Subject: Brother Joe 6 I decided to continue this story as it seemed unfinished… so Here goes This is the continued story of my desires i have for my big brother.. Once again this does not reflect his sexual preference. just what i wish he would do to me… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Brother Joe 6 …..There I was on my living room floor. Scrunched there behind my brothers butt down on the floor. Between his thighs. Moving in towards his balls that hung there under him. His legs were in the best position for me to get access to his mound of nut meat. One leg up upon the cushion of the couch that had fallen under him. So there was a lovely gap between his crotch at the floor below. A gap filled with that beautiful sack encased in white. “Mine” I said again I licked up his inner thigh as I moved in towards his covered balls. Then I was right there just centimeters from it. It looked so big there in the white briefs straining to contain his goods. I reached under his thigh in the cushion. Almost lifting it up. Then I turned slightly and shoved my face into that pouch. My face smashed against his sack. I then inhaled deeply. “Fuck that’s sooo good” I said. “Forgot that smell” I then opened my mouth and started to lick and chew on his balls through the soft cotton. I new I had to free those glorious balls of his. I pulled from them with a kiss. Then I grasped them again in my hand. I lived the heat coming off of them. I squeezed at them just to feel those gorgeous boulders again like this. T “Damn I live these bug nuts” I said I then reached up to his underwear. I pulled from the waistband and pulled down his big butt. There was that hit ass again. And his hole right there. I felt my dick harden şişli travesti at the sight of that ass. I then reached down into his briefs and went for those balls again. I grabbed them and felt them in my hand again. I sighed as I felt them flesh on flesh. “God i love these big fuckers” i then said “But that ass looks so fuckable right now” And it was. Perched up at me like that. That and my raging cock in my own shorts. I then dropped my drawers and stroked my ever so hard cock. I spit on my hands and slathered up my dick. Then I crawled up behind him again. Moving up behind him and bringing my cock to the crack of his butt that was exposed. The briefs only covered his hole as i had pulled them down. I pressed my hard cock to his crack and actually rubbed it down into the underwear along his ass. “Ohh shiit that feels soo good” I said “My dick needs to go into his ass” “I’m gonna fuck you fucker” I then started to thrust my dick along Joe’s but crack. Rubbing my aching boner along his hot hole. It felt so damned good to. I needed to fuck his ass. So I decided to rape his sleeping hole. It’s the only way. He would wake up and fuck me up after, but I would still slice into his awesome ass. I moved back and then pulled at his legs so I could take down his briefs. I pulled then down and then pulled his legs apart again. I then quickly dove for Joe’s ass. I quickly shoved my tongue up his hot ass hole. Spitting and drooling on it to get it wet. I reached down and stroked my cock to insure rigidness. “Yeah this is hot man” my mind shouted “Eat it up. Then fuck his hole” I slobbered on Joe’s ass for a bit more. But then I felt him move. His body was actually squirming against my face as I did this. I wasn’t sure if he was asleep or beylikdüzü travesti waking up now. So I then spit on my hand and covered my cock with it. Then spit down on his asshole again. That’s when I quickly mounted him. He was starting to grumble under me as I moved up to his ass. I knew he would wake soon. So I had to take him now. So I moved uo behind his ass. Pushed my dick at his ass. I felt the wet with spit hole of his ass on my cock head. “What the…” He then said as he awoke That’s when i thrust at his ass hole. My dick slammed into his butt hole. It then pried his virgin ass opened. Then as I felt it give I lunged forward. Joes eyes widened as the pain of first penetration took him. “Fuckk. Shiit. Nooo!” He screamed “Get off you fuck. Get off” “Awee fuckk my ass!” I fell on his bidy. I wanted to make sure if he fought, my weight on him would hold my advantage. I the. Ground my cock into his bowels. The tight, tight ass hole on my dick was incredible. The sensations of his ass gripping my dick almost vice like was urgung me to fuck him. “Fuckk what a hole” I groaned “Get the fuck off!” He yelled “Awee shiit. Hurts” “Awee fuckkk!” I drove back down as he protested. This stopped his attempts to push me off. I reached around his body and grabbed hold. Then I just started to Plow Joe’s guts with my raging cock. “Noo. Noo. Noo!” He continued to scream “Take it out. Fuckkk take it out” I pushed down on his head. Smashing him to the floor. At the same time thrusting harder in him. I wanted him to feel it. To feel all I had to fuck him with my granite hard dick raping his ass. Just like he had done to me so many times and for so many years in my youth. “Now you know how it feels man” i growled behind him. He was still istanbul travesti pushing back at me. Trying to buck me off of him. But I held on, still grinding cock into his guts. Continuing to fuck Joe with my raging dick. The tightness his ass offered would get me off fast. I knew it would. So I made the best of the fuck I was laying on him. Drivung hard thrusts at his awesome ass hole. He continued to scream and try and push me off. But my hard driving thrusts weakened his resolve. “Fuck. Fuckk!” He yelled “Gonna fucking kill you” But his ass gave into my assault. I had dug myself into him balls deep after a few dozen thrusts. His body then shook under me as I believed my attack I. His ass set him off. “Hmmmff. Hmmmff” he whimpered “Nooo. Nooo!” “Fu-fu-fuckkk!” His ass clamped down hard as I felt his body explode. Was he having an orgasm from what I was doing to him. I surmised yes as his cries turned into whimpered moans and Joe’s body then went limp under me. “Fuckk yeah Joe” I the. Howled “Yer fucking ass man. Awee your ass” I was also going to explode. My balls pulled in tight to me and I felt my dick pulsed as the cum shot through me and into his ass. The blast was so ferocious that I actually heard the “shwaath’ sound it made as the fire one fired into him. Then I blasted several more. I was cumming in my brothers ass.Something I never thought I would have at I heard sobs under me as I knew he had felt me cum in his ass. He had apparently never been on my end of a fuck. And it was a rather emasculating experience for him. “No, no, no!” he blubbered “It’s wrong man” “It’s fucking wrong” I pulled from him after dumping into his virgin ass. I looked down at him. He looked kind of sad, hunkered down now in a fetal position from getting his own raping. It kind of pissed me off. “Now you know how I felt” I grumbled “Fucker” Then I got up and left him there sobbing…………….. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Final installment next time

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