Subject: Catching the Feels: Chapter 3 DISCLAIMER: This story is about a father and his adult son having sex. If this is not your cup of tea, do not continue. Also, if it is illegal in your country to read this, do not continue. Otherwise, read on. I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to donate to Nifty fty/) to keep the site running. Catching the Feels by iHeywood Chapter 3 – Silver Linings Daddy and I just said “I love you” to each other. This is something we never really said to each other when I was growing up. But now, it held a new meaning than it usually does for a father and son. I felt it and I know he felt it too. I could tell by the look he had in his eyes when he said it. I loved my daddy as my father but also more. He was my love. I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. But right now. I really wanted to get fucked. Finally, after a few minutes of just staring at each other, I broke the silence. “Daddy, fuck me. Now!” He chuckled a little before responding, “You want me to fuck you, boy?” “Yes, Daddy! Please fuck me, I am yours. Put your cock, the cock that made me, in my hole. Make your boy feel good!” I said. The words were filled with lust and desire. He pulled his fingers from my hole and slapped my ass cheek. I didn’t know how many fingers he had put in me, but I felt empty when they were gone. “On your back, my boy. I want to see you.” I immediately flipped from my side to my back and repositioned myself on the bed. I gave him a pillow to put under my back to raise my ass a little. Daddy started to walk towards to nightstand again. “No, no,” I said, “I want it raw.” “Oli, we can’t…” “Why not? I haven’t had sex since before I got sick. You know how long ago that was. And we both know you haven’t had any in a long time either.” “I know, but…” I interrupted him again. “Then it’s settled. Raw.” He started to climb onto the foot of the bed as I raised my legs to give him access. He lubed up his cock and my hole pushing some more lube inside. As he got closer, I spread my legs to go around his body. I felt the big head şişli travesti of his cock touch my hole as he started to push inside. “Slowly, it’s been a while.” Once the head was in, I knew this was it. This is what I wanted all my life but never knew it. This is what was missing. Inch by inch Daddy pushed inside me stopping only a couple of times to make sure I was ok. Finally, I felt him hit my prostate and it was the most incredible feeling I have ever had. My hole was still hurting a little but the pleasure from my prostate overpowered the pain. I was in ecstasy as I threw my head back against the pillow and let out an inaudible noise. Daddy started to pull out and push back in slowly. Once I was loose enough and all the pain had subsided, I told him I was ready. “Daddy, do it harder. I need you to really fuck me.” “Ok, you asked for it boy!” He started going in and out faster and faster with each thrust. After a couple of minutes, he pulled all the way out and slammed his cock back in. It hurt but felt so good! He did this a couple of times. “Yes, Daddy! Oh, God! Fuck me!” “Baby, this is amazing. You are insatiable!” A few more minutes passed of him really going at it. He then slowed down a bit and started sliding his hand up and down my left thigh. He then leaned down and started to kiss me. I felt his tongue ask for entrance into my mouth. I happily accepted and started playing with his tongue with my own. I bit his bottom lip a few times too. This trick always got guys so hot! “Oh my God, Oli! You have the best ass I have ever fucked!” “You like it, Daddy? It’s yours! Anytime you want it.” He leaned back up straight and started fucking me with short and quick thrusts. Then he stopped and I felt his already hard and large cock get just a little bit harder and a little bit larger. He threw his head back and started grunting. He was cumming! His cum felt warm inside me. I didn’t think it would stop. Without touching myself I started to cum too. My load shot straight up into the air and landed back on my abs and pecs when it came beylikdüzü travesti back down. One-shot even landed on my lips. Once Daddy had finished cumming, he leaned back down to me and started licking up the cum on my abs. He then moved up and took my right nipple into his mouth. He flicked it with his tongue and bit it a little. Then he moved to my other nipple and did the same thing. Our eyes then met as he moved his head down to my belly button and dug out the pool of cum with his tongue. He moved back up to me looking into my eyes again. As his face to hanging above mine, I just opened my mouth. He then let my cum on his tongue drop in. He laid on top of me and took his hands from either side of my pillow and took my head in his hands. He held me as he kissed me while we moved my cum between our mouths. It was the hottest thing ever! By the time we had finished making out his cock had slid out of my ass. He rolled over beside me and just played with my hair. I turned my head and looked at him. “Daddy, that was the best sex I have ever had!” “Me too baby, me too.” I started laughing a bit. He asked me what was so funny. “It’s just that about a week ago I was just hoping you would catch me jacking off. I fantasized about you just coming into my room and fucking me right there.” He chuckled a little too, “I know.” I was shocked! “What do you mean you know?” “Baby, you never closed the curtain when you were in your room. And I may not have been able to see your face from the couch, but I noticed whenever your legs would move and you would crack your toes. I knew what you were doing. I just didn’t know you wanted this.” “You never wanted to come in?” I said with a sly grin? “One time I almost came did to scare you, but I didn’t want to interrupt. Then you started only wearing a jockstrap and I knew something was up. I wasn’t expecting you to get into bed last night with me naked though.” “That reminds me, you were wearing shorts when you got into bed but when I woke up in the middle of the night you were naked too.” “Yeah, istanbul travesti about that…” he chuckled, “I couldn’t sleep at first, the past few days were just replaying in my head over and over. I started to realize I was feeling something for you I hadn’t expected. You were already naked, so I figured `what the hell?’ and took off my shorts. I almost came when you wrapped your hand around my cock, but you took it away so quickly. Once I finally got to sleep, I dreamed of being with you and I just knew things had changed.” “Besides the obvious of you just fucking me, has anything else changed?” “Everything has Oli. When I told you I loved you earlier I meant it. This just feels right between us. It’s new to me but it’s right. From now on I want you to continue only wearing a jock in the house, or nothing” “Only if you do too! And I’m moving into your bed.” “That sounds perfect.” “I love you, Daddy; I want to be with you for real. I want to be boyfriends. I want to go out on dates. The whole shebang.” “That may be a little hard to do out in public, but we’ll make it work. I want the same thing, son. I love you more than you could ever know. You are my everything!” I smiled at him and forced him to roll over onto his back. I then climbed on top of him straddling his torso. I put my hands on his hard, muscular pecs playing with his chest hair with my fingers. Looking at him I said, “I have one more stipulation to this new arrangement, Daddy.” “And what’s that, Baby?” “I get to fuck you too.” “We’ll see about that,” he replied with a chuckle. “For now, why don’t you slide your ass back down on my cock and ride me?” I just smiled as I lifted my ass and reached back to grab his daddy cock. Getting sick may have been the worst time of my life but it led to this. I was now all better and healthier than I had ever been. AND I was with the man of my dreams because of it. Silver linings, I guess. — I hope you enjoyed chapter 3 😉 I welcome constructive criticism and ideas for the future. Chapter 4 is next and is the last chapter I’ve written thus far. I’ll be submitting it within the next week. If any readers have any ideas or fantasies you’d be interested in seeing explored in the series, let me know and I’ll see if I get inspired. Email me at ail. You can also follow me on Twitter: @iheywoodwrites

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