Subject: Calum’s Game – Chapter 4 Welcome This story is purely fictional and meant for your pleasure. If you enjoy this story or have thoughts, please feel free to send me feedback. Also, if you enjoy Nifty and the stories provided don’t forget to donate! Much love! ———- I woke up just as my mom got home, the butt plug and Leon’s cum still in my ass. Quickly, I stuffed my bag with my running clothes and trainers, and then went downstairs to greet mom who was helping dad cook dinner. The scent of spaghetti sauce and meatballs made my stomach grumbled, but I had to meet Keegan for our gym session so instead I bid goodbye, but not before mom could remind me to stay safe. “This is a new town,” she warned. “I don’t want you to get hurt darling.” “I know my mom,” I said. “You’ve met the neighbours, they’re very nice. Also, need I remind you that I’m turning nineteen soon!” “I know,” she sighed. “I just don’t want to see you get hurt mister!” I sighed and hugged her while I watched my dad look at us, his touched demeanor made me want him more. I gave him a nod and pulled away from mom, saying goodbye once more, putting on my slippers on my way out. At the curb Keegan was waiting in a tank top and some short shorts, his bulging quads a sight to behold. “Ready to go?” he asked. “Yep!” I chirped. He unlocked the door and I climbed into his Jeep while he went around to the driver’s side, the butt plug making the whole ordeal slightly pleasurable. Immediately, the manly scent of his ripe gym bag filled the car and my cock started to harden in my shorts, my ass tightening its grip on the butt plug. Unabashedly, I let my semi-hard dick bulge in my freeballing shorts, which he noticed, but ignored. At least, he tried to, as the engine roared to life I could see his glances to my hard cock, which I dutifully returned with glancing towards his bulge, a sizeable mound in accentuated by his shorts riding up his thick thighs. “Sorry, about the scent,” he apologized. “I forgot my gym clothes here yesterday.” “No problem,” I snickered. “It’s really not that bad.” Most of the ride was filled with small talk and stolen glances, his bulge straining against his shorts. It didn’t help that the butt plug was still in me and any bump on the road and my prostate would be pleasured. I was sure he was wearing underwear since I could not see his VPL, but regardless, just the idea of making him horny was making me insanely horny, and I was sure he could see me tenting in my shorts. The sexual tension in the car was thick, and even with the air conditioning, both our odours were starting to waft together making me harder. “Random boners,” he stated, and I coyly looked down. “We all get them, honestly with how horny I am, I usually get them at the worst places possible!” “Don’t you get pleased at home?” I boldly asked. “Of course, Mrs. Graham likes to have sex,” he chuckled, “but I’m a lot hornier for my own good.” “Yeah, I understand.” I spoke. Soon, we pulled up to a small industrial building off the town’s main strip and my boner died down to a sizeable chub. The gym was called The Bricked-Up Gym and it seemed buzzing with people. We both got out of the car with our things, getting out was just the same as getting in and I let out a small moan. Keegan glanced at me as he led the way inside where a very kind and beautiful woman was waving at Keegan. He approached her and scanned his card. “Madeline, this is Calum, my neighbour’s son, and he’s my guest from now on,” Keegan said. “Is your husband here?” “Yeah, Mike’s at the back,” she answered. “And nice to meet you Calum! Do you mind if I see your I.D please?” I approached the counter and fished out my I.D as Keegan quickly excused himself to presumably talk to Mike. “So, you’re the new neighbour!” the woman chirped while typing behind a computer. “Yep, that’s me,” I replied. “Keegan and Mary’s been telling Mike and I how wonderful you guys are.” She explained. istanbul travesti “Glad to finally meet you handsome!” she teased and handed me my I.D. “Well, you’re in the system now, you can come in whenever you want even without Keegan. Just don’t tell anyone about how you got your membership, it’s a friends and family secret.” She handed me my gym card with a barcode on the back and the logo at the front. “No worries,” I assured her. “I’m good at keeping secrets.” As Madeline wrapped up my registration, Keegan came out with Mike, a tall 6″5′ man with deep, rich skin and a buzz cut. He was handsome with his chiseled features, and toned body which was not as large as Keegan’s but lean and hard. “Nice to make your acquaintance, Calum,” he greeted and held his hand out. His deep voice sent shivers down my spine as I grabbed his soft, yet calloused hands, presumably from lifting. I scanned him as quickly as I could, taking in as much of his features. Quickly, I checked out his VPL underneath his grey sweats, the outline of his head prominent and mouth-watering. “Well, let’s get started,” Keegan announced, giving my back a light slap as he walked to the locker rooms to changed. I sat on the bench and stripped off my slippers and put on my runners, and to my shock and surprise, Keegan was beside me taking off his shorts. “These jockstraps are pretty constraining,” he explained as I watched him pull them off as his large, soft cock plopped out. Maybe it was because he was semi-hard the whole ride, but he had a girthy, long uncut cock, and the base was a wild bush of fiery red hair which ran up into his shirt. From here I could smell his strong musk, presumably from working all day and my hard cock was getting harder as I pushed my ass into the bench. He turned around and bent over to pick up his shorts, his hairy hole right on display, and I felt pre-cum flowing out. His asshole was pink and clean, tufts of red hair lined the hole and out the crack. Slowly, he turned around with his shorts, his dick in full view again, slightly larger than when I first saw it. The door suddenly opened, and I put my bag over my lap as Mike came in. “Oh, hey,” he spoke, ignoring Keegan’s cock. “By the way the rowing machine broke, so it’s off limits today.” “Okay,” Keegan said, and quickly put on his shorts while I got up and put my bag in my locker. Mike went to the next row of lockers and changed my heart beating quickly as my cock started to go down due to the fright. I followed Keegan out to the gym, the place wasn’t too large, but the equipment looked brand new, and there were people in the zone working out. Some people greeted Keegan and welcomed me to the gym, and I was very happy to converse with guys all showing skin, some even bulging in their shorts. The whole place smelled like sweat and some of the guys radiated a manly smell. Keegan started to coach me, and we started with warmups to get our blood flowing. While doing jumping jacks I stole some looks to his bouncing cock as he closed his eyes. He asked me what I wanted to focus on, and I said chest as I wanted to be in the swim team this year, and I knew I needed to train my chest. He led me to the bench press and showed me how to properly lift weights, but I was getting distracted by his uncut cock straining under his grey shorts. After a few lifts of two full plates, he took them off and let me try the bar, keeping in mind his tips. It was easy enough and soon he added 10 lbs. which was heavy, but manageable for me. “That was good!” Keegan cheered. “Alright, let’s try twenty-five pounds.” He slid the plates onto the bar, and I assumed the position. “Do you think you need me to spot?” I gave it a light push and nodded my head. Swiftly, he made his way to where my head was and put his palm under the bar. “Mind if I move up?” he asked. “I can’t spot you from here.” “No problem.” I answered.” He moved up to where my face was kadıköy travesti and slightly squatted down, and I could see up his shorts now, the smell hitting my nose first. “Ready?” he asked. I took a deep breath, inhaling his manly scent and keeping my eyes at his droopy, hairy balls and fat uncut cock slightly bouncing as he adjusted his stance. I did two sets with six reps and each rep I took shallow breaths of his musk, and each set a long inhale of it. Clenching my ass also meant the plug with Leon’s cum was pushing deep inside me. Throughout the workout I could feel myself hardening, but I let it be, letting the gym — and Keegan — see my hard cock. After the bench press, we did a few more chest workouts giving me ample time to look at his body, but also get tips on proper form. Before we knew it, we’ve been working out for an hour, which was a surprise to me. “Alright last we have to do some legs and abs,” he said. “People often forget about them, but they’re essential.” We did some crunches and leg lifts, which busted my ass (especially with the butt plug), but I was glad to be doing it with someone, especially someone as handsome as Keegan. Afterwards, we went to the mirrors and behind us, Mike was doing some bicep curls, his large biceps bulging against his tight shirt. “Mind if we do some legs here?” Keegan asked. “Nope,” Mike answered. We positioned ourselves, and remembering my hot pink butt plug, I moved over right in front of Mike so he could see a front row look at my tight ass. We started with some lunges, which burned my thighs, and then moved on to squats. Keegan instructed me to move down slowly and feel the burn, which I obliged and as I stared at Mike whose eyes widened when I did my fool squat. He slowed down his triceps curls and looked at me where I gave him a wink. I went down again, and he was now watching my ass intently, while Keegan watched his feet position. After a few more sets we did some quick stretches where I watched Keegan’s cock press against his taut nylon shorts. We went to the locker room where Keegan excused himself to shower bringing his clothes to the shower room, much to my dismay. Just as he left, the door opened, and Mike came in. “Hey, Calum!” he greeted me, much more jovial than the first time. “Did you have a good workout?” “Yes, I did,” I answered sitting down so his crotch was face level, his shorts emanating a slightly sweaty smell. “How about you?” “Well, I’m not done yet,” he muttered and pulled his shorts down and grabbed my head, forcing my nose into his curly pubes and long, hardening, cut cock. “Keegan takes pretty quick showers, so you better get to work slut.” I opened my mouth and took in his cock, his member now fully hard in my mouth. His scent was overpowering, considering he’s been working out for over an hour. With aggressive vigor he pumped his cock inside my skull like he was trying to hurt my throat. I looked up with my watering eyes and he was staring at me intensely with his deep, brown eyes. He gave my face a hard slap which rang throughout the locker room along with the loud sounds of my wet mouth getting fucked. Quickly, he pulled my head off his cock and motioned me to turn around which I obliged and swiftly, I pulled my shorts down. “I knew you were a fag,” he muttered, pulling my butt plug. “My married neighbour’s load is in me, sir,” I explained. “Slut,” he hissed and slapped my ass as the butt plug popped out with some cum. Without hesitation, he slammed his dick inside me, and I mustered all my power not to scream. With searing pain, he fucked my ass with as much vigor as my mouth. Thank goodness for Leon’s cum. “Keegan’s never fucked a fag before, but I see what you’re doing. You trying to seduce my brother-in-law.” “Yes, sir,” I moaned in pleasure as he hit my prostate. “You know his wife is my sister,” he groaned. “Yes, sir.” “Mmm, you whore,” he slapped my ass with fury, “getting bakırköy travesti married men to fuck you. You’re an evil cunt and you deserved to be punished.” His pumps were getting sloppy and erratic, but still deep and pleasurable. I knew he was about to cum and soon, his strokes were getting more and more sloppy as he slapped my bare ass, burning in pain with each forceful slap. “I’m gonna cum! I’m going to FUCKING CUUUUUUM!” He was almost yelling as thick loads mixed with Leon’s as he pumped out cum after cum after cum. Even when he pulled out and came on my ass, there were at least six more thick loads. After he stopped coming, he plugged my ass again and pulled my shorts up, his wet cum sticking to my shorts. “I want them to know what I did to you,” he said while pulling his shorts up. “Good thing my wife just went home you slut. Also, here’s my number.” He fished out a card from his shorts. It’s my personal phone, text me when Keegan fucks you, he won’t be able to resist your temptations.” “You won’t be angry?” I asked. “Are you kidding me?” he chuckled. “My sister and I are very estranged, and she hates my guts. Keegan is loyal to her, even though he is a horn dog, but it seems you’ve been doing well in seducing him.” He ruffled my hair. “Keep doing it and let me know, I wouldn’t mid tag teaming you with him.” I assured him I would, and he left just as the showers stopped indicating Keegan just finished. He approached me fully dressed and gave me a weird look and sniffed the air. “It smells like weird,” he stated. “Yeah, I know right,” I agreed. “Some guy changed, and he fully smelled like cum.” “Ugh, gross,” he recoiled and then chuckled. “Well, you ready to go?” “Yes, sir,” I teased and chuckled again. We piled into his car, and I felt Mike’s cum seep through my shorts to Keegan’s seat. I knew after this he would know I lied, which gave me less of a window to seduce him. The air in the car was still musky due to his dirty clothes compounding the smell wafting in the air. Keegan turned on the car and we went home. We said our quick goodbyes and went our separate ways that night. I got inside and I didn’t realize I was starving, thankfully mom and dad saved me a plate of dinner. The living room was quiet and upstairs I could hear dad groaning. Confused, I went upstairs to find him in the washroom fixing the toilet. It was a perfect time to execute my plan to start seducing my dad, and coincidentally I needed to take a shower to clean out all the cum in my ass and stench of the day. I dropped off my stuff in my room and grabbed my towel, and then made my way to the washroom where dad was working in his boxers, his bulge prominent as he laid on the floor. “Hey dad,” I said closing the door in the washroom. “Diane’s using the toilet in the other washroom, mind if I quickly shower here?” “No prob, Cal'” he answered. “Quickly though, do you mind helping me here?” “Sure!” I was happy to oblige. “Where do you want me?” I asked, almost sultry. “Alright, get in front me, and try to help me unscrew this thing,” I obliged and laid right in front of him, ensuring that his cock was right on my wet ass. I held the metal wrench, and he grasped my hands and in a count of three, we tried to unscrew the bolt. With our muscles straining, our bodies naturally tensed to each other, and I found myself slipping back to him, and he was pushing onto me. We tried it a few more times, and finally, the bolt budged, relieving the tension. Behind me, I wiggled my ass a little spreading cum on his boxers as his bulge grew thicker and pulsed. I withdrew my hand and slowly got up pushing back one last time as he started unscrewing the bolt. Without looking back, I started to slowly slide my shorts down while asking, “Did I do good?” He stopped unscrewing just as my shorts slid off my ass showing the messy cum surrounding it and the hot pink butt plug. I heard him gulp as I took off the rest of my clothes and made my way into the shower, not looking at his direction. I didn’t want him to know that I knew that he knew what I was doing. He didn’t say anything as he screwed in a new bolt and got up to pack his tools, but before he left, he said: “You did good, son.”

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