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His right hand was in the process of guiding Ry’s hard, thick dick into his ass. He looked down at the shocked expression on his brother’s face. Charlie’s little heart raced along with his mind. He wanted to run but was too scared to move. “Charlie,” Ry said, again, his own panic showing in his voice, “what are you doing?” Ry placed his hands gingerly on his little brother’s naked hips and slid himself out from under the scared boy. He sat up and reflexively pulled a blanket over his lap and made an effort to cover up Charlie’s crotch, as well. “Charlie, please answer my question.” He tried his best to hide his shock but wasn’t sure he was successful. Charlie looked down and didn’t say a word. As much as he feared that moment happening, he never actually believed it would. He sat in silence, tears softly falling down his cheeks, waiting for Ry to start yelling, call him names or even hit him; however, to his surprise, Ry remained calm and caring, which only made his guilt worse. “I don’t know,” was all he could say, which was just above a whisper. Ry gave Charlie a look that clearly conveyed that he wasn’t convinced by his brother’s response. “Charlie,” Ry said, taking Charlie by the hands, “I’m not mad, but I need to know why you’ve been…you know…having sex with me.” Charlie looked up, his eyes wide. “You–you knew?” “Yeah, I knew,” Ry said softly. “I’ve known since the first at Will’s.” Charlie’s expression turned from guilt and shock to indignation and offense. “You were awake every time I sucked your dick?!” Ry was taken aback. He hadn’t expected Charlie to be offended, nor did he understand why; after all, he was the victim of Charlie’s molestation. “Yes,” he said cautiously. “I was awake every time.” “Why didn’t you say anything?” Because I loved it, a voice in Ry’s head purred; however, it was Ry’s turn to say, “I don’t know.” “Bullshit!” Charlie said, almost yelling. “Don’t give me that shit, Ry. We’ve been through too much to lie now.” It was an odd feeling, being chewed out by a fourth grader. Ry knew he was lying, but ever since it started, he couldn’t bring himself to say that he loved it and had even jerked off to it multiple times…or that it always brought up Quentin and how much it hurt to still mourn the son that would never come. “Fine,” Ry said, “I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what to say. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming it all because of the drugs, but then you kept doing it, almost every night. I also hadn’t had sex of any kind since Billy and I were together. I always thought that I wouldn’t be istanbul travesti able to have sex again after what my biological father did to us. And that all changed with you. “I wondered for a while why Amanda could never get me hard. Again, I believed it was from either my damaged brain or damaged nerves from all the surgeries. It would explain why I couldn’t have sex with Billy after I got home. But then, that night we slept naked together after you wet the bed…I woke up with an erection for the first time in years! Proof that it wasn’t my brain or body. I didn’t understand for a long time why I got an erection sleeping next to you but not with Billy or Amanda. I was so confused by it all. I eventually just gave up thinking that it was some kind of brain damage, then you started performing oral sex on me, and I finally figured it out, Charlie. I finally knew why I could get hard for you and nobody else.” “You’re a child molester,” Charlie whispered. “You’re like Justin.” “What?! No! No, Charlie, I’m not!” Ry finally became angry. “I didn’t molest you. You molested me, multiple times. Don’t get that twisted. You don’t get to blame me for what you did without my consent. Justin did those things to you without asking. If either of us was like Justin, it’s you.” Ry regretted his words the second he said them. Charlie jumped off the bed, grabbed his underwear and ran from Ry’s room crying. “Charlie!” Ry called out, moving as fast he could, while putting on his own boxers. By the time Ry got to Charlie’s door, it was already shut. Ry tried opening it, but it wouldn’t budge. Ry assumed Charlie had moved something in front of it. “Come on, Charlie. Let me in,” Ry called through the door but he got no response. “What’s going on?” Rick said, sleepily, coming out of his room. Thinking fast, Ry said, “Charlie had a nightmare. He tried climbing into bed with me, scared me, and I accidentally freaked out. I just want to apologize, but I think I upset him too much.” “I see,” Rick said. He looked at the door, wondering if his baby boy would let him in but thought better of it. The last thing he wanted was to be punched in the balls again. “You probably should go to bed,” he said to his eldest son. “He’ll come back once he’s calmed down.” “Yeah, probably,” Ry said. He tried the door one more time, then went back to his room. Tears began to fall as Ry laid his head on his pillow. The times he played out the scenario in his head, it never ended with Charlie taking a victim stance and comparing him to Justin. Ry’s heart broke as the images from the dream that had haunted him for months faded to black. Charlie couldn’t sleep. He didn’t mean to compare Ry to Justin. He knew Ry was nothing like the monster who had raped him. Ry was the kindest, most compassionate and most caring person he knew. He didn’t mean to make the comparison, and he wasn’t even sure why he said it. He supposed it was because Ry had mentioned them sleeping naked and getting hard, which Justin had done, too. Charlie had come to the conclusion that Justin wasn’t asleep the night they first slept in Billy’s bed; the night of the strip poker game where Justin guilted him into staying naked till the next morning. Charlie knew he didn’t want to and wouldn’t have gotten naked if Justin hadn’t made him think it was okay. Ry wouldn’t have done that. Ry never made Charlie do anything he didn’t want to, except go to school, do homework and other normal kid’s stuff…like a real brother would. Unable to get his head straight, Charlie decided to talk to the one person he knew who kadıköy travesti might know what it was like to be in his situation. Charlie quietly got up and dressed in his warmest clothes. Though there wasn’t any snow, it was still freezing outside. He went to the garage, took Little Joey out to potty, hugged and kissed his puppy, before getting his bike and taking it around to the gate instead of the garage door. The last thing he wanted was to wake anyone up, at least till after he had his talk. The air was cold and humid. Clouds covered the sky and it smelled like snow was coming despite not a single flake falling. Charlie avoided the major streets since he didn’t have lights for his bike and didn’t want to get hit. This added about fifteen more minutes to his ride, but he arrived at Joey’s place safe and sound, though very cold. Charlie walked up the frozen steps and entered the single-wide trailer. He knew Mr. Bell never locked the door, so there was no need for him to knock. It was very dark but invitingly warm. He kicked off his shoes and crept to Joey’s room. Once inside and after closing the door, he took off all of his clothes and climbed into bed next to his best friend. Joey was sound asleep until Charlie’s freezing fingers touched him. Charlie hastily, yet quietly, announced his presence, before Joey screamed with fright. “Jesus Christ, Charlie,” Joey panted, trying to slow down his beating heart. “You scared the shit out of me!” “Sorry,” Charlie said, snuggling up to the much warmer boy. “I couldn’t sleep, and I missed you.” “I missed you, too,” Joey said, wrapping his arms around Charlie and kissing him, “but why are you here this late? Your dad will be really pissed.” “Fuck him,” Charlie said, bitterly. “I don’t care if he’s pissed.” “Okay,” Joey replied, not wanting to ruin their moment with a fight. “Does Ry know you’re here, at least.” At the mention of his brother’s name, Charlie began to cry. He didn’t really want to talk about it that soon, but he couldn’t stop himself. He told Joey everything about what happened between him and Ry, going all the way back to their first, accidental kiss. Joey held his friend close, but couldn’t help getting hard, imagining everything they did together, especially when Charlie mentioned giving Ry a blow job, while they all shared a bed. “And then I came here,” Charlie said, wiping his tears away, “because I didn’t know where else to go or who to talk to.” “That’s a lot, Charlie,” Joey said, kissing his friend. “I get it, though. I felt the same way the first time Brian and I did anything together.” “Yeah? What happened?” Joey sighed heavily. He told Charlie about how Justin manipulated he and Brian into having sex. Charlie listened, feeling disgust, shame and empathy for his friend. He knew what it was like to be Justin’s victim and how Justin always made everything sound okay, even though it really wasn’t. Unlike him, though, Joey didn’t cry. He sounded distant, as if he was far away and lost in his memories. When he was done, Charlie hugged his friend tightly and said, “I’m sorry that happened to you and your brother.” Joey returned the hug and said, “I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you about Justin sooner. I was afraid of what might happen if my dad found out after what happened to Brian. I didn’t want him to do the same to me, too.” “I understand,” Charlie said, kissing Joey. “Justin is a bastard.” “Yeah, he is.” The boys kissed each other…and continued to kiss. They each had missed being in the other’s arms. Charlie hadn’t realized how much he took Joey’s bakırköy travesti presence for granted while they shared a room. He had been so caught up in his own life and drama, he forgot what it was like to have someone he loved with him every night. “I love you,” Charlie said, looking into Joey’s blue eyes. “I love you, too,” Joey replied. He smiled and continued to kiss Charlie. They continued to kiss for a long while. Eventually, Charlie kissed his way down Joey’s chest and took in the boy’s prepubescent, circumcised cock into his mouth. Joey moaned as Charlie suckled and licked his young lover. Joey pulled out, repositioned himself, so he and Charlie could suck each other. It was the first blow job Charlie had received since Justin. He fought to keep from freaking out, reminding himself who was doing it, and that nothing bad was going to happen to him. However, he couldn’t bring himself to let it continue. He pulled his dick out of Joey’s mouth. To avoid the awkwardness, he smiled and went back to kissing. They touched and rubbed each other for another hour or so, until they each had enough. Neither knew who fell asleep first, but Charlie woke up soon after. It was still dark out, so he figured, if he was quick enough, he could get home before anyone noticed he was gone. Charlie gathered his things and got dressed in the living room, so as not to wake Joey up. Once he got his shoes on, he checked his phone for the time, and figured he’d have plenty of time, since it was a Saturday, with no school or work for his dad. Charlie thought about sending Ry a text but decided to apologize later. He knew that Ry didn’t mean anything by the talk. Charlie also knew that he was in the wrong for having sex with Ry without Ry’s permission. He owed his big brother an apology. He also owed Ry the truth. He loved Ry with all of his heart, and Charlie needed him to understand that. Charlie couldn’t fathom life without Ry. The air seemed colder than before somehow. A stiff breeze was picking up, as Charlie made his way around the trailer park. A piece of plastic, yellow ribbon fluttered across the road. Charlie picked it up and saw in bold, black print the words: POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS. Going against his better judgment, Charlie made a slight detour towards Justin’s old trailer. It was dark and mostly surrounded by the yellow, police tape. Memories of his first time there with Justin came back. Charlie remembered feeling sick at the sight of Justin jerking off to the secret video of them in the pool shower. Then there was the first time Justin raped him. Charlie wished it was Justin who had died in that house. Charlie got off his bike, moved under the tape and walked up the steps. He tested the door knob but found it locked. Some morbid part of him wanted to see where Justin’s dad had died. It confused him that this man somehow found out what happened and decided the best course of action was to murder his own child. Giving up, Charlie just shook his head and went back to his bike. He bent over to grab the handle bars when someone grabbed him from behind. A cloth-covered hand engulfed his mouth and nose. A stinging, acrid smell flooded his airways as the world began to grow fuzzy and spun around him. Charlie thrashed, trying to yell but it was no use…the world went dark…then it went black…. Charlie was loaded into the back of a car. He was hastily searched before being tied up, gagged and covered with a thick, wool blanket. Charlie’s bike was moved to the back of Justin’s trailer and out of sight of the street. His cell phone was smashed and tossed in a nearby bush. “I’m sorry, Charlie,” Justin said, as he got behind the wheel of his stolen car. He pulled his handgun from his pocket, laid in the seat next to him, and drove out of the trailer park. “There was no other way.” ***Coming Soon, Chapter 65***

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