Subject: Barefoot and Pregnant (Jake he’s my uncle. A plate of donuts at the breakfast table may look so damn good, but I’m training and have my diet. My breakfast is supposed to be steak and eggs and a protein shake–not a bunch of frosted carbs. Even if they’re delicious. But it’s human nature, isn’t? You think the donuts are out there for other people, and before you know it you have powdered sugar on your lips and a trail of crumbs down your belly. Donuts were not on my training diet. Uncle Jake definitely was not either. I never achieved the high school glory that Jake did but I do play ball down at State. Tight end haha. That’s what the guys say who have actually managed to fuck my ass. It’s super rare, though. Most of the time I top. I suppose that’s why I’ve never really thought about protection much, why I don’t bother carry anything with me. Usually I’m giving it to some dude and I figure it’s his responsibility to make sure we don’t end up with any kids running around nine months later. I’m only a sophomore. I don’t need that shit. But when a guy is super hot I sometimes lose myself, and before I know it he gets in there. There have been a few close calls. Coach nailed me in the showers once during my freshman year. I was soaping up, he came over to help, and he just pushed right in. It just slipped in so easy and felt so good that we got carried away. He was about to blow his load in me when I finally woke up and told him to pull out, we couldn’t risk it. “Your job!” I pointed out. A baby would destroy us both. We’ve been careful since then. Both stayed away from each other. Neither of us needs the trouble. I managed to avoid temptation that day with Coach, and I put my energy into topping, fucking just about every guy who came my way. I was plenty beefy and bearded for a guy my age and there were plenty of library twinks eager for my cock. Or frat brothers who would became moaning little bitches underneath me. There was even a professor or two that I’d drape over a chair at office hours, fucking that about-to-go-flabby ass until my grades came up to a B. I love topping. I’ve always thought that my cock is made for working open a tight hole, stretching it out and making it mine. And when you’re topping you’re not thinking about birth control–you just think about getting your nut. Birth control is for bottoms. They have the work to do: cleaning out, constant glute exercises, taking their pills. That’s not me. Not my problem. But then this summer Jake and I were downing beers and talking shit at a family cookout. We both got wasted and kind of boisterous. Just horsing around. Before I knew it, we were fumbling for each other’s pants. He yanked mine to my ankles and next thing I know he’s coming in my ass. It felt so good in the moment, you know? I held all his spunk inside me while we kissed and cuddled and he wondered aloud why he’d never really noticed me before. I should have known better, even though I was drunk. Uncle Jake is super virile. He fathered six kids with my Aunt Sherry and it was rumored there were up to four more kids he had with various women in the neighborhood. It was said that he’d visit occasionally, bring presents, and put aside a little money for their college or a trade school. When our drunken horseplay turned into that first, sloppy kiss, that’s when I should have pushed him away. It’s a slippery slope, and you shouldn’t start on it unless you’re willing to slide all the way down to the bottom. But Jake’s a guy I had always looked up to, we were having fun, and some guys are so hot they just make your hole itch, you know? So I went with it, ignoring what the consequences might be. I was able to ignore it for a month or two. I assumed we had gotten away with it. But then I started to show. It was fall and I was back at school. The football season had started, and when we hit the showers the guys teased that I had gotten chubby over the summer. I compared my belly to theirs. Not that different, really, especially the linebackers. We were all bulking up for the season. But deep down I knew this was not a weekend bloat from some extra pizza that would go away by Tuesday. When I soaped up my hard belly it felt different. I watched the water course over the bump and tumble to the floor like a fucking waterfall. Shit. The drugstore test confirmed it. Pregnant. I was pissed. I told Uncle Jake right away. “You fucker! How could you do this?!” He didn’t say a word. “I’m thinking of ending it. I’m only a sophomore. I have two more years of college ahead of me, a whole life ahead of me. And you’ve already got a bunch of rugrats–what are you gonna do with a bastard? Sherry will be pissed.” “Don’t say that! Don’t ever say that our child is a bastard. Wait right there.” He drove four hours to show up at my dorm room and talk me out of it. He held me and said he wanted me to have the baby. It was amazing luck–good fortune, he said–that we had conceived. He wanted all his babies to be born. He said he would support me. He would be there every step of the way. “I don’t want to go through this!” I told him. “I don’t want my body to change.” “Shhh,” he said, folding me into his arms as I faced out. “You looked great before, but your body is getting even more beautiful now. You have a life growing inside you. Your skin, it’s got that pregnancy glow. And this,” he said, patting my belly, “is only gonna get better.” He rubbed his hand up and down, caressing the small but growing bump. “Our baby–the baby we made together–will be growing inside you and there is nothing sexier than that.” He started kissing the back and side of my neck, his beard tickling my skin. “You think so?” “Let me show you, Corey.” He pulled my head to the side and my lips met his. I melted into the kiss. One of his hands stroked my belly while the other caressed my nipple. I felt his crotch harden behind me and I stiffened up too. It was happening again. Our first fuck had been a wild, drunken tumble, but this one was sweet and slow and sensuous. We made love for what felt like hours, and when we finally came, we came together–breaths ragged, gasping together as we kissed and came. His orgasm rushed into my hole and I wondered if it could be a problem for the baby. Our baby. As dawn started breaking, we reluctantly disentangled ourselves from each other–but still holding on, still kissing–until somehow he was dressed and at the door with his keys. “I have to get home.” “I know. I have class.” “I hope you understand what this means to me. What you mean to me. What we have to do here together.” “I think so.” “Good. Take care of yourself, Corey. And our little one. Send me progress pics every day.” I did. I started to look forward to it, actually. Every day I’d peel back my shirt and photograph my baby bump, sending it to him. He was so encouraging. “Looking great!” “Think of our child growing inside you.” “You’re positively glowing, şişli travesti baby.” “I’m really starting to get big, Unc,” I told him. “Can’t hide it. I’m worried Coach will cut me from the team.” “I know you’d hate to miss the rest of the season, Core. But all that bumping around might not be so good for the baby. You should ask the doctor, OK? Promise me you will?” Uncle Jake was right. I talked with the doctor. He told me that while exercise was important and good for both me and the baby, contact sports were a no-no. I was out for the rest of the reason. I could barely face Coach and the team. I just sent over an email with the doctor’s note attached and said I hoped I could rejoin the team next season. But Coach asked me to come in. I steeled myself for getting called on the carpet. We were athletes, football studs–we were supposed to be knocking up sorority girls, not getting impregnated ourselves. I shouldn’t have worried. “Coach?” I called out into the dark lockerroom. He had asked me to come through and back to his office. “Surprise!” A wall of voices surrounded me and the lights came on. The locker room was decked out with balloons and streamers. Coach and my teammates were there to wish me well. Champagne flowed, claps on the back, and Coach passed around a box of cigars. “None for you, of course,” he told me, putting his arm around my shoulder. “Gotta keep you 100 percent healthy for that baby you’re having. Well done, Corey. We’re all proud of you.” The guys toasted me, took turns rubbing my belly, and took bets on whether it would be a boy or girl. So the team was OK in the end, which was a relief. But I knew my family would freak. I was pretty big by the time I was back home at Thanksgiving. It was obvious. “Corey got himself in trouble,” my family whispered to each other. “Do we know who the father is?” “He won’t say.” I wouldn’t say, but I knew it would soon be a problem when our son was born with Jake’s eyes and strong chin. Yeah, a son. The doc could tell that at my last visit. Jake was overjoyed when I told him. “I can’t believe you’re giving me another son! I’m so proud of you. I mean, I love my little girls, but having a second son in the mix is going to bring some balance.” He was crazy excited about it. I didn’t know how we were going to keep this from our families. While the rest of the family was eating pie, I escaped to the kitchen for a quiet moment. I was thinking about how to navigate all of this with my family when I felt Jake’s strong body press up behind me. His arms wrapped around me and he caressed my stomach. “You gotta get back in there, baby. Need some more food for our growing boy.” He kissed the back of my neck. “Damn baby,” he added, pressing his crotch into my ass. “Pregnancy suits you,” he said while he stroked my belly. “You feel so fucking good. Makes me want to put another one in you. Right now.” The thought of it! It had been a mistake for both of us and now he wanted to double down it. And me…I couldn’t help it. My hole was itching for him again. I faded into his embrace, felt his beard against my neck and whispered to him, “I want it too. But it’s Thanksgiving. Everyone’s all on top of us.” “I gotta get on top of you. Come here. The guys are watching the game and the women are still gossiping over dessert.” He led me back to a guest bedroom and shut the door. Silently we stripped off our clothes and he motioned me over to the bed. I lay back on top of the comforter and he climbed up too. Through the door I could still hear the cackle of my aunts’ laughter as they gossiped over coffee and pie. “We gotta be fast,” Jake said, spitting into his hand and rubbing it on his dick. I nodded and stuck my fingers in my mouth to get them wet and then rubbed it into my ass pucker. We locked eyes as he lined up his cock at my hole and pushed. Despite the lack of foreplay and having only spit for lube, he slid right into me. “So fucking tight, Corey. I want to stay inside you forever.” We didn’t have forever, so I grunted and pushed back against him, driving his cock deeper inside. I moaned and he put his hand over my mouth. I nodded. We had to be careful. TV noise blared up through the wall. The halftime show was starting. I hoped everyone was staying put for it. Jake pushed and bucked and I drove my pelvis forward to meet each thrust. Sweat ran down his forehead as he pushed harder and picked up speed. I took his hand and sucked in two fingers, plugging my mouth to stifle my whimpering as I got fucked good and hard. “Go ahead and flood me with it, Unc. It can’t do anything to me now.” “Yeah? Here it comes, baby,” Jake warned as he grunted and closed his eyes and unleashed a torrent of cum in my ass. It felt so right. When he pulled out I stuck a couple of fingers in my hole, scooping out some spooj and using it to slick up my cock. “Stroke it, Corey. Shoot for me, boy,” Jake encouraged, and I let loose with a spray of cum into his hairy stomach.” He laughed and grabbed a sock to wipe it off. “Jesus, Corey. You may be my nephew but I’ve never found anyone who can make me cum as hard as you.” “Kiss me, Jake.” “Of course, babe. And then we should get back before they figure out we’re missing.” *** Amazingly, we didn’t get caught that night. But the family was on to us by Christmas. I don’t know how they knew, but Aunt Sherry was super cold to me when I saw her at my grandparents’ house. And my parents didn’t invite her and Jake over at all during the holidays. Everyone was silently keeping us apart. “Miss you, baby.” Jake would text. “Where’s that pic of our little guy?” I rolled up my shirt and took another belly shot for him. “Excellent!” Jake texted back. “Looking so big and round. Won’t be long now.” It wouldn’t be long; there were just a few more months left. I was big now and some activities were getting difficult. I had to slow down and remember I was not some unencumbered jock anymore. Jake had made into a pregnant dude, and I had all the pleasures and limitations of that new status. It was an unusual status and I needed to be around others who got it. People who could empathize and provide some support. The Pregnant Jocks club was a godsend. It was a loose affiliation–I stumbled onto their Facebook group–of young jock guys like me who found themselves with unplanned pregnancies. None of us were the submissive boy-wives that you usually find in these male pregnancy situations. You know, the ones who shave their body hair and take all the vitamins and pills in the hopes that it might happen for them. No, we were all masculine jocks, blessed or cursed with the genetics for natural fertility and unlucky enough to have gotten dicked down by horny coaches, power-abusing professors, or entitled bosses. Or by a virile uncle. By Jake. Hanging out with these guys was a godsend. They got it and we were all coping with the same things. We took birth breathing beylikdüzü travesti classes together and then went out for the mounds of food we needed to keep our bellies growing for our babies. We confided our fears about the pain of childbirth and our doubts about whether the fathers would be involved with the kids or leave us on our own. At least I knew that one. Jake was super into this kid. He doted on all of his kids and I knew he would do the same for mine. What I didn’t know is what he would do about me. Would I be cast aside when the baby came? I shouldn’t have worried. Jake was by my side in the hospital, holding my hand in the delivery room and handing out New Dad cigars to anyone would take them. “I’m the proud papa,” he bragged to all the staff while I lay in bed, exhausted, cradling our son on my chest. We named him Chase. “Another rugrat for me to chase after,” Jake laughed. When I came home from the hospital Jake moved in with me for a couple of weeks, cooking for me, doing the laundry, and helping me acclimate to life with an infant. I had never seen this domestic side of him, but it was so helpful. I was overwhelmed with what it meant to have an infant in the house…no sleep, barely showered, my life oriented around feeding the little guy every 2-3 hours. Once, I was so exhausted I just broke down sobbing. Jake wrapped me up in his big body and hugged and held and rocked me until I got it all out. Babying me. The symmetry was not lost on me. “Shit, that was an ugly cry,” I told him. “I understand, baby. This is a hard time and you have a lot to work through. It’s OK, I’m here for you.” “You are. It’s amazing. Thank you so much.” “Of course. We’re family. A man stands up for his family.” “You’re a good man, Jake. I appreciate that. I just…I worry that after this no man is going to want to me. I’m exhausted, out of shape, a flabby mess that’s tied to a kid every second of the day…is this it for me? Am I going to be alone?” “Shhhhh, baby. Don’t project like that. Think about the now. I see you as beautiful, resilient, heroic.” He paused to wipe my tears and give me a soft kiss. “And you’ll get your jock body back if you want to. But please don’t go too fast, because I’m digging you right now.” “You are?” “Absolutely,” he said, rubbing my belly. It was no longer hard now that the baby was out, and it had gone down some. It was soft and smaller, but still more of a belly than I had ever had. Jake leaned down and gave it a kiss. “Mmmmmm,” he murmured, rubbing my belly and kissing his way up my chest. He pulled my shirt up and to the side, and I felt his beard tickle my skin as he kissed me. He got up to my pecs and took one in his hand, squeezing and rubbing, while he kissed and licked the other. He teased my nipple, which was super sensitive these days. He paused for a quick suckle. “Love that taste, baby,” he said, wiping his lip. “I’m gonna save the rest for Chase–he’s the one who needs it–but damn you taste good.” His other hand squeezed my pec and he gave it a couple of firm slaps, like you slap your buddy’s chest after a great play at the game. “Fuckin’ love that you’ve got these firm jock tits. You can feed our baby and still bench 375 with these fuckers. They’re nothing like those saggy sacks of shit Sherry’s tits turn into when she she pumps out another baby.” I smiled at this. I was pleased he could find beauty in my strange post-pregnancy body. He proved his words by nibbling my right nipple while tracing the curve of my belly with his two hands. He lowered his head and moved it across the globe in a big circle, letting his beard brush against it to tease and tickle me. “Fuck this gets me going,” he murmured into my belly while starting to stroke his cock. My own cock was rock hard. I had not always felt myself during this last year, but my handsome, sexy uncle continued to embrace and delight in all the changes. There is nothing sexier than a man who goes beyond accepting what you are and is instead electrified by it. That revved mg engine as well. Jake’s head dipped lower and met my dripping cock. He took me into his mouth. He sucked me in, letting my cock fill his mouth as my post-pregnancy belly hung across his face. Anyone else–any guy I’d fucked or fooled around with before–would have found that unappetizing. Belly smothering him? Game over. Mouth off of dick. But Jake moaned, took me deeper inside his mouth, and grabbed the mass of belly with two hands, holding and kneading it as he deep-throated my cock. We were glued together like that, mouth on cock, belly to face, unable to break the connection. I didn’t want to come, not yet, but it built up inside me and I was unable to stop. “Pull back. I’m gonna cum, Jake.” He paused to look at me and nodded. “Let it rip,” he said, and he went right back to sucking. Oh Jesus. He was going to make cum just like this. My feet flexed. My toes curled. And I unleashed a torrent of cum down his throat. We lay there in silence for several minutes, his head resting on my belly, which heaved in and out until I caught my breath. “Thanks,” I finally said. “I think you needed that,” Jake replied, patting my stomach. “You make me feel like I’m still sexy.” “Of course, baby. You are. Nothing sexier than being with a body that you’ve transformed by your own seed. Fucking love that.” I thought back to how I felt months ago, when I learned I was pregnant. I was terrified. Jake and I had gone beyond sex to pregnancy, which I knew would transform my body, my life, and my prospects. It seemed terrifying then, like I had made a wrong move. But now? Now with my uncle resting against my belly and a load of my cum inside of his mouth–well, it all seemed to have worked out fine. *** It was great to have Jake over in those early days. Not just just the fucking, but his help with the baby, the domesticity of splitting the chores, and the comfort of falling asleep in each other’s arms. It was wonderful. But it couldn’t last. After about a month, Jake announced that he had to move back home. Sherry was nagging him about it, and he felt he should be there for his other kids. I knew it was the right thing to do and I respected the decision, but it still hurt. I wanted a co-parent. I wanted a husband. But of course I was alone. *** Jake was now back at home. He returned to Aunt Sherry and his kids as if nothing had happened. But everyone knew what had happened. His moving in with me, his active care of my baby erased any doubts about who was the father of my child. Now it was clear to family, my friends, to anyone that my own uncle had knocked me up. My aunt was a bitch about it, but I get that. My parents danced around the issue, trying not to acknowledge the circumstances but still welcoming their new grandson. A couple friends thought it was cool, some thought it was weird. It was OK, I didn’t care. Whether he was in my house or not, Jake was an istanbul travesti amazing man who I was lucky enough to get fucked by, and who I was, well, honored to be bred by. I was lucky to raise his baby. But I missed him. First weeks passed by and then months. I still thought about those early days when we he was here in the house, when we shared a bed. I now understood why my aunt had all those kids–she was hoping to tie him down, to keep him at home. Baby Chase had started to crawl and he really took to it, scuttling around the house like a little crab. I took a quick video and sent it to Jake. “Look what your boy can do.” “I’ll come over after work,” he promised. And within an hour, his pickup was in my driveway and Jake was in my living room, on hands and knees, calling Chase over to him. Chase smiled at the encouragement and scooted across the room. Jake picked him up and gave him a kiss. “That’s my boy!” he said proudly. “This part is pretty good,” I told him. “Watching him grow, get these new skills. And each day he’s more independent and it gets a little easier.” “That’s good.” “Maybe I should have another… It would be even easier if he had someone to play with. A little brother or sister.” “You want another?” I put my hand on my stomach. “Sometimes I go to rub my belly–you know, just unconsciously, Iike this–and then I get surprised there’s nothing there. No bump. No new life growing in there. And it feels a little sad.” “You miss being pregnant.” “Yeah,” I said, looking at him. “I guess I do.” He came up to me and pulled me into his arms, kissing my neck and letting his hands rest on the rounded globes of my ass. “We can fix that, baby. I can fix that right now.” I shivered at his touch and squeezed my ass cheeks together. They had not been penetrated, not even been touched, since the last time he had fucked me. I moaned a little. I couldn’t help it. I wanted him inside me. “I love being a father,” Jake said. “Love making babies. And you seem born for this too. Look how easy it was for us the first time. Your body wanted to get bred, baby. Didn’t have to do nothing special. Just seeded you fast and your body handled the rest. You made a baby for me.” He kissed me deeply. “Let’s do it again.” I wanted to go along with it. To feel him inside me again. To know we were making life, that he was putting a baby inside me. That I would grow it and we’d extend our family. My body flushed with warmth at these thoughts and my hole itched to open up to him. “Oh, Jake,” I sighed, pressing myself into him. “Because it’s you. Only you. Let’s do it.” He pulled me to the floor and we rolled around, kissing and groping for a few minutes before we realized Chase was still on the floor too. We laughed–the whole family was wriggling on the floor in one way or another. Jake scooped him up and put him in his crib. He carried me into the bedroom. As always with Jake, things unfolded in a passionate jumble. A kiss and some groping and suddenly our shirts were off. Jake pawed at my pants and I was soon naked. He was so eager to be inside me that he had left his pants on–he just unzipped, lobbed a gob of spit, and pushed his way in. But I stopped to make him shuck off his jeans completely. I wanted to feel us skin-to-skin as we fucked. Lips to lips, chest to chest, cock to cock–we pressed up against each other, kissing and groping like two horny teenagers. “This feels good, Jake. But I didn’t mean for us to stop. I just wanted to get your pants off.” “You want my cock back inside you?” “Just about every minute of the day,” I said laughing. “And right fucking now too.” “All right, babe,” he growled. “Never can deny you that. And I want it too.” He rolled me onto my back. “Spread your legs.” I did and he slung them over his shoulders. He lined up his cock with my hole and I felt the throbbing mushroom head resting at the entrance. “Why are you pausing, Unc? Put it back in me!” “Is this gonna piss off our families again? I just got good with Sherry again and your parents seem to have relaxed about the whole thing. If we have another baby, when it’s clear it wasn’t a one-time `mistake’, are we gonna have problems again?” “I don’t fucking care,” I told him, pushing against his cock. I gasped as the head popped through my opening. Jake looked surprised but pleased. “Can’t do this halfway, baby,” he said, thrusting forward and sliding his cock the rest of the way into me. “I don’t care what they think,” I told him. “I want them to know we did it again. That it wasn’t a mistake.” “What we have is not a mistake,” Jake agreed. “That’s right. Chase is not a mistake. You and me are not a mistake. A new baby for us can never be a mistake.” He leaned down to kiss me. “It would just be what’s unavoidable, what’s right: this uncle and his nephew are made to fuck and breed and have babies together.” I felt his cock throb inside me with this last statement. “They don’t have to understand it but they have to accept it.” “You’re right,” he said, giving me a long, deep kiss. “How’d you get to be so wise, Core?” I laughed. “Shut up and seed me, Jake.” He grinned and took up the challenge, grabbing onto my hips and pulling me to him. He pushed down and in. He got red and sweaty as he increased the pace of his thrusts, drops of sweat now beading his hairy chest and falling onto my stomach. My breath was ragged and my body flushed with exhilaration, getting a bit winded each time his cock slammed into me. “I’m coming, baby. Awwww….yeeeeeee-ah! Sweet Jesus. So much cum inside you.” He grinned broadly. “That was like a four day load. Should do the trick.” I pulled him down to kiss me, his sweaty chest against mine, my throbbing cock pressed against his belly. I had felt each jet of cum spraying inside me and now I delighted in the knowledge that it was flooding my ass cavity, his strong swimmers finding their way to impregnate me with new life. Thinking of that, feeling Jake’s body on top of me and his hard cock still plugging my hole, pushed me over the edge. My dick, still pinned against his stomach, spasmed and pumped out my load. We were glued together in a sticky, sweaty mess. We lay there for a while, basking in the feeling. “That was great, babe,” Jake said, kissing me and then standing up. I stayed on my back, legs in the air, afraid to move. I wanted to be sure the seed would take. “I gotta get home for dinner with Sherry and the kids, but we will definitely do this again.” He gave me another kiss. “I’ll come by on Sunday, OK? I’ll bring a box of those pee sticks so we can see if we got it this time or we need to keep trying.” “Can we keep trying anyway? That felt amazing.” “Yes, baby. You know I love fucking you.” “Good.” “But I also want to be here with you when that stick turns blue. When we know you’re pregnant again.” “I can’t wait.” “Me neither,” he said, grinning. “Me neither.” *** I haven’t worn shoes in months. I didn’t need to when I was mostly padding around the kitchen, cooking up batches of baby food or searing steaks for dinner on nights when Jake came over. Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. I guess this young jock is suited to it after all. END

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