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My Childhood pt 7


I felt it was going to be another very long week waiting for uncle to come get me Sunday. I was surprised that my uncle and aunt showed up for a visit during the middle of the week. I was so happy to see them. I loved my aunt a lot and didn”t get to see her much. She was a very beautiful sweet lady. They always brought me a present when they visited. I think maybe they felt sorry for us cause we didn”t have much, not even indoor plumbing and a tiny 2 room house. We were all inside visiting and my uncle asked me what was playing at the drive in theater behind us. I guess I told him or maybe I said I didn”t know so he said lets go see. We went outside, went behind our house and stood there between our house and the back fence by the alley to watch the movie. When the wind blew from the south we could hear it really well. They only showed Mexican movies, back then they were all black and white. We”re back there, again very dark and uncle starts feeling my dick over my shorts so I start doing the same to him. We can hear my mom and aunt talking inside. Uncle kneels in front of me, pulls down my shorts and undies and starts sucking me. I know not to make any noise, I just put my hands behind his head and push my dick deep into his mouth every time he goes down. After a minute he stands up, his dick is already out so I bend down just a bit, its practically eye level and take him into my mouth and get rewarded by lots of delicious pre cum which I swallow over and over again. We take turns sucking on each other for a good 10 minutes. Once in a while he”ll make a comment out loud about the movie for my mom and aunts sake. We hear my aunt tell my mom lets go outside and see the movie. I pull uncles dick out of my mouth and wipe my lips pulling my shorts up as he zips up. We all stay out there till the movie ends. It”s the first movie. They always showed a double feature with a cartoon at the beginning. That was in English, usually Woody Woodpecker or Mickey Mouse cartoons, and they were in color. My mom asks my uncle if he”s still coming to get me on Sunday. He tells her no. My heart sinks but he continues, I”ll get him Saturday if that”s ok. We”re having a meeting Sunday at the hall and I need to get the place ready. Boy that was like a giant roller coaster of emotions! Luckily mom said yeah no problem. Uncle looks down at me and asks “and if it”s ok with you.” I maintain my cool and answer “sure tio, no problem.” Inside I”m jumping for joy!

Saturday comes around and uncle comes by to pick me up just after noon. After mom and uncle talk for a bit we”re off! On the way over I tell him I can”t wait for Luis to come back so we can ride our bikes to that large field and woods at the end of the alley and I can suck him and show him how to suck on me. Uncle tells me hopefully I can teach him how to fuck too. I totally agree.

We get to the hall, he reaches istanbul travesti into the glove compartment and takes out a small bottle. I ask him what that is and he tells me its lotion, just in case we need it. I look at the bottle and its Avon lotion. To this day whenever I smell that particular Avon lotion it gets me hard just like Vitalis and Right Guard spray.

We go inside and again go to the room with the pool table. “Get naked, I”ll be right back.” He doesn”t have to tell me twice. He comes back naked with a table cloth and spreads it over one of the tables, comes picks me up and sits me on the table. He sits in a chair in front of my spread legs, leans in and starts licking my balls, sucking my dick and me holding on to his head as has become my habit but it never gets old. He”s sucking on me going up and down letting spit run down my balls, taint where he”s grabbing it with his finger and applying it to my asshole. I lay back and grab my knees, pull my legs up and spread them giving him access to everything, dick, balls, taint, asshole. He works his magic making me moan, my eyes closed swaying my head back and forth. “Oh yeah tio.” He”s working all my main private parts going up and down, working his finger in then the other. I”m arching my back and start a fucking motion into his fingers. “Tio yeah, oh that feels so good, keep doing it.” He”s sucking my dick and licking my balls as he finger fucks me making me buck into his hand. After a few minutes he stands up and walks over by my face, I instinctively open my mouth and suck on him hungrily. I take half of his dick in and out of my mouth which is more than I”ve ever had in me. He opens the lotion bottle and squeezes some onto his finger and reaches down to spread it over my already gapping slimy hole. Easily he adds a second finger. It just turns me on even more making me suck on him that much harder. He pulls away from me “Damn Juanito I almost came in your mouth.” I wonder what that would”ve been like. He moves between my legs, I grab behind my knees and pull back and spread them. “Are you gonna fuck me tio?” Rubbing his dick up, down and all around my spit, lotion, pre cum covered hole he asks “do you want me to?” He spreads lotion all over my dick and balls and rubs. “Yeah tio do it.” He”s slowly rotating, rubbing and poking at my hole with his dripping dick made me even more relaxed and open. He stops at my entrance, pushed in a bit and slowly starts rocking back and forth. I could feel him entering little by little. I spread my legs more pulling them further back towards me, uncle continuing to rock back and forth working himself further into me and then the head pops in. He didn”t moved, I was taking deep breaths moaning and enjoying the feeling of my asshole opening and embracing his cock head. “Are you ok Juanito?” “Yeah tio, it feels real good” I half moan half whisper. I hear the lotion bottle open, he pours some on his dick while still having his cockhead in me. I feel his hands behind my legs and pushes them back freeing my hands to rub myself. He continues to rock back and forth. kadıköy travesti With one of my hands I start to slowly jack off, with the other I rub my balls and taint, working further down and I feel my asshole and his dick. My anal ring feels tight and hard gripping my uncles hard slick dick. It tingles as I run my finger around it. I hold his dick with my fingers feeling it moving back and forth entering a little at a time. It”s half way in. He puts more lotion on what”s left of his dick outside of my body. One of my fingers rubs on the top of his dick where my anal ring meets his moving cock sending tingles throughout my body. I like that feeling and rub harder, my finger tip goes inside of me joining his cock. It”s just a wonderful tickling, tingling feeling and I feel his pubic hairs touch the back of my hand. He”s all inside me now. He gently moves out then back in, at first slowly then starts to pick up speed. “Juanito I”m gonna cum real soon, you”re so tight and hot!” He leans down and starts kissing my neck as he thrusts his dick almost all the way out then all the way back in over and over. It makes me moan loudly filling the room along with squishing wet noises our fucking is making, uncle moaning and breathing hard as well. I wrap my arms around his neck purring like a kitten. He”s actually fucking me now and it feels so so good. I reach down and grab my ass spreading them so he can get more of himself inside me. “Oh God tio fuck me, ugh that feels so gooooood!” He straightens back up, I start to jack off again and I can feel it. “Tio I”m gonna cum!” “Me too Juanito” and we both start shooting. My cum shoots all the way up to my chin and all up and down my body, he wraps his hands on each side of my waist and pulls me towards him as he impales himself deep inside me over and over then stops pushing himself as far in me as he can get. I can feel his dick pulsating spitting rope after rope of cum deep inside, my little hand continuing to fly up and down my dick, my cum slowly starting to turn into a drip, my body shivering and shaking every few seconds as does he, grunting and shaking every couple of seconds. He drops his body onto mine breathing hard. I wrap my arms around his shoulders hugging him tight. We stay like that for a while until his breath slowly comes back to normal. He straightens up slowly pulling his softening cock out of me till it”s all out. I feel the cool air hit my open hole and I feel empty. I put my fingers to my hole feeling his cum oozing out of me, two fingers easily going inside, I start finger fucking my self slowly, my eyes closed, smiling feeling so relaxed. “Wow Juanito, that was the best thing ever!” “Uhhuh” is all I can manage to say. I”m just laying there, my legs dangling off the side of the table. He comes back with a couple of wet cloths and slowly cleans my body up then down to my dick, balls, lifts up my legs and cleans my asshole. He then proceeds to clean himself up. He picks me up and off the table. I stand on wobbly legs and start laughing cause I”m having a hard time standing. “Wow tio, I can hardly stand up.” I sit in one of the bakırköy travesti chairs while he goes gets me a coke and a beer for himself. We sit at the table and talk. “Wow Juanito, you are the best! Are you ok? I didn”t hurt you did I?” “No tio, I feel great, it didn”t hurt at all just felt really good. I just feel really tired like I could sleep for a long time.” He chuckles, “That”s good Juanito, I”m really happy you enjoyed it and it didn”t hurt.”

We sit around talking and recuperating for about a half hour. “Ok Juanito, lets go get something to eat then I”ll take you home.” He gathers the wet cloths and tablecloth, puts them in a bag to take with us. We get dressed and leave.



So my adventures with my uncle continued. We did it at the cotton field at night, at his house, the K of C hall. He sucked me many times and I came in his mouth. He really liked that and so did I. I tried to swallow when he came in my mouth but I could never get the hang of it so he told me it was ok, I didn”t have to do it. I would still suck him cause I really liked the taste of his pre cum. A couple of months before I turned 14 my aunt (his wife), passed away suddenly and things changed between my uncle and I. He came by occasionally and I could see the sadness and hurt in his eyes. He and my mom would visit, cry and console each other. His visits became less frequent and I missed our times together so much but I understood and accepted it. We moved from Brownsville in 1975 to Corpus Christi, Tx. My uncle had remarried and we would hardly see him.

A few years ago I heard that he had passed away. I made a trip back to Brownsville. I was in my mid 50″s at this time. I went to the cemetery and found out from their office where my uncle was buried. I drove to the spot, brought him flowers and sat there talking to him, drinking a few beers with him and told him how much I loved him, thanked him for giving me such a wonderful childhood and recounted our moments together. I laughed, cried and remembered all the laughs we had, his little red and white Comet driving up to our house, me running out to greet him, riding in it, me riding my bicycle in the woods naked, remembering our little house with no plumbing and just how special he made my childhood.

I drove around the city but it had changed so much I had trouble finding the places we had our adventures at, most I didn”t find or were no longer there. My house and drive in theater were gone, replaced by a supermarket, HEB, the woods behind my house, the huge field and woods at the end of the alley, all gone. I”m so thankful for the memories and glad to have shared them with you.

My pre-teen and teen years were full of sexual activities with classmates, Luis, neighborhood boys, an adult uncle on my fathers side along with some of his friends. Later I”ll write about them.

My next story happened when I was 15 with an 11 yr old boy. It will be called Palmetto Inn. It will be in the Young Friends section I hope to share that with you within the coming days.

Thank you all for the emails I received. I really enjoyed you sharing your experiences with me or just telling me how much you enjoyed My Childhood. Please continue to email me, I really enjoy your feedback.


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