Subject: Dad And His Construction Crew This story is 100% fictional. Any similarities to people dead or alive is an accident. If you like Nifty, donate to them! They need your money fty/donate.html —- Author’s Note: This story includes sex between a dad and son, as well as a lot of other people. If you’re not into that, leave. There will be raunchy stuff in this story, including musk, piss, etc. It’s a little rude and crude. I will never include scat or children in my stories. —- It all started with me fucking just one of Dad’s coworkers. Dad had just pumped a load in him and he still needed to get off, so I let him get his off in me. Dad wasn’t mad when he found out, just happy he had another fuckbuddy. As if the couple dozen people he had regularly weren’t enough. And that’s not counting the bar hookups. Hell, half the trailer park had fucked or been fucked by Dad. He was a horndog through and it wasn’t too far off when a mean teacher had told me he’d fuck anything that could walk and talk. I never really thought much about my sexuality, and pretty much went to where my dick led me. Like my Dad, I suppose. All throughout high school I had flirts, flings, and hard fucks with people from all sorts of walks of life. Had a couple pregnancy scares; that made me latch on to the boys in baseball and band for a while. After that first encounter, it just kept on escalating. Threesomes turned into foursomes that turned into orgies. It wasn’t uncommon for me to fuck with a group of people of mixed genders daily. Dad was involved 90% of the time, but that was because we had formed a special bond now. Ya see, my Dad and I were kind of like husbands in the sense that we did everything spouses did. We lived together, fucked, went on dates, and took care of one another. There was an understanding that no matter who our friends-with-benefits and hookups were, we were each other’s. Of all those fuck buddies Dad and I shared, one particular group stood out as my favorite. Dad’s coworkers on the construction crew. Dad had been on that crew since I was a little boy, and those guys had seen me grow from shy elementary schooler, to rough and rowdy middle schooler, to overtly pervy redneck high schooler, to even hornier and rowdier adult. I loved hanging with any of them. They were just men who knew how to cut up and fuck good. We’d slam back a couple 12-packs, smoke some weed and cigars, then fuck all over the trailer home. We’d go for hours with more drinks and smokes in-between and throughout. There were about 6 or 7 guys he worked with that we fucked, and it was quite frequent that we’d be doing something with some combination of them. There was one time we all went out bar-diving in the city and ended up gangbanging these two MILFs. I jerked off to the memory of that more times than I could count. Tonight, two of them were coming over to get drunk, high, and raunchy. Brad and Tony. Brad was in mid-40s and was a big burly guy with a thick pornstache. He had smooth, bulging biceps and a gut that was potbellied and hairy as could be. He ran around with my Dad when Dad was in high school. Brad had been out and working for quite a few years but they had mutual friends. Tony was a big Italian man, also in his mid-40s, who seemed perpetually slightly sweaty and always randy. Tony was the guy in the crew who could always make something about motorboating some titties or eating pussy til’ she pisses. One time, when I was a senior in high school, he gave me some wild porn on DVD. Once I had started fucking with the crew şişli travesti after graduating, we jerked off to it together. Dad and I were both stocky but strong gingers with harsh facial features and full beards; Dad’s being grown out and mine trimmed. Dad was a bit beefier than me but we were both burly fuckers. We both walked and moved with a presence and weight. I was a bit shorter than Dad and a little bit lankier. Dad and I were in the living room area, setting up the last of the goods. We had two twelve-packs of Budweiser and four obese blunts laid out and ready. As I picked up one of the blunts from the table, Dad swooped over and gripped my side. “What porno you wanna watch, boy?” I thought about it, racking my brain as I pulled out my lighter and Dad squeezed me and grinned. “Hmm, got anything with blondes and big tits? I’m talking BIG,” I said, lighting the blunt and taking a deep drag. Dad grinned and laughed. “Too many to fuckin’ count! What specifically?” Right as he finished speaking, the door to the trailer opened. Tony and Brad came in, both still in work clothes. Dad turned to them. “Boy wants blondes with oversized tits. You too?” Tony had no hesitation. “Something with a girl with a big gaping ass!” Dad nodded. “I got just the thing!” Dad turned, walking back into our bedroom to the DVD cabinet as Brad and Tony stripped their vests, coats, and boots before grabbing a blunt and a beer. By the time Dad got back, we were already swishing down our beers and had three lit blunts. “Wait for me, now!” Dad said as he popped the DVD in, grabbing and lighting his blunt between starting the disk and skipping scenes to the one he was thinking of. I leaned forward and looked over the table at the disk case on the carpet. “Blonde Butt Destroyers 4,” I said with a grin. As I looked up to our TV that was far too big for the home it was in, a blonde woman’s backshot with overgrown ass and spilling sideways tits filled the screen. Dad was looking up and licking his lips as she spread her cheeks and bent far over, showing off a meaty spread. Within no time, we were all 3 beers deep each and half way through our blunts with dicks in fists. This was one of my favorite things to do with the construction guys. Room reeking of blunt smoke, beer, man sweat, and excitement. Volume on the TV porn so loud you know the smell of smoke and sound is a disturbance outside. I’d look around at everyone as well as the porn, watching them clench their jaws and groan as they stared at the debauchery. Brad and Tony were both fairly hung, but only one or two guys on the whole crew could beat Dad’s cock. 9.5 inches, cut, and straight as a pole with bulging veins and a bright pink tip. It was thick as all fuck too, and Dad didn’t frequently hold back in his hole beatdowns. I was weighing in at a good strong 7 inches, and Brad and Tony both fit somewhere between me and Dad. There wasn’t a man on the crew who didn’t fill his pants out. Dad pulled out his pocket pussy from the side table and started stroking his cock and groaning, the wet shlick of his lubed up cock spreading that rubber thin very audible. The thing looked half stretched out and was surely a few uses away from a total tear. Brad licked his lips and jerked faster as Dad fucked the fake hole. Tony leaned back, swinging his dick and balls and exhaling loudly. His beergut pushed out with him. On screen, the blonde woman was currently getting her ass hollowed out by the biggest horsecock of a white dick I had seen in ages. She was beylikdüzü travesti squealing and whining as he pulled out, let her hole gasp, then jabbed back in completely. Tony was loving it. “Awww yeah, look at that busted up bitch.” He slapped his cock into his palm, and I bit my lip. Dad moaned and bucked into his pocket pussy as the man yanked his slimy cock from her ass and smeared it all over her tits, fucking in between them with the lube he was using to punch open her ass with his pecker. With one last big puff, I finished my blunt before putting it in the ashtray. I chugged another beer, which got the other guys lightly hollering in approval before doing the same. We were starting to get pretty crossed. I leaned back, spread my legs with one draped over the thicker one of my Dad, and really went to town on my cock. The wet slaps and squeaks were nearly as loud as the woman’s moans on the TV. Tony eyed me up and down, looking away from the porn for the first time. We made eye contact and I wiggled my brows. He didn’t need any more invitations. Before I could adjust, he was fully dropping his work pants and yanking off his stained shirt as he walked over to me. He leaned in and locked lips, positioning himself so we were bumping and grinding our cocks. That was all the fire needed to get started. Before too long, I was straddling Tony while Dad was wolfing Brad’s thick dick down his throat at the foot of the recliner. I was grinding against Tony and he was smirking and snarling beneath me. I leaned in and kissed him, our tongues flopping over each other sloppily as we made out. His wet cock slipped against my hole and before I knew it, I was riding him. Bradley was gripping the recliner arm rests and raising his ass, clenching as Dad gave him the kind of blowjob that leaves you lightheaded. We were all a little drunk and all pretty high. We were all sweaty, and Brad, Tony, and Dad especially already smelled musky from a day at the site. We were all grunting, groaning, and moaning in pleasure while the porn still blared. Tony suddenly smirked and before I could react, he hocked and spit into my mouth. I just growled and locked lips before slipping up to the tip and slamming down. Tony moaned loudly into my mouth, and I kept doing it over and over as his moans became more frantic while I intentionally drooled into his mouth. Right as I felt him start tensing up, I slipped up and off his cock, stopping the jack hammering. My hold quivered. I broke the kiss, our mouths both glazed and panting as I crawled up off him. “Fuckin’ hell, man!” he cried out before laughing, his cock reddened and twitching. I looked over to Brad and Dad who were now in reverse positions: Dad in the recliner, Brad servicing him. Dad looked over to me, winked, and said “watch this”. As Brad licked and mouth all over his rock hard monster cock, Dad started pissing. His amber stream gushed out, spraying Brad’s face and mouth and soaking the recliner and carpet. Brad groaned and took Dad’s cockhead in his mouth, swallowing down the piss. Tony whistled in approval and sat up, still catching his breath. I grabbed one of the opened beers and finished it off. The empty can piled up around the twenty or so others. I walked up to where Brad was and scooted myself in, two large men now at Dad’s feet. Speaking of which… I knelt down and grabbed Dad’s large foot and slowly positioned myself and my cock against the bottom of it before humping. Dad grinned as I did, his wide foot swallowing my cock. Tony couldn’t istanbul travesti stand it. He walked over to where Dad was and jabbed his wet pecker in his face. Dad had no hesitation, swallowing down the cock that was just punching my guts. None of us were even watching the porn anymore, the screaming moaning and slaps just working as a really loud, really fucking hot background track. I whined as I humped Dad’s foot, the sweaty and rough surface drawing me closer to an orgasm. I pulled away right before I blew my load on his foot, panting and walking over to the couch, sitting down with my legs pulled back and my fucked-hot pink hole pushed out. Dad’s eyes locked on and I swear his pupils could’ve even dilated. He pulled Brad off, spit out Tony’s cock, and lumbered over. He needed to fuck his boy. Dad gripped me by my waist, turned, then flipped me so my legs dangled off the arm of the couch. He could get so rough with me. Without a fucking moment of preparation, he gripped me tight and dug in. I whined out in pleasure as my hole stretched around his cock like it did most days. I wasn’t loose, but I could take a stretching far. Tony and Brad walked up and slid the table over, beer cans falling off as they both got in front of me, Brad kneeling into the couch and Tony standing up. Both their dicks were pointed towards my face. Tony slapped me with his cock, his man meat loudly plapping against my cheek. “Finish us off, boy,” Brad said in a drawl thicker than Dad’s. I obliged. Dad railed at my hole, grunting and huffing with each heavy thrust as Tony and Brad split attention at my mouth, their fat cockheads slipping in and out of my sloppy mouth. Their wet cocks grazed my cheeks and poked me as I swallowed or licked up and down the other. I struggled to keep my breath steady as the two musky cocks occupied my slobber coated mouth and my Dad’s holewrecker wrecked my hole. He kept digging in from tip to base, gripping me hard as he clenched his jaw and fucked me. All I could do was moan shakily. “D-dad!” I moaned out, my hole clenching around his unrelenting cock thrust. Dad slapped my fat ass, hard. I think the energy got Tony excited, as he gripped my hair and forced me all the way down his cock before yanking out, leaving me gagging and teary eyed. Then, Dad slammed in harder than he had before, yowling as he busted a monstrous nut deep into my guts. Brad started breathing really heavy before cumming, his ropy load completely soaking my face. Tony growled again and gripped my hair, taking my cum soaked face to his prick, slamming it back down my throat over and over. He facefucked me, Brad’s load smearing into his pelvis as Dad still open-mouth panted and dropped the last of his seed into me. We were all flushed red. Tony came down my throat, pressing in deep as he did. He let go half way through, yanking his still spitting cock out to paint my face again. Tony and Brad backed away from me, milking the last drips out of their cock as Dad pushed off my back and slid his now soft cock out, my hole pushing out his seed with a gurgle then a ripping blast of air. My hole sat sputtering and farting for a minute, and we all flopped down, catching our breaths. Cum, piss, spit, beer, and weed ash painted the room like a splatter painting. It reeked of man. Dad rubbed his nose. “Alright, let’s take 30 and then I can roll us up some more blunts. I’ve got some moonshine in the freezer too.” We all grinned. “Sounds good to me,” I said. —- Whew! That was a fun one for me! Wrote it all in one sitting and then edited it from there. Hope this one is enjoyed by many! Would love emails giving comments, critiques, and proof of loads. Always down to talk dirty with like minded guys. I’m also now posting short form stories with images on Newtumbl as jghast31!

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