Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 91 Dad Loves Me Part 91 James hoo) I woke up in my usual place between daddy and Wally. I was also very aware of the presence of Max as his arm was draped over daddy and his hand was resting on my arm. I was feeling the need to relieve my bladder. I wriggled my way from between daddy and Wally. It wasn’t so hard anymore because I’ve had to do it so often. After I used the bathroom, I came back into the bedroom and looked at the three men that had been surrounding me still sleeping. I went to the kitchen to start the coffee. I kept thinking how we were going to handle the date with Bob tomorrow night. 4 adults and me. I could always make arrangements to stay with Gary and JJ and of course Tom. It’s been awhile since I’ve been with them and I’d love spending some time with all 3 of them, but I’d have to check with daddy first, and I’m sure Bob would like some time with me too. The coffee was almost done and all 3 men walked into the kitchen and they all kissed me one at a time. Daddy made oatmeal again and as we ate we talked about the date with Bob. Wally had an idea to take Max to the club where Dana worked to introduce them giving daddy and me a night with Bob and it would either give him and Max a night with Dana, or if Dana didn’t want to be with them, they could come home and spend the night in the spare room. After we ate I went to the bathroom to clean up and then get dressed for school. Wally and I made a deal that he would do the breakfast dishes while I took care of dinner and the dishes. We talked a little more after I was dressed and waiting for Sean and Paddy. Soon they showed up and honked the signal. I kissed the 3 men goodbye and went out to the car and kissed my boyfriend and said “Good morning dad.” to Sean. “Daddy and Wally are looking forward to Sunday and daddy’s friend Max is looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the family.” I whispered to Paddy “Imagine your brother meeting Max.” It didn’t take long for us to get to school. We went to our lockers and then went down to the commons to wait for Gary and JJ. I told them how Max fucked me while Wally fucked daddy. It was a wild night and Max was a great fuck. He knew how to take it although, according to him, he’s only been fucked a couple times. He also knows how to fuck and be rather gentle because of his big cock. JJ said “I wonder how he would be with Gary and me?” Gary got a shit eating grin on his face and I said “He’d probably let Gary fuck him while he fucked you. I think he’d be a little nervous about hurting Gary’s sweet little ass.” Gary punched my arm and opened his mouth to say something just as the bell rang. JJ gave Gary a little hug and we went our separate ways. The teacher said all our requested schedules have been turned in and will start being processed. A week from Monday, counselors from the high school will be meeting with each of us to discuss our requests and any possible scheduling problems. I had high hopes that all of our requests would be OK so we could still have most of our classes together. I was especially hoping we would all have gym together so we could ogle each other while changing; however, if we didn’t get the same gym class, we would still get all the eye candy of other students. şişli travesti After all, the high school we will be attending merged two junior high schools and lots of students we didn’t know would be joining us. Finally it was lunch time. Paddy and I usually bought lunch because they had hamburgers/cheeseburgers and fries every day as well as well as the more healthy hot lunch. It seemed most of the time we bought a burger and fries, but every now and again there was something really good and today was meatloaf, potatoes, and corn. While it was not as good as homemade, it tasted pretty good. Gary and JJ usually brought their own lunch. At least they knew it was something they would like and it was cheaper since they just had to buy their milk. When lunch ended we noticed JJ giving Gary a quick hug again. When we got to study hall we were quietly talking in our corner and we asked JJ what was going on between him and Gary with the hugging. JJ said “What Max said to us made us think and we are not going to let anything stop us from loving each other and we decided to let our love show, to a degree. We decided we will at least hug in public and if people don’t like it, that’s their tough shit.” I told him “Well we’re with ya. We decided when we start high school, we are not going to hide our relationship. If we have to we’ll even fight to be each other’s dates for dances and other dating functions.”—“Maybe Gary and I will be ready to take that step next fall.” The end of the day seemed to come more quickly than usual. I have no idea why. We went to our locker to get a couple books for homework this weekend and our jackets. One class there was some chapter questions we had to answer and we had a test in one class Monday morning. That test meant studying Sunday evening which meant no sex for me. We met JJ and Gary in the commons again. Tom would be picking up the guys because Gary had a dentist appointment after school. JJ would be going too as he stayed at Gary’s house until his mom came home from work. Since Tom worked from home, it was the perfect situation. He showed up before our ride. We gave them both bro hugs as they left. Shortly after they were gone, we were chatting with a couple of friends when I noticed Wally’s car. We said “Later” to our friends and got in the car. Max said “You’re dad had to work a little late and said he would meet us at the gym.” We were in the locker room and just finished changing and were talking to one of our acquaintances when daddy came in. He hastened to change and we were soon doing our workouts: Paddy and me with Atlas, and the men doing their own thing. Most of the clientele of the gym was gay but there were some female members. There were two ladies that had the stereotypical dyke look and they were near daddy, Wally, and Max. The five were talking and laughing. I saw daddy point us out and I waved and the ladies gave a quick wave back. As we were working out with Atlas, he noticed I was a little distracted. “What’s wrong Benji?”—“I was just curious about those gals talking to the men.”—“Don’t worry your sexy little ass about that. The blond is my step-sister and the brunette is her wife. They even have two kids and the oldest is about your age.” Well I was no beylikdüzü travesti longer distracted by them end was even introduced to them after the workout. Atlas’ step-sister was Lucy and the brunette had an almost buzz cut and her name was Amy. They had 2 sons. Each gal carried each son and their sperm donor was the same guy so the boys were real half-brothers. The gals asked when we came and we told them when and they promised to bring the boys with sometime to meet us. We went to the locker room and showered and changed. On the way home I called Sean and asked if Paddy could have pizza with us before coming home. He was given permission. When there were things involving Paddy and I, with either set of parents, they rarely said no. We stopped at the pizza place and saw Steve behind the counter taking orders for take-out, Randy manning the phone for delivery orders and Billy standing by for deliveries. We chatted with them all in between orders. Finally Billy had to take off with two deliveries and our pizzas were ready. The guys also ordered a six pack of beers. We got back to our place and we’re eating and telling the men of what was happening between Gary and JJ and it was because of what Max said when he met them. Max started to say something when I held up a finger, finished chewing what was in my mouth, and said “It’s not bad and they’re happy so just take the credit that you helped them make a decision they had been thinking of making.” Max told daddy about what he said, as Wally was there. We finished up and I walked Paddy halfway home which wasn’t very far. We kissed not caring if anyone saw us. He finished going home and I turned around and walked in the house. Max was in the study on the phone and daddy and Wally were in the family room. Max came into the family room looking thoughtful and daddy asked if he cared to talk about what had him so thoughtful. Marcus asked if I would like to move in with him and his sons when I retire next year. He asked for some pics to show his boys. I grabbed my cell and took a face pic, a face and upper body pic, a cock pic, an ass pic, a full body pic, then I decided to get him hard and started playing with his cock and balls. It didn’t take long for him to get hard. When he was fully erect, I took a pic of his cock again, I sent a group text to Marcus, Jim, and Tim. First I sent the face, then the face and upper body, then the full body, then the ass, then the cock pic, and finally the hard cock pic. I received a text first from Marcus ‘Thanks for remembering me.’ Then Tim’s text ‘OMG! You lucky slut.” Finally Jim’s reply ‘You lucky shit. I hope we get some of that one day.’ I read each reply as it came in and Jim’s had us all laughing. Max said “If Marcus and I decide to get together, I may have 2 sons.” Daddy interrupted “Actually 3, maybe 4.” and told him of the agreement the brothers had drawn up including Wally as guardian. Then he explained Paddy is pretty much part of the family. His family gave Benji a gift that actually made him part of their family. We don’t have any similar thing, but we gave Paddy a key to the house and include him in a lot of our family things. We were getting set for bed and Max looked at daddy and me and said “I want to watch istanbul travesti you guys fuck. Seeing a father and son fuck would be so fucking hot.” Daddy got a cigar and lit up and said “This is for enhacement.” Daddy took a big drag, then handed it to Wally who also took a big drag, then handed it to Max who also took a drag. I surprised Max by taking it from him and taking as big a drag as any if the men. Max was amazed and said “You are truly a little man.” We all went to the bedroom and Wally and I lay on the bed on our backs side by side and started kissing. Max was about to start rimming Wally when daddy took another drag and blew the smoke all over our asses. Max and daddy started working on our asses making us moan into each other’s mouths as we were still kissing. Daddy and Max kept passing the cigar back and forth and blowing the smoke on us. Finally they got into position to fuck us and handed us the cigar, we both took drags and then Wally said “Fuck us NOW!” Daddy mounted me first and Max watched as daddy slid his cock into my ass with practiced ease. He started his thrusting not only turned on by fucking me and being watched while fucking me, but the cigar. Cigars always make daddy want to take a top role, but with me it only enhances his horniness for me. Max was so turned on watching daddy fuck me, he shoved his cock into Wally a little harder and faster than he intended. When Wally gasped and let out a loud “AAAHHHHH!” he apologized and kissed him. Soon daddy and Max were fucking us getting more and more turned on between the asses they were fucking, and watching each other as they were fucking us. I was also turned on between daddy fucking me and watching Max fuck Wally. I think Wally was as turned on as I was. Max said to Wally and me “Don’t either of you cum until we tell you that you can.” It had been about 45-50 minutes and we were all covered in sweat. Daddy was getting close because I could hear the change in his breathing. I didn’t know Max well enough to know tell tale signs from him, but I was sure he was just as close. Max started saying “Get ready to take my cum you slut.” and his orgasm hit and shoved into Wally’s ass as hard and as far as he could. He filled Wally’s ass and finally collapsed laying on Wally kissing him. Daddy hearing Max’s orgasm him triggered daddy’s and he said “I hope my little man is ready for his daddy’s load.” He pushed in as far as he could and taking one final drag and blowing the smoke in my face, let his orgasm take over and he filled my ass with a big load. I could actually feel his load filling my ass. He bent down to kiss me while his cock was still filling my ass. Max and daddy were finally coming down from their orgasms. When they pulled their cocks from our asses, Max backed away and pushed daddy head first into Wally cock making him suck Wally’s cock. He came to me and said to Wally and me “You can cum now.” Then he deepthroated me and almost as soon as I was buried in his throat, I cried out and started cumming. At almost the exact same time as me, Wally yelled “SWALLOW ALL MY CUM ADAM!” We fed each of them a good load. Daddy and I went in the shower first and when we were done, Max and Wally showered. We cuddled in bed, Wally and I were face to face while daddy was spooning me and Max was spooning Wally. We all fell asleep exhausted and satisfied. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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