Subject: Educating Mike (Chapter 1) This story is 100% fictional and any resemblance to anyone living is entirely coincidental. If you enjoy it, please consider donating to fty/donate.html Feedback is welcome at ail Educating Mike (Chapter 1) by Peter King I was on a camping holiday with my 12 year old grandson, Mike. We’d arrived the previous night, set up the tent, unrolled our sleeping bags and crashed out. We woke about 7 in the morning and I suggested we should have a shower before getting breakfast. Mike looked a bit dubious and I asked him what was the matter. He asked whether there would be separate shower cubicles and I answered probably not, I think there is an open shower area. But, I pointed out, there weren’t many other campers about so we would probably be alone. He still looked concerned and I asked him whether he was shy about being naked with me. He answered slightly sheepishly: “I guess not”. I hadn’t seen Mike naked since he had hit puberty and I wondered what he looked like. This was my opportunity to find out! We gathered our wash things and then walked over to the shower block. There was no one else there. We started to undress, Mike keeping his back towards me. Eventually he was down to his underpants and then he slipped them off. I said: “Come on, let’s get into the shower” and walked over to it. Mike followed, keeping his hands in front of his groin. I looked at him and asked what was the matter. “I’ve got a boner” he said. “Hey, that’s cool” I answered “I get them too you know — it’s nothing I haven’t seen before”. “Really?” he said, “I didn’t think that older people would get boners”. I assured him that I frequently got them and not to worry. He moved his hands away and revealed that most beautiful sight — a young erect teen cock. His foreskin wasn’t completely withdrawn and his darker glans peeked out of its protective covering. istanbul travesti He had a small patch of hair just above and his hairless balls dangled below — just perfect! “Do you usually have a boner in the morning?” I asked. He nodded. “I always had one first thing in the morning when I was your age and I often have one even now” I assured him. “How do you make it go away?” he asked. “Have you discovered wanking?” “Jerking off, masturbation” I added when he looked puzzled.” “Errr, kind of” he said. “How do you mean?” I asked. “Well a couple of the guys at school talk about jerking off but I’m not sure exactly what they mean” he replied. I smiled “Would you like me to explain?” “I think so” said Mike. “OK — do you know how babies are made?” “I guess so” “Tell me” “Well, the guy puts his willie in a girl’s thingy” “And then what happens?” “errr…a baby is made?” “Well, that’s part of it but it’s not quite that simple. When the guy puts his willie (or cock) in a girl or woman’s vagina (not thingy!!), he pushes it in and out and the rubbing of his cock against the walls of the woman’s vagina stimulates various nerves and muscles in the guy’s groin and they tense up. Eventually the muscles contract and squeeze a gland that you have inside your body called the prostate gland, just behind where your cock is, and when that is squeezed, it shoots out seminal fluid, which is a liquid that your body creates. The seminal fluid travels through tubes that link to your balls and as it passes, it picks up sperm. And when the liquid with the sperm shoots out of the end of your cock and gets into the woman’s vagina, the sperm start moving up the woman’s body until one of them finds an egg (yes, it’s called an egg but it doesn’t have a shell!). Then a sperm wriggles its way into the egg and fertilises it. And that’s the beginning of a baby.” Mike: kadıköy travesti “Oh, OK, right.” “So the reason your cock goes hard is because it wants you to have sex with a girl” “My cock wants me to?” “Well, yes, your cock is part of your body and your body wants to have sex” “But there’s no girl here” Mike pointed out “Precisely and that’s where wanking, jerking off, masturbation comes in. When a guy wants to have sex, and there isn’t a girl or woman to have sex with, then he can masturbate.” “Basically, instead of a girl’s vagina, the guy holds his cock in his hand and rubs it until he shoots out the liquid. And it’s called cumming when you shoot. And that’s how I usually used to get rid of my hard-on when I was your age. And since we’re being very honest with each other, I still do it sometimes even now”. Mike looked surprised “You do it?” “Yep” “How did you learn how to?” “An older friend showed me when I was about your age” I answered. Mike thought about this for a few seconds “Could you show me?” he asked. “Ummm, I could but this would have to be something that we don’t tell anyone else about. If anyone knew that I had showed you, I could be accused of having molested you” “Why? I’m asking you to” “I know you’re asking me but because I’m an adult and you’re not, it would be considered wrong and I could get into a lot of trouble.” “But I don’t have an older friend to show me. Please show me..I promise I’ll never tell anyone” “Well OK…but really, you must never breathe a word, not even to a friend or to anyone in the family — I would really get into trouble” “I promise, really I do Grandad, I wouldn’t ever want to get you into trouble.” Mike assured me “Well in that case, let’s go back to the tent and I’ll show you.” We finished our showers, dried ourselves and put on our clothes. I noticed that Mike still had a full erection and my bakırköy travesti cock was at half mast. We walked back to the tent, got in and closed the flap. Fortunately there were no other tents nearby. “OK, let’s take off our clothes.” and we did. We stood opposite each other, both naked, Mike still with his 4″ teen hardon and me with my adult 6″. I held my cock in my right hand and started to wank. Mike watched with interest. “Come on — you do it too” I said He grasped his cock and started to copy me. I rubbed it with slow strokes and he did likewise. It didn’t take long for him to start breathing deeply. He stopped. “It feels really weird” he said “I know” I replied “It does feel weird but just carry on and you’ll see that it’s worth it” Mike carried on stroking his cock and I likewise. I could see his balls starting to retract and his breathing got harder again. And then his knees started to shake and his breathing got harder and jerkier. “Carry on” I said He did and then, with a final gasp, he came — his beautiful cock spurted, the cum shooting across the two feet space between us and landing on my cock and my hand. This drove me over the edge and I also shot, my cum landing on Mike. We stood there for 30 seconds, neither of us speaking, just enjoying the sensation. “Oh….my….god” were Mike’s first words. “Not bad, eh?” were mine. He sat down, legs crossed, still holding his cock which, with teenage vigour, showed no signs of diminishing. I sat down opposite him, letting go of my rapidly shrinking member. “That was the best ever!” Mike stated. “Well, I think you’ll discover there are even better things but let’s just take them one at a time” I responded. “Better than that!?” Mike challenged “Sure” I said “That’s just the beginning of the fun you can have with your cock” “Wow!” he said “can you show me?” “I can” I replied “but let’s take it a day at a time. You have the stamina of youth — the most I can do is once or maximum twice per day” “So you can show me something else this evening” Mike declared “Let’s see how things go today” I replied. ————————————————–

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