits are ripe, all-natural like a real man.” Adam grabbed his head as he shoved him into his hairy armpits, on each side. It took longer than it should be as Jericho takes his time to indulge himself into his musky armpits, It felt like he was in bliss whenever he took a nip in his hairs, it smelled like a man with a hint of yesterday’s soap. “Kiss my biceps,” Adam ordered. “Look at you, you’re leaking… Well then I gotta take care of you in the shower, I can’t let my bitch in heat go alone by himself right?” Adam teased, his voice getting deeper as Jericho hummed in response, straddling his torso, placing his both arms around Adam’s shoulders, they stood up walking towards the shower while kissing passionately. Adam playfully bit at Jericho’s already swollen lips, tenderly suckling him with burning passion and desire. He cupped his smooth porcelain face gracefully as he kissed the life out of him while Jericho’s hands found themselves locking his hair tightly with little force as he moaned his name like a god. “Oh brother, you’re so sexy today. I want your big fat dick first thing in the morning, I want to suck you dry until there is no milk to pump, I want you to finger my hole and press my button until I cum under your spell, tease my nipples like your bitch, kiss my neck and fuck me vigorously. Please, Adam, take me away.” Adam cursed at the choice of words he describe. Those words that put Adam on edge and leave everything behind, those deep shades of eyes that lure him deep into his incubus-infested soul. His cock begged to be milked as he thought about the things he’ll do to him. Adam kissed him gently, with their tongues clashing as they pull apart. His lips traveled down Jericho’s neck, leaving love bites on his collarbones. “Anything for my little bro, I’ll make you scream, but we have to make this quick cus I’ll take you to school, aight?” Adam took a deep glance at his little brother who’s mewling in aroused state, silently begging to take his ass right here right now. “O-okay Adam so shut up and fuck me!” With one last glance, someone’s hole is about to get all loose up. His ass. … Not that he was in a rush but Jericho needed to be in his class at exactly eight so he could finish up his missing assignments on their library. He didn’t sleep due to yesterday’s wild events, and he doubt that Simon would be worried, of course, he would. He thought. Just before their teacher come in, Simon texted. S: Hey, how’s it going? Jericho couldn’t contain his smile after he saw his simple message, I mean who wouldn’t when one of the hottest guys in school texted you? J: Class about to start, u? S: Shit, sorry babe 🙁 J: Nah it’s okay, not when I hide it under my desk. S: lol wanna meet up with my teammates? They be horny as hell. Jericho grinned at the message Simon sent. What could their dick look like? Are they smooth or hairy? Do they fuck boys? Just at that thought alone made him go hard, Imagining how their pricks shoved at his throat. Another day, another slay. J: Yea definitely, at lunch? S: Sure, I’ll eat lunch with u then I’ll take u to the boys. J: Can’t wait. S: God J, I know what that means. J: What do u think it is? S: They probably wanna meet ya as my official boyfriend or sumn, but still, I just got a good hunch u gonna tease them. J: u know me so well, that’s the basketball team we talking about. S: So true lol. S: and some few from the football team, they were eager to see you. J: Shit that’s hot. “I saw that.” Ivan smiled at the boy who was secretly texting under the desk. “Will u stop that?” He snapped at Ivan who was pestering his best friend. “So when are you gonna introduce me to your boyfriend?” Ivan rested his chin on the palm of his hand, wiggling his eyebrows. “Definitely not in this class.” He rolled his eyes in annoyance, he doubt he was going to pester him about his new relationship. Trisha already knows so Ivan would probably invest on how they got together. “You better tell me the details.” Ivan leaned in closer as he placed his muscled arms on his shoulders. Jericho noticed that Ivan mindlessly bakırköy travesti stroking his hard-on on his pants, wait what? “Uggh. Alright at lunch.” This is interesting, Ivan got hard on me, this is new, he thought. He ignored Ivan, Jericho leaned down at his phone to look at Simon’s reply. S: I’m telling you, ur the hottest boy in this goddamn school. “True,” Ivan mumbled, Jericho heard him but he’s going to pretend he didn’t, after all, he doesn’t want Ivan to think his head is getting big. J: Stop flattering me, u are :(. S: We both are, now u better put your phone away or they’ll snoop on your gallery. J: Aight fine, lol. Mr.Simmonds is here c ya 🙂 S: love you. J: I love you too. “Aww, ain’t that sweet?” Ivan teased. Jericho teasingly slapped his arms away as he put his phone inside his pocket. “Mr.Fisher please stop talking.” Ivan moved away as he tried to focus on their boring history class. … “Your hair smells like Ajax,” Clyde said as he leaned down smelling his hair. “Clyde, It would have cost you $0.00 to not say that and yet you did. Buzz off.” Jericho gestured him to shoo him off with irritation. “I heard you and Simon finally got together?” Clyde spoked. He carried his backpack on his shoulders, as everyone left the room for lunch break, they got out early due to their physics teacher not showing up. Jericho already told Ivan to wait in the cafeteria and find Simon to sit. He was asked to arrange their test sheets. However, Clyde stayed alone with him, in the room, basically preying on the little boy’s ass. Not that he was trying to be obvious, but Jericho could tell he is, in which he mentally smiled at the man’s action. But then his smile fades away as he was reminded that he said that his hair smells like cum, I showered twice for crying out loud! He thought. “Yeah.” Jericho nodded. He put all of the test papers under the desk, locking it then put his keys in his pocket, That’s how he’s trustworthy, he earned that in fact. He’s a good kid, of course, teachers would praise him. “So I also heard about you being in an open relationship…” “What are you getting at?” Jericho raised his eyebrows at him. “Nothing, just asking.” He replied. He wondered why would someone ask about his relationship with Simon, that’s very unusual for Clyde unless something is bothering him. “Any particular reason why you’re here? I don’t think you’re here to help me with the papers.” He spoke calmly, with his pointer finger and thumb rubbing together on his chin. “Well…” Clyde paused, trying to think what he was trying to say. “Well, what?” “L-look, I like you okay? I have a crush on you for a long time now, you’re sweet, kind, and carefree, you don’t care what people think of you, you care about people you loved, I never see you get angry with somebody, you’re smart too… Everything about you is perfect… In case you want to know.” He said it out a bit louder as he can’t take more time to confess in love for Jericho. “Umm… Okay.” Jericho was surprised after someone told him that he likes him, that’s not a usual thing to happen. “Aren’t you going to say anything?” “That’s cool? I-I don’t know Clyde, we’re just classmates.” Jericho paused for a bit. He continued, “If that’s how you truly felt about me then I appreciate that. But I’m sorry, I can’t give you something you want. I already have a boyfriend.” “I-I know…” He sighed. “I’m sorry Clyde… I really do, you might be annoying sometimes but I know you’re a great guy, I bet you could pull off hot guys at your glance.” He spoke, trying to encourage the poor guy he rejected. “Thanks, J.” He replied with a faint smile on his downed face. “No biggie. We can still be friends, right?” Jericho pushed his shoulder a bit teasingly, hoping that befriending him is the least that Jericho could offer. “Yeah, of course! I would love that.” He smiled back. It took Jericho a couple of seconds to study his pretty face. It would be a lie to say that he’s not good-looking, his perfectly toned skin fit at his athletic physique. His perfectly cut biceps flex every time he moves. The beard, oh his beard, he thought. He noticed that he grew out his beard that suits well with his defined jawline which made him look more masculine than ever. Those brown eyes that glistens whenever sunlight beams at his face. His sharp nose matched with bushy eyebrows, he’s really attractive as hell. Of course, nothing can’t compete with his Simon. After all, Jericho is tied to his. “Is that why you’re always bugging me every day huh, for me to pay you attention?” He poked Clyde on his waist teasingly, which made Clyde giggle at him. “That’s why I’m always asking for your attention every time we’re in the same class, or at the cafeteria. I assume you’re not naive.” “That explains why you always ask me for answers.” “Everyone does, dumbass. You’re the smart guy.” Clyde replied in a duh tone as he rolled in eyes. “Can I ask a question?” “Yeah, go ahead.” Jericho nodded, facing at his armchair to grab his backpack. “Does your boyfriend let you flirt with other guys?” Clyde asked as he followed the boy behind him. “Yeah, we’re in an open relationship, I mean, I fuck with any guys, I just have to be careful you know…” “You mean your boyfriend permits you to fuck around with other guys?” “Yeah, that’s technically the case.” He replied casually. “Wow…” Clyde looked stunned. “So… Do you wanna do it with me?” He offered, with a hint of pleading in his voice. “I don’t know, you tell me.” Jericho grinned at him, Clyde’s curiosity entertains him, does he want this hot stud standing right in front of him to fuck him? Why not. “I want to…” “But I’m telling you, I already have Simon so if you wanna fuck with me, you better stop liking me, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to suck your cock… I’m gay, you know?” “Oh.” He sighed, feeling defeated. “I’m okay with that, I guess I find you attractive that’s all…” “You do?” Jericho questioned as he raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Yeah, I do. I’m gay.” He casually said. “You never told anyone,” Jericho replied with a tone of amusement at the revelation. Of course he’s gay. His confession was already enough, but still, Jericho didn’t expect Clyde to confess directly. How brave or him, he thought. “I’m not closeted or anything, but I never denied being gay and no one asked about my sexuality either. Except for my mom, I don’t think she’ll accept me as her queer son, my mom is very religious.” “Isn’t your mom Jewish?” “Yeah, It’s pretty hard to come out to my mom, dad already knows so he’s cool.” He felt bad for the guy, Jericho looked at the guy behind with sorrow in his eyes, it looks like he was seeking somebody to love, that’s unfortunate. It didn’t come in his thought that Clyde who’s optimistic and outgoing might have some issues going on in his personal life. And in front was a sad and somewhat lonely kid who’s new from the area. “Wow, all this time I really thought you’re just some assholes who do shit and stuff, I never see this side of yours. I was wrong. I’m sorry.” “Nah it’s okay, it’s fine,” Clyde replied with a tone of assurance. “So how about you? Are you out with your dad? I think in this school you do.” Clyde continued. “Dad doesn’t know and I don’t know if guys here knew already,” Jericho spoke softly as he was reminded that his father doesn’t know about him being gay, and he’ll probably shit in his pants when he discovers Adam’s unusual brotherly love between them… Or not? “Guys here? Nah they sure do…” “Anyways, Why, is your dad homophobic?” He questioned. “Can’t say that he is, it’s just… I’m afraid to tell my father that I’m gay that’s all.” “I can relate to you, brother.” Clyde shakes his head in agreement, he really can’t come out to his mother for that matter. “It’s good to know that I’m not the only gay kid in this class.” “We’re not the only queer kids here I’m telling you,” Clyde replied. They went silent for a minute as both of them ran out of something to say. “If need someone to talk to, I’m here to listen. That’s the least I could do for rejecting you.” Jericho offered kindly. “Thanks, J.” He replied as he laughed at the last part. “Alright, I’m glad we settled this out. You’re cute honestly.” It is obvious enough that he’s checking Clyde from head to toe like an underwear model, there’s no doubt that’s he’s flawless in every way. “Stop with the flattery!” Clyde waved his hand in a waving gesture. But he is attractive, Jericho thought. “Alright, I have some important matter to do, I gotta go. Meet me at the library after lunch break.” “We’re cutting class?” Clyde asked wearily. “Aren’t you the one who’s eager to destroy my tight boy cunt?” Jericho joked with a hint of an offer in it, just in case he takes it seriously. “You have no filter! Oh god!” He laughed. “But seriously, I wanna try something with you. Simon won’t get even mad, maybe at the cutting classes part but you know what I mean.” He said nonchalantly while shrugging his shoulders. “Would you and your boyfriend like to join me and my friends on a drag night? I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy our company.” Clyde suggested, hoping that Jericho would come and have a drink with his friends. “I’ll see, I’ll talk to Simon at lunch, I’d love to!” Jericho smiled with enthusiasm as he grabbed his backpack as he placed it on his shoulders. A drag night? Hell yeah. Good thing about being in a gay bar is to be around with other queers with same interests and such. Although he can’t take Trisha or Ivan for that matter, it’ll probably be overwhelming for them unless she’s gay. Nonetheless, it’ll be a fun experience for Jericho, martinis and 212? Totally. “Great!” Clyde smiled back at the boy’s charming smile. “Alright, see you in a next few hours.” Clyde shakes his head in amusement as he never seen this kind of side of him before. It felt like another person but not in a bad way. “Bye!” He waved off at Clyde as they walked in opposite direction. “I’m quite famished, I need some takis…” Jericho spoked to himself as he passed by the crowded hallway. Perhaps what I need is a good fuck, he thought… ——– End of part 06 Your feedback is welcomed, don’t be afraid to email me, give me any suggestions. I already published other chapters on wattpad just in case, you can add me as britishcigar.

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